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Per Luciana. Ci dispiace che non sarei dei nostri e molti auguri per il tuo viaggio negli USA. Molti auguri anche a Stefano Mastrosimone per sempre ulteriori successi. Next Solar Return in Australia, for your friend of January 5th, is good for business, with an Ascendant in the eight House, a Jupiter in the forth House and a Venus on the cusp of the second House. I confirm. For the second question. I think that every good couple has to affront quarrels, sometimes.

Non mi sono mai dovuto pentire di questo tipo di prassi. Per Celeste e per gli altri. Grazie a Luigi Galli per la segnalazione delle offerte Lufthansa che scadono oggi: pensate, un Dubai a euro e un Hong Kong a ! Tienici sempre informati. Grazie anche per le congratulazioni e grazie anche agli altri. Ogni giorno mi scrivono privatamente nuove persone entusiaste del metodo e anche le recensioni internazionali sono assai lusinghiere. Non potete immaginare quanto mi faccia bene, soprattutto con Marte congiunto a Saturno nella terza di RSM!

Penso che stai procedendo benissimo, pur non essendo una veterana di questa materia. I soloni di talune cattedre ci chiedono anche la dimostrazione del rutto scientifico? Non abbiamo bisogno di dimostrare nulla ad alcuno: desiderano restare al buio? Facciano pure. Per Celeste. Essi ci arrivano addosso molte volte al giorno: noi dobbiamo solo interagire con gli stessi, nel modo giusto, seguendo transiti, RL e RS.

The whole Solar Return Map has a own logic: every part of this sky is linked in a logical relation with all the other parts.

If you have a second House, in Gemini, empty, we can have, contemporarily, some asters in the fourth House. Here we have two possibilities: if you are trying to rent a your apartment to others and the owner of the second House is in the fourth House, it will be very probable that you will able to realize this business.

If you are losing your apartment because you are without work and Mercury, owner of the second House is in the fourth, it will be quite certain that you will lose your habitation. When the Sun or the Ascendant or Mars or a stellium are in the sixth House or in the first House or in the twelfth House there are not protections good to minimize the bad effects of them, even if you are able to put three times Venus or Jupiter in the same Houses.

Yes, if you are the Ascendant e some Celestials in the seventh House, surely you will have a year full of wars, little or big. But, in the same year, if you have not a love relation, it will be highly probable that it will arrive a love story for you.

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Pluto in the eight House is good if you are waiting for an assurance repayment, for a heredity, for a little lottery win, to improve your finance by your husband remember that starting to see the House from the seventh, the eight House is the second House of your husband. But, if you have Mars in the seventh House and Pluto in the eight House, it is possible that your husband will spend money with women…. Under the news about it that you can buy here: www.

In a practice of almost forty years of astrological research, the Author has studied and guided over twenty thousand aimed birthdays; he has also published a dozen books specifically on Solar Returns and Lunar Returns. This is his fifth work in English; two of them can be downloaded free from his webpage www. In these pages the Author suggests to the Reader about what can be done when you cannot aim, i. For example, Mr. The volume also explains the philosophical and psychological roots justifying the practice of the exorcism of symbols.

He has written over fifty books — most of them on this particular subject. He then founded the school of Active Astrology. He has been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of this interest in astrology. Many of my readers have urged me to have this volume published in English.

I trust that you can find good, practical, and useful pieces of advice in these pages. This volume contains also certain chapters similar to but not the same as a previous book of mine titled Astrologia Attiva.

Earth's magnetic field:

As a support to the explained theory, I have also added some astrological portraits of universally known historical personalities such as Giacomo Casanova, Luigi Pirandello, and Ernest Hemingway. Yet another thing though. This is probably my very last book in English, as a publisher. In future, if my readers from the States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and so on wish to read my works on the rectification of the time of birth or on the dating of events within the frame of the twelve month of a given Solar Return, they should mention these works of mine to publishers urging their translation into the English language.

This is the only way in which they will be able to go on reading my works in their own language. I wish you all a fruitful pursuit in the deepening your understanding of this wonderful topic called Active Astrology, which is not The Truth, but it is surely Truth. Praise of escape pag. The reasons for a vocation pag. To antagonize and to potentiate pag. The problem of expectations pag. The added value pag. A complete failure pag.

