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Dirty Secrets
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Before you take to locating the secret passage, you could complete the exploration of Xiao-Xiao's office. Finally, turn your attention to the safe shown in the above screenshot. Use the wirecutter to disarm the trap on the safe.

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When it comes to the correct combination, you can guess it, basing on the documents that you found earlier. The combination is Now, focus on examining the painting in one of the office's corners and, in the way that you have already learned, find and press the two buttons. Performing this action will result in unlocking the secret [ The House of Blossoms - Secret Passage ]. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides.

Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Thief Guide. Game Guide. Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets. Posted by Tower Bridge on 24 Jun 14 at It's glitches for me. Posted by Ryn0 L on 21 Jul 14 at Word of advice Don't bother with the wrench until level 3 and buy 2 rope arrows prior to level 2 instead if you are going for this.

You need 2 ropes for the secrets in level 2 and I only had or it may have been none as I think I may have found one in level Either way, i'm bummed as this will need to wait for second playthrough now Posted by VaderAG on 28 Jul 14 at I beat everything and even the Thief app says I have 73 secret areas found, but the achievement didn't pop.

Any ideas? Posted by o CoffeeBeanZ o on 01 Aug 14 at So long as you here the chime it registers, and the achievement will pop as soon as you get the last one. Posted by Morrigan on 02 Sep 14 at Posted by Version on 17 Feb 15 at Question - I am on chapter 8, but don't think I have all the city secret areas. Can I finish ch8 and then go to the city, or should I return to the city before finishing chapter 8? Appreciate any help. Posted by Slithe on 01 Mar 15 at Any idea, if you replay a chapter, if it resets all of the secrets areas and you have to do them all again to count?

Posted by KingJamerscore on 07 Mar 15 at Kingjamerscore, that's a great question.

Dishonored Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

For example, if you do all of the secret areas in one chapter but somehow miss a collectible and have to replay to get the collectible, do you also need to do all of the secret areas in that chapter again? I think you do, and I'll explain why. What I do know for sure is that once you find a secret area in the city, you don't have to find it again. I know this because the achievement unlocked for me after I discovered one secret area I had somehow always missed, and I didn't have to redo all of the secret areas in the city, just that one. My observation from this is that secret areas in the city work on the same principle as loot and rope arrows - once they're done, they're done forever.

So, by this logic, I suspect that all the secret areas in the chapters must be redone any time you replay them, because each chapter's loot and rope arrows always reset every time you begin it. Posted by Lt Davo on 09 Mar 16 at A couple of things to point out from my game: - I didn't get a chime on 3 secret's on Chapter 7 - I didn't get the 1st chime on Chapter 8.

The Secret Thief by Nina Lane

I would recommend doing all The City ones first, saving after every chime and then do the chapter ones. At least if you don't hear a chime in the chapter, you'll know which one s you're potentially missing. Posted by MashedPeas11 on 07 Apr 16 at If only I read VaderAG advice first Damm it rope arrow! Posted by Kamerad Leo on 18 Dec 16 at Anybody know if the secret area in the prologue counts?

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Posted by M1ght33 J03 on 30 Mar 17 at For anyone wondering about chimes, on my play through there were several separated periods where chimes would just not happen despite re-loading or restarting the game. I'd say a good 10 or so of my secret areas didn't give me a chime but I still got the achievement. Posted by Wuffles on 26 Nov 17 at Anyway, I just reinstalled "OldDark" and checked: it says 13 secrets total too.

Right after installing NewDark on it, it says So I guess that's just something in that mission which doesn't work exactly the same with NewDark. Print Screen takes an actual Screenshot. THAT is what a Screenshot is. Steam be damned with their plagiarising the term for their inbuilt version of it. Last edited by Deadpan Serious ; 23 May, am. If I remember well though, at least with the pre-NewDark version of the game, taking a screenshot "the old way" pasting from clipboard won't work, you'll probably only get a completely black picture.

So you need to get that one which the game fortunately saves by itself when you press the right key.

Edit : same with the NewDark version, so no, you can't take a screenshot the traditional way in this game. But it automatically saves it for you, as long as you use one of the keys which is bound to the feature inside the game. Last edited by constancejill ; 23 May, am.

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How curious, to waste time for a reply detailing an inconsequential detail a detail which I already pointed out doesnt concern my mind or being the point of the thread in a thread thats already otherwise solved thats nearly a month old. That bored?

I hate to resurrect such on old thread but I'm wondering if there is a bug in one of the versions of NewDark. I'm playing Thief 2 right now and found the 13 secrets and was having trouble finding the 14th. The thing is that I keep track of how much loot and how many secrets I find each time I play so I can try to get better each time.

The last time I played a few years ago with one of the early version of NewDark, I wrote down that I'd found all 14 secrets.