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New iPod Touch Expected as Early as Tomorrow
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Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. Apple could have a 7th-generation iPod touch in the works, according to new information shared today by Japanese site Mac Otakara.

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iPhone / iPad / iPod touch を使っていて、調べているつもりなのに解決できない問題が あったり、自分だけに起こって周りでは起こっていない不具合などありませんか?. To register, make sure your device is connected to a wireless or data network. Kindle for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is Registered to the Wrong Account.

Several suppliers at CES reportedly told Mac Otakara that a 7th-generation iPod touch "might" be in development as a replacement for the 6th-generation version. The site did not provide details on when an updated iPod touch might launch, nor what features it might include. Apple last updated the hardware in the iPod touch in July , introducing an A8 chip, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and six color options. The iPod touch lineup was last tweaked in July when Apple streamlined the available capacity options 32 and GB and introduced new pricing tiers.

With the iPod shuffle and iPod nano having been discontinued in , Apple's plans for the iPod touch and the iPod family in general have been unclear. The iPod has seemed to be on its last legs as Apple customers shift to other devices like the iPhone and the iPad, but it's not out of the question that the iPod touch could be updated with more modern hardware like an improved rear camera and a faster A-series chip.

Mac Otakara 's report also suggests that the next-generation iPhone coming in could potentially include a USB-C port. According to "those who are working on it," though, it has not reached a design reference step and whether or not the new iPhones will use USB-C over Lightning is not yet fully established. This is not the first time we've heard that USB-C could be a feature included in the iPhone lineup. DigiTimes has also suggested in a vaguely worded report that iPhones could feature USB-C ports instead of Lightning ports, though it was difficult to tell if it was referring to the ports or a USB-C to Lightning cable for the iPhones.

A swap to USB-C from Lightning has been rumored for years, but the fact that Apple made the transition in the iPad Pro lends more credence to new rumors suggesting the same transition for the iPhones. Related Roundups: iPod touch , iPhones. Top Rated Comments View all. You forgot to mention that he roasts children on a spit and eats them for lunch. I think he also causes traffic. My water heater capacity has gone down.

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All thanks to Tim Cook. I would like to see them upgraded to at least a 4. They are perfect for my kids. Here's hoping it's actually a smaller iPhone! As an iPod enthusiast and an owner of a 6th gen iPod touch, I truly hope they do update it. Any update is good at this point to keep the iPod around and to allow people to get a cheap iOS device without a phone plan. Improved security requirements for third-party services. Fixed several possible crashes, and improved performance a bit.

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Fixed some possible causes of crashes when the app tried to send data to Apple Watch. Fixed a possible crash when adding a delivery. Notifications: Press on a notification for more information and a map. On a device without 3D Touch, swipe left and tap View. Old notifications are cleared out automatically, so you only see the latest details. If you turn off Background App Refresh in the Settings app and then turn it back on later, background updates will resume automatically. Item names no longer show twice in notifications. The Today widget now updates on its own, even if Background App Refresh is off.

On a device with 3D Touch, press the home screen icon to see the first delivery in your list. Reliability and performance is greatly improved on all supported versions of watchOS 2. Improved the display of multicolor complication icons on watchOS 3. Adding deliveries: Improved suggestions when you add a delivery. Swipe a suggestion on the Add Delivery screen to hide it. Improved support for Universal Clipboard, if you copy tracking information on one device and then open Deliveries on another.

Calendar: The list of calendars is grouped by source for example, iCloud or Google. Fixed a bug where calendar events were updated more often than they should have been. The refresh status of a delivery is now shown on the right side of each delivery in the list, so the progress indicator is less obtrusive. For an Amazon delivery, this often means that you need to sign in.

Improvements to Amazon sign in. If you still have problems, please visit juncld. We do still recommend you archive deliveries that no longer need to be refreshed. Improved support for Dynamic Type. Improved some icons and other visual refinements. Many improvements to stability and performance. Note: if you are updating from Deliveries 5.

New in version 7. When you add deliveries by order number, we recommend only adding deliveries from one Amazon account at a time. Added an option to look up Amazon shipments using a tracking link, without having to sign in. If there are multiple tracking numbers or order numbers on the page, you can now choose which one to use. Improved tracking number detection for LaserShip. Improvements for UPS and Amazon. Improved syncing with past and future versions of the app. It will also ignore invalid changes to a delivery if an older version does mess up a delivery. Updated 1Password support.