On the precision of the time of birth pag. When the natal Sun is in the 10th or in the 9th House pag. The case of Mrs Smith pag. An easy case and a hard case pag.

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La rivolta dei cittadini gladiatori (Italian Edition) eBook: Aquilino: Kindle Store. Era un uomo qualunque, ora è un disperato. Era un uomo pacifico, ora è pericoloso. Invano la moglie lo supplica di desistere. Si veste da trace e prende la.

Stardust pag. Transits of Mars pag. Transits of Saturn pag. Transits of Uranus pag. Transits of Neptune pag. Transits of Pluto pag. Astrological portrayal of Giacomo Casanova pag. Astrological portrayal of Luigi Pirandello pag. Astrological portrayal of Ernest Hemingway pag. An essential astrological bibliography pag. Index pag.

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One reason is that they can last for entire weeks or months. Another reason is that they can be responsible for real calamities, if they add to more intense transits. Their action is mostly maleficent. Similarly to the fever, which is always present in virtually all the diseases of the human being, Mars and Saturn stand out in virtually all the tragedies of the human being — in my opinion this says a lot about the maleficence of this planet.

Try and test it! For in the overwhelming majority of cases the rule is: you have always to give something to Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. Usually, it would be wounds, tears, rifts, lacerations, blood and so on. The nature of Mars is clearly of a destructive kind, and this is exactly how it behaves. Only in extremely rare cases it may play a constructive role. Usually this happens in those situations that require determined will, and with those natives who lack of willpower.

Otherwise, Mars usually acts provoking tears, wreckage, destruction, wounds, and bleeding. Mars in a dissonant aspect with the Sun When Mars creates a disharmonic angle with the Sun — including conjunction — at a theoretical level you should face a positive surplus of energy that you can spend just the way you prefer. Say that you can rely on a credit of energy and that you feel as strong as never before, whishing to employ this benefit somehow. So you leave home and you see a poor man lying on the street under his own motor bicycle.

By doing so, not only you would do your daily good deed, as any member of the Junior Woodchucks should do — you would also make a good use of that bonus on which you can rely. With a less imaginative example, say that you can rely on it for bearing — better than usual — the whims of your chief clerk early in the morning. In the given example, the final explosion may be a very bad quarrel with your chief clerk, or with a colleague or with any other collaborator in your job; or perhaps with the policeman giving you a fine, and so on.

Furthermore you may also hurt yourself. This can be in a real physical meaning of the term, i.

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It is the least apt moment for urging a rise in salary. It is not the moment for trying to win over a superior, trying to behave friendly with him or her. On the contrary, you should try and exorcize this transit by performing hard but not dangerous tasks. For example it may be a very good idea to chop wood; to move pieces of furniture from one floor to another; to empty shelves and arrange the books into carton boxes; to rearrange things in your attic or in your cupboard; to arrange the folders at office… It is also a very good day for making sports, provided that it is not something dangerous.

For example jogging, trekking, marathons on the ground and on the water Also going to the dentist would suit, as well as any other sort of operation such as incisions, removal of cysts, birthmarks, tonsils, etc. If you have to undergo a clinical examination under effort, such as certain heart exams, this is the best day to do so. At most, I may say that any surgical operation is welcome during this transit, provided that you obey all the other rules given in my volume Astrologia applicata by ed.

The most important of those rules says that you should never undergo an intervention when the Moon is in the sign corresponding to the organ to be operated. For example, do not have your throat operated when the Moon is in Taurus. This day — or these days — may also be apt for a good quarrel, provided that you cannot avoid it anyway. For example, it is very apt to give somebody a piece of your mind under the square Mars-Sun. If this Mars transiting in a bad aspect with the Sun also creates any angle with Saturn, it is also a good moment for making tattoos, piercing and so on, or for having them made on your skin.

Mars in a dissonant aspect with the Moon In the previous section we faced an objective situation. I mean, the source of conflict given by Mars-Sun may or might produce a real laceration, such as for example the wreck of a car in a traffic accident; a bone fracture; a black eye caused by a punch; and so on. While in the case of the transits Mars-Moon we are dealing, I may say, with a more ethereal dimension. Sometimes you feel your blood boiling, your heart quivering with indignation, fury, and anger. You would like to declare war to the entire world and you feel ready to burst out for nothing.

