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Treasury does have the authority to print coins of any denomination provided they are made with platinum. And unlike the limits on paper money circulation, there are no limits on the amount of coinage that can be in circulation at any one time. Specified in Title 31 Money and Finance of the United States Code see above , the law was intended to allow for the minting of collectors' coins in various sizes. Because of this "loophole," some have cited that the trillion dollar coin could serve as a viable option to avoid the U.

Shortly after the trillion dollar coin was brought up in early as an option to avoid U. Two years later when the debt ceiling debate reared its head again, there were talks the president could invoke the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution to issue debt that exceeds the ceiling.

However, at the time, the Treasury Department's Daniel Watson said that the Amendment does not give the president the power to ignore the debt ceiling. Alternative Investments. Fixed Income Essentials. Monetary Policy.

What I Saw : Reports from Berlin 1920 to 1933

Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Read the whole article But, as so often with the manipulative language used in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel, the terminology here is backward. Hamas was the legally constituted, democratically elected government of the Palestinians, so in the first place Hamas did not stage a coup but rather was the target of a coup planned against it. Furthermore, the coup -- which failed in Gaza but succeeded overall when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, acting in violation of Palestinian law, cut Gaza adrift, unseated the Palestinian unity government headed by Hamas, and named a new prime minister and cabinet -- was the handiwork of the United States and Israel.

With confidential documents, corroborated by outraged former and current U. According to the Washington Post, Abrams expressed "bewilderment over the agreement and [demanded] to know why North Korea would not have to first prove it had stopped sponsoring terrorism before being rewarded with removal from the list, according to officials who reviewed the messages. It was going to be a "cakewalk," the Iraqis would rise up and shower us with rose petals, and Johnny would come marching home in no time.

Besides that, the whole deal would be cost-free, you see, because the revived Iraqi oil industry, no longer under sanctions, would pay the costs of the war. Or so Paul Wolfowitz assured us. Blankfort describes his research into the major factors determining US Middle East policy. All available US troops are tied down in Iraq by a few thousand lightly armed insurgents. Go-it-alone Bush has isolated America from her allies. And the neocons want to spread their war to Iran. Notable features of the new Bush doctrine include the pre-emptive use of unilateral force, and the undermining of the United Nations and the principle instruments and institutions of international law Air Force Lt.

Karen Kwiatkowski recently retired from the U. Air Force. Her final posting was as an analyst at the Pentagon. Following is the first of three installments describing her experience there. How Neo-cons Influence the pentagon Jim Lobe in the Asia Times - An ad hoc office under US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith appears to have acted as the key base for an informal network of mostly neo-conservative political appointees that circumvented normal inter-agency channels to lead the push for war against Iraq.

It is now widely suspected that the war was a fraud, but who perpetuated the fraud and on whom? Everyone agrees that Saddam Hussein was a monster, but the military invasion to depose him is seen by many, and certainly on this side of the Atlantic, as illegitimate and unprovoked, and a blatant violation of the UN Charter, setting an unfortunate precedent in international relations.

Henceforth, in the jungle, only might is right. What is going on in the United States? Who is making foreign policy? And what are they trying to achieve? QuasiMarxist explanations involving big oil or American capitalism are mistaken. Yes, American oil companies and contractors will accept the spoils of the kill in Iraq. Middle East policy was run by a group of so-called Arabists, U. Policymaking circles throughout government now no longer even make a pretense of exhibiting balance between Israeli and Arab, particularly Palestinian, interests. He was Chairman of the Board from to under the Bush Administration.

He is also a Patron of the Henry Jackson Society. Perle had long been an advocate of regime change in Iraq. Feith served as the deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, the number three position at the Pentagon, from July to August The Senate Intelligence Committee is also investigating Feith. Feith is clearly resigning ahead of the possible breaking of major scandals concerning his tenure at the Department of Defense, which is among the more disgraceful cases of the misleading of the American people in American history.

He also favors stronger USTurkish cooperation, and increased military ties between Turkey and Israel. Both Feith and his father have been honored by the Zionist Organization of America ZOA , a conservative organization that often makes common cause on foreign policy issues with conservative Christian organizations. Betar members played important roles in the fight against the British during the Mandate, and in the creation of Israel. It has been traditionally linked to the original Herut and then Likud Israeli political parties.

Bush administration Krauthammer appears regularly as a guest commentator on Fox News. Shultz Wurmser, a neoconservative, previously served as special assistant to John R. Presidential election campaign, Zakheim served as a foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush administration, and served in this capacity until April He argued that Israeli and U. The ACLU and PI filed a memo at the end of their investigation which called into question the ethics and legality of a government contractor in this case Booz Allen acting as auditors of a government program, when that contractor is heavily involved with those same agencies on other contracts.

The basic statement was that a conflict of interest may exist. Bush appointed Kissinger to chair a committee to investigate the events of the September 11 attacks. Podhoretz is a contributor to The Corner, a group blog run by National Review. Presidents, Ronald Reagan and George W. Terrorism will be aggravated Terrorist organizations will be united Everything will be insecure.

State Department. Foreign Policy. The paper criticizes the Israel lobby for influencing U. On June 11, he was appointed by U. President George W. Bush to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. On January 5, , he participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials. From November to June , he served as U.

Ambassador to Turkey. Whitehead from September to January Following the September 11th attacks, he helped marshal international diplomatic support for the Global war on Terrorism and for the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bolten replaced Andrew Card on April 14, Senate to that position in He previously served as policy director for the George W.

Bush Presidential campaign from. Once you control America, the leader of the world, you can control Europe and the rest of the world will follow. Zionists Jews who control America How they control America? They use anti-discrimination and diversity laws to get them to the positions, but if you look at their own hiring practices, they mainly hire and promote each other. It is the decetion of the AntiChrist, they promote the laws that get them into power position and then they ignore it.

They buy politicians, and key media journalists and key pastors. Do not believe Zionist-provided statistics. You see, the Jew is essentially a paranoid person. Do we not see this in Christian America and Christian Europe today? For the Jews despise the idea of a Christian civilization.

This scares them. Yes, the Jews are a paranoid bunch. All of their hopes for the future are not centered on the Kingdom To Come for which Christians pray. And these Jews are on a fierce campaign to eradicate any semblance of Christianity in America. Peter Chernin: New York born Jew. Thus they gain control over the subverted masses. Promoting Violence: Jews through their Media-control wish to create a disordered society so as to dominate the masses through their highly-organized and monolithic institutions.

