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Jeff Jackson on Writing a Novel Structured like a Rock ‘n’ Roll Record
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here She decided to walk to the party because it was nice out. As she walked, Hannah felt hope for the first time in months. The night felt full of possibilities.

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Clay remembers feeling optimistic about this night as well. He forced himself out of the house that night because he was excited and ready for something new to happen.

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And even now, though he knows what happened between him and Hannah at the party, he still would have gone if given a second chance. Unfortunately for Hannah, the hopeful atmosphere of the night was the calm before the storm. It started out well enough. She arrived at the party and almost immediately Clay came up to her. He told her that he felt as if they needed to talk, and Hannah wholeheartedly agreed. They moved into the living room and sat on one side of the couch. On the other side were Justin and Jessica, making out. Now, Clay realizes that Hannah really could never escape her past in Crestmont.

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Still, despite their surroundings, Hannah and Clay connected on that couch. During their conversation that spanned over numerous topics they discovered that the same things excited them, that the same things concerned them. Clay realized that he should have faced his fears of rejection and reached out to Hannah sooner, instead of thinking that he had no chance with her. Hannah realized that she should have talked to Clay sooner as well.

Eventually, Clay and Hannah decided to move because Jessica kept bumping into Hannah, perhaps on purpose. They found a quiet spot in the doorway of an empty room and stood there to talk. Despite the loneliness Hannah felt creeping back inside of her, Clay was able to make her laugh. So Hannah kissed him. They moved into the empty room, closed the door behind them, laid on the bed, and kissed some more. As they kissed, Hannah began to see in her head all the people from her list. She began to remember the lies and rumors that were spread about her, and believed that by being in the room with Clay, she was justifying those lies.

She told Clay to stop, and to leave her alone.

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At first Clay tried to speak to her, but Hannah began to scream into a pillow, and so he left her alone in the room. Clay blames himself for leaving Hannah alone. Earlier in the night he had apologized to her because he felt guilty that it took him so long to approach her. Now, he feels guilty again for getting scared and leaving her when she obviously needed him. She realized she pushed Clay away, both that night and later on at school, because she was done after the party.

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After the party, she went home and began making her list and forming the connections that compose her story. After the party, her mind was made up. He tells Tony that he always liked Hannah, but felt as if he never truly knew her, even after their conversation at the party. Tony and Clay drive through the empty streets of their town. After Clay left the room, Hannah sat on the floor next to the bed and cried.

Jessica was completely wasted, and Justin was relatively drunk. After kissing Jessica for a few moments, Justin realized that she was completely unresponsive. He tucked her into the bed and left the room. Once Justin left, Hannah prepared to leave the room as well. He was standing just outside the door to the room, posted up.

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As Hannah thought about what she would say to Justin when she opened the door, she saw another pair of shoes approach the door. At first Justin stopped his friend and said that Jessica needed to rest. Meanwhile, horrified, Hannah ran and hid in the closest.

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At this point, Tony has pulled up in front of the party house. Clay flings open the passenger door and throws up in front of the house. After Bryce finished raping Jessica, he left the room. Hannah waited for a few minutes, and ran out of the room. In the hallway, she saw Justin, the focus of this tape, sitting on a bed in another room. As she stared at Justin sitting in the room, Hannah felt as if they had come full circle. Eventually, Justin turned his head and saw Hannah staring at him. Hannah explains that while the tapes should be about Bryce and not Justin, she knows that if Bryce were to receive these tapes, he would flee town instead of passing them on.

The events on these tapes, in conjunction with the events of previous tapes, finalize her decision to commit suicide. To leave him out would create a hole in the tapestry Hannah is weaving. The party is where the different histories, secrets, and relationships that Hannah has revealed over the course of her tapes finally come together. Characters that appeared in earlier tapes make reprises, with tragic results. For this reason, the party can be considered the climax of the story. When Bryce rapes Jessica, he is seeking to control her body. This is the epitome of subjugation. Clay was prevented from approaching Hannah for years because he feared her reputation, and Hannah sent Clay away because she feared being with him validated the lies people spread about her.

Hannah would rather implicate herself and admit to her own guilt, than lie and pretend to her peers. Other themes present in these chapters include the themes of repercussions, parental obliviousness, and betrayal. By now, the themes of repercussions and betrayal are mainstays. Hannah shared with Ryan a part of her that few people knew existed, and he betrayed her. Her thoughts became targets for torment and ridicule. A theme that makes its first poignant appearance in Cassettes 4 and 5 is the theme of parental obliviousness. For example, it is humorous that schoolwork is the common excuse or alibi Clay and his classmates use on their parents.

And while Georgenhof protects the von Globigs from the danger and chaos of the war, it also confines them, facilitating their inertia and jeopardizing their timely evacuation to safer ground.

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With Georgenhof, author Kempowski has created a stage for exploring the moral and existential decisions that confront ordinary people when their beliefs and very lives are under siege. And the house proves an ideal setting to examine the inherent tendency to privilege our own personal concerns and preoccupations over crises that are public and shared, no matter how grave or exigent the latter. The Maias is a seminal classic of Portuguese literature, and this translation by Margaret Jull Costa makes the experience of reading it every bit as satisfying as reading one of its nineteenth-century American or British counterparts.

It is the story of the economic and moral fall of the eponymous Buddenbrooks, a prominent German merchant family. A series of poor business decisions, a misguided marriage, contested inheritances, illness, deaths, and lack of enthusiasm for the family enterprise accumulate to the point of precariousness. The village priest, one of the rare visitors to the Charcara, has a theory for why evil pervades the household:. I wondered what made this house so cold, so soulless.

And it was then that I discovered the formidable immutability of its walls, the frozen tranquility of its inhabitants. The village priest, one of the rare visitors to the Charcara, has a theory for why evil pervades the household: I wondered what made this house so cold, so soulless.

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Records 1 - 10 of Terror Infinity Side B - Chapter 1, H.O.T.D, 4 years ago . up my view of this novel as a story, so I'll comment about the fanfiction's side. Side B of the Novel - Kindle edition by Kitty Edwards. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

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