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An die gefallenen Arbeiter poem in honor of the workers died during the construction of the St. Aus den Papieren eines Arztes novel, ; Am Fenster. While Jeremias Gotthelf was still extremely popular in times of economic boom and belief in progress after World War II, Huggenberger was soon forgotten. Ferdinand Hodler. Eine Froschgeschichte ; Wernis Prinz. Eine wahre Geschichte ; Vinzenz und Nino. Die Geschichte einer Einkehr ; Sonnenblumen.

Allerlei wahre Begebenheiten ; Tapfer und treu. Eine Geschichte aus den Bergen ; Heimliche Sehnsucht. Die Odysse einer Jugend 9 volumes, : vol. Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft ; vol. Aus Erwins Tagebuch ; vol. Ein Roman von jungen Menschen youth novel, ; Bunte Perlen. Max Frisch architect writer. Ein Bericht. Mit einem Nachspiel drama, ; Andorra.

Briefwechsel mit der Mutter letters with his mother in , published in He was convinced that a story is finished only when it has changed for the worst possible which is not foreseeable but comes at random. Jugendmythen ; Grundwasserstrom. Aufzeichnung ;. Episoden aus Rabenland poems, ; Eine Stunde vor Schlaf story, ; Abendanzug zu verkaufen story, ; Strafarbeit [extra-work] novel, reflecting his work in a corrective institution , ; Der schwarze Kasten.

Die Hinterlassenschaft partisan documentary collage, The first literary argument with Switzerland's refugee politics in World War II. Refused by Swiss editors, the book was edited in Munich, Western Germany. Diggelmann already presented everything that was later said by historian Edgar Bonjour and by publicist Alfred A. Diggelmann's allegation that the wartime antisemites refusing to host jewish refugees were the very same people that were responsible for brutal attacks against communist Swiss historian of art Konrad Farner in were too much for bourgeois Switzerland.

When it became public in that Diggelmann had given in to ideological pressure in order to have his book published in communist Eastern Germany his reputation was definitely ruined - though he was, of course, basically right with his analysis that anti-communism and sympathy for nazism are closely related - not only in Switzerland. Reportagen aus der Schweiz ; Das Schmettern des gallischen Hahns.

Poesie ; Vorspiegelung wahrer Tatsachen ; Der wissenschaftliche Spazierstock ; Heimsuchungen. Elemente zur Naturgeschichte eines Clans ; Vielleicht sind wir morgen schon bleich und tot ; Weh unser guter Kasper ist tot ; Zunder. Mein Name ist Eugen youth novel, , movie to be published in autumn ; [ rumours go that one of the young scamps described herein was the son of a German diplomate, himself later to become German President Ein Berner namens Berichte, Geschichten, Gedichte ; Ruhe und Ordnung.

There is a comprehensive pre-selection process to make sure students are up to this. It's an experiment Schulversuch supported by a bunch of psychologists and educational scientists from the University of Vienna. I was quite skeptical at first, too, but my daughter's been doing it for a year and a half, and she couldn't be happier. Because they can? As I've said, they are not learning less. On the contrary, in the later classes they go well beyond what is taught in the regular system. The key concept being "Acceleration" for grades and "Enrichment" for grades Students pretty much get to choose their subjects in a system of courses, something that's still the big exception in Austria, common as it may be in other countries.

That said, skipping a year has always been possible in Austria and Germany, surely? It's not very common, though, since there's a whole bunch of other issues attached being the youngest in class, losing one's circle of friends, etc. These problems are minimized in this program, since they're all pre-approved to "jump" together, as it were, and the teachers have three years' time to prepare them for it. Carullus , how wonderful that your son got into the school of your choice. I do hope the experiment works well for him and your daughter as well, of course. I daresay I would have needed less time to learn all that was required for some subjects at school — but considerably more time for others.

Of course it depends on the quality of the teaching, too…. Anyway, the caves at Castellana are of this kind, and then some. While we were waiting for the guided tour to start, we met a few cats, one of whom I believe was employed by a tourist trap, as she was particularly friendly, inviting people to come and stroke and tickle her.

The caves were discovered in the s, when a courageous man decided to venture down into the mundus that had been known forever. Sometimes animals would fall in and disappear, and plant matter, too, of course, and the noises and smells of decomposition together with a degree of phosphorescence meant that people had been reluctant to get too close to it. The itinerary is about 1. Many many years ago I travelled with my older brother in Spain for vacation. We both liked to visit caves and during a leisurely tour we saw signs on the road saying "cava".

So we followed those signs but were rather surprised not to end between columns but bottles. This cava was a manufactory for sparkling wine! The owner himself gave us a very informative tour and we had a tasting as well. Unfortunately, we could not try and take more at that time, as there was no EU and customs were inhibiting export. Some update about virus' son's about-to-leave journey to Japan: Finally, the organisation found a family at least part-time - he will stay at their place until August and the Japanese embassy has sent the "CoE" certificate of elegibility.

