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Won against a higher difficulty. The novel Paul et Virginie , by Jacques Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, portrays, following Rousseau, the growing up of two semi-orphans in the natural idyll of Mauritius, unencumbered by class barriers.

Louis Spohr was so impressed by one performance that he decided there and then to become a composer, and for Beethoven it was the inspiration for his only opera, Fidelio. He smuggles him out of danger in one of his water barrels.

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Hummel wrote seven variations on this aria in the original key of E flat. In , Hummel set out on his last but one, painfully unsuccessful tour of England and published his fantasia Recollections of Paganini with the same company. After another debacle in London two years later Hummel ended his career as a travelling virtuoso.

He died in in Weimar. Today the opera about the knight Huon of Bordeaux, who kidnaps the daughter of Harun al Rashid with the help of the magic horn given to him by the fairy king Oberon, is not often performed, owing to the weakness of the libretto.

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Hummel himself also adapted the piece for piano solo. The folk-tale Eselshaut Donkey Skin , collected by Charles Perrault, is an example of the inherent cruelty of the genre, which can be psychoanalytically interpreted.

After the death of his wife, a king thinks that only his daughter is worthy of marrying him. A fairy advises the desperate princess to delay the decision by making one new demand after another of the king, who even accedes to her wish that the Golden Ass, which brings much needed money to the kingdom, be slaughtered. There were dozens of new operas and the genre of the Viennese fairy play was more renowned for its expensive stage machinery than for its improvised plots.

Die Eselshaut was first staged on 10 March at the Theater an der Wien. The public loved the scandal and came in great numbers, the music was even praised, and Hummel made good money from three arrangements for piano Opp. This is all that has remained from the score.

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The mirror scene No. As an adult his technical prowess at the piano was phenomenal and it is his sheer virtuosity which can get in the way of performances of his music. Most of these are cast in variation form. Hummel seems to have been less concerned to evoke the operas concerned, and more interested in choosing a theme likely to be useful as the basis for spinning variations. Hummel revered Mozart and his Figaro Fantasi has already appeared on a Naxos disc. There are 12 variations which Hummel presents in a series of varied contrasts, throwing in virtuoso moments as well as humour.

Its musical effects are typical characteristic dances, not quite evoking the subject matter, but charming all the same. It shows Hummel to be pleasing, if formulaic. Here Hummel has abandoned the formulaic and gives us a truly grand, romantic fantasy.

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In fact it was originally written for piano and orchestra. The piano adaptation was made by Hummel and the result is rather engaging and shows Hummel bridging the gap towards the music of the younger generation. Nicolo Isouard was a Maltese composer. His version of the Cinderella story reached Vienna in , when Hummel wrote his variations. Here we return to the more formulaic, but pleasing style of the earlier pieces.

Hummel had left Eisenstadt and was trying to make his way as a free-lance composer and pianist. He published three arrangements of music from the score and made good money from them. They were a way of extending the life of the music. There are times though when I wished for a little more flexibility and rubato; the figuration is a tad metronomic. James Manheim Allmusic. Hummel was a contemporary and sometimes a rival of Beethoven, and several of these pieces contain something of the way Beethoven had of taking comic material seriously.

The closest Hummel comes to the pure Romantic potboiler is the Potpourri No.