The Hidden Treasure of Glaston

The Hidden Treasure of Glaston
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Jun 03, Emma VR rated it really liked it. Jun 03, Adam rated it really liked it. Oct 14, Irene rated it it was amazing. I read this book to my children as part of our history lessons.

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We all really enjoyed the story. Jul 14, Sofia Alessandrini rated it it was ok. Pretty good for a school book. I found it a bit hard to picture some parts though. Over all decent.

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View all 5 comments. Interesting read. Lots of history. I felt transported to England in the Middles Ages while reading this book. Oct 05, Linette rated it really liked it. So much to love. Growth, friendship, self-sacrifice. Jun 03, ErikaWaz Wasielewski rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-with-kids. This book was wonderful! It's junior fiction, but it really didn't read like it to me. I bought this to read with the kids, because we were looking for an appropriate knight adventure.

When I got the book, I saw it wasn't directly knights, and saw that a lot of the speech in the book was in Old English.


So I decided to pre-read it first. And got promptly caught up in the adventure of young Hugh and his time with the monks in Glaston, and his own personal quest for the Holy Grail. I am definitely This book was wonderful! I am definitely going to go ahead and read this to my kids, because there is plenty of adventure within to keep both my kids on their toes. I originally found this book on a living book website, and I think I'm finally beginning to understand what is meant by a living book.

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Jan 25, Monica Fastenau rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-ve-reviewed. I found this book interesting once I got into it, but it was pretty slow paced at the beginning. In the year , Hugh is left at a monastery when his father has to flee England. Hugh and his new friend Dickon discover some forgotten treasures and think they might be on the path to one of the greatest treasures of all time—the Holy Grail.

Good story, but only for those kids who have the patience to work through the slower-paced writing of many years ago.

The Hidden Treasure of Glaston (Living History Library) Audiobook by Eleanore M. Jewett

Aug 17, Phair rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult-historical-fiction , childhood-favorites-redux , arthurian. I've kept this book for well over 40 years having purchased it in one of those school book clubs and recall it fondly but have not re-read it in recent memory. Was prompted to dig the book out after reading Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin which features a mystery surrounding this same discovery. Will have to re-read to see I've kept this book for well over 40 years having purchased it in one of those school book clubs and recall it fondly but have not re-read it in recent memory.

Will have to re-read to see if my rating stands from an adult perspective. A wonderful little book. While it is most definitely a YA book, I still thumb through it now and then to remember some of the details of the story. When I first read it I loved the imagery and the excitement of the tale. Now, when I look back on it, I appreciate it for being a well-written and engaging book for young kids, especially those interested in history.

Uncommon these days, but I do happen to know quite a few. Feb 11, LeAnne rated it liked it Shelves: england , juvenile-fiction , historical-fiction , glastonbury , medieval , treasure.

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The writing style is dated The dialog is stilted and the plot sometimes contrived, but hidden passages and treasure alway appeal. The historical facts of Glastonbury have been rearranged to make the the story more compact.

The tomb of Arthur is found before the fire and he is reinterred by Henry II. It probably would not have held my attention if I were not committed to Glastonbury as a setting. Jan 14, Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-read-ever , adventure , books-i-own , very-good , historical-fiction , young-adult , food-for-thought , arthurian , medeavil-or-knights. Young Hugh de Morville was left in a monastery by his father when the death of Thomas Moore disgraces the family.

Hugh, being lame, cannot leave England with his father, but the kindly monks try to make him feel welcomed. Unable to be very active, Hugh tries to make himself useful in the aumbry. As he helps recycle parchment, he starts to find clues to the burial place of Arthur and Guenivere in the ancient pages. But the hunt for Arthur's grave might lead to an even greater treasure. Dec 25, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: own , children-s , , historical-fiction.

Set in Glastonbury, England in A story of life in a monastery complex in the middle ages--we follow Hugh, the book-loving boy left at the monastery by his father, and Dickon, an oblate, as they sort out mysteries in the natural and spiritual worlds. I'm guessing it's fully period, but there's a lot of Catholic superstition--visions, miracles and such are very important to the people, and do seem to happen. Interesting picture of an interesting time period.

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Oct 18, Gabri Alessandrini rated it liked it. I had to read this book for school but I still enjoyed it.

It was a mysterious and religious book. It was so good because of the mystery!

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It was one of those books that something huge happens at the end of the chapter and it makes up want to read more! Young Hugh, crippled since childhood, is left behind in the care of the Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey. Glaston, however, becomes more than a mere place of refuge for the lonely boy. Located in the west of England, it is a place where anything might happen. Legends of Arthur and of the Holy Grail, old forgotten passages, a mad hermit and a mysterious manuscript lead Hugh and his friend Dickon through adventure and danger into the faith and peace as much a part of the times as the political upheaval.

Recommended for 8th grade. Black and white illustrations. Original copyright by Eleanore M. Soft cover. This book is part of a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature from Bethlehem Books. Customer Reviews Be the first one to review this item. I also like the fact that the book includes "a word to those who like to ask of a story, especially one with an historical background, 'Is it true?

Although I have not read it yet, The Flowering Hawthorn published by Neumann Press appears to cover some of the historical background that this story is based on and might make an interesting follow-up book. There are some similarities to The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli, but I think this book is more interesting and fast-paced. Skip to main content.

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