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Juli kam der Film in die deutschen und am August in die US-amerikanischen Kinos. Mehrere Fluchtversuche scheitern und aus dem Pakt entwickelt sich im Laufe der Jahre eine Freundschaft, die wertvoller ist als das eigene Leben. Schaffner aus dem Jahr und basiert auf demselben Drehbuch.

DIE VERLEGERIN Trailer German Deutsch (2018)

Alleine 8,5 Millionen Zuschauern verzeichnete der Film in Deutschland. Schaffner in seiner Verfilmung von Die deutsche Synchronisation entstand nach einem Dialogbuch und der Dialogregie von Christoph Cierpka. Im November drehte man in Kalkara und Rabat auf Malta. Die Filmmusik komponierte David Buckley. Der Film feierte am 7.

Ab Juni wurde er beim Edinburgh International Film Festival gezeigt.

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Juli kam der Film in die deutschen [10] und am Noer will die Teufelsinsel als Ort existenzieller Verzweiflung in Szene setzen, an dem irgendwann jeder wahnsinnig wird, aber er verliert sich oft in pittoresken Details, die den Zuschauer eher irritieren als erschrecken. Thank you for sharing your film. Sie arbeitet ebenfalls mit Holz. Sie ist Autorin des autobiografischen Zeitdokuments Daheim unterwegs. Ein deutsches Leben. Audre Lorde lives. Here are images that sustain my Black queer poet troublemaker soul:. I will name three of the most important. Touchingly, the film includes a large amount of footage and images of May Ayim, a young poet and Afro-German feminist activist mentored by Lorde who died at the age of thirty-four, four years after Lorde died.

There are more portraits and speaking moments of her in the film than there are of anyone but Audre Lorde herself. Schultz shows Lorde talking to packed rooms of mostly white women in the tone of tough love and outrage.


I know that many women of color who are tired of telling white feminists what Audre Lorde and many other feminists of color have already stated so clearly hope that our would-be allies will pay special attention to these moments in the film. May we allow her enduring legacy to enrich our lives, sharpen our work, and deepen our love. Mexiko war wunderbar. Die Veranstalterinnen haben sich sehr ins Zeug gelegt. We just wanted to share this wonderful photo, received recently, of a screening that took place on September 13, at the Madalena Berlin meeting and workshop of Latina, African and European women at Kuringa, a project that works with Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed methods.

It was a wonderful event - as one can see on the photo the women loved the film. We have a YouTube channel! Here some news on the Spring tour with the film undertaken by Marion Kraft and myself. The new tour with the film began at the University of Toronto on March The room was packed—at least people, all very excited and spirited. This was a very moving and enlightening podium discussion lasting late into the night. I learned so much! But most of all, your film simply made me want to be a better, more courageous, more loving warrior.

Best, Salina, Toronto. The film was screened in a local theatre. The audience was small, about 45 persons, but very engaged and diverse in age and ethnic background. We had a lively and interesting discussion after the film and made some contacts which we feel will last. On we flew to Indiana University where we had a most interesting guided tour in The Kinsey Institute which houses the archives of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and also a Manfred Hirschfeld Collection.

At lunch we met with a group of enthusiastic graduate students who were all involved in very interesting work projects. In the afternoon, Dr. Tiffany Florvil who has written her dissertation on Black Germans. The screening of the film took place in the evening and once again was followed by very positive comments. Our final destination was New York where the film was shown by the Goethe Institut. As in Toronto we had an audience which included a majority of Black and people of color persons, including people who had known Audre personally. Everyone was deeply impressed by the film and many questions brought an interesting discussion.

As during the Fall tour with the Audre Lorde Legacy Cultural Festival I made a number of interviews with persons in the audience, and this will be my next project: publishing excerpts of the interviews as YouTube clips. A different 'starting point' remains: One brings hate crimes to international knowledge the other cherishes a Black poet and activist. Do an 'accusing' and a 'loving' attitude affect the films' forms? How do the films address questions of archiving and resistance? Ort: Spedition Kunst- und Kulturverein e. Dagmar Schultz hat Audre Lorde in Berlin dokumentarisch begleitet; das Material bildet die Grundlage des unten genannten Dokumentarfilms.

Dagmar Schultz ; sie war Audre Lorde durch wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und vor allem durch eine enge Freundschaft verbunden.