This is to dilute our once-Christian society in order for Jewry, a united entity, to intensify their domination. Street Evangelist! Support Brother Nathanael! And they know how to censor historical facts and observations that shed light on their manipulative ways. The Jews also know how to create an Anti Christian world consensus through the media of which they have full world-wide control.

Seven million Jews live in America. S population. How is this possible? A Christian America! This is our misfortune. Note: Nathanael Support Ann Coulter!!! Quote: I speak with you today not as President of the University but as a concerned member of our community about the issue of anti-Semitism. I am Zionist. Princeton University: , President Harvey Shapiro. Dartmouth College: , President James O.

Quote: I dearly wish that my father, who had confronted Anti-Semitism in finding his early teaching positions, had lived long enough to see the installation of Zionist Presidents at numerous Ivy League and Big Ten Universities. How can we become a Christian America again? How can we stop the Anti Christian subversion of our nation by the Jews? Here is what we must do: 1. We must all commit ourselves to Jesus Christ and regular Church attendance. We must all speak out against the Zionist subversion of our nation at every opportunity and in every possible venue.

We must tell our Congressmen and Senators that we will not tolerate their cow-towing to Zionist money and influence. Then and only then can we save our nation from Zionist ruination. Time is running out. It is not the purpose of this article to discuss the origins of The Protocols.

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Examples include Joe Lieberman, Christopher Hitchens, many of the contributors to Dissent magazine and many of the signatories of the Euston Manifesto. Impossible to generalize. Then the it wanting to flow back into the sea. They lost , of the flower of French youth in the defense of Verdun on the Somme. Minor flooding was reported' In sections of New England. He told defense at- torneys their objections would continue to be overruled "until we gel down to the nitty gritty" so the trial couid move forward.

A simple Internet search will bring up s of sites to view. All news items are received by a few agencies from all parts of the world. These agencies will be entirely in our control and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them. We will sweep away all other forms of belief besides ours. We shall abolish every kind of freedom of instruction for the purpose of turning the Goyim into unthinking submissive brutes. The Jews could not wait to sink their greedy claws into the new scenario in Russia. Jeffrey Sachs saw an opportunity that he and his Zionist buddies just could not pass up.

But their Zionist agenda was not to help Russia, but to rape Russia once again, just as their Zionist counterparts did with their international socialist program when sovietizing Russia in the early 20th Century. But now, Jeffrey Sachs and his Zionist buddies were going to do it with their international capitalist system. Sachs, Lipton, and Gaidar initiated a plan which they called economic shock therapy to eliminate subsidies and price controls that had kept the Russian economy stable for decades.

What was the result of this shock therapy? Just as planned, the hyperinflation wiped out the capital reserves of Russian factories, banks, utilities, and all other institutions. This eliminated any chance for real Russian competition in the bidding for Russian assets which was about to begin. The Russian institutions and manufacturing facilities were now eager to turn their assets into cash, playing into the hands of Sachs, Lipton, and Gaidar Because the value of rubles was now at an all time low, they wanted Western currency. Under the cover of international banking loans, Zionist bankers of course , Sachs and friends began to buy out Russian companies at next-to-nothing prices.

Here is a list of some of these Jews who looted Russia and their resultant status: 1. Yegor Gaidar: In he came under attack by the Russian people for his alliance with Sachs. Fearing a Putin investigation, he fled Russia and presently lives in Ireland. He then fled to England. Vladimir Gusinksy. He took control of many Russian banks during the looting. He was the leader of the Russian Zionist Congress.

Now in exile in Greece, the Russian Courts are trying to have him extradited for his shady business dealings. Mikhail Khodorkovsky: He bought majority stakes in Yukos oil company for practically nothing during the looting. Putin caught up with him and put him in jail in I grew up as a Jew and I wish to inform all of my readers that most Jews care only about themselves and nothing for the Gentile societies in which they reside or can make a profit from. What is the answer to this Zionist plague that is rotting our society?

The only answer is for Jews to repent of their solidarity with Anti-Christian Judaism and become Christians. Then they can use their energies and influence for Jesus Christ rather than for Satan. I did it! Prior to this, Perle was investigated by the US Justice Department for discussing classified information with an employee at the Israeli Embassy, but of course, the case was dropped. At this time, he was involved in establishing the US military central command.

And where did the money and military equipment end up? I say the money ended up in the hands of the Mossad - and the equipment in the hands of the Israeli Defense Force. Comverse Technology subcontracts the installation of tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. A Mossad Assassination In Austria? EU Articles, Mossad Articles.

Haider was a very popular Austrian politician, who was a leader of the nationalist party known as the Alliance for the Future of Austria. This was double the amount from the elections. It is being alleged that Haider was driving at high speed. If the Republicans get more than 30 percent, they usually win. Rick Perry held at a kosher restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. The New York magazine article of September 9, , featured a photograph of an unidentified politician appearing to kiss and bow before Adelson, in a scene more reminiscent of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion—but not even this blatant display of chutzpah was enough for that publication, which went on to boast that:.

As the Washington Post pointed out in November , Saban possibly best known by the public for being behind the Power Rangers TV series is the single largest financier of the Democratic Party hopefuls. He should be her No. No matter who wins the race for the White House, one outcome is certain: they will have won it with Zionist money, and will have a debt to pay to the Zionist Lobby and Israel. The other half, some were true, the others there was no way to tell since they executed Palestinians and no one asked questions.

The JLM was founded in as the official successor to the Poale Zion group, which was the formal socialist Zionist organization in Britain. Its only real point of difference with the rest of the Zionist movement is that it wants a Palestinian state to be created alongside the current state of Israel. The demand for separate racially-based states—one Palestinian, and one Zionist—means that the exclusivity of the Jews-only state must be preserved.

Israel has an immigration policy which is DNA-based and which refuses entry to all non-Jews, and even outlaws marriage between Jews and non-Jews. These are basic conditions, which are justified and vital to the security of Israel. At the time that the Zionists forcibly expelled the Palestinians, their numbers were just over three-quarters of a million—but in the intervening years, this has increased to just on five million.

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The Platinum Trillion Dollar Coin ( Book 1) - Kindle edition by - The Black Commentator. Download it once and. The platinum trillion dollar coin blackcommentator com book 1. Fabio veronesi e charles brummer and christian huyghe dipartimentost nd.. Weberh et hatelier.

