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test0.expandit.io/its-no-secret.php Days of Cinema to screen 65 films, including four nominated for the Oscars. We 21st century denizens also predicate of it energy, initially at very low entropy; logos, as our universe is vehemently ordered; interconnectedness; and we suspect its metaphysical nature is Ouroboros , beyond subject and object. The crowd pleaser. En este mundo el espacio es una 'criatura primordial', un 'oleaje sin forma', y nada podria estar mas lejos de el que el ouroboros de lo Mismo del espacio dialectico o que la concepcion trascendental del espacio y el tiempo como 'formas puras de la intuicion'.

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La danza de lo invisible: la teoria de la imagen de Jose Lezama Lima. This is not an attempt to avoid having to carefully define the genre; rather, Attebery surveyed a large group of university professors as to which works were "quintessential fantasy" and came up with the titles Dracula, The Worm Ouroboros , Alice in Wonderland, Ursula le Guin's Earthsea series, and, at the top of the list, The Lord of the Rings Common language of desire: The Magicians, Narnia, and contemporary fantasy.


Cask masters: American whiskey--whether from storied producers or enthusiastic upstarts--is hotter than ever. After we acknowledge that the Ouroboros of newness has nothing more to offer us, we might make space for unassimilated difference, a safe space for the strangers that we all are. The resulting jumble of words and crude markings on painted and digital images is as energetically fierce and bold as it is chaotic. Covering the entire wall space the literal interruption of text caused by the intentional overlapping of works screaming out for digging below the surfaces of this McCarthyesque phallic interventions into the closed circle of global entertainment media that typically operates outside of the realm of the art gallery.

Which is precisely what makes this exhibition notable. Moreover, what seems random on the surface shields the self-organizing systems of the artist's impulses. There is a certain underlying order in the four rooms of Gay Town that, under busy surfaces intent on penetrating the closed loop of the celebrity media cycle, provides insight into the very universality of the pioneering mission of this boundary-smashing iconoclast.

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It comes in the form of a 21st century hero's journey, incorporating the Uncertainty Principle to examine the cinematic projection of universal archetypes entrapping the human in the toxicity of fame. The legendary lovers Tristan and Isolde as the inner marriage, symbolized by the A as hexagram, universal symbol of the hieros gamos. The wounded healer in Hours.

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Missing are direct references to James Dean, though the rebel is present everywhere; what seems in atrocious bad taste, "The Death of Natalie Wood" may well be a mourning for lost love. The next room gets more personal with a large video installation Photo courtesy of Peres Projects. The artist dispels the soul-withering projections by way of intervention into the theft of his persona by the author of a book entitled Fucking James Franco. There a live breathing Ouroboric quality to this multichannel video installation, relayed in crude visuals mocking the vampirism of celebrity media by going one step lower on the common denominator scale.

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The Thinker's insight through the Other, in the form of what else but the celebrity media, leading to another room It is here we experience the struggle to break out of the chasm of the narcissistic echo chamber evoked by the artist's prose competing with poetry in a hidden treasure. Moving beyond the outward male gaze to the inner eye seeking integration. Nowhere in this exhibition is a label, an artist's statement, an essay. So a philosopher's mind wanders with the eye.

The final gallery, replete with cow imagery, is a projection into the future -- the stability and connection with nature that comes with the internal integration, yes in the human heart, of gender opposites. Circling around to bite the hand that feeds him, James Franco's Ouroboros opens up a dialogue bridging the largely separate mediums of art, film and literature -- intent on his collaborations to break through the systematic blockages by which the corporate controlled celebrity culture drowns out the authentic voices of art.

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The artist's "altar" ego -- his self-portrait as Tristan with a red heart; the lover archetype that launched legions of fluttering-hearted fans. In fact, what seems to be at work under Franco's surfaces is a new archetype that demands to be defined.

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Years ago, I tried to do so in a literary novel taking place in post-dictatorship Argentina, where gay people were charging out of the closet to be confronted with the dark specter of AIDS. The narrator's romantic quest in this frenzied gender shifting environment is summed up by her female companion:.

Yet, in this Ouroboric quest to shed cinematic identities to confront gay at its source, is the projection of a new archetype that, since , has been struggling back into human form even as "gay science" was diminished to a sexual label. Here we find the convergence justifying Franco's rush to engage the Uncertainty Principle with reflecting Heidegger's Sein und Zeit. I quote from my Berlinale review of Carter's Maladies , a brilliant follow-up to his Erased James Franco which was the movie star's vehicle into the art world:.

Maladies had a gender balance reflected both in the film's formation and inspired pairing of the ever-present James Franco with Catherine Keener fulfilling a genuinely exciting evolutionary role of an awakened woman grounding the male spirit in desperate search for feminine form.

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James the actor playing James the writer dedicated to the pursuit of gae saber directed by the multidisciplinary genius Carter on the set of Maladies. Photo credit: Pamela Berkovic. Given that Franco's genius for collaboration is both the source and necessity of his ouroboric art form, Gay Town , timed to the premiere of Maladies in Berlin, portends an awakening. The cyclic time symbolized by the Ouroboros serves to renew the German historical cycle within the contemporary context of the Uncertainty Principle captured by the film's male narrator, the ego that is missing in the rampant id of Gay Town.

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All in all, this marks in Berlin the quantum wave breaking to uncover a new archetype in the very place where it came into contemporary human form -- the Weimar film. Gallery installation images courtesy of Peres Projects. Pamela Berkovic's still photo from Maladies courtesy of Carter.