OBAMAS WORLD: Secrets and Deceptions

The Obama Deception
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And Obama administration officials repeatedly emphasized that the accord does not rely on the expectation of political change within Iran. So there are no illusions about that.

What we know, however, is that an Iran without a nuclear weapon is a very different country than Iran with one, and that a Middle East without a nuclear weapon is a safer Middle East. It was only after the June election of Hassan Rouhani, a self-described moderate, that American efforts to jumpstart serious talks with Iran on its nuclear program began to make progress, after seven years of futile attempts by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

In his campaign for the presidency, Obama advocated for direct engagement with Iran, and after he was elected, he engaged in both public and private diplomatic overtures toward Tehran—just as each of his predecessors, both Democratic and Republican, had done.

The administration also pursued quiet backchannel dialogue with Iran, a tactic that had produced some gains for the Bush administration during the period on Afghanistan. Obama sent several letters to Khamenei—a first for an American leader—and he authorized senior officials to engage in undisclosed talks with Iranian counterparts in and The existence of those meetings was revealed long before the signing, or selling, of the final nuclear deal, and their substance—according to participants—was not particularly consequential.

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Obama reached out covertly to Rouhani, and several influential U. This backchannel was also widely reported long before the comprehensive agreement was finalized.

CNN: President Obama caught on open mic

Secret diplomacy entails risks as well as rewards, and the covert talks with Tehran provoked some discomfort among U. The problem with this assertion is that Rhodes never says any such thing.

RDR REVIEW: 'The Obama Deception' by Alex Jones | Red Dirt Report

Nor do any of the other U. This proposition was first and most fully articulated by my former colleague Michael Doran, now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, in a article for an obscure internet magazine that went viral. Or, as Ben Rhodes might say, spin.

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Unfortunately, the Rhodes profile is simply too one-sided to provide a platform for that discussion. In their absence, it is an unfortunate irony that the White House master of spin—a man who unashamedly disdained the press corps—and one of his most hard-fought accomplishments have been undercut by shoddy journalism.

Check out our other foreign policy blog, Order from Chaos—a how-to guide for managing the end of the post-Cold War era. Gilbert rejected this position: " Bill Armistead , the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party , called the film's theory "absolutely terrifying.

Barack Obama

Gilbert's claim that Obama's mother posed nude, allegedly by Davis, was proven false after blogger Loren Collins found that most of the photos Gilbert presented as evidence of his claim came from a magazine that ceased publication two years before Obama's mother arrived in Hawaii. In activist Loren Collins filed a complaint against Gilbert with the Federal Election Commission , saying that the filmmaker was required to disclose his donors who financed the pre-election mailing of millions of unsolicited DVDs of the film to voters in several swing states.

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