Selecting Amazon and entering anything other than an order number will now show a message explaining the problem. Amazon order numbers are always in the format Archiving a delivery on Apple Watch will now remove it immediately, instead of waiting for your iPhone to archive it and report back. Fixed some bugs from the future, before they even happened. Minor performance and stability improvements when syncing with iCloud or updating the map.

Improvements for Amazon. The app is also much faster, and keeps the latest info about your deliveries directly on your Apple Watch. The watch app now requires watchOS 2. Redesigned clipboard detection: we know many of you thought the previous change was a step back. In particular, EMS numbers will now show additional options where you may be able to track your shipment.

You should also see fewer incorrect guesses.

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Defaults: When the app is installed for the first time, it now selects some default favorite services based on your region. Improved mapping to more accurately display the route your package has taken as well as its current location. Improvements for Amazon sign in. You may need to sign in again—once on each device—after the update. Improved date display for Amazon. La Poste France no longer specifies that it is only for letters.

Updated for changes to PostNord. This should make it more clear that they are intentionally obscured, and allows you to see their length. Deliveries files now include complete details, so you can AirDrop or import an archived delivery without losing any information. Emoji in item names are no longer cut off, and other text display improvements. Fixed a bug where failed location lookups did not give you the option to set the location manually. The button to sign in or enter your password now has a lock icon to differentiate it from other errors.

Improvements for background refresh. The alert icon when the widget is out of date is now nicer looking and more accurate. Fixed a bug where archived items that were saved with a different language would not sync in. Improved reliability when updating from an older version of the app. Some other minor improvements to cut down on crashes and make things faster. Text is now included when you share to Notes. La Poste now includes Colissimo.

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Improved tracking number detection. Improved USPS barcode scanning. When you copy a delivery and paste it in a text field, the name of the item is now included. Fixed a bug where opening a. Fixed a possible crash when opening files. Fixed a bug where the icon badge might not clear after deleting and reinstalling the app. A few other minor improvements. Swipe up for various actions, or press deeper to Pop into it. See the full route on the map: for many services, you can now see the path of where your package has been in addition to its current location.

This makes sharing deliveries more fun too. Complete iCloud sync: the entire state of your deliveries is now synced when you use iCloud. That includes the current status, which allows for faster and more efficient updates. It also includes archived and deleted items, so your archive should match across devices. When syncing the first time, only the past 30 days will be included. Keyboard shortcuts: on an iPad with an external keyboard, hold down the command key to see a list of possible shortcuts.

Spotlight Search: on your home screen, pull down or swipe to the right to find deliveries by item name, shipping company, and more. The URL detection has also been improved to recognize many new links. A fresh look: the new system font is now used throughout, and an adjusted detail view focuses more on the information you care about. Print or save a PDF: just tap Share and choose either, along with all our other sharing options.

The badge number on the icon should now roughly match the number of deliveries that have changed, instead of just increasing for each notification. If you archive a delivery from a notification, the Watch app, or on another device, the number will decrease. These changes are rarely of interest. Minor improvements to the barcode scanner interface. New security features in iOS 9 allow the app to enforce minimum security requirements when it connects to each service.

Adobe tracking no longer requires a user name and password. This feature was confusing and rarely worked well. When a delivery with multiple shipments is re-ordered, the app should do a better job of keeping your selected shipment showing. Improved accuracy of map locations. Improved the display of map errors and made the text easier to read. Fixed several possible crashes. Many other bug fixes and minor improvements.

iPad Mini, iPad, iPod Touch: Which iOS device should you buy?

Note: iOS 9 is now required. New in version 6. Make sure you update Deliveries on all your devices to continue syncing—Deliveries 6. Alternatively, you can use Junecloud Sync to sync with older versions. Improved reliability of Junecloud sync. Improved tracking number detection for UPS and U. Postal Service. Posten Sweden is now PostNord. Updated for changes to Poste Italiane. Fixed a bug where archiving a delivery from a notification did not always sync that change immediately. Fixed a bunch of little display issues in the Today widget, particularly on iOS 9.

Fixed some possible crashes, and a few other minor improvements. Apple Watch: there is now a progress spinner at the bottom of the screen if the app is busy updating. The Add to Deliveries extension is now supported in more apps, including Google Chrome.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation On iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch In 2019 (pre-11)

Though it does work best in Safari. Previously a delivery would always show the archive button if the delivery date was missing or in the past. This is no longer the case unless the status has not changed in 3 days or more. Fixed a bug where tracking numbers immediately followed by a period may not be found. Fixed some possible crashes, and several other minor bug fixes. Apple Watch: Fixed various problems with Refresh or Archive not working, or the list of deliveries not updating when it should.

