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This began in The Surprise season 3, episode In that episode Barney and Betty are babysitting a baby. With this baby Barney is too busy to do anything with Fred.

This leads Fred to go on about how he hates babies. At the end of the episode Wilma in tears confesses that she is going to have a baby, thinking Fred will be unhappy about this idea. Instead Fred is ecstatic giving a trademark "Yabba-Dabba-Doo. The next episode Foxy Grandma Season 3, episode 21 features Fred trying to find someone to help pregnant Wilma around the house.

Fred's yard and house - Picture of Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre, Bolton

Slate to help take care of the coming baby. I can't explain why really, but I was never a big Fred fan during the show.

Just something always made me "meh" about him. However, over the years, I have really grown to love the dude and am always excited whenever he makes an appearance anywhere. I would LOVE to bump into him on the street.

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He genuinely seems like one of the nicest and sweetest cast members of all time. Oh, no. He came out into the theater lobby after the show and shook the hand of every single person that approached, and even had long conversations with people, all which he seemed genuinely interested in. Cool you got to meet him.

Freds birthday bash - Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre

I love his work. Too many stories floating around for his reputation to not be accurate. I mean.. You will be receiving a special surprise on your birthday, plus you may receive other specials and announcements throughout the year from Fred's Mexican Cafe.

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