Jury fordert lebenslange Haft für US-Neonazi

During the s, experiments such as blind drawing brought him into contact with Viennese Actionism. It has developed as much out of traditional literary criticism as of Cultural Theory, Media Studies and discourse analysis. Zu meiner Zeit 70er gab's ja so wenig Kinderfernsehen, ich glaube, die Serien damals sind ausnahmslos "Kult". Here's a download of the Audre Song lyrics. I remember Hulk Hogan being a major hero to young boys at the time, and they always used to bring wrestling action figures into school on toy day Spartacus formiert ein ganzes Heer, um in die Freiheit zu ziehen. Well I think it depends on how old you were e.

The award ceremony will take place in Berlin on 1 March The prize money is Her political activism is an inspiration to many fellow campaigners in Serbia, on the Balkans, and all around the world. Focal points of her work are sexual political violence in war and peace, prevention of violence, and trauma work. For her commitment she has become well known far beyond the borders of Serbia and the region. Repeatedly, Lepa Mladjenovic has put herself in great danger. To campaign for the rights of homosexuals in Serbia one has to be fearless. Severe discrimination and the hostility of large parts of the people as well as state authorities are an everyday reality for homosexuals in the region.

The statement of the jury as well as a short biography and a profile of Lepa Mladjenovic and a downloadable photo of the awardee are available at www. On Dec 6, , at PM, lepa mladjenovic wrote: dear wonderful lesbians and feminists, my dear friends,. You know what—this is all part of a lesbian feminist sisterhood sweet conspiracy and solidarity!!

Look how it started: Dagmar Schultz asked me last year in her totally low intensity charming manner: : Give me your CV, there is one new award in Germany for feminists lesbians, why dont we try. Some time later Dagmar wrote me back and said, ah your CV is so impressive, and I sent her back some flower photos. That was all about award that i knew. All of us who know Dagmar we love her.

So Dagmar wrote the proposal in 4 pages in German and sent it to them. They choose for the first year of award an Indian feminist activist working on [sex-trafficking] in Germany! And then recently a director of the Heinrich Boll Foundation called me to tell me about this news, and she said: Dagmar Schultz wrote such a proposal about you that we all cried of beauty!! This is what i want to say—I am reading now the words of Ariane Brunet and Elana Dykewoman —dear feminist lesbians, crying of their words of love.

I am part of your hearts, coeurs. You know the other way around of that phrase: I would not have been here if you are not there. The German version of the film is now also available on DVD from jpc. Click here to order.

National Cinematographies

DVDs of the film are now available—for details, see www. Here are some of the congratulations coming in from around the world:. Congratulations, Dagmar! Das ist wunderbar!! Congratulations for a well deserved award. Dagmar Schultz's AOL account was hacked! Please send e-mail to dagmar dagmarschultz. Ria Cheatom at the booktable at "Frauenkreise" in Berlin. We were worried that hardly anyone would come since the second debate between Obama and Romney was on TV that evening. They felt that the film was especially inspiring at this time when the political situation is so complex and dismal on a global level.

Several persons praised the skillful composition of the film, one saying that she was so impressed by the intimacy which the film created and had never seen a documentary using primarily home video having that effect. Audre's daughter Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins also came to the screening and we had a chance to be with her afterwards. I took no photos that evening but we want to share a few others from New York. In-between there will be a panel discussion with these film makers about lesbianism and politics in the past and present.

Dagmar and Ika Many more photos are on our FaceBook site! Click any of these images to enlarge them. On October 8 we arrived in Cambridge, a true university town. On the 9th we went to the W. Du Bois Institute which had invited us for the reading and the screening of the film. In the afternoon we met with a small—by comparison with previous venues—but very engaged audience.

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Ika with our friends and supporters of the film Miriam Frank and Joan Reutershan. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Oct. A professor from African American Studies asked whether white partners are admitted at Black events such as the Bundestreffen , and another African American professor asked about the role of Black men in the German movement since it seemed that Black women had been most active. Ika explained that men do have a decisive position in the movement, but that women had taken the initiative in the beginning. The next day Kevina King, whose mother lives in Berlin, and who left Germany at the age of 16, talked with us about her experiences as an Afro German in the US.

The book includes information on the freedom fighter and feminist Sojourner Truth who had lived in North Hampton next to Amherst in the 19th century.

Täter von Charlottesville verurteilt

Der amerikanische Film in den 70er Jahren (German Edition) [Bastian Bammert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Studienarbeit aus dem. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bastian_Bammert Buy Der amerikanische Film in den 70er Jahren (German Edition): Read.

The screening was in the evening on October 11 and again the audience reacted with enthusiasm. Sara Lennox introduced me, Dagmar, referring to our earliest common times organizing a teaching assistant union and strike at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in He gave me a book he had edited together with Stokeley Carmichael, and some texts on James Baldwin telling me about an event on James Baldwin at Hampshire College on October We did go to the event and that way also got to see the world's largest Yiddish Library in buildings which are to remind of an Eastern European shtetl.