That line will now be blank in those cases. Apple Watch: Fixed a bug where notification text might get cut off at the bottom. Improvements for tracking number and URL detection, particularly for U. Postal Service and OnTrac, as well as numbers with spaces in them. Mapping improvements for certain locations.

A new Junecloud logo.

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Some other minor improvements and bug fixes. The email sharing template has also been improved. Search: you can now filter your search results by Archived, Active, or All. This gives you an easy way to browse all your archived deliveries—just choose All or Archived without entering any search text. Multiple packages: deliveries with multiple packages have a new look, to make it more clear what the numbers mean, and which package is currently selected.

In the details view, you can now tap anywhere in the text for a package to select that package. Changing the selected package will now highlight its location on the map. Plus when you double-tap to change the selected shipment in the Today widget it will now update in the main app. The Add Delivery screen now has section headings to make it more clear what options are available. Syncing improvements for iCloud and Junecloud.

Faster downloading of service updates. Fixed a bug where opening an invalid. It will now open the Edit Delivery screen and ask you to correct any problems. Fixed a bug where the day count on the details screen did not always update when it should. Pull to refresh will no longer update deliveries that are complete—when all shipments have been delivered. When you adjust your text size, the icons like checkmarks will now scale up or down to match.

Much better map zooming in many cases. Previously there were a lot of cases where it would be zoomed out more than you would have expected—that is now much less likely to happen. Improved caching of map locations. Many other minor bug fixes and improvements. Fixed a possible crash while searching on iPad. Fixed a very weird bug that was messing up autocorrect when sharing via Mail. Fixed a bug where the widget might show more deliveries than it should.

Links to the app in shared emails now go to deliveriesapp. Clipboard detection is greatly improved. It will also show existing deliveries that match a web address, along with other improvements. Fixed a bug where URLs on the clipboard were not always recognized. Fixed a bug where you might get prompted to add a delivery on the clipboard that had already been added. Added back the option to copy by tapping and holding a delivery in the list. Autocorrect is now off for tracking number, email, and web site fields. Improvements and bug fixes for Junecloud Sync, particularly when logging in or out.

Improved the way the map pins are updated which should fix some occasional display problems, and improve efficiency in the background. This can happen if the app crashed or was forced to quit in the middle of an update. Fixed a bug where trying to sync Chinese or Japanese text to Junecloud might cause the app to crash. Fixed a possible crash or duplicated item when updating the Deliveries list. Fixed a possible crash when swiping on the Deliveries view or Add Delivery view. Fixed a possible crash when sharing a web page.

Fixed a possible crash when using the 1Password extension with a web page. Fixed a crash that would happen if you tapped in the empty space on the side of a date picker. Fixed a bug where URL, email, zip code, and date fields were not properly cleared when switching from a service with those fields to a service without them. Fixed a bug where the widget might display the wrong day counts after a time zone change. Some other minor bug fixes and performance improvements. When you get a notification you can also swipe to the left to archive it without having to open the app.

The layout also does a better job of adjusting to perfectly fit your screen. That includes support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus—even a great new landscape view on both of them. Dynamic type: Deliveries will now show larger or smaller text based on your settings. Fewer password hassles: if you have a junecloud. If you create an account in the app, your password is saved to your iCloud Keychain so you can log into the site quickly on your Mac. It says right there on the app! But it is now.

So many little things: Improved iCloud support, especially with accounts that have iCloud Drive enabled. We made a bunch of things more efficient. You can select and copy any of the text on the detail screen. The online view gives you access to sharing options. Honestly, we rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up, and we worked so hard improving things that we forgot to write them all down.

Note: iOS 8 is now required. New in version 5. Fixed a possible crash while syncing, and some other minor syncing improvements. Improved parsing of dates on Amazon. Calendar events now include a checkmark when the item has been delivered. Calendar duplicates are much less likely now if you have the calendar option enabled on multiple devices.

The most out of date deliveries will now update first. Improvements and bug fixes for clipboard detection.

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On a device without 3D Touch, swipe left and tap View. Really it depends on how careful you are with your iPhone. Fixed a possible crash when deleting a delivery on iPad with the online view open. Improved validation of service definition updates. Rarely drop your phone?

