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5 situations that can damage your brand—and how to respond
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Method #2: Windows Store reset

One percent argan oil is cheaper than a high concentration, so spend a little more for maximum benefit. Ready to mask away?

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Here are some of the best hair masks to fit every conceivable hair type, problem and budget. Many of these serve as great home remedies for damaged hair!

10 hair masks to help reduce frizz, increase shine and repair damaged locks

How it works: This intensive weekly treatment will work to restore hydration and protect hair against future damage. How it works: Much like healthy food, a mask packed with nutrients that can hydrate and strengthen you strands from the inside out.

Infused with honey and apricot fragrance, it can lock in moisture and restore damaged hair in no time. How it works: An intense conditioning treatment , it will help rebalance your scalp, and strengthen and improve hair elasticity, all while restoring essential moisture. This hair mask hydrates deeply with its key ingredient, Marula Oil. Also available at Sephora and Ulta.

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How it works: Used as an overnight mask , this is ideal for repairing damaged hair. The evening primrose serves as a fortifier, both to repair past damage and protect for the future. How it works: These hair sleeping masks are brilliant.

Designed to be applied to dry hair, each one addresses a specific hair concern. Just apply to hair, cover with the included cap, and go to bed. Brings new meaning to sleeping beauty! Also available at Target.

Damaged #1

How it works: What started as a cult favorite for immediate nourishment has turned into a complete line of speedy recovery products for a host of hair problems. The moisturizing mask can work as a fast home remedy for damaged hair. Also available at Ulta. How it works: Decades of heat treatments and hair color can leave you with dry, dull, lifeless hair.

It is recommended that you use the default Windows Defender to perform a full system scan. However, you can still use other alternatives of your choice.

Hair masks for damaged hair

PowerShell is a terminal that is inbuilt in Windows. Most beginner users tend to be afraid of the terminal because of the codes involved.


You should hit enter to run the code you just pasted into the terminal. The process will only take a few minutes.

North Miami Beach Water Damage Restoration Services

Once the process is completed, you should restart your computer. Your issue should now be resolved. Which method worked best for you?