The great Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Young claimed that the subjective reality corresponds to the objective reality. This means that if you have war inside you, you meet war also outside you. Under this logic, at least it is convenient to invent real battles against anybody.

If you wish to avoid war coming and visit you, you had better start war against somebody. It may be a neighbour, a colleague at work, a public organization, somebody who opposes our ideas, and so on. This simply means acting according to the Latin motto similia similibus curantur: like cures like, the fundamental healing principle of homeopathy.

Now, this is exactly the bottom line: do you wish to throw such an important energetic potential out of the window, or do you want to make good use of such energy by deploying it for anything that can be extremely productive for you? You cannot always rely on such an interesting determination. Therefore it is worth to try and look for the correct way to invest this stamina. So blow the trumpets and roll the drums.

Well, this is the moment for destruction, so behave consequently. If you can, you may also carry out heavy duties at home, such as chopping wood, moving pieces of furniture, fixing the roof and so on. Mars in a dissonant aspect with Mercury Here we deal with two different notions: on the one hand, the idea of effort Mars and on the other hand, the idea of communication travel, telecommunication, etc. It is possible that you should start for a journey against your own will, if you wish to exorcize this transit. You might cover a long-long distance while you really wished to stay at home.

Sometimes travelling is a pleasure, with a brand new and comfortable car, and with a nice weather. So this is a good thing to do during this transit. The negativity of the journey may also be connected with the reason of your moving around: for example, you may have to take a close relative to undergo a serious surgery; and in this case, in my opinion, no further explanation is needed.

Often the objective aversion towards the journey may be caused by a specific reason which makes the travel harder or even unbearable: for example, you may have to travel together with your tiresome and haunting mother-in-law. In other cases this transit may imply the repair of your car or any other vehicle: this is another good way to exorcize this transit properly.

At another level, your journey may be only a virtual one. From this point of view, it may be connected with communication or telecommunication rather than a physical displacement of your body. For example, it is pleasant to browse the Internet searching for relaxing or — even better — for something to play with: but it may be less amusing to navigate on the WWW in order to carry out a precise assignment, perhaps something boring in which you can not use your creativeness, such as a repetitive job in which you may have — just to give an example — to delete a sequel of items from a list, one by one.

At a similar level you may try to exorcize this transit by making efforts of fixing up your printer, your mobile phone, or your satellite receiver by yourself, without even calling a technician. You may play the technician yourself by installing a satellite dish on the roof of your house. You can also invest your strength in compliance with the symbols Mars-Mercury by dealing with a brother, a sister, a cousin, a brother-in-law… You may have to take care of one of them, for example.

Last but not least, a clever trick to leave this transit may be to embark on a huge sacrifice and try to quit smoking; or withdrawing into a lonely room in order to write down a report, or to study for an important exam. Mars is the synonym for strength and Venus stands for love. Hence the best way to constellate these symbols is to have much, healthy sex. This is valid regardless of the kind of transit, i. According to this, during this transit it may a good thing to insert certain variation in your way of making love.

Also quantity is important — hence it would be a useful thing to have more frequent sexual intercourses until this transit lasts. Another way in which you can exorcize, or constellate, this transit is to manage — provided that you are able to do so — the creeping tension with your partner in love.

This implies having a tense relationship, but not so tense as to provoke a real crisis. If during these days you were able to handle a fairly argumentative relationship, this would not harm to your love affair — on the contrary, it would precisely benefit it. Another way of constellating this transit may consist in helping your partner in carrying out heavy tasks. For example, say that your wife has to empty a whole case at office in order to allocate the files into another archive or in two-three cases.

So you had better summon all your patience and go and help your wife even if this implies spending a couple of week-ends for this purpose. Or vice-versa: if you have to arrange or rearrange your tools in the garage, she should help you to do so. In a similar attempt of keeping the situation i.

