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keyculkapo.tk/try-not-to-breathe.php When we just want what God wants , but we have no idea what that is? Proverbs Psalm John Click below to get access! Claim His promise to give to those who ask, reveal to those who seek, and open to those who knock. Matthew Praise God for being your rock and your fortress. Ask God to teach you His way, and commit to walking in His truth. Beg Him to give you an undivided heart to fear His name. Tip: Part of my prayer strategy involves using prayer cards that I post around my home and place in my Bible to memorize and pray during my time with God. Click to get your own set!

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By subscribing to the newsletter, you consent to receive emails related to the ministry of A Divine Encounter. Thank you for this, Jennifer. My prayer sounds something like this: Lord! I lack wisdom! Please give it to me!

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We are also trying to just do the next thing we already have wisdom about…the next thing we know we need to do, the next thing we have already committed to do—and to do it with excellence and wholeheartedness. Hi, Elizabeth, and welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by. When I am unsure about certain things I use this time to seek Him more. I find when I seek Him more through prayer and studying the scriptures I am more sensitive to His voice and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Like now I started a blog but I have been praying earnestly to the Lord if it was truly the direction He wanted me to take at this time.

I agree, Tona! Times of uncertainty are times when God beckons me to press closer to Him. May we always eek His face and listen to His voice above all others! Hello, Eveline, and welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for sharing how this post was an encouragement in your life. Thank you for this 10points.

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Ran into you because of certain ideas for business direction. There is always something to do in business for your next season. I therefore submit to divine direction which I believe cones through revelations or ideas. I look up to you lord. Show me your way that I may walk in it. Thank you, Above all I give thanks to God for all my blessings, Today I realized for the first time why everywhere I went, every place I lived, and every door I knocked on was not meant for my journey. God is my journey, The life I was living was not the right direction.

I hit rock bottom, woke up to nothing, literally nothing. This was not an over night thing, It was a 4 years of me not listening andseeking Gods direction. Thank you And may God bless you. Prayer for rerelationship direction. I needed just this. Am at what I can easily consider my all time low and am trusting God for direction. Thanks Jenifer. I found grate help and assistance by this post. Keep it up and may God increase you. I have thought of the young people who come to the Lord and who are persecuted by their families for their faith.

When such a person comes to one of our churches, what does he see? Does he see the spirit of Jesus Christ there? People around us have such a wrong impression of Christianity. How can I serve others? I have to be made like them in everything. I have to descend to their level. Why is it that I cannot communicate with a little ant crawling on the floor? Because I am too big. If I go to that ant in human form, it will be terrified.

The only way I can communicate with that ant is by my becoming like it first of all. The only way that God could communicate with us was by His becoming like us. We can all understand that. But let us remember that in our ministry to others too - whether in a local church or in an unreached area - the first principle is this - to be made like them in all things, "to sit where they sit", as Ezekiel said Ezekiel That means, for example, that we don't want to exalt ourselves above others in any way. This was why Jesus told His disciples never to take any titles like "Rabbi", "Father", or any other title.

Because a title will exalt you above the people whom you serve. You will overawe them with your greatness, instead of being one like them. In the Old Testament, we read that the Philistines captured the ark of God once. But they had a problem with it, and so they sent it back on a bullock cart.

Years later when David was about to move the ark, he thought, "Hey, that's a good idea. The way that the Law taught, of the Levites carrying the ark on their shoulders, is all right for short distances. But for long distances, the Philistine method is certainly better. And you know what happened. The oxen stumbled and Uzzah stretched forth his hand to steady the ark.

God was angry and smote Uzzah dead on the spot, because he was not a Levite. God wouldn't change His methods. Then David was greatly disturbed. But where did it all begin? It began with David imitating the Philistines. And death came in. Death always comes in when we imitate the ways of the world, when Christian churches are run the way business enterprises are run, and when money becomes the Number One factor in Christian work.

A good question we could ask ourselves is whether the church or organisation that we are running will survive, if all money stops coming in. Or will the whole thing come crumbling down then? A true work of God may use money but will never be dependent on money. It will be dependent only on the Holy Spirit.