NCJW will continue to work for immigration reform that ends the second-class status of immigrants without papers and ensures that a viable path to citizenship is finally at hand. However, Foxman has never said anything when his fellow Jews have said exactly what Oldman said—and even more. You Bet. I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping.

Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood. How deeply Zionist is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel Jew with Israeli parents on the Huffington Post, which is owned by Arianna Huffington not Zionist and has never worked in Hollywood. The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews.

As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. I just care that we get to keep running them. The difference is, of course, that the Jews are perfectly happy as long as it is they who boast about their control of Hollywood—but woe betide any Gentile who dares to say the same thing—they are just antiSemites.

Stein is not the only prominent Zionist journalist to have boasted about Zionist control of Hollywood. Medved said in the article that: It makes no sense at all to try to deny the reality of Zionist power and prominence in popular culture. Any list of the most influential production executives at each of the major movie studios will produce a heavy majority of recognizably Zionist names.

Medved also reveals how Jews also took over the only major Hollywood studio which was run by Gentiles: the Walt Disney Corporation: The famous Disney organization, which was founded by Walt Disney, a gentile Midwesterner who allegedly harboured anti-Semitic attitudes, now features Zionist personnel in nearly all its most powerful positions.

Medved continues:. Men and women of Zionist background enjoy a vastly disproportionate—if not dominate—influence in Hollywood. He also points out that even studios which were bought out by the Japanese Sony Corp. He adds: This dynastic tendency in American entertainment certainly is a factor in the continued prominence of the Zionist role. While Hollywood never stops portraying whites as degenerate criminals at every conceivable occasion, Jews are always portrayed as heroes, according to Medved: Zionist writers and directors employ unquestionably flattering depictions of Jews for audiences to react with sympathy and affection.

Interestingly, Medved also pointed out that the general public was aware of the Zionist control of Hollywood, and that this degenerative effect was the cause of resentment: Poll after poll, taken over the past 10 years, shows that the public believes this industry is more firmly associated with Jews than any other business in the world.

That it is almost universally viewed as a destructive force in our society should be of concern. They are a major source of money for Democratic candidates. So do Barbara Streisand, Norman Lear and others. His page book details precisely how Jews have taken over and run Hollywood. Gabler also reveals that the Hollywood Jews practice anti-Gentile discrimination. The Amazon. And what makes it an interesting read for political types is the way it demonstrates that no matter how much the founding Hollywood moguls and their successors tried to peddle an idealized, escapist form of entertainment, bubbling up under and around their every project was ideology, racism, ethnic prejudice, class friction, domestic and international politics and all the other raw, seething stuff that distinguishes this country from all others.

This is the first time the asylum seekers went to Sweden. The efforts to get the Africans to return to their self-created hell-holes has apparently not been that successful, and now it seems that Israel has struck a deal with tiny Sweden to take the unwanted Africans instead. Israel has a total population of around seven million, of whom some six million are Jews. Sweden has a population of around nine million, of whom around seven million are European Swedes.

There is therefore, no logical reason why hundreds of thousands of Africans represents any more of a threat to Israel than to Sweden; in fact, they do to both countries—but it seems that the Zionist Supremacists are quite happy to dump the Africans in Sweden rather than tolerate them in Israel. This hypocrisy over race is not something new—last year it was revealed that Israel had started using DNA tests on potential immigrants to make sure that they were racially of Zionist descent before letting them enter the Zionist state.

Jews are going to be at the center of that. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive. Nigel Farage now has some very serious questions to answer. There is no connection whatsoever with those people and the present-day SD, but, needless to say, this fact has not stood in the way of the Zionist Supremacistcontrolled media attack. The lesson to be learned from this latest attack on UKIP is clear: nothing less than total subservience to the Zionist Lobby, without even a hint of deviation, is acceptable to the Zionist Supremacists.

If, as UKIP has dared to do, even the slightest deviation takes place, a barrage of lies, half-truths and smears are unleashed upon the offending person or party. Fortunately the advent of the Internet has finally broken the Zionist Supremacist stranglehold on news distribution, and alternative voices can be heard on an equal basis.

Meet the Genius Behind the Trillion-Dollar Coin and the Plot to Breach the Debt Ceiling

Itai Brun. He made similar claims in April this year—but these claims were dismissed then as unfounded. This, before the UN inspectors had even arrived to investigate the claims after the Syrian government offered them free access to the site of alleged attack to establish the truth. In spite of this, the US, and now the British government, all under the strong influence of their respective Zionist lobbies, are drawing up plans to attack Syria with military force.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for example, told Cameron this week that Russia has no evidence of a chemical weapons attack having taken place in Syria or who is responsible. The two leaders held an urgent phone call on Monday 26 August afternoon regarding the Syrian crisis in the wake of a sniper attack on UN chemical inspectors outside Damascus. For their part, the Syrians and Iranians have no illusions as to who is behind the pro-war sentiment and have openly blamed the Zionist lobby.

His words were echoed by Iranian officials, who on Monday said that if the Americans and British attacked Syria, Israel would suffer. It will engulf the whole region. It has been agitating for years for an attack on Iran and Syria through its proxy American and British forces. Even if the region is left in chaos, like Iraq, this is still better for Israel than having orderly and potentially powerful and hostile neighbors.

Zionist Organizations Supporting Israel There are also a number of Zionist secular organizations at the local, national, and international levels. These organizations often play an important part in the Zionist community. Most of the largest groups, such as Hadassah and the United Zionist Communities,[2] have an elected leadership. No one secular group represents the entire Zionist community, and there is often significant internal debate among Jews about the stances these organizations take on affairs dealing with the Zionist community as a whole, such as antisemitism and Israeli policies.

Every major American city has its local "Zionist Federation", and many have sophisticated community centers and provide services, mainly health care-related. They raise record sums of money for philanthropic and humanitarian causes in North America and Israel. Currently there are 10 Jews among U. In California both senators are Zionist Feinstein and Boxer. Representatives;[15] 26 are Democrats and one Eric Cantor is Republican. It is not the Zionist influence but the Zionist Evangalical Right and the lobbies that buy or threaten other congress members and presidents.

No recent president have gone through election without giving loyalty to AIPAC or they will be attacked in the media and their competiors is funded. Despite hollyowd and media portraying Jews as leaders of civil right movement defending the blacks, in fact During the American Civil War, Jews were divided in their views of slavery and abolition. Prior to , there were virtually no rabbinical sermons on slavery. Some Jews owned slaves or traded them, and the livelihoods of many in the Zionist community of both the North and South were tied to the slave system.

