Fairies and Gnomes (Strange Creatues)

Mythical creatures, do they exist?
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The Druids often depicted oak leaves, as the oak was sacred to them. This is often referred to as the "Green Man" today. Sexual Themes: Used by the Pagan religions as symbols of fertility. If used on outside walls, they were thought to discourage evil. Again, we go back to the universal fear of sexuality that exists even today. Gnomes are small creatures that are found in a variety of forms.

They appear to have much in common with the old cave-dwelling dwarves and the two are sometimes said to be related.

List of Creatures

What Are Gnomes? Gnomes are small humanoids who are often described as "gnarled" or even "misshapen". Some think they are mortal creatures, some that they are related to the fairy folk , others that they are strange elemental creatures. According to the alchemist Paracelcus - who appears to have originated the name "gnome" - they are earth spirits. Paracelcus also believed that gnomes were turned to stone during the day by the rays of the sun, an attribute more commonly associated with the troll. Possible derivations of the word include the Greek genomos meaning "earth dweller" and gnosis or "knowledge".

It is sometimes said that gnomes hoard knowledge in much the same way that dwarves hoard gold. Most traditions say that the gnome is an earth dweller, living in tunnels and caves below ground. However one occasionally hears stories of forest gnomes who appear to be their cousins.

Gnomes And Their Supernatural Abilities

One of the most prolific and widely reported types of fairy tale creature encounters concerns gnomes and other assorted little people, and there. Gnomes, imps, faeries, trolls, goblins, whatever you want to call them Yet, what if these creatures are not merely the denizens of myth and legend, Sometimes there could be heard strange noises coming from within the.

These, according to folklore, are turned during the day not to stone but into toadstools. Some legends say that gnomes can make themselves invisible to ordinary mortals and be seen only by those with second sight. Garden Gnomes The garden gnome is a common sight in some countries. These little ornaments cause something of a schism. There are those who adore them, believe they bring luck and like to buy and collect them. There are many others who cannot stand the sight of them. The history of garden gnomes begins in Germany in the early 19th century.

These early examples were made from clay and were as much works of art as garden ornaments. They are, of course, highly prized by collectors.

A fabulous place .... a place to gnomes! (CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE)

To many gnome fans, the "dark ages" began in the s with the introduction of mass produced plastic figurines. To others, these have a kitsch charm of their own. Although the garden gnome is considered a figure of fun by many, it has its loyal fans. It is still possible to buy quality garden gnomes of individuality and style, sometimes hand made. Gnome in woods photograph taken in Alaska by Theresa f Koch. Thank you for visiting. Mysteries, Fairies,Gnomes, Elves and Gargoyles. Click here for more about Dwarfs Leprechauns Leprechauns are Irish mythical creatures that seem to be found only in Irish folklore.

Click here for more about Leprechauns Mermaids Mermaids are legendary creatures that live in the sea and have the upper body and torso of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a fish.

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Fairy godmother : In fairy tales, a fairy godmother is a fairy with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone, in the role that an actual godparent was expected to play in many societies. The Seven Dwarves in Snow White. So, this is what a distingushed Frenchman Emile Male and most critics after him said: No symbolism can explain the monstrous fauna of the cathedrals Go to top of pageTop Go to index list of gargoyle buildingsIndex Architectural History Gargoyles in the strict plumbing sense of the word see Etymology have been around since the time of the Ancient Greeks or before.

Go to top of pageTop Go to index list of gargoyle buildingsIndex Religious History During the 's when gargoyles first appeared and at many other times , the Roman Catholic Church was actively involved in converting people of other faiths to the Catholic, often very keenly indeed as the Christian but non-Catholic Cathars could testify.

Go to top of pageTop Go to index list of gargoyle buildingsIndex Mythical and Spiritual Connections Facts: Religion and superstition not entirely incompatible were both very important indeed to people of medieval times, much more so than to most "westerners" today. The Gargoyle Myth and how gargoyles drive off evil: I've put comments in brackets. A comment on the tame ones: This doesn't really explain the rather tame looking ones. Other possibilities - a warning to the populace: An appealing idea for explaining medieval gargoyles, is as a reminder or warning to the populace of the evil all around outside and the safe sanctuary inside the church.