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The Bible says that the Spirit is jealous James - jealous when something else or someone else takes His rightful place in the church. It could be music. I'm not against music. I believe we should have the best possible music in our churches, without imitating the world. But we must not depend on music. For example, at the end of a meeting, if we think that by getting the organ to play softly, we can move people to make a decision, what is that? It is psychological manipulation, not Holy-Spirit power. If the Word of God is preached in the power of the Spirit, like Jesus preached it and like Peter preached it, you won't need any organ playing softly at the end.

You can have it if you like, but it's not going to help.


But if you haven't got the power of the Holy Spirit, then you will have to manipulate people psychologically to make them take a decision. But you will discover in the long run that such decisions are only emotional and superficial. The Holy Spirit is jealous for His rightful place in the church. You can't replace Him with theology. You can't replace Him with music.

You can't replace Him with money. Thank God for all these things. Use them all. Jesus used money. So how can we be against it. It is written that Jesus sang a hymn.

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So when we praise God, we are only following our Leader. So how can we be against music. We are not against any of these things. But it's a question of what we depend on. Jesus became a servant. Every Christian leader speaks about a servant life-style and being a servant and many books are written about it too.

But what does it mean in practical terms? Let me ask you: How do you treat your coworkers? How do you treat your junior-most coworker, who joined your group just yesterday? Is he really a brother to you or does he live in awe of you?

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If so, then even if you preach about servanthood until doomsday, I'd say you haven't understood it. You haven't seen Jesus. Jesus was so simple. He never overawed people. He said, "I am a son of man" - and that means, "an ordinary man". He was the pure and holy Son of God Who had lived from all eternity with the Father. But He came and lived on earth as an ordinary man. He became like His brothers in all things.

For us to become like our brothers in all things, something in us has to die. It says about Jesus that "He humbled Himself to the point of death". Death is the perfect proof of our humility. The grain of wheat that falls into the ground and dies is guaranteed much fruit. That was one of the things that I discovered when I had this crisis of reality with the Lord 22 years ago. I understood that the greatest work that I could do for the Lord in India was to fall into the ground and die - die to my will, to what people thought about me, to my ambitions, to my goals, to my love of money, to everything - and especially to my Self - so that thereafter Jesus alone would be everything to me, so that I could look up to Him every day and honestly say like the psalmist ,.

There are times when I lie down on my bed and say to the Lord, "Lord, my ministry is not my god. You alone are my God. Nobody will ever take Your place. You are everything to me. You can take away my voice, paralyse me or do whatever you like with me. I will still love You with all my heart. It is from that fount alone that the rivers of living water can flow through us.

One last thing: Many, many years ago, when I was a young Christian, the Lord spoke to me from 2 Samuel , where David said, "I will not offer to the Lord that which costs me nothing". What the Lord spoke to my heart that day was that when He came to earth, He had offered that which cost Him everything. And if I was going to serve Him, I would have to serve Him in that same spirit.

Every service of mine must cost me something. How is it with your service for the Lord? Has it cost you something? We have many people in Christian work in India today, who are earning five to ten times what they would have been earning if they had been in a secular job.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. "This is a fun book that I know will help you find God's Will HEY GOD! What Should I do? 7 Steps To Determining God's Will In Your Decisions (Hey God Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Stephen Anthony. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Three Views on God's Will and Decision Making [Douglas S. Huffman] on rapyzure.tk views on God's will and how his will should affect our everyday decisions as Christians. Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. . One of the most practical things we can learn as Christians is to know how God's.

I made a decision when I quit my job in the Indian Navy, 31 years ago, that I would never receive any money that would raise my monthly income to more than what I would have earned in my secular job. That decision has preserved me for 31 years. We don't have to judge others. And I am not here to judge you. I don't know many of you and so it is easy for me to say this: Ask yourself what you would have been earning today if you had been in a secular job.

Do you know where Christian work suffers the most? Right here, in this area. You cannot serve God and money. That's the issue that we need to deal with first of all. We can spend our time here talking about every other subject under the sun. But if we don't deal with this problem of the love of money, all our service will be useless. People relocate their residence from one place to another.