Union College, Schenectady, N. After a two hour drive we arrived at Union College in Schenectady , a town near Albany, that once had been the Center of the General Electric company and declined after GE decided to move. With staff and students from Sonoma State University. Sharing Audre Lorde's legacy with students, faculty and community people at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at Northwestern University in Evanston has been a wonderful experience! Michelle Wright, professor in African American Studies at Northwestern, gave a brilliant introduction to the film.

Many had an intimate knowledge of her work, others encountered her for the first time. People were moved by discovering Audre's influence in Germany—an unknown chapter of Audre's life—and her humor, her laughter, her very personal side as shown in the film was new to everyone. For us it was especially good that people are inspired by Audre's still so relevant words. After the screening a woman walked up to me and said that she had been a student in my class on "Sexism in the Media"! What a small world! For me, Ika, Chicago always has a very special meaning. Here I found my father at the age of 46 and with him a large family.

Audre would have been so happy if she could have shared this with me. One of my brothers and a brother in law came to my reading and to the screening of the film at UIC! Special thanks to Anna Parkinson who originally contacted us to invite us! Support provided by the Goethe-Institut, Chicago. The documentary film Audre Lorde—The Berlin Years to chronicles her time there, where she was instrumental in forming the Afro-German movement, encouraging activists and poets alike to give voice to their experience as people of color in Germany.

Film director Dagmar Schultz will be present for the Midwest premier of the documentary and the program will be introduced by Michelle Wright , associate professor of African American Studies. Support provided by the Goethe Institute of Chicago. Dates: Oct 4 - p. There was a good crowd both for the reading and the screening.

Women in German Yearbook: Feminist Studies in German Literature & Culture

The German Consul General, Peter Rothen , came and was totally impressed by all the new things he learned about Germany. After the reading we had an intensive discussion in the Firewood Cafe —people wanted to know what had happened after the wall came down, what the situation of Black Germans in the East had been and was today, what anti-racist activities there are etc.

There is a flicker photostream of the Castro events, as well as photos on our FaceBook page. Sunday , we celebrated the 45th birthday of the bookstore Modern Times , where we joined the Labor Chorus singing union songs and the Internationale before we went for a reception at the house of the director of the Goethe-Institut overlooking the city of San Francisco from her veranda on a gloriously clear and balmy day! Wednesday we had an interview at the old progressive radio station KPFA. Thursday morning we went to Sonoma State University a little more than an hour north of San Francisco - a ride through a beautiful landscape of rolling hills.

The Spanish professor who picked us up, was keen on showing our film with the Spanish subtitles to her students. Professor Michaela Grobbel , a friend and committed organizer of the event, warmly received us. Ika had a reading at the university in front of over students and in the evening we showed the film to at least as many people. Both events were followed by lively discussions.

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I was able to interview Dr. Wilson , a white retired professor who had been teaching Audre Lorde's work, and Dr. Williams said that some students feel intimidated by Audre Lorde and find her work severe. She feels that this film should be part of the English literature canon because it humanizes Audre Lorde and therefore would make her work so much more accessible. A lovely lunch in a Nepalese Tibetan restaurant with profs, volunteers and students closed off the day. Aloha nui loa from Manoa valley! In the Hawaiian tradition the festival was opened by traditional chants to acknowledge the spirits of the valley and nearby ocean, to invoke their protection, and ask for their blessing.

Co-organized by Professors Christina Gerhardt German dept. One immediate effect was that several student volunteers were inspired to begin planning a writing workshop for Pacific Islander LGBT persons and their friends, as well as an international conference for women in color in struggle. Audre would have loved to see such a result from the gathering. We also had the chance to experience the island and the warmth of the ocean, and to spend time with our old friend, Caroline Sinavaiana.

The address is 18th Street—just below the post office. They have pizza, salads, chicken, beer and wine. It is wheelchair accessible, quiet, friendly, and big enough for folks. It is just 2 blocks from the theater, two minutes walking distance and easy, and FREE entry is free, food and drinks will be your own cost. Dagmar Schultz. Dear colleagues, staff and students, Great news! The film screens as part of a two-day conference, honoring the legacy of Audre Lorde.

Details below. Please feel free to forward, post to FB, tweet, tumblr, etc. With kindest thanks and best wishes to everyone for a wonderful new academic year and semester, Christina Gerhardt. This documentary premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival to critical acclaim. As other films in the two-day festival lay out, Lorde's work as an African-American poet, writer, professor and activist also impacted the African diaspora.

For full conference program, please visit: manoa. For further information, contact Professor Christina Gerhardt.