So, we are happy to have an address and are about to write to the family and will go to the embassy in Berne next week in order to get the visa. They were exploring caverns which are numerous in Sauerland and I was invited to visit one of them. So far, it was no public area and we had to pass a small barred entrance which we only could enter with a key.

We all were dressed in with? The guide knew the cave quite well and I just had to trust him. It was very interesting and exciting, e. He told me from down there "it is half a meter and then you hit the ground again" In other places we had to climb, to crawl etc. My first thought was "what if this rocks falls on us just now", and, then, "Why should it do so exactly know when it has been like this for thousands of years".

It was a great experience! Not for someone with claustrophobia, though. Sind vergraulen, verscheuchen und abschrecken wesentlich unterschiedlich? Wogegen vergraulen vielleicht eher mit englischem to gross someone out or to cause someone so much 'Grauen' that they leave of their own accord? Now, we got a spot in a Catholic girls only school for her, which was not out first choice at all. Later we had the possibility to get her into the local Gaelscoil, which teaches all subjects in Irish.

Obviously, it will be a hard time for everybody to get used to that, as at home we speak English and German, and neither Mrs Wik nor myself have a good grasp on Irish. But it's a very good school with a great reputation, and being fluent in Irish might open a few doors for her in later life. Otherwise, I have just started the gardening season, as the weather has been rather clement.

For this year, I have the ambition to grow enough green leaves baby lettuce, rocket, cress For some strange reason, have the odd bit of garlic growing between strawberry plants was rather successful for both the garlic and the berries. Sure, you managed to keep the vampires away from the strawberries, attracted as they otherwise are by their colour. Hallo Wik! Das glaube ich auch Ach mensch! Some things in Ireland are a bit old fashioned. Yes, a good few traditional all-girls and all-boys schools are still around, and most of them with a rather strict Catholic ethos.

The only reason teaching positions are not reserved for nuns or monks is that there are simply not enough of them around anymore The poor critters are 4 or 5 when they start primary, so imagine what damage can be done in such an environment. Edit: full immersion always has been the best way to learn a language. When they change to secondary school it still will be time to switch over to English for science subjects. And a lot of the secondary school text books are in English for these subjects, as the numbers don't justify an Irish language version. Vampires being attracted by strawberries, you live and learn.

I never would have mad this connection. Maybe some holy water will protect the raspberries? Dies, in einer Story, zB, wirkt nuanciert Neugier erweckend und vielleicht sogar eines Lebenszeichens suggerierend im Vergleich zu Insbesondere im Hinblick auf die Nase kommt poke oft figurativ vor: "He is always poking his nose into other people's business. He patted his son on the shoulder. He got kicked right in the balls. He got a shot in the glute. Obwohl andererseits: He got a splinter in his finger muss man sagen.

Und Wik.. I do love caves and I'm not usually very nervous in them - but I must say I'd have been scared sh.. How on earth did you get back up from a place with 40 cm in diameter where, in order to get there, you had to let go and then "it is half a meter and then you hit the ground again"..??? Amazing how time flies, Wik!

Wikling is an abecedarian! A word I only recently learned and find absolutely cute! Nebenbei bemerkt, sehe ich cave und cavern etwas unterschiedlich an. Unweit von uns in Arizona gibt es beiderlei, die man besuchen kann.

Also, selbst die unterliegende Story finden viele Besucher faszinierend. Thank you all for your interest in my "cave story". It hasn't been scary at all at least not for me, my claustrophobic friend had another point of view I was young enough at that time to just trust the guide in whatever he was doing. Now, about 30something years later, would I be the same?

Did you ever see "excentrics" this is what they called them which means little stalagtites which grew horizontally? This was due to a permanent wind which was going though this cave. It was the first time for my son who was about three years old. But: seit ein, zwei Wochen. Don't ask me why. Possibly because you would say "seit ein bis zwei Wochen". The weather is absolutely crazy. First it was very cold, then we had the warmest February of all times.

Then it started to rain, and now a storm is brewing. There may be people who don't believe in climate change, but what else would all this extreme weather be due to? Have some Fasnetskrapfen. Du fragst wohl die ewige Frage: Wieso? So far, living in a cave hasn't been scary at all. In fact, it has been rather pleasant.

We just take it day by day. We as a family have visited a cave in Arizona. We have all since agreed [vielleicht nicht alle zu einer einzigen bestimmten Zeit] that one cave is enough. Over here it's pancake Tuesday, so I can offer a healthy supply of these with your choice of topping s : sugar and lemon juice, maple syrup, jam, marmalade, Nutella, apple syrup; blueberry syrup.

Apologies, I don't offer any savoury options today.