There is nothing wrong with that. Jesus also relocated His residence from heaven to earth. But when He relocated, it was a step down. And it was because He had a genuine concern for people here on earth. Did you relocate your residence, because you felt that from your new location you could serve the Lord more effectively in India - the land for which you seem to have such a great burden?

Do you have a genuine burden? Can we live in the comfort of South India and have a burden for the villages of North India? Maybe you can. But I don't see how I can do that myself. Can you live in the United States of America and have a burden for India? Yes - but only on paper. On paper you can have a burden for anything! The devil is a great deceiver. He deceives us thoroughly. He makes us feel that we have a great burden for something when in actual fact we have nothing but hot air!!

I'm not judging you, my brothers and sisters. God told me years ago, "If you judge others you will destroy yourself. I stand before God today and say that I'm not judging anyone. I judge myself. And I repent. My life is one of daily repentance - because I see un-Christlikeness in many areas of my own life. I repent and say, "Lord, I didn't speak kindly to that person.

I want to learn how to speak".


Paul said something about his coworkers once. When he was looking for someone to send to Philippi, he said he could find only Timothy, because all the rest who were with him then, were seeking their own!! Philippines Note that Paul did not say this about the heathen but about some of his coworkers. Getting on to Paul's team itself was an honour, for Paul was the type of person who would not permit even a John Mark to continue on his team, because he felt John Mark was not radical enough. Yet Paul felt that most of his coworkers were seeking their own. Today, many are preaching the gospel and appear to be burdened for souls, but they are really seeking their own gain and comfort.

They are promoting themselves. They are promoting their children and their family members - to take over their work when they retire!! Saul also wanted to promote Jonathan. But God said, "It's not Jonathan but David who has to take over as the next king. When we serve the Lord and speak the truth, we are not going to be popular.

But if we seek to please men, we cannot be servants of Christ. I want to thank God for every brother and sister - and especially for those who labour in difficult situations, who have made sacrifices that we will not know about until Jesus comes again, who are not known in Christian circles, whose names are not heralded and who have no media coverage, but who are God-fearing, humble people, sacrificially spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in our land. Seek to develop a vocation and not just a career.

Discern your gifts as a child of God, not just your talents, and listen for your calling rather than just looking for opportunities. Remember that your personal good always relates to the common good.

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Make choices by distinguishing between wants and needs. Choose what is enough, rather than what is possible to get. Replace appetites with values, teach your children the same, and model those values for all who are in your life.

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In fact it's a good thing because we get to be with our Lord. Whatever God has willed decreed to occur will happen. God came to me at time knew was gonna die from shooting pains he said to me u taught me something about people thought all came sinners was gonna end earth but u just saved all on earth and figured new way to go bout fixing the people to get out time of spiritual dutys u also played god on earth people have hurt u done u wrong and thiefs came stealing and yet u still let em in ur home and u heal and brung up thier spirits in seconds to the top when they had low down feeling helped give were needed and u died from the hurt they all done so u done everything like me so i give u relive as u but gods spirit in u asked me to get baptised write book from time he came to me on all seen and showed and tell priest they are teaching wrong and all are brainwashed by the wrongs and most info to earth bout god is false. There is no need to make insincere promises,especially when we need a bail out from Him. Pray as the Lord or as circumstances bring it mind.

Look at the business, company, or organization where you work from an ethical perspective. Ask what its vocation is, too. Challenge whatever is dishonest or exploitative and help your place of work do well by doing good. Ask yourself what in the world today most breaks your heart and offends your sense of justice.

Decide to help change that and join with others who are committed to transforming that injustice. Get to know who your political representatives are at both the local and national level. Study their policy decisions and examine their moral compass and public leadership. Make your public convictions and commitments known to them and choose to hold them accountable. Since the difference between events and movements is sacrifice, which is also the true meaning of religion and what makes for social change, ask yourself what is important enough to give your life to and for.

Finding the integral relationship between your own personal good and the common good is your best contribution to our future.