Most southern Jews supported slavery, and some, like Judah P. Benjamin, advocated its expansion. The abolitionist Ben Wade, who knew Benjamin in the U. Senate, described him as "an Israelite with Egyptian principles. D-Day services at Congregation Emunath Israel on West Twenty-third Street, New York City American Jews and Jews world-wide began taking a special interest in international affairs in the early twentieth century, especially regarding their coreligionists persecution during pogroms in Imperial Russia, and later, regarding increasing restrictions on immigration in the s.

This period is also synchronous with the development of political Zionism, as well as the Balfour Declaration, which gave Zionism its first official recognition. During the s, large-scale boycotts of German merchandise were organized; this period was synchronous with the rise of Fascism in Europe. Franklin D. Roosevelt's leftist domestic policies received strong Zionist support in the s and s, as did his foreign policies and the subsequent founding of the United Nations.

Support for political Zionism in this period, although growing in influence, remained a distinctly minority opinion. The founding of Israel in made the Middle East a center of attention; the immediate recognition of Israel by the American government was an indication of both its intrinsic support and the influence of political Zionism. This attention initially was based on a natural and religious affinity toward and support for Israel and world Jewry. The attention is also because of the ensuing and unresolved conflicts regarding the founding Israel and Zionism itself.

A lively internal debate commenced, following the Six-Day War. The American Zionist community was divided over whether or not they agreed with the Israeli response; the great majority came to accept the war as necessary. A tension existed especially for leftist Jews, between their liberal ideology and rightist Zionist backing in the midst of this conflict.

This deliberation about the SixDay War showed the depth and complexity of Zionist responses to the varied events of the s. Because of the emotional connection many Jews have for Israel, the issue has generated strong passions among both left-wing and right-wing Jews. There is a significant Zionist presence in the disparate political movement known as the "liberal hawks" or the pro-war Left, which, while strongly committed to liberal or leftist social domestic policy, also supports a liberal interventionist, hawkish or right-wing pro-Israel foreign policy for the United States.

Examples include Joe Lieberman, Christopher Hitchens, many of the contributors to Dissent magazine and many of the signatories of the Euston Manifesto. At the same time, there is a significant Zionist presence in the pro-Palestinian movement seeking a two-state solution, including Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler and key UK advocates of an academic boycott of Israel like Stephen and Hilary Rose.

These groups have reportedly increased in size and influence over the years. The term itself has been subject to debate and criticism over the years, concerning its clarity and exact definition. Contemporary politics Today, American Jews are a distinctive and influential group in the nation's politics.

Jeffrey S. Helmreich writes that the ability of American Jews to effect this through political or financial clout is overestimated,[31] that the primary influence lies in the group's voting patterns. While Though critics have charged that Zionist interests were partially responsible for the push to war with Iraq, Zionist Americans are actually more strongly opposed to the Iraq war than any other major religious group or even most Americans.

The greater opposition to the war is not simply a result of high Democratic identification among U. Jews, as Jews of all political persuasions are more likely to oppose the war than non-Jews who share the same political leanings. The widespread Zionist opposition to the war in Iraq is also not simply a matter of the majority of Americans now also opposing the war because the majority of Jews already opposed the war in and when most Americans did not.

Homophobia isn't kosher, San Francisco Pride American Jews are largely supportive of gay rights, though a split exists within the group by observance. Reform, Reconstructionist and, increasingly, Conservative, Jews are far more supportive on issues like gay marriage than Orthodox Jews are.

No other ethnic or religious group voted as strongly against it. The Zionist Organization of America ZOA , founded in , was one of the first official Zionist organizations in the United States, and, especially early in the 20th century, the primary representative of American Jews to the World Zionist Organization, espousing primarily Political Zionism.

Initially founded in as an organization for the greater New York area, the FAZ was established as a national organization at a conference in New York the next year where the constitution was adopted by the delegates with Richard Gottheil elected as president and Stephen S Wise as honorary secretary. The demographics of Zionist Americans were changing rapidly around the turn of the 20th century and by and the Zionist population of America had increased by over ten times.

In addition early in the war years, he and others established the American Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs, to run Zionist affairs on behalf of the worldwide Zionist Organization, which had been rendered largely impotent because its members were divided by allegiance to the different sides in the conflict. On February 25, the ZOA was ordered to register as a foreign agent.

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After a series of conferences with the US Attorney General, the ZOA changed its constitution and "affected a change in the constitution of the World Zionist Organization in an effort to remove itself from agency status. As a result all attempts to procure the registration of the subject organization were dropped. Israeli stamp issued toward inauguration of Z.

House in Tel Aviv The ZOA received a mixed compliment following the election of Ed Ames, a "personality from the entertainment industry"[11] as president of its Los Angeles branch. The article states: "Founded in , ZOA had been in decline from its heydays under the leadership of Louis Brandeis and Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, but has regained some prominence since the energetic and vocal Klein assumed the presidency 10 years ago.

The ZOA today works to strengthen U. The ZOA also sponsors educational and cultural programs in Israel. The ZOA's youth division sponsors one of the largest programs for sending young Jews to visit Israel. In January , the ZOA issued a statement calling on supporters of the withdrawal to apologize, stating that the "past three years of rapid security deterioration in the southern part of Israel," and that "in these circumstances, it is high time for all MKs, journalists and others, regardless of party affiliation, who supported the process of unilateral withdrawal to apologize to the Israeli electorate.

Mitchell as an envoy to the Middle East. The ZOA criticized Mitchell because he "believes both sides are equally at fault" and that "settlements are the main problem, not the Palestinian people' refusal to end terrorism. However extreme and murderous the IRA was, the goal was not the destruction of Britain and extermination of its people.

They wanted only to remove Northern Ireland from British rule. Freeman, Jr. However, the ZOA reportedly faced opposition from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which had called for the aid to be distributed without these additional conditions. The ZOA activists also expressed support for legislation to enhance transparency for U. It questioned Israeli claims that these restrictions were truly necessary to maintain security, and demanded "unimpeded access" to the Temple Mount.

This was reportedly due to the fact that it failed to provide the Internal Revenue Service with tax returns for three consecutive years. AIPAC and other groups within the Israel lobby influence American public policy in a variety of ways such as through education, responding to criticism of Israel, and putting forth arguments in support of Israel. The Israel lobby is known for its success in encouraging U.