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Der Sprung ins Wasser: Erzählungen (Kinderroman) (German Edition) eBook: Anne Maar, Ute Krause: Kindle Store. Der Sprung ins Wasser: Erzählungen (Kinderroman) (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Anne Maar, Ute Krause. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

Strangely enough, in Ireland the "native" language is called "Irish" although the "Irish" word is Gaelige , while Gaelic is used for the closely related Celtic language of Scotland. Whether the spelling or the pronunciation is the difficult part is a matter of debate. In my opinion easier to pronounce than to spell.

Goldammer: abecedarian? Good grief, what a truly strange word I have to admit that I don't approve of this expression, it looks so artificial. I'm quite proud of myself. Ain't I disciplined? No, hm — us, he is still here will leave on March, Last week we finally got information about the guest family! They seem to be very nice, having two sons of their own the older one studying in the UK, the younger one only one year older than my son. So my son will finally have brothers — at least one. On the other hand, the host mother complained about their first exchange student who spent all his spare time in his room hardly communicating with the family.

She was very clear especially for a Japanese!

Der Tod des Vergil

Cherry blossom time in Japan is interesting to watch at least where I had the possibility - so purely anecdotic! Later on the park is packed with people having a picnic and drinking lots of whiskey. The weather report on TV gives detailed information on where the cherry trees are currently blossoming and on how long the people who live further in the north still have to wait.

I've read that they mostly buy Sake and drink that. I hope my son's guest family is aware that he is not allowed to drink any alcohol! But as they are experienced in sending her own son and having exchange students by themselves I am not concerned. The biggest city in Switzerland is Zurich with a population of ca. We are living on the countryside in a village with a population of ca. So for "virus' son" it will be very exciting to stay in such a megacity as Tokyo! After all, we lived in Shanghai, so it was pretty close.

It happend to be the cherry blossom season. We were delighted by the pink colour between the skyscrapers but it was as cold as in German winter! But the Japanese were of course undisturbed and held their joyful picnics - part reverie, part revelry. Actually raised in Germany I still stumble over a comma as a separator for thousands - although I am really used to points dots? But in Germany the comma is still used for the decimal numbers. Brings me into trouble when using a German or other keyboards with some of our analysis instruments - some of the results use commas, the other dots.

Makes a difference when exporting results to Excel. Schnell eine Frage. Wenn ich schreibe: Goethe hat Den Zauberlehrling geschrieben, ist Akk. Das suggeriert, das man den Artikel im Titel flektiert, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher. Und wie macht man das sonst richtig?

All these are correct although the first one comes most naturally , whereas both your suggestions are not. Another little update: On Wednesday we went to the Japanese embassy in Berne. The overall price was The train staff told us several times that they try to solve the problem - at least they were even speaking about evacuating the train.

After exact 60 minutes the train continued. So we arrived at - the time the embassy closed. So, what? We went again yesterday morning, and everything was fine. I wrote to the SBB Swiss Federal Railways asking what they probably offer me as a compensation, having been forced to pay the tickets two times. Guess what: No answer so fare. I'd allow at least a few days for them to answer and not lose hope yet! I think, one day isn't reall long enough for someone to have a look at your complaint and come up with a solution. I had applied for due compensation severeal times, it took weeks everytime.

I got compensation though, even for money I spent on bus due to a strike, although a hadn't a ticket I could hand in. Not sure why, but that's what feels most natural to me. Oh, I have a new English teacher, Ms hm -- us Thank you for your corrections. I am a little bit shocked by the number Have a very nice weekend! I bet you'll find more mistakes here! Is "in making" ok? Kyrieleis only has one, also spoken, so I don't really understand your question it's "gebunden" by the way if you don't leave any pause or space between two consonants or vowels.

OT: While a saxophone, horn or other wind instrument does indeed need you to learn an elaborate breathing technique, simply blowing into a recorder won't get you very far as far as producing a musically pleasing sound is concerned, so you do need to learn some breathing technique. My son has corrected: Gyoza is also the plural, no s at the end.

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I will tell you about the result - today we try ready-made Gyoza skins. My Chinese colleague with whom we had Jiaozi last weekend told me the recipe of the dough, though ha! Ver- oder Vorkoster willkommen! Both are possible. Update: The Gyoza were good, only the ready-to-use skins are very thin and tend to dry out quickly. Next time we will cover them with plastic or a damp kitchen towel. And the filling was a little bit too gingerish - although I took the same amount as in the recipe for double the meat and Chinese cabbage it was another recipe than in the above link.

Around here, people usually buy jiaozi wrappers from one of the local Asian supermarkets. I don't know anyone who makes them from scratch. But I guess there is no other choice if you don't have an Asian market in town. As far as I am concerned, jiaozi are all about the filling , the wrapper is just there to hold things in place. My wife used to make tastier jiaozi than any other jiaozi I have tried, home made or store bought. Alas, she forgot her recipe because she never writes anything down. Not sure whether the knitters here are also interested in crocheting.