Fixed a bug where certain text could not be pasted into the tracking number field. Fixed a visual glitch with the search bar when archiving a delivery on iOS 7. Some other minor improvements. This problem is usually caused by forcing the app to close by swiping up in the multitasking view. Deliveries that have had an error for several days will update less often.

Pasting a URL in the tracking number or item name field will now parse the URL and attempt to fill everything in correctly for you. Improvements for iCloud syncing. Fixed a bug where the item name would sometimes appear blank with Bold Fonts enabled. Fixed several possible causes of crashes.

Thanks for sending your crash reports! Badges are now shown for background notifications. Manual sorting is back. You can now type a space in the search field to show everything. You can now swipe to delete an archived delivery while searching. Added support for Amazon.

Keyboard shortcuts for Bluetooth keyboards in iOS 7. The map does a much better job of zooming into the right area, especially on iOS 7. Apple orders can no longer be looked up by zip code, so the interface has been updated to reflect this. The barcode and 1Password buttons are much, much easier to tap now. AmazonSmile URLs are now detected on the clipboard.

If the delivery date changes after a shipment is delivered, it will no longer trigger a notification. Manually refreshing now only excludes deliveries that were updated in the last 5 minutes rather than Updating the calendar is a bit more efficient now. Fixed a bug where changes to a delivery would not always sync. Fixed various display quirks on iOS 7. Fixed a bug where the online view would sometimes appear blank.

Fixed a bug where the barcode button would sometimes disappear while typing. Fixed a bug where AirDrop sharing would sometimes fail on the first try. Fixed a bug where deliveries would sometimes get archived in the middle of updating and get stuck that way. Fixed a bug where a delivery might try to update repeatedly if there was no internet connection. Fixed a bug where the view would get stuck in editing mode if you started a search, swiped to delete, and then tapped cancel. Updated translations with the help of our wonderful translators. Various visual refinements, other minor bug fixes, and bitness.

Added support for Chronopost. On iOS 7, you can now press and hold the barcode scanner button to choose the old ZBar scanner. Just press and hold the button again if you want to switch back. VoiceOver improvements. Deliveries will now sync and update occasionally if the app is left open.

Apple releases iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [Updatedx8]

A sound will now play if the status updates while the application is open, but not active. Fixed a bug that could cause background updates to fail if syncing took too long, especially with iCloud. Fixed a bug that could cause repeated notifications to appear. Fixed a bug with background updates that would cause some deliveries to update more than necessary.

Fixed a bug where saved passwords were not always filled in automatically. Fixed a bug where the app would crash if the calendar used for delivery dates was removed. Fixed a bug where the app could get stuck in a loop when attempting to sync while your device was locked. Fixed a bug on where a pin at the top of the map might get cut off. Fixed a bug where action sheets pop up lists of options did not display correctly on iPad. Fixed some blurriness on non-Retina displays. Updated app icon in sharing emails.

Background notifications: with iOS 7, your deliveries can update occasionally in the background, and let you know when something changes. Open the settings and tap Notifications to turn this on. Calendar support: optionally add estimated delivery dates to your calendar. Search: You can now search your deliveries by item name, tracking number, shipping company, current status, and more. Archive: Deliveries are now archived instead of deleted. The detail view also shows an archive button when a delivery is complete.

You can search for archived deliveries, view them, and restore them if necessary. For now, stick with Junecloud if you need to sync with your Mac! Lightning fast barcode scanning: on iOS 7, barcodes scan faster than ever. AirDrop sharing: on iOS 7 you can easily share deliveries with others around you. Text and iMessage sharing: on iOS 7 you can now share deliveries via text message or iMessage. More sorting options: You can now sort by last updated in addition to by delivery date or date added.

Improved efficiency. When a countdown is over 99 days, it will now display in months. Web pages now have a back button, plus an option to copy the link or open it in Safari. Many, many other improvements and optimizations. Note: this version requires iOS 6 or later. New in version 4. Other deliveries with special characters in the web site address now load correctly. Improved update intervals. This should be more efficient without being noticeable. Improved clipboard detection for GLS. When a map location is not found, you now have the option of dropping a pin to manually set the location.

Map errors on iPhone are much less obtrusive. Fixed some possible crashes, particularly with the map view in iOS 6. Fixed a bug with adjusting map locations in older versions of iOS. Pull down on your list of deliveries to manually sync and update the status. Requires iOS 6. Numerous subtle adjustments to the map view, with optimizations for iOS 6.