For example you may have a special dinner with your friend, say for example a stag party, where you can indulge in intemperance and debauchery, overeating, and so on. Or, once in a lifetime, you may indulge in poker or any other gambling game — but remember to set a limit before, and then leave the game as soon as you reach the limit you had imposed to yourself. And now for something completely different: you may do your utmost for helping or giving assistance to a sister, a female cousin, or a young female friend of yours — and this has nothing to do with play and games, of course.

You can not mistake: you should chop wood, move pieces of furniture from one room to another, perform heavy physical tasks, sweating, sweating, and sweating over and over again. Any attempt of coming to terms with the symbology of this transit is doomed to failure. Under this transit you are bound to suffering at a physical level, so the more you suffer the better.

This is the aptest transit for being scalpelled, drilled, flayed, bled, and so on. You should have no doubt about it. The only thing that you should be concerned with is the ancient yet very good rule by Ptolemy: already in the second century before Christ, he suggested that you should never undergo any operation when the Moon is in the sign corresponding to the portion of body that you should heal — Taurus corresponding to the throat, Virgo the bowels, and so on.

For example, with an ill-mannered deliveryman; an unpleasant telephone operator; the impolite assistant of a medical doctor, and so on. Instead of the heavy tasks, you may perform mechanical tasks or work with electricity, water tubes, motors, and so on. Another way of exorcising this transit is facing up situations: i. Currently unavailable. More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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Aristotle, whose account sounds less involved in the ancient, highly polemic debate than other sources, seems to be preferable. This article examines the eikoste, the five-percent tax of BC, with which the Athenians replaced the phoros 'tribute' levied upon their allies. A short notice in Thucydides, describing the inception of the tax, is our main source.

This passage is analyzed in detail and with an eye toward its historical context in the ongoing Sicilian campaign, the Peloponnesian occupation of Dekeleia, and a collapse of Attic revenues. Next three other bodies of evidence are assessed for their contribution to understanding the eikoste. These are literary references to Thorykion, an eiskostologos active on Aigina during the Ionian War; inscriptions that seem to record the latest tribute payments; and evidence on the dekate, a ten-percent tax established by the Athenians in the Hellespont.

A synthesis covers quantification of the economics of the eikoste, its fiscal administration, the eikoste as a colonial tax, the tax and the issue of allied autonomy, and the eikoste and allied social structures. The article concludes by arguing that the eikoste represented a significant stage not only in Attic financial history, but also in the history of classical hegemonic ideology.

This contribution considers a well-known decree in syllabic Cypriot coming from the town of Idalios, that refers to the call for help that the king and the people of Idalios addressed to the surgeon Onasilos and to his brothers in a critical moment for the town. Particularly, the attention is dwelt upon the controversial question of the amount of money and of the related units of weight , that the king and the people appropriated in order to reward Onasilos for the services rendered.

This paper highlights the different traditions on Leonidas, the Spartan king and commander of the Greek contingent in the battle at Thermopylae, who was defeated with three hundred men by the Persians. The Three Hundred immediately became heroes and they were celebrated by Simonides of Ceo, the lyric poet.

On the contrary in the whole 5th century and partly still in the 4th century BC, Leonidas did not occupy a privileged position in the tradition: later on he became an hero until at a certain moment he became the absolute protagonist of the battle. In Ephorus and in the following tradition up to the Roman Age Leonidas' bravery was celebrated; in addition some sentences pronounced by him before and during the battle were remembered; his heroic bravery was proposed as an example useful for those who defend their own country. This short note analyses a paragraph taken from Herodotus' Histories , where the historian quotes his conclusive opinion about the controversial figure of Demaratus, king of Sparta who, by the end of the sixth century, was deposed and chose the exile sheltering at the Persian court of king Darius.

Through the linguistic and semantic analysis of the passage a new translation is proposed, challenging the current versions which, in the last instance, date back to the interpretation of the humanist Lorenzo Valla. From the scholium to Aristophanes' Wasps c p. Besides, different biographical evidences are in direct contradiction to the twenty-year duration, which, on the basis of V 26,5, is assigned to the Thucydides' exile: therefore, it is possible to argue that it did not even appear originally on the text.

These biographical sources can be divided between those which maintain the exile sine die and those which maintain the home-coming before the twenty years: both the traditions are justified not only by the interpolated text of V 26,5, but also by wanting some 'external' reliable traditions about the exile of Thucydides.