While cleaning out my email inbox, I found this:. In the seaside town of Brighton, England, textile artist and knitwear designer Kate Jenkins has been making delectable crocheted foods since After working in fashion knitwear for more than 20 years, she started experimenting with crocheted food art when she realized she needed appealing photographs to put on her website. This crocheted and knitted - have a closer look at the squids seafood is really wonderful. Perhaps I should make some next weekend Now that you mention it, yeah, even I can see that the squid is knitted.

BTW, I thought the sardines poking out of their cans looked particularly realistic. I'm not very imaginative, so when I was signing up for Leo and had to come up with a nick in addition to a username, I looked at my bookcases for inspiration :- ". Let me guess: Dieses Buch? Yes, they look great! I liked the sardines best before seeing the french fries! Glittering sequined seafood. She used very thin yarn sometimes even yarn for sewing if I remember correctly and made the tiny needles out of rather thin wire. The pullover I remember best was a white one with a king of hearts on the front.

The whole thing was about the size of a palm. Our copy of "Dieses Buch" is old and falling apart. My husband usually not prone to nostalgia at all read it as a child, loved it and he still sometimes talks about it, cites it and I think he reread it recently. Last time he mentioned it was last Sunday GuggstDu , that very book. I've got the Libelle edition, too. I read the abridged dtv edition when I was a child, and it fascinated me even then. I love those knitted and crocheted foods. I believe there are also some crocheted medical models i.

While I do know how to crochet and knit, I wouldn't have the time or patience for anything like this! I'd love to cook more Chinese food, but unfortunately I have rather conservative children. And I eat too much anyway I can't imagine anyone being able to resist dumplings We fried ours which is even more delicious than steaming or cooking them. I thank my parents to this day that they did not allow us to become picky eaters.

We had to eat what was served and finish what was on the plate. If we didn't like something, we were allowed to eat less of that, but had to eat at least one tablespoon of it. In retrospect I think that my parent's stance probably owed as much to financial and time constraints as to philosophical attitudes. The end result was that I developed a very flexible palate. I will eat almost anything and am able to enjoy food from all around the world. There are some, shall we say "unusual", dishes in Chinese cuisine, such as stinky tofu , but I assume Jabonah isn't serving those Rather pleasingly, the episode of QI I was watching just now mentioned this , which is what I had in mind earlier Norbert , are you sure it is due to your parents that you did not become a picky eater?

In my case it wasn't - I mostly remember fraught lunchtimes with yelling parents and tears children when we were forced to eat something we really found repellent - and which made us sick on occasion. I don't want to repeat that experience for my children Maybe thanks to friends, as I did - if a good friend liked something, I was more interested in trying it, or if a friend cooked something unusual, I'd give it a chance - or maybe because he cooks it himself.

But if he continues to feed on a limited selection of carbs, veg, and protein, he'll survive, too And yes, I realise that if he travels further afield, he may meet unknown foods, but that's for him to deal with, really. He does know that there are many more foods out there than he has been confronted with in his 18 years so far And no, I haven't tried stinky tofu :- Might pass on that one When I grew up, typical German Chinese restaurants had noodles with chicken and beef, and rice with sweet-and-sour fish, and prawn crackers.

Oh, and fried battered bananas - what a delight those were! But I might have a look in my collection of cookbooks to find something slightly more original than those dishes and spring it on the unsuspecting family one of these days. There were various food items I hated as a kid, e.

Brussels sprouts, also various parts of chicken which I found repellent. I recall that I complained more than once about those "Gummiadler mit Flugstunden". In retrospect, those chickens really weren't high quality. They were what we could afford. These days I love chicken all parts , and while I am still not a fan of Brussels sprouts, I can tolerate them quite well. Sadly, I haven't had a dish made from turnips in decades. In the family of a friend I experienced, with amazement and mild horror, how quickly things get out of hand when the man of the house doesn't eat tomatoes, child 1 doesn't eat mushrooms, and so on down to child 3.

I always felt I was a welcome guest at lunch or dinner time at friends' houses in part because I was a flexible and unproblematic eater who simply appreciated food. As for Chinese restaurant food in Western countries, a lot of it has been heavily modified, if not invented, for Westerners.

I am pretty sure battered fried bananas fall into that category, too. Some of the worst substitutions of ingredients I have ever encountered were in Germany. For a while, my wife enjoyed informing the people at the stinky tofu store in town that "My husband loves stinky tofu". Best I understand, this dish is avoided by a good percentage of Chinese people. In those days early s , I got quite a few stares, especially from older people, when I accompanied my wife to Asian stores.

