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A seller's guarantee of authenticity gives you legal recourse if what you buy turns out to be a fake, but it's still wise to familiarize yourself with the brand's hallmarks. Whether you're a first-time Birkin buyer or an auction neophyte, Rubinger offers the following tips for price-conscious shoppers. Check condition. Don't rely only on the photos in the glossy auction catalogue — also go online.

Plus, you can zoom in on an item closer than the naked eye can see. Ponder color. For the first Birkin most people want something they can live in — that they can wear with jeans, with a suit, or carry on an airplane. So the most practical choice is a neutral, like black, gray, gold or brown. Choose durable leather. Avoid Swift called Gulliver in earlier versions , which scratches easily and doesn't hold its shape. The most popular leathers are Clemence and Togo, which are textured. Of the two, Togo holds its shape better. All four of these are scratch-resistant and water-resistant.

Decide on a price. No matter how much you want the bag, don't exceed that number. Bid live. After one complete cycle, run an extra rinse or two to remove the soap. Remove carefully. Support the bag from underneath to keep waterlogged insulation from ripping out stitches. Hang it lengthwise on a laundry line until most of the water weight is gone. Dry it. Place the damp bag in a large commercial dryer. Dry on low heat, and check frequently. Remove down bags every 30 minutes to de-clump the feathers. Back home, leave your bag unstuffed for a few days. And when you do store it, be sure to use a large cotton sack or pillowcase, not the little nylon stuff sack you use while on a trip.

Join Basecamp. Access Member Benefits. Our Sister Sites. Ski Magazine. Home Gear Reviews. Sleeping Bags. Sleeping Bag Types Bags fall into three basic categories : summer, three-season, and winter. Temperature Ratings All sleeping bags have temperature ratings, which indicate the minimum temperature that the bag is designed to handle.

The ratings are established after a set of standardized tests using a heat-sensored mannequin. Here, the differences and pros and cons of both: Down Down is the lightest, most efficient insulation you can get. Selecting the right sleeping bag shell fabric This really only comes down to one decision: do you need a waterproof bag or not? Bag Shapes Bags come in several cuts and each shape is designed to appeal to a different type of camper. Often found on bags with shorter zippers, foot vents maximize ventilation.

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