Photographers Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales

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The couple had said the Innocent Commitment, I showed them the price list and when we wrapped it up, the bride goes into another room, comes back two minutes later handing me that check for payment in full. With a big smile on her face! Because I blew them away with my photography — and presentation. And you know what?

How to sell a wedding album to every one of your brides

Now when others purchased the course when I first offered it as an earlier version, they had questions after they went through the material which I personally answered at that time. We make it very compelling. I hate to say it but a few copycats tried to copy what I teach because they know how powerful this material is, but they had to make changes to it to avoid being sued for infringement you as a photographer know all about that! Yes, you read that right.

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  7. Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales;

For a limited time the price is reduced to only You might be wondering: Will my system work for you? And you can find out for yourself right now without risking a single penny.

Be my guest. Go ahead and order the course. Check it out for a full days. Read the modules, kick the tires, look under the hood, take it around the block for a ride, see how it drives. So you know this is the real thing.

Photographers Guide To Wedding Album Design And Sales

Would you like to get checks as large as you saw on this page, getting orders for thousands of dollars? When would you like to start getting paid that much? It wasn't adversarial in the slightest.

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  3. Why Design a Wedding Album? Because Albums are Awesome for Your Clients and Bring you Profit!.

If anything, I found that your process let me 'cross the table' and become their trusted advisor in creating the album that they wanted If I ever get the chance to meet you in person; I'll definitely buy you a beer. I was doing a lot of things right in my business, but your course filled one of the critical gaps for me.

How to Sell More Wedding Albums to Your Clients

It's literally like printing money. It's magic. His course is more of a gift than a business. Like being in his head through the whole process and seeing exactly step by step how he gets those monster 10k checks. It went well. They spent a few thousand. Hilarious, just because of how easy it was It still blows my mind at how well it works!

Increasing Album Sales with “The Day after Session”

That payment was for additional photos in their album over and above what they originally contracted for, and the best thing you need to know about that particular check is… … That was just for the deposit! Why am I showing you this? Buy New View Book. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image.

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Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales [Bob Coates] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Full of instructive images and . Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales by Bob Coates.

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