Not sure whether that was because I was the only white person in the place "What's this white dude doing in here? I'm not convinced, Norbert. Not that I doubt your attitude towards food today, but I'm not sure it can be attributed to your education. Counterexample: my nephew. My sister was someone who felt very strongly about having to eat something of everything - that's how we were brought up, too. She hated to have to eat things she didn't like, and rebelled strongly as a child - unsuccessfully. So, she was very decided to handle this different with her own kids.

She didn't force them to eat anything they didn't like and sucessfully tried not to make an issue out of it in her family. I think this is essential and may be the difference to some families where things seem to go to the opposite extreme. This meant for example that if someone wouldn't eat what was being cooked, he had to be content with something very simple; there were no extra meals cooked for them. This way of handling the "food thing" resulted in my nephew living basically on pasta with nothing else and bread with thin chocolate wafers Eszet Schnitten or chocolate sprinkles all through his teenage years.

Meanwhile, he's 33 now, he loves a variety of foods and tastes, and he cooks and bakes himself with passion and with joy to experiment. So, Jabonah, your son might not only survive, but even develop into a food lover and cook one day! I see it is time to mend my ways. Henceforth, I will no longer give credit to my parents, but direct praise at myself for being such a flexible and adaptable person I am sure that the Reisegeyer is well-behaved and good company. But there are really some ruffians out there! He was pretty upset. Some consolation for him was that I told him we'll be going to Mallorca again in fall, and we'll visit the vulture retreat once again.

I had intended no offence, and no discrimination against vultures. Note that the list of recipients can be found in a book edited by a certain Herr Fick. Not sure whether there is also a decoration in his name … O tempora, o mores! We speak some basic Spanish. Enough to survive and to order at the grocery store, even though it often brings a smile to the lips of those who serve us there.

Medieval and Renaissance Swiss Literature

My problem is that I speak Italian pretty well for a foreigner who frequently visited, but never really lived there. On one hand, this helps me understand Spanish I can more or less read a newspaper , on the other hand it interferes with my attempts at finding proper Spanish words and phrases.

But as we intend to go to Mallorca for weeks this time, and more frequently in the future, I plan to raise my Spanish to a conversational level, probably using Duolingo. My wife is not too much into languages. That's a matter of interest more than aptitude; when we lived in Singapore and Hong Kong, her English was on a very good level pretty fast. But she would never find fun can I use "gratification" here? Im looking at cc every now and then, but as I don't have much to contribute to the current topics, I'm mostly just reading.

Of course singing makes you happy! And everyone around you, too. France, by the way, has made musical education in primary school mandatory for precisely that reason. That does not necessarily apply to the listener, depending on thir mood and taste, and, most of all, on the voice or the text torturing the ears.

The reason for my spontaneous reply is this: Just a few hours ago I listened to the top 10 German charts again. The songs, hip-hop chiefly, are so crude and martial, the voices are harsh and contemptuous and the lyrics are full of swear words. Those songs make the listener aggressive, IMO, and exactly that might be intended,.

Okay, I know that hip-hop is an outlet for the frustration of young men that feel hard done-by. But who buys and loads down this shit millionfold? I don't care enough about hip-hop to have an opinion, but I do agree with the reservation re. It can happen with a perfectly decent text just as well.

Some people just can't sing, and some of them do it even loudly. In every congregation there is at least one of them, and there are even choirs full of such people.

Even at the opera it occasionally happens that there is a singer who is in the wrong profession. I hardly ever sing, but I like to whistle. I don't think it's a pleasure for listeners though. As to rap, I don't like it very much. As Die Prinzen say in their song Ich kann nicht rappen :. Good morning this side of the pond snails. Another update: In the meantime our time 1 am, local time Tokyo: 9 am our son arrived safely for his big adventure. How things went with customs I don't know so far, we will have no contact for the next few days.

I was wondering about your choice of program tonight, hm--us Somit: Sie hatten zwei Sprecher, oder besser gesagt, einen Sprecher und eine Sprecherin. Oder: Es waren We use to say "if you don't hear anything everything is ok". Nowadays, I am following my son on instagram. Obviously, the family took the opportunity on the weekend to show my son a little bit of Tokyo.

In order to help the exchange students to integrate themselves into the new culture contact to home should be kept to a minimum. On one of the information meetings a young women who has been in the US told us that her Italian mum was calling her twice a day - until she told her about the time difference - one of the calls was usually during school time - and that she shouldn't call that often.

Finally, she could calm her mother down to once a week. My son is no telephone person at all boys, hu? When he was little and his aunt called she asked him hat he was doing at the moment one of these superfluent questions He: "Answering a phone call? However, it sounds a bit unfamiliar. Or the simpler version: "Ich konnte fast alles verstehen. Speaking of which: no real news over here. After a few false starts spring had finally decided to make a timid appearance, but now the next cold front has arrived and I find it a challenge to pick clothes that are neither too hot nor too cold.

