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Initially intended to be a little over 24 hours, this short housesit at Wynnum West ended up falling about five hours short of two whole days. I was a little wary of returning to the Ipswich area after two previous housesits in the region had proven to be… challenging!

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To put it diplomatically. But, to quote a mantra from my old HR days, there are no such things as problems, only opportunities. After seeing my ad on Gumtree, Emily had contacted me earlier in the year, about the time I was in the north of Brisbane and about to head way, way up north of the state. We met on my return in July, and locked in this two and a half week sit spanning October and November.

I had no other obligations or responsibilities during that time, other than to see the end of the baseball World Series on their fabulous cable sports TV yay! Being Kelpies, they were both of course incredibly intelligent and savvy. Sandy in particular had that amazing quality some dogs have: she honestly knew sometimes what I was about to do before I did it, and would move herself into place accordingly. Following a trend for taking housesits in relatively far-flung parts of Brisbane, I spent two weeks in the deep south in a suburb called Berrinba with Cinnamon the Manx cat.

“Housesitter:” The Little House Newton Davis Built

Grazer; released by Universal Pictures. I had no other obligations or responsibilities during that time, other than to see the end of the baseball World Series on their fabulous cable sports TV yay! Talonvahdit TV Movie Log in Join now. My favorite thing to do is read - and my second favorite is to write. The night before, Newton told her about building a dream house there for his childhood sweetheart, who turned him down. Pet feeding.

To be honest, I hesitated when it came up on my pick list. Just across the freeway from Berrinba are the localities of Woodridge and Logan, which have a reputation for being a bit dicey. But I suspended disbelief, let my fingers do the walking to Google Maps Street View, and found the pictures of its streets uncluttered by pictures of knife-wielding gangs or cars on fire, and within a few days I was meeting with Annette and Bob.

Cinnamon definitely had the run of the joint, especially since as a For the other half an hour a day, Cinnamon got to have time in the exercise yard read: small patio and grassed backyard , though we had to skip a couple of days as we were on the receiving end of a mighty amount of precipitation for the duration.

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Skip to content This is the blog section of the Bill The Housesitter site. With the exception of a few fish and hamsters.

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Housesitter is a American romantic comedy film directed by Frank Oz, written by Mark Stein, and starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. The premise. Directed by Jim Issa. With Kate Ashfield, Ashley Dulaney, Shelby Young, Sean O' Bryan. A housesitter stays with a family till she gets her next housekeeping job.

And several chooks. It literally is a collection from A to Y.

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But was such an absolute mess, I totally lost track along the way. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:. I can honestly not pick one.

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