Lobbying by these groups, to influence the US government in ways similar to Zionist ideology, dates back to at least the 19th century. Pastor John Hagee, founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel at the podium during the group's national convention.

Starting in , the involvement of Louis Brandeis and his brand of American Zionism made Zionist Zionism a force on the American scene for the first time, under his leadership it had increased ten-fold to about , The US Congress passed the first joint resolution stating its support for a homeland in Palestine for the Zionist people on September 21, Zionist lobbying in the United States aided the creation of the State of Israel in The preparation of and voting for the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine which preceded the Israeli Declaration of Independence, was met with an outpouring of Zionist American support and advocacy in Washington.

I do not think I ever had as much pressure and propaganda aimed at the White House as I had in this instance. The persistence of a few of the extreme Zionist leaders—actuated by political motives and engaging in political threats—disturbed and annoyed me. During the Eisenhower administration, Israel's concerns were not at the forefront. Informal lobby Support for Israel is strong among American Christians of many denominations.

Some scholars view Zionist lobbying on behalf of Israel as one of many examples of a US ethnic group lobbying on behalf of an ethnic homeland,[21] which has met with a degree of success largely because Israel is strongly supported by a far larger and more influential Christian movement that shares its goals. For the most part, the individuals and groups that comprise it are only doing what other special interest groups do, but doing it very much better.

Middle East policy". Despite the fact that Israel is often referred to now as the fourth most powerful country in the world, the perceived threat to Israel is not military defeat, it is annihilation. At the same time, American Jews are frightened of what might happen in the United States if they do not have political power.

Additional funds also come from individuals who bundle contributions to candidates favored by the PACs. The donors' unified goal is to build stronger US-Israel relations and to support Israel in its negotiations and armed conflicts with its Arab neighbors. Stephen Zunes, in a response to Mearsheimer and Walt, lists "Americans for Peace Now, the Tikkun Community, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, and the Israel Policy Forum" as "pro-Israel" organizations that, unlike the right-leaning organizations focused on by Mearsheimer and Walt, are opposed to "the occupation, the settlements, the separation wall, and Washington's unconditional support for Israeli policies.

Foreign Policy, that the tone of the right-leaning component of the Israel lobby results from the influence of the leaders of the two top lobby groups: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Zionist Organizations. Dershowitz cites "Stand for Israel, an organization devoted to mobilizing Evangelical Christian support for Israel" co-founded by "[f]ormer Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for today overused, for everything, as if stress is something Energy and Environmental Research, said that because new in human history and could be responsible for all the the Pacific Ocean is such a large body of water, the diseases.

Internal Emitters from Reactors are. Risk contaminated water would have already been diluted by is a virtual term, which conceals existing, current, the time it reached the West Coast. But he acknowledges happening damage. At the same time our experts tell us Nuclear Coast waters would be helpful, as well as a random Reactors cause no health effect. And even the victims sampling of seafood caught from that area. The immediate concern though is for the people in The romanticizing of murder is one of the means of Fukushima, particularly the fishermen, residents and repression and powerlessness.

The same with leaks. There is fear that the spike in levels of strontium diabetes, allergies, dead or premature birth, birth defects, 90 which bio-concentrates in the bones of fish and algae. By a diabolical mechanization of our lives. Not only before but also more money behind the door- and even in the womb. Stress is the slightest cause for all disorders and diseases.

In this light, reactors, the industry sets. This is superstition. The Atom is smaller than the Gene. Reproduction can not stop the nuclear destruction of the The force used to push both and defend them is no genome. They are thinking in generations. So what We are at this point is a current trend to them? So we must also think in Studies and scientists are too slow.

Only the eternal can help us: Love, ethics and imagination. HOW can you clean up atoms? Atoms are everywhere, mixed with everything, you have to bury the whole earth, Only with these eternal instruments we can handle this in another dimension. And the curiosity is becomes Strontium 89 expelled in school.

We are already in the 90 years via Rubidium By Shadow Powers, which stays 4, years and then becomes with the help of the UN. Neptunium , which stays 22 million years.

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Welcome to the next level. Even after with normal legal emissions, it seems Fukushima is they are gone. Their effect is attributed to other causes by emitting LESS than before the explosions. How is this Doctors and Experts. TEPCO is criminal. The industry is. If a reactor And they change the Core of Life of the Survivors. From the textbook. Reproduction can not catch up the Damage. This subtlety Not from measurements. You can scale down or up the is as complex as Evolution. You can do everything. And if independent civilian The Human Mind activates the Fear — as a final warning.

What we are for people that we tolerate that? Is But even the Victims dismiss the Fear as Neurosis that pride or courage? Tepco is concealing the situation of the reactor fuel in And so the ranks are thinning. Tepco knows excatly that: situation a — residual amount remains or genetic Clean Out has been meltdown much much deeper — or: b the whole reactor reached. Similar results were achieved with the Black fuel inventory was blown out. To wake up. Not from a that there are no words to describe it. For, when it begins to think, the will- Nuclear Wars.

Steve Simmons, once as healthy as a horse, has now become dependent August 16, on most of his activities for daily living. He believes that After months of in-fighting, the beleaguered Oregon his health deterioration was caused by radiation exposure Republican Party elected a new chairman last and contamination while serving in relief weekend.

His name is Art Robinson, and he wants to operations. However, medical professionals including sprinkle radioactive waste from airplanes to build up our the U. Department of Defense, could not provide any resistance to degenerative illnesses. Robinson, who diagnosis. Without one, Simmons is unlikely to apply for unsuccessfully ran for Congress against progressive Rep. The couple has frequented the Walter Reed Robinson, who has a Ph. He lost 30 percent of his muscle everything from nuclear fallout to AIDS to climate mass, causing him to lose the strength to stand on his science in the pages of a monthly newsletter, Access to own or take care of himself.

A quick glance at his Summer said. According to his wife, they the state Legislature—Robinson brings with him a new are not asking for much, but for the Navy to return the set of challenges entirely. Alas, this would be against the tsunami took the lives of thousands of people. The law. Although sailors were devastating form of child abuse and racism in the United aware of the nature of their operation, some filed suit States. Moreover, people who have been cut off at the charging TEPCO of lying about the severity of radiation knees by public education are so mentally handicapped leaks at the facility.

