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Up until there was a group of houses of non-permanent use on the island. But the storm of that winter destroyed all the houses, which was located in an area with high vulnerability to waves overtopping.

So, now, on the island there is just some snack-bars opened on the summer. The main activity in Fuseta continues to be the fishing and others related with it, but the proximity to the beaches and the Ria has led to an increase of the tourism. The campsite welcomes hundreds of visitors in the summer, such as the hotels and residentials surrounding the village. The village, currently with about inhabitants and houses, occurred from being a strategic area for fishing.

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If the word you are looking for is not on this list, please consult a Portuguese-English dictionary. Portuguese is a Romance language and is very similar to Spanish. It is the national language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, and Angola. It is also spoken on the Chinese island of Macau and in the Goa region of India and used in some of the official records of these places.

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Portuguese words for persons, places, and things nouns are classified as masculine, feminine, or, in some cases, neuter. O the masculine form of the is used with masculine words. A the feminine form of the is used with feminine words. Masculine nouns generally end in o , r , l , and ma. Nouns which end in or generally are masculine; an a is added to indicate the feminine version. Adjectives which end in o or a reflect the same gender of the nouns they refer to.

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For example, the married son would be translated as o filho casado ,while the married daughter would be translated as a filha casada. Many adjectives do not end in o or a and so do not indicate gender. In Portuguese, as in English, the forms of some words will vary according to how they are used in a sentence. Who—whose—whom or marry—marries—married are examples of words in English with variant forms. This word list gives only the standard form of each Portuguese word.

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As you read Portuguese records, be aware that some words vary with usage. Plural forms of Portuguese words usually add s to the singular noun as well as the article and adjective. The Portuguese alphabet uses the same 26 letters and alphabetical used in English. The letters k and w are used only in words that are not of Portuguese origin.

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Some letters in Portuguese can carry accent marks that indicate how to pronounce the letter, or which syllable in a word is stressed. They do not affect alphabetical order. Discography Tracks.

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