The five basic groups are listed below New Age Products. The Essenes. Christmas Spirits. Why are we afraid of the Spirit World? Spirits in my Great Nephews Home. Living With Spirits. How can I tell what type of spirit it is?

The Sixth Sense. Occult Symbols, Magical Symbols. Ghosts, Earthbound Spirits and Much More. Orbs do the different Colors mean something. Basic Ghost Investigating.

Do Fairty Tale Creatures Actually Exist?

First Faked Photographs of Ghosts. Ley lines Mystical Energies. Luc Goulets Photographs. Sandie LaNae. Sandie LaNae Page 2. My Haunted Mirror. Live Ghost Webcams. Paranormal Investigations TV Channel. Unexplained TV. Radio Interview with Theresa F Koch. The Healing Spirit. More Mausoleum Photographs. Paranormal Photography News. Paranormal Links and Awards. The Camper. Photographs taken by, Twelve Year Old.

Jersey Ghost.

7 Mythical Creatures That Could Actually Exist

Australia 1. Arizona 2. Canada 2. Canada 3. House of Cenote. Chickamauga Battlefield. Christine Slaters Haunted House. Christine Slaters Haunted House 2. Christine Slaters Haunted House 3.

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United Kingdom 1. United Kingdom 2. Costa Rica. Day Woods Spirit Photography.

Ectoplasmic Mist. Edgar Cayce's Chilling Visions. Faces in the Mist. Galveston, Texas. Ghost Poses with Girl. Gryla is the mother of all thirteen Santa clauses and she is known to eat naughty children, which is why all Icelandic children are exceptionally well-behaved in December.

Visit the Troll Park in Fossatun to learn more about these craggy giants. Iceland also has its fair share of monsters and mysterious creatures. The Lagarfljotsormur in Lagarfljot in Egilsstadir is thought by many to be the cousin to Nessie herself in Scotland. Stories of this giant underwater worm-creature have been around since and it has been spotted as recently as It is said to have grown from a small ling worm placed on top of a gold ring by a local girl in order to guard it.

When the girl returned to check on her ring the worm had grown so big that she threw it and the ring in the water where it continued to grow and hoard gold. The Nykur sea horse is also a popular myth. The Nykur will try and get you to ride it but once you do it will run straight back to its lake or river and drown you.

So make sure you check the hooves of those friendly Icelandic horses you encounter on your travels. It comes as no surprise that a country as dark and isolated as Iceland of yesteryear has plenty of ghost stories. Ask any Icelander and they will either tell you of their own experiences with the supernatural or one of the local legends. One of the scariest ghost stories has to be the story of the deacon of Myrka. On his way to pick up his date Gudrun for a ball, the deacon fell off his horse and died. However, these stories had at least one result: stimulating a brand new form of tourism.

Fairies and gnomes are only figments of the imagination, but if they can encourage people to rediscover and preserve the authentic wonders of nature, they are welcome. That was exactly what seemed to happen when, in , newspapers reported that a professor in Manchester, John Hyatt, had photographed a group of small creatures, oddly looking like fairies, in flight. The picture indeed showed small winged creatures whose bodies resemble that of tiny human beings. However, after examining the photographs, Erica McAlister, an expert on insects at the Natural History Museum in London, recognized them.

They possess a more slender body and long slender legs that, in flight, hang down, in fact, resembling the limbs of a human being. But as far as I know, no magical beings have turned up yet. Freeborn, Amy.

The Rossendale Fairies—a scientific tale of small proportions. Slater, Chris. Pictured: Professor says he has photographic proof fairies are real. Manchester Evening News April 2. His website is at www. The Fruit-Like Creatures If fairies and gnomes really existed, however, we should occasionally find their remains because, as living creatures, it is assumed that sooner or later they too must die. Figments of Imagination When the fairy report or image is not based on deception—however innocent and playful—how can we explain the sightings?

The Rossdale Fairies That was exactly what seemed to happen when, in , newspapers reported that a professor in Manchester, John Hyatt, had photographed a group of small creatures, oddly looking like fairies, in flight. Older Posts.