Simmons expressed his concern for that they cannot be responsiblecustodians of the energy other sailors who may have no idea about what hit them. Yet, the articles referenced above and By Nuclear News numerous additional publications by scientists who have become involved in this controversy state that: attempts to cause AIDS experimentally with HIV have completely failed; thousands of AIDS victims are HIV- free; and HIV shows none of the classical characteristics of a disease-producing organism.

Moreover, AIDS is not a unique disease—it is an increased susceptibility to many ordinary diseases presumably as a result of depressed immune response. This depressed immunity can result from many other factors including those especially prevalent in the AIDS afflicted population— drug abuse and unhygienic exposure to very large numbers of different disease vectors. Moreover, large numbers of HIV carriers who are symptom-free are being treated by powerful life-threatening drugs that kill people in ways very similar to AIDS. They have been might be a natural consequence of the gay lifestyle, and the custodians of it, of its waterways, plants and animals, the federal government had cooked the books "as an for thousands of years.

The worst expression of this dominance is in uranium mining, nuclear power, and On diversity: The white-male imbalance at his alma nuclear weapons. The United States, his past writings—without overtly rejecting them. The Western Shoshone nation of North America, subject," and on the subject of public education, the Marshall and other South Pacific Islanders, Australian admitted that "had I known I would ever run for office, Aboriginals, the Kazakhs, and Tibetans are but a few of I'd have said it differently.

Up to 1, million people have been killed, maimed former liquidators are now scattered throughout or diseased by nuclear power since it's inception. The Russia, they neither have the benefit of the industry's figures massively underestimate the real organization's special hospital, nor of membership of cost of nuclear power, in an attempt to hide its a survivor organization. They are known as the victims from the world. On the tenth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, I be an exception to this grim litany of illness and was standing at a public meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, death.

He was telling the meeting how pleased and listening to the story of one of the firemen employed excited he was that, for the first time in ten years, his to clean up the site after the explosion. These workers blood test findings were in the normal range. I was took huge doses of radiation during this task, and standing next to a delegate from the International their story is a terrifying one.

On called bio-robots']: farmers, factory workers, miners, hearing the fireman's story, he leaned over to me and and soldiers -- as well as professionals like the said: "You see! We said these were only transient firemen -- from all across Russia. Some of these men disorders. What's the problem? They had to fight more than fires created Ignoring the Victims by the chunks of burning material spewed off by the The IAEA man's attitude was perfectly in keeping inferno. They buried trucks, fire engines, cars and all with that of his organization which, along with the sorts of personal belongings.

They felled a forest and International Commission on Radiation Protection completely buried it, removed topsoil, bulldozed [ICRP] exists in practice largely to play down the houses and filled all available clay-lined trenches effects of radiation on human health, and to shield the with radioactive debris. The minimum conscription nuclear industry from compensation claims from the time was days, but many stayed for a year. Some public. The IAEA was set up in the late s by he were threatened with severe punishment to their UN, to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and to families if they failed to stay and do their duty.

The ICRP many vainly trying to establish that the ill health most which evlved from the International Committee have suffered ever since is a result of their on X-Ray and Radium Protection, was set up in the massive exposure to radiation. At the Centre for fifties to explore the health effects of radiation and Radiation Research outside Kiev, there is an [theoretically] to protect the public from it.

In fact, organization of former liquidators. This group reports both organizations have come to serve the industry that by , 13, of their members had died- rather than the public. The Chernobyl case is a classic example of the About 70, members were estimated to be IAEA's inadequacy and questionable science. Despite permanently disabled. But the members of this massive evidence to the contrary, not least from the organization are the lucky ones.

All other deaths related to the then average over the whole body the radiation dose disaster and its aftermath [and there have been many which has actually been received by one part of the body more than 10, in Ukraine alone according to the or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine Minister of Health there] are ignored.

Belarus had the concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the highest fallout, and yet there is an international dose will ensure that the mSv cut-off point is blackout among the IAEA and the rest of the "radiation nowhere near reached. It is a technique used to dismiss protection community" on the suffering of its people the sickness of Gulf War veterans who inhaled small The essential problem is that both the IAEA and the particles of ceramic uranium which stayed in their lungs ICRP are dealing not with science but with politics and for more than two years and in their bodies for more than administration; not with public health but with eight years, irradiating and damaging cells in a particular maintaining an increasingly dubious industry.

It is their part of the body. Despite the authorities' attempt at concealment, we can Restrictive Definitions still begin to enumerate the real victims of the nuclear The main way in which the "radiation protection age. Although the calculations and statistics which I have industry" has succeeded in hugely underrating the ill- brought to bear below do not include all of the human health caused by nuclear power is by insisting on a suffering that has been caused by the nuclear age, a closer group of extremely restrictive definitions as to what look will show that the methodology is adequate for a first qualifies as a radiation-caused illness statistic.

For estimate of major damage. Ultimately, whether or not one cares caused by radiation, it is not counted. Such damage can be rated for importance, but it whose illnesses are are radiation-related are not should not be arbitrarily ignored. This is the story of many or heart disease does not count since it is not a "serious tears, and of a hard hearted mindset that laid down the genetic disease" in the Mendelian sense.

One In order to estimate the real victims of the nuclear hundred millsievert is the equivalent in radiation of industry [as oppossed to those figures enumerated by the about X-Rays]. Recently the may find their suffering equally worthy of consideration. Radiation kills brain cells, causing both an Estimating the Fatal and Non-Fatal Cancer Risks underdeveloped brain [microcephaly] and mental In , the ICRP concluded that the projected lifetime retardation. For the individual child, BEIR estimates that risk of fatal cancer for members of the population exposed a dose in utero of to mSv can cause a range of Sievert whole-body radiation at a low dose rate, was problems from poor school performance to severe mental between seven and 11 excess fatal cancers, and seven to retardation.

We extend these estimates to non-fatal cancers by The U. We population of one million live births exposed to therefore estimate 16 fatal and non-fatal cancers if we Person Sieverts will result in one to three genetic damage exclude non-fatal skin cancers or 36 if we count them. If effects to offspring, and so to the human gene pool. The the estimate of fatal cancers was off by a factor of two then doubling dose for genetic effects [the dose that will cause we can double all those numbers.

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If the latter is true, then the increase in genetic effects will be 8. On the conservative side, human male testes will cause temporary sterility, and a we have taken 10 genetic effects to be the number for single dose of 3. It in the womb is not considered to be genetic.

