The Break-Up Test

Are You Over Your Ex?
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Are you in a relationship or a situationship and you don't know if its time to end things or if this person really loves you and wants to be with you then take this test and you'll find out. Do you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't very happy, or is no longer interested in being with you? I hope not, but if so, this test can help you sort through this very important dilemma. This quiz is an honest opinion from the heart.

I could be completely wrong, and if you think that I am, don't go along with what I say, please! This is a test to see if you should stay or go. Do you really love him, or will you be better off without him? Take this test to find out if it's time to leave. Are you dating Mr.

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Then why are you taking this quiz? Take this and figure out if he's the one or just one of many. Please leave empty:.

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You're here because you're not completely over your ex. This free questionnaire “ The Breakup Test” looks at 8 key areas of your former relationship and how it's. This breakup could be your ex testing you even if they don't realize that they are doing it. The way you respond to the breakup will be looked back on by your ex.

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Should you end the relationship? Is it time to leave him? So does your family. They no longer pay attention to you. They can get very jealous.

The Ultimate Test For A Healthy Relationship

They avoid conversations about your future together. They tell you all the time how much they miss being single. They compare you with their exes. They criticize everything about you. They do not give you compliments anymore. They criticize your habits whistling, loud chewing, etc. They try to control who you hang out with. They try to control the way you dress. They disregard your achievements. They always make plans that don't include you.

They do not tell you anything about their life. They do not ask you anything about yours. They recriminate you for things that happened a long time ago. They blame you for all your fights.

How to Know If It’s a Breakup Or a “Fake Up”

They never text or call first, but you always do. They prefer to be anywhere else but by your side. They do not want to introduce you to their family. They don't support your plans. You each have very different and contradictory goals.

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  • Will your love last or should you split up? Take this quiz to find out..

They say that they would like to break up with you, but can't. They are clearly trying to make you break up with them. They only hang out with you when you contact them. They never do anything nice for you. They forget your birthday. They do not go to events that are important to you graduations, parties, presentations, etc.

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They do not invite you to their events either. And they do not tell you that they love you as often.