Spring Fever: For Any Season

Is "Spring Fever" A Real Thing?
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The extra energy and increased expectations of the season can be the last straw, pushing us right to the edge, or in some cases, tragically, over the edge. Whereas unhappiness and misery increased during holiday times, psychiatric admissions peak in January and again in spring. By being aware of your Emotional Calendar, you can see all this coming, learn to understand its sources, and make good plans for your own sake. Ask yourself, how has the spring been typically? Year after year, what have the patterns been in your life?

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What can you learn from experience? How about April? How about May? Sometimes a little awareness is all you need to get through the transition into spring smoothly and happily. Maybe you tend to get overenthusiastic and hurt yourself by exercising too much as soon as the sun comes out. Or maybe you find yourself indulging in other ways in springtime. One of my patients is a professional athlete who retired prematurely from the game he loved due to a medical problem, — an addiction — that made him step off the mound one March. Instead of getting psyched up for the beginning of the season, I fall pray to bad temptations.

This year however, in light of this realization, he decided to institute a different pattern.

This is your brain on spring fever

Getting more support for yourself is indeed a strong step. Like my patient, you can institute your spring plan before the season actually hits. Remember that you can write your own emotional calendar by boldly proceeding with what you determine to be in your best interest. You do not have to be the victim of circumstance, doomed to relive past associations — events in your past triggering emotions that dominate your attitude and feelings. When you calm yourself, recognize the pattern, and understand why you tend to feeling a certain way, you gain power over this recurrence and claim the opportunity to make a change for the better in your life going forward.

Spring Fever: Love is in the Air

I like the spring. The sunlight is much stronger than before.

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Apr 2, - Self-care tips for your mental health during the springtime explains how the changing season can impact mental health, and what you can do. May 13, - Could the root cause of all this friskiness be “spring fever”? seasonal affective disorder expert, sees symptoms of spring fever in some of his.

Soon the leaves will be bursting forth and I am not in a hurry. Actually, I like having all that blooming in my forecast; the best is yet to come. Sometimes I feel uncomfortably restive and have to urge to make a big change, get going with something new. Sometimes, I can get a whopping amount of stuff done all at once. Its springtime. I just saw a commonality within the structures of Disease.. Seems specific diseases are associated with specific complementary emotional disorders..

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Spring Fever

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Spring “Fever”: Seasonal Sickness in the Workplace

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Spring Fever: Love is in the Air

Leave this field empty. What is spring fever?

Though everything is in bloom, spring can also usher in some less-than-rosy health situations

More Posts. In other words: there's a scientific reason why you're feeling mega energized right now, so don't let anyone tell you it's all in your head. It's an alarming name for a feeling that overtakes many people after a long, cold winter! In warmer areas like Memphis, the average temperature is above 72 degrees more than half of the year. But are these slight changes in our moods and behaviors all in our heads or rooted in science?

Today, spring fever often refers to positive — if disruptive — feelings: Excitement Energy Restlessness Optimism Where did the idea of spring fever come from? Can spring fever be negative? Here are a few ways the changing seasons may affect your health.

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Temperature The more time people spend outside on sunny, moderate days, the better their mood. In the northernmost parts of the state, the average temperature is higher than 72 degrees one-third of the year.

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In warmer areas like Memphis, the average temperature is above 72 degrees more than half of the year. Daylight Melatonin Humans have internal clocks that track daylight and adjust how much melatonin we produce accordingly.