I agree with Carullus, March is acting like April these days. I had a look out of the window to see whether or not it was safe to go to the baker's. Everything was fine, but when I stepped out of the door half a minute later a shower of sleet was coming down. I feel the urge to buy our neighbours a one way ticket to Jupiter. Why on earth do they have countless garages and carports if they're to lazy to use them anyway?

I don't expect to find a place to park right in front of my door, but it's frustrating when you have to park half a mile away while the couple next door that unlike me has enough carports has its four! And if it was one family only instead of half a dozen with more cars than people!

Footnote: I'm not envious, as I don't use my car that much, let alone that I would want to have a second one.

Der Taucher

A few years ago, I got the shortest possible message from my son who at that time worked at a Mercedes factory in Alabama for a few months. A hurricane warning had been given out for his area, and shortly before another hurricane had done some damage there already. So, as a clucking-hen-type of mother, I wrote a somewhat alarmed message and asked after him - his answer consisted of two letters: ok.

Just wondering if I shared this story before My memory is sometimes very poor Pottkieker, Isn't that a topic you could - in a friendly and neighbourly tone, of course, - address with your neighbours? I could think of a number of wordings that might help create understanding without antagonizing. If they THEN refuse or don't seem to give a penny, then it may be still time for the one-way ticket to Jupiter.

But why spend the money and I guess it'll cost a lot unless all other routes have been explored? Jesse, we tried. They promise to change their habits, but that's forgotten the next day. I chose Jupiter as I don't think I will ever travel there, and if I happen to do so, then not by car for sure. I remember me contributing the old Latin joke about the Roman pupils who wrote letters regularly, but only short ones. That you related it in here, I also forgot I wouldn't say it is 6g - or it is too well established in the meantime we are talking about the German translation, don't we?

After I wrote it down in and got the suggestions this German part also came into my mind. There are more "no news" of my son, so it will take some time until I can tell more. The visit to Tokyo with my son's host family obviously included the Tokyo Skytree, a m high radio tower. He took some pictures from there - what should I say, the metropolitain area of Tokyo is huge! The Skytree has two visitor platforms, one in m and the other in m. By the pictures I can't tell on which one they have been I use the phrase "No news are good news" now and then. Any opinions about fastening in the snail group?

Not alone because of lent season but healthwise I am taking part in a small group where we discuss aspects or nourishment but not based on a diet. My son normally only writes to me when it is necessary - like a few days ago, when he was asking for a scan of his Swiss student card.

They look good - a little bit too dark, though. Funny enough, on the stove beside his pan there was a big wok with a glass lid which shows some vegetables on rice. I am not sure that the rice in the wok was part of a backup plan. My exposure to Japanese cuisine has been limited sushi, mostly but if it is generally similar to Chinese cuisine, potatoes are considered vegetables, not starch.

Rice is starch. And rice is so central to many people's diet that they feel that haven't eaten that day if they haven't had rice. So my hypothesis is that you were witnessing an example of Swiss-Japanese fusion cuisine. I assume he didn't take along a wheel of Emmentaler on his trip You could say nach karibischer Art. Somehow I don't think the thread participants would appreciate it if we attempt a deep-dive on Sino-Japanese relations starting with the Marco-Polo-Bridge Incident In any case, potatoes are not considered anything in Japanese cuisine and in fact not really in Chinese cuisine either.

I am aware of that.

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But where they occur as a foreign ingredient, they must be classified as something. And my information is that in a Chinese context, that classification is "vegetable". Re Not sure what 6th edit you cold be referring to, my new strtagey is to shoot for zero edits, mistakes be damned. No time for fixes aynhow, need to go for a walk now. At least when using written numbers, it is dreimal and not drei mal in this context. But , one could argue that connecting digits and words without a space looks weird, and therefore 3 mal instead of 3mal might be accepted, too.

Duden doesn't say anything about this. As far as fasting goes, what exactly did you want to say when you wrote I was thinking of possible correcturitos but realised I wasn't sure what exactly you wanted to say Two completely different things. I think what you mean is "Intervallfasten". There are indeed different versions like, 5 days eating normally, 2 days not at all etc. As a matter of fact, inspired by a friend who lost lots of weight, I've adopted the hours-version: No food for 16 hours every day.

That's then the period your body will dig into its reserves. In my case for example: dinner around 7 p. And NO snacks, chips, chocolate, cheese etc in between. Nothing but water, tea, coffee without cream and suger. Otherwise I eat and drink normally. In theory, you're allowed one cheat day per week, which I don't use either. In fact, I started at the beginning of this year, and I've lost 7 kg since then, without much suffering or mood swings. One of my two New-Year's resolutions: Get below 90 kg this year starting at I'm well on the way at 93 this morning and counting , and I haven't been that The other New Year's resolution you already know about: be a street musician.