Besides, it is attempted to frame the enigmatic Spartan phratries quoted by Hesychius in the context of the segmentation of the Spartan citizen body. Through a detailed review of a recent work of Mariassunta Cuozzo Reinventando la tradizione. Immaginario sociale, ideologie e rappresentazione nelle necropoli orientalizzanti di Pontecagnano , this article tends to give prominence to some methodical questions concerning the study of the necropolis.

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The punctual analysis of funerary evidence enlightens several issues of anthropological interest, that confirm the utility of varied approaches to the study of necropolis. L'obiettivo fissato da A. Paradossalmente, ma per noi opportunamente, l'A. La mitologia greca a Roma, precisa l'A.

Cameron: questo interesse soft e 'letterario' per la mitologia greca pone il poeta e l'artista romano nella doppia condizione di 'fruitori' e 'produttori' di mitologia greca. Occorreva, date le condizioni 'performative' l'incidenza del committente, il gusto del pubblico etc. Offrire evidentemente un repertorio di miti greci su cui il destinatario avrebbe esercitato la sua vena poetica.

La segnalazione ripetuta di questo 'valore aggiunto' dei commentari mitografici porta l'A. I rapidi riferimenti a poeti epici arcaici come Esiodo, Asio, Cinetone spartano presuppongono la lettura diretta di questi autori?

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Alla luce delle considerazioni di A. Queste riflessioni di metodo suggerite dalla lettura del volume di A. Cameron e che, a dire il vero, possono andare ben oltre il tema della mitografia derivano da pagine che riservano, in ottemperanza al titolo, una particolare attenzione all''incidenza' della mitografia greca nei primi secoli dell'impero romano. Probabilmente qualche pagina dedicata alla scarsa 'propensione' della cultura romana per proprie rappresentazioni mitiche i Romani con tanti riti e nessun mito avrebbe con maggior efficacia evidenziato la natura e la portata del 'bisogno' romano di servirsi della mitologia 'per eccellenza', ma comunque straniera, quale quella greca.

Di certo con l'interessante capitolo Myth and Society l'A. Cameron: quei mitografi greci che lavorarono per offrire una conoscenza rapida e globale di un materiale vario e 'polifonico'. L'opera di A. Nei primi secoli dell'impero e prima che le tendenze 'letterarie' e allegorizzanti di IV secolo d. Eduardo Federico e. Il lavoro del Gourmelen che si prende in esame in queste pagine, rielaborazione di una tesi di dottorato discussa presso la Sorbona nel , oltre che come sintesi delle acquisizioni ormai raggiunte in vari campi di ricerca l'autoctonia, i re mitici di Atene, il problema dell'ibrido nell'immaginario mitico greco: tematiche, queste, che definiscono l'insieme degli attributi e delle funzioni del personaggio Cecrope e quale prima opera monografica dedicata a Cecrope, si segnala per il contributo reso alla definizione dell'immaginario mitico ateniese, fornendo spunti interessanti per approfondimenti successivi.

Il lavoro, diviso in tre parti, si articola in 'sottoinsiemi' tematici estrapolabili dal contesto in cui sono inseriti e suscettibili quindi anche di una lettura autonoma. La ricerca viene condotta attraverso l'analisi del repertorio iconografico analisi che si riesce a seguire agevolmente grazie alle illustrazioni poste in appendice al volume e l'esame dei rapporti funzionali intrattenuti da Cecrope con altre figure mitiche. Re autoctono destinato a non avere successori, come altri gegeneis quali i Giganti e gli Sparti tebani, Cecrope agisce all'interno di un sistema ben definito che disciplina le interazioni e le funzioni specifiche delle figure che lo compongono.

Secondo l'A. L'ideologia ateniese, dunque, secondo l'A. Al termine del lavoro l'A. Dall'interpretazione del dato onomastico, riconducibile per metafonesi a kerkope, un tipo particolare di cicala, e dalla presenza, nell'Atene degli Eupatridi, del costume della tettigophoria, consistente nel portare tra i capelli fermagli a forma di cicala, attributo dei gegeneis coerente con il modo di riproduzione 'autoctono'di questo insetto, l'A.

La conclusione dell'A.