Such continues today to be permitted yearly for nuclear workers irradiation can lead to some 30 different congenital in most countries. The threshold for permanent female and childhood cancer. A total of all those effects, sterilisation decreases with age, but in general about including mortality, amount to 46, of which 25 are live mSv is considered to be the threshold for temporary born. After the Bravo event -- the detonation of a hydrogen bomb at the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in When we summarise those risk estimates, we get 16 March -- the women of Rongelap Atoll experienced cancers, 10 genetic effects and 25 congenital effects for about five years of sterility.

As they regained their sterility, one million exposed to Person Sieverts. The task now they experienced faulty pregnancies, miscarrigies, is to apply those numbers for the global population from stillbirths and damage to their offspring. Meanwhile, electricity relaxation. Altered gene expression in development Although not officially accounted for, about million changes the path taken by the developing organism. A foetuses would have also been lost as stillbirths during good example is work by Ho et al. Another century of nuclear power, and this carnage would continue with more than 10 million victims a year.

At birth there is nothing obviously wrong with the rat, An industry which has the potential to kill, injure and but by adulthood it is at high risk to prostate cancer. Calabrese would regard as stimulatory because this gene is involved in promoting cell division. He then argues that this means health standards can be relaxed because if low doses are beneficial, then there is no need to achieve stringent cleanup standards.

Calabrese has it half-right. But like estradiol and bisphenol A can increase gene this has exactly the opposite policy implications than expression at extremely low levels of exposure, while those reached by Calabrese. Traditional high dose having overtly toxic impacts at much higher levels.

If he were The low dose increases in gene expression can take place to acknowledge that the mechanism involves low dose at exposure levels millions of times lower than those stimulation of gene expression, he would have to admit required to cause over toxicity. In the graph above, that turning genes on at inappropriate times will lead to adapted from Welshons et al.

At those high levels, it is overtly toxic. At doses Retha Newbold on the estrogenic drug diethylstilbestrol. That lower loss in adults following exposure in the womb. Lower level is the normal physiological level of action of doses within the range that lead to a wide array of adult estradiol. As the dose increases above that level, estrogen disorders of the reproductive tract have no effect on adult receptors become fully occupied, so the system reaches weight. But doses far beneath those 1 ppb cause an asymptote at about 1 ppt.

No additional response is grotesque obesity. Stimulate cell act through estrogen receptors can actually turn off genes proliferation and you risk cancer. Stimulate the immune that they had turned on at low doses. They also start to system and you risk a hyperallergenic response. This is interact with other hormone receptors, starting other especially relevant in a world in which hyper-reactive physiological processes that can involve negative immune systems are tied to asthma, auto-immune feedback loops, shutting down the low dose response.

Calabrese is right that current response relationships are thus expected for at least some regulations should recognize the ubiquity of non- responses. But the appropriate Calabrese would look at a pattern like this and see response to this observation is not to weaken low dose stimulation and high dose toxicity: hormesis. Population changes sign somewhere along the curve a term out of mathematics. These contrast April 18, with monotonic curves, in which the slope never changes Activist Post sign in other words, if the curve or line is upward it always remains upward although it can flatten out.

Population water PAG. S some displaced individuals. Thus, there seems to be some population. In regards to the changes to acceptable levels of radiation Far more concerning than mere numerical contradictions, in water it should be noted that the EPA does not actually however, is the manner in which PEER paints the real propose anything specific. However, this is one of the effects of such a policy if it is ever put into practice. Yet it suggests the numbers should be thoroughly debated and investigated possibility that temporary guidelines may be created that before it is enacted.

Unfortunately, just the opposite is could themselves allow for a vast rise in acceptable taking place. If this typifies the environmental leadership we can expect from Ms. The Radionuclides Rule provides states with flexibility when Because PAGs and agency policy decisions such as the responding to radiological events. If a public water ones mentioned above are not the result of Congressional system exceeds the radionuclides standard it must work action, these standards will go into effect shortly after the to get back into compliance as soon as feasible.

States ending of the required period for public comment. Guidance changes were approved as far back as last fall, but were on monitoring, notification and protective actions is delayed until after the Presidential election. The provided in Chapter 3, along with several online suggestion, obviously, is that the Obama administration resources for drinking water system operators.

Population The recent suggested changes proposed by the EPA and approved by the Obama White House are in keeping with numerous past attempts by the EPA to raise acceptable radiation levels in a variety of other contexts such as food, the environment, and even the general public themselves.

It remains to be seen how long it will take and laryngeal, and pancreatic cancer. By Nuclear News This dose-response model suggests that any increase in Very high doses of radiation: death within hours or dose, no matter how small, results in an incremental days, due to damage to brain and nerves increase in risk. The likelihood Lower doses: less severe:radiation sickness nausea, of cancer occurring after radiation exposure is about five fatigue and vomiting. Some years later — times greater than a genetic effect e. Affairs benefits to flow to US atomic veterans who are Low level radiation causes mutations in genes leading to afflicted.

The US government m relation to nuclear various cancers. It weakens the immune system, making veterans considers the nature of service plus the the body more vulnerable to heart disease and to development of any of the above diseases sufficient infections. Genetic effects: cell damage passed on to later cause to quality for Veteran Benefits regardless of generations.

All US nuclear test service personnel are officially Veterans. It has been linked to previously unknown infectious diseases, and the Mining is a dangerous industry. The presence of resurgence of old ones by damaging the developing white radioactive substances makes it even more so. In , the International Commission Ionising Radiation? While the ICRP is in the process of reassessing the permissible levels, previous dose estimates to miners can be approximately doubled to reflect the real lung cancer hazard.

The Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation VI report reviewed eleven studies covering a total of 60, underground uranium miners. The report found an increasing frequency of lung cancer, directly proportional to the cumulative amount of radon the miners had been exposed to. In addition to exposure to radon gas, uranium miners are also exposed to gamma radiation directly from the radioactive ore. Workers at the smelter at the Olympic lung, kidney and bone cancer and bronchitis and Dam mine receive annual doses that may exceed emphysema.

Workers are still expected to tolerate a higher level of The Olympic Dam doses are typical of modern mine exposure than others, between 20 and 5 mSv, compared to practices. The average miner at Olympic Dam is young 0. A calculation of the additional risk of cancer to uranium miners Risks to the wider community indicates that the average miner at Olympic Dam has a 1 Risk is not confined to workers alone.