Sometimes, yes. I need to walk every day to stay healthy. San Jose is a very safe city compared to just about any other city in the US, even much smaller ones. For a while we even held based on FBI crime stats the title of safest large city in America. Alas, that is no longer the case after we had to cut our police force to the bone.

But even my wife sometimes takes a walk by herself after dark. As I was walking tonight, a passing cop car lit up its massive search lights to see who is out and about at this time of day. Apparently I looked harmless enough as the cop didn't stop. The simplest one of all: An elderly guy sitting on a three-legged camping stool with a western guitar playing and singing cover versions of singer-songwriter songs Dylan, Cohen, a little bit of Knopfler, Waits, Mey and a few less known ones.

With a travel vulture at his feet, probably holding a sign asking for a small contribution to a business class upgrade for his next Hawaii trip. I have put on weight since the end of January, funnily enough I was slimmer at Christmas. That's due to the fact that because of the weather I have cut back on sports and walking, but not on shortbread I'll have to be more careful now that the sun is out more. Wouldn't it be funny if we met? Dear snails, I'm still here and reading along with interest and pleasure The fact that the most exciting thing to happen to me in the last week was the number 15 bus from Tower Hill to St Paul's a genuine routemaster from the good old days, on a perfectly regular service will tell you a how exciting my life is at present, and b that I did not go on the anti-Brexit march.

I was tourist guiding our French exchange student around other bits of London. And I would write 'einmal, zweimal, keinmal', but '1-mal, 2-mal' etc. Is that not supported by the Duden, then? Not enjoying, gloating or anything unfriendly. It was all arranged by the schools I think they have used this format for many years - first the French group came here for some days, and now our group has gone to France for a few days. Son2 should be back tomorrow all the more reason to be pleased that Brexit has been postponed. But while our visitor chatted to his family on the phone every evening, my precious offspring sends occasional messages along the lines of 'je ne suis pas mort' The nice soft mossy patch we would like to have a lawn, but are not very good at it on which they take turns sunbathing has been noticeably flattened over the last few days!

And thank you for reminding me to congratulate Jesse on losing weight!

WASSERBLAU - Definition and synonyms of wasserblau in the German dictionary

Well done - and I'm even more impressed that you manage to eat no food for 16 hours. While I have managed to lose weight in the past using the 'a little less of everything' method, I don't think I would be able to function with such long breaks. I hope you are doing well. I took myself a break for a while again, since the last weeks were stressful for a bunch of reasons.

The main reason, however, was that school is almost over for me NRW and that my final exams as well as deadlines for certain applications basically studentships are coming closer. I btw will not visit my host family near Chicago this year, because, unfortunately, both of my hostsisters will be studying far away from home when I would have been able to come. And without them, it wouldn't be as much fun.

Besides I don't want to cause their mother stress since there wouldn't be much to do on one's own and she has to work. We'll try to find a possibilty for a visit next year. Today I woke up with my cell and my clock showing me different times. That's when realized that this morning brought us summertime ;-. I looked for something to correct and found nothing.

As for requests, the problem will be that my repertoire is limited, there are about songs I feel comfortable playing without fear of forgetting the chords or lyrics halfway through. And Barry Manilow as well as ABBA are out of the question, the former because I don't like him, the latter because, whatever you think of their music, they are really excellent musicians and singers, and I better not compete with them. Jabonah : There are different methods for different people. For me, the 16 hours are ok. Others prefer two days every week.

If you google for "Intervallfasten", you'll find quite a few different approaches. As a matter of fact, I got the tip from a former colleague of mine who - supported by a recent photo - confirmed that doing it the same way as me, he went from to 74 kg! I've cut down on those anyway, but the occasional ice cream or plate of spaghetti are mandatory for my emotional wellbeing. Jesse, the ultimative slogan for the sign to be held by your Reisegeyer is "Der Pleitegeier sitzt im Portemonnaie"! Best I know, not all sugars are created the same.


Fructose is the worst in many aspects, so stay away from fruit juices and anything with high-fructose corn syrup "Glukose-Fruktose-Sirup" in German, I think. Yesterday, I attended a singing workshop organized by Trimum. Muslim, Christian and Jewish musicians and theologicians met years ago in order to explore how believers of all three religions could meet through making music together, mainly singing, but also instrumental. A concept evolved in which music from those three traditions is shared and sung together. Singing together creates an atmosphere of friendliness, curiosity, marveling at strange forms of melodies and singing, and mutual respect.

We sang some of the songs that were shared, i. We listened to more songs shared by participants and the musicians in the leading team, e. It was fun, partially quite strange, and also quite touching. Der Gesang-Workshop klingt sehr intessant mit verschiedenen Religionen und sehr unterschiedlichen Arten Musik. Wie viele waren daran beteiligt? Sind viele Beteiligten von weit hergekommen oder wohnen die meisten da in deinem Ort?