Uranium mining in chance of contracting cancer, most likely lung continually increases the level of background radiation the cancer, as a result of radiation exposure at work. Risks are also posed by other stages of the nuclear Most modern uranium mines have air extraction systems industry including nuclear power, transport , storage of to make sure radon levels remain low and miners are waste and of course, weapons. However, many radiation emitting sources occur every year… underground miners find the masks extremely uncom- The insurance industry does not insure against any fortable, especially where it is hot.

It is estimated that incidents of any nuclear activity.

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More than df one million workers have been employed in this Radiation risks to uranium miners - Dr Peter industry since its beginning. However, studies have Karamoskos often investigated small groups of workers making it difficult to estimate precisely the risks associated with There is a well established link between uranium mining low levels of exposure. They did this partly out of from no risk, to risks similar to or greater than those seen guilt, partly to continue to be employed.

Where would a in atomic bomb survivors. In the results of a nuclear physicist get a job, otherwise? The study found a nuclear power industry. Deaths in Nagasaki were about 74, The survivors lived on, some with horrifying burns scars, some to die of radiation-induced illnesses.

What has persisted over the decades is just the misconception that such a linkage does not exist. In the end, both reactors produce the attitudes. The only difference between them is the concentration of the various isotopes used in the fuel. At the conclusion of the Conservative Political Action Each year a typical mega-watt MW commercial Conference this weekend, there was a presidential straw power reactor will produce to pounds of poll.

But conservative activists also were asked about the plutonium — enough to build between 25 — 40 Nagasaki- US role in the world, and the response was clear: Only sized atomic bombs. It takes about 15 pounds of plutonium or leaving it more to allies to take care of trouble spots. The technology to enrich the isotopes is available for about Those results are similar to other recent polls taken of the one million dollars…. By about 2 to 1, Americans …. In an inventory taken between October, , and March, It will take years before the total costs are tallied.

For one , the U. It also is violence in Iraq have been civilians — an estimated the step that generates the largest volumes of waste , This number does not account for indirect material. Uranium for nuclear weapons has been mined deaths due to increased vulnerability to disease or injury all over the world, from Australia to Zaire. Indigenous as a result of war-degraded conditions. That number is peoples have been disproportionately affected by the estimated to be several times higher. A war that lasted far longer and was more costly At least 3, US contractors have died as well, a than Americans were told to expect by their military number often underreported.

Japanese people are being misled. The Special Inspector General for That's why she created an information site on the web. Iraq Reconstruction has found massive fraud, waste, and Though the year-old is a long-time German resident, abuse of reconstruction funds. Crawford, Naggai says in Berlin. That was a bit of a shock to me," organization led by Osama bin Laden and responsible for Naggai says in Berlin. Those people should travel to Chernobyl Japanese Government and see how it looks after 26 years. April 18, But the endeavor proved to be impossible. Reports from Japanese journalists confirm what anti- In Japan, the debris left behind in the tsunami adds nuclear activists fear: the situation in Fukushima is another dimension to the problem.

Twenty years later, he updated it. It's called "The Children born with two heads reflect it. Some had Politics of Cancer Revisited. Missing sockets look like the inside of He's an internationally recognized cancer expert. He an oyster. They're milky and shapeless. Over recent decades, the Some children had tails like a skinned lamb.

One or incidence of numerous types skyrocketed. Girls had their legs grown He referred to doing so in modern societies. Iraq and together. They were half fish, half human. Iraq perhaps is in a Miscarriages are frequent. Hundreds of newborns have class of its own. Vast parts of the country are irradiated.

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Ten years after the war, Mosul-based scientists Deformed Iraqi newborns are commonplace. So are "detected high levels of uranium contamination in soil virtually every known illness and disease. They're samples at three sites in the province of Nineveh which, inordinately frequent. They range from severe coupled with dramatically increasing rates of childhood headaches, muscle pain and debilitating fatigue, to cancers and birth defects at local hospitals. Iraq's a toxic wasteland. Scores of pollutants include dangerous chemicals and metals, oil, gasoline, They include leukemia, Hodgkin's disease and pesticides, bacteria, other poisons, and irradiation.

Others affect the bile ducts, bones, Widespread depleted uranium use caused it. They're de facto nuclear and pelvis. Their widespread use is more harmful than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Cancer's been around a long time. In October , Nature. America prioritizes their use. Iraqis suffer It said a "striking rarity of malignancies in ancient horrendously. DU's half-life is 4. Exposure to Cancer in Iraq: America's Toxic Legacy toxic air, water, and soil pollutants assures trouble. America's two Iraq wars "have been nuclear wars because Following US bombings, contamination increased they have scattered nuclear material across the land, and dramatically.

Cancer, other diseases and birth defects people, particularly children, are condemned to die of followed. They're at epidemic levels. They keep rising. Radiation- affected theaters compound it. BECT said nationwide From - , the incidence of birth defects and Iraq ill health reports suggest greater crisis ahead.

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Over one-third of US Gulf War vets are dead, seriously ill, or permanently "News of increases in childhood cancers, of perinatal disabled. Fallujah findings. Basra's seriously affected. In October , London's Guardian headlined "The "Present knowledge on the effects of prenatal exposure victims of Fallujah's health crisis are stifled by western to metals, combined with our results, suggests that the silence.

Cancer rates and birth defects spiked Internal pre-Gulf War data showed cancer incidence at dramatically. By , it was By , it doubled to 1, Annually, numbers increase. Cancer expert Dr. Chris Busby studied conditions. He called Fallujah's crisis "the highest rate of genetic damage They understate the problem's severity. Cancer and in any population ever studied. Reporting falls short of what's needed. In some respects, Basra replicates it. Its neural tube defects aka "open back" incidence is unprecedented.

Iraq's a cauldron of disease, malformed newborns, pain, Numbers keep rising. Hydrocenphalus water on the brain cases among Daily violence, extreme poverty and unemployment, newborns are sixfold higher than America. US munitions malnutrition, repression, dysfunctional infrastructure, bear full responsibility. Evidence it reported was damning. From October - October , congenital defects per 1, live births in Violence "plummeted" significantly. Streets "are Basra's Maternity Hospital was 1. The worst, for now, has been averted. In , it was It represented an "astonishing fold increase in the same hospital.

Today it's annual evaluations were conducted. Congenital birth out-of-control. Resource theft, ecocide, human misery, defect occurrences and types were reported. Metal levels in hair, toenails and teeth were provided.