Oder wurde alles allein und im Voraus von Trimium angeordnet? I think there were around 50 or so participants. The biggest group were certainly Christians in their middle years and beyond, but there were also young and older Muslim people, some of them lived here for a long time, others were probably young refugees, and a few Jewish people. Most were from the area. Do you mean if I was involved in the leading and organization of the workshop? No, I wasn't. I was a participant. It was organized by Trimum who do such workshops and also public performances in various cities.

In case anyone is interested to have a closer look: Trimum. My son posted is that English?!? They look good! This workshop sounds really great. I like gospels but only gospels? I don't know. Stimmt die Formulierung? Eine tolle Chance, etwas ganz Neues um Gesang zu lernen Posting photos to a website or somesuch is certainly an idiomatic activity.

One might also refer to uploading photos, especially in the case of bulk transfers. But what, pray tell, are "Gyoza photos"? I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be something that every teenager knows but that has bypassed me completely, just as I was unaware of the concept of selfies for many years. Lutherans just are not made for the way of singing that gospel music requires! Fortunately, since the congregation consisted of Lutherans just as well, they did not notice how bad we were in this.

The penny dropped. I am only familiar with the Chinese term as well, but your comment jogged my memory and I now recall we talked about this food item here recently. I'm also very much formed by the classical church music way of singing - through decades of singing in church choirs. However, in the last few years, I attended several weekend workshops for gospel singing, led by German gospel choir leaders. They knew exactly what to do to get us church choir singers to understand the differences between the two styles, and although we were certainly still beginners after the weekend, we got a certain grasp of what needs to be done to make our singing sound a bit more "gospely".

It was great fun, anyway. So, virus, why not try it out and find out by doing it whether you like it, at least for a while? The air pollution was extremely high in the Ruhr area of the fifties because of the coal mining and steel works. The salty North Sea air was said to be healthy for our lungs. Most parents had to work, so we went alone to our different destinations with a neck pouch containing the ticket back and forth and a small old suitcase cardboard most probably.

I loved the long train rides, alone with my imagination and adventurous landscapes passing my window. Trains were slow-going then. What might be their thoughts in this very moment? Is the man tired of opening and closing the gates again and again, year, in year out? Does the mother sing wile hanging up the clothes? Is the child so used to the hourly? What about the convertible on the street parallel to the rail track keeping the same slow speed, The driver often looks to the left, in the direction of the train in my direction.

He probably wants to cross the next crossing before the train.. And: Do you remember the mystery of watching the windows of the train on the other side of the platform during a hold? Under her name she wrote 20 crime novels, under Barbara Wing eight mystery novels, hence we thought it might be a good idea to have a thrilling springtime. It turned out to be none of those. After a furious start in chapter 1 A man kills his wife and her lover and dissevers the right hands of both of them and buries those in a kind of unfinished basement.

When children start playing there, he chases them away. Sixty years later the children meet again, because the hands have been found, and start contemplating about aging, about affairs, and about the past,. This is why I wrote the introduction.

Mr Bean - Im Schwimmbad

Like a walk in a park or watching the world out of a train. Ja, genau das wollte ich sagen, penguin. Kommt sofort auf meine 'Zum Lernen'-Liste;-. Ein Ehepaar, das ich schon seit 22 Jahren nicht mehr gesehen hatte. Wir unterhalten uns hier unheimlich gut. Gestern haben wir einen Ausflug nach Tucson gemacht So weit von Europa versteht sich offensichtlich Arizona I am not sure I finished all of them; at times I take one to a public bookshelf and leave it there.

Interessiert habe ich gerade von eurem unerfolgreichen Versuch, Geld zu wechseln, gelesen. Das ist, meine ich, die einfachste Methode heutzutage, an Fremdwaehrung ranzukommen. Dass es aber selbst am "internationalen" Flughafen nicht moeglich ist, wundert mich aber. Das zeigt, wie oft bzw.

Ja, mbshu Leider reicht ihnen die Zeit nicht aus, so weit hinaus nach Tombstone zu fahren, da dies noch weiter in der falschen Richtung liegt.. Zu Saguaro N. Aber leiiiider.. Miss Anthropy.. Ich habe sie aber nicht so genau befragt, wieso sie denn auch noch Euros wechseln wollen. Die waren aber ja zuvor in Las Vegas Maybe I'll give it a try.

As far as I know, they are all white and Swiss. Sorry for getting you confused with gyoza - jiaozi - I could have think thought? In the meantime, my son loaded up some pictures of his first gyoza made out of Switzerland. It seems that the family enjoys cooking together - at least his host mother with him. And we got a picture of him in his school uniform something which is always discussed in Switzerland but doesn't exist.