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Like roguelikes, Boulder Dash is grid based and turn based -- however, turns happened automatically and very quickly, making it more about timing the keypresses precisely like a very fast version of Crypt of the NecroDancer One of the iconic features of Boulder Dash were Butterflies, who did not pursue the player -- they simply moved along the walls -- and turned into a 3x3 square of Diamonds when killed by a falling boulder; I thought that an interesting HyperRogue land could be based on this, and so thought CtrlAltDestroy and Simon Clarkstone.

However, it was not clear how should the gravity be implemented like in Ivory Tower or like in Dungeon? A later update added a special tiling, heavily inspired by Butterfly No. Escher, and its hyperbolic version by Doug Dunham -- however, the butterflies had to be "broken" a bit to make the lines separating tiles clear. Since "diamonds" were already taken, another gem name had to be chosen -- the name spinel comes from the Latin spina arrow , but sounds a bit like the English word spin too, so spinels are appropriate for gems obtained by shooting bulls at the spinning butterflies.

The Crossroads V are also based on an old idea -- this time an idea of Fulgur14 , so old that it was called Crossroads III at the time. Some people consider HyperRogue to be a hard game. I think that HyperRogue is as hard as it needs to be -- if it was easier, it would not force the player to learn.

When Ptolemy I asked Euclid if there was a shorter road to learning geometry than reading Euclid's Elements , he replied that There is no royal road in geometry ; I believe the same is true not only with mathematics, but also with games such as Chess, Go, or HyperRogue. Furthermore, just as most players of Chess or Go player do not have hope to every beat the grand master, many people play difficult roguelikes without caring about whether they will ever win -- this is because the point of roguelikes is not necessarily to win, but to have fun while playing a complex game, and getting better and better in it.

This is similar to what Carl Friedrich Gauss said in a letter to Farkas Bolyai: It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment. Hyperbolic geometry was also independently discovered by Nikolai Lobachevsky, who is quoted to write There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not some day be applied to phenomena of the real world -- and indeed, non-euclidean geometry has found many applications, for example in physics, and more recently in art M.

Escher , game design , data visualization and social network analysis; and even HyperRogue itself can be applied as a powerful engine to work with applied hyperbolic geometry see RogueViz. Speaking of M.


The Journey of The Lost Treasure in Halloweenland - and! Interactive Halloween Picture Games - Kindle edition by Anita Mathews, Taline Kaland. Download it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Journey of The Lost Treasure in Halloweenland - and! Interactive Halloween Picture Games at.

Escher, here is a quote of him: We live in a beautiful and orderly world, not in a chaos without norms, as we sometimes seem to , which is also relevant to HyperRogue -- as an important thing that sets it apart from other geometrically weird games, such as Antichamber or Monument Valley , is that HyperRogue's geometry, although weird, is completely logical, and can be reasoned about; and gaining a deep understanding of this geometry is important for the game, and why it needs to be hard.

In our opinion, Monument Valley is very easy compared to HyperRogue, but also it is more shallow mathematically, which does not prevent Monument Valley and Escher's works it is based on to be great works of art. Which brings us back to the start of this long paragraph. Since all these classic quotes not only come from people whose work was very important for the development of HyperRogue, but are also very relevant to the game itself, they have been added as the Knights of Camelot's lines in HyperRogue 9.

Interestingly, if you want to get from A to B in the world of HyperRogue, there is a "royal road", one such that every other path is significantly longer than it It was not mentioned in the last part, but since 8. It is not known what new features will be added in versions So, until then, thank you very much for reading, and have a great rest of your day! Labels: hyper , sources. Sunday, 23 July HyperRogue You can also buy HyperRogue on Steam for typical Steam features such as automatic updates, online leaderboards and achievements.

The Android gold version should be available too, and the iOS version has been already sent to review. The picture above shows the Hall of Mirrors , which replaces the Mirror Land, and features long straight mirrors, revised mimic movement rules, and new monsters. Mirroring is now much more interesting! The world of HyperRogue is larger than anything Euclidean, with over 10 cells in steps from the starting point. By design, the classic version of HyperRogue has no equipment or consumables -- if it had, the players could grind this practically infinite world, in order to always have their consumable inventory full, and best equipment possible -- quite boring for gameplay.

This significantly reduces the resource management aspect compared to many classic roguelikes and other computer RPGs; furthermore, randomly placed temporary orbs introduce their own form of grinding -- when you travel the world looking for a specific set of orbs. There are also players who are unhappy with having to start a new game after a single mistake. The Orb Strategy mode has been introduced for players who are not happy with these aspects of HyperRogue.

It solves the problem of grinding by limiting the number of Orb uses by your collected treasures; as usual, the more treasures you collect, the harder the land becomes, so getting too many orbs of a single type should be impossible. The Orbs no longer appear randomly except some specific cases -- but you can use the orbs from your inventory 'i' whenever you want.

Orbs allow you to escape situations which would be deadly in the classic mode although which orb to use to escape the given situation is an important part of the strategy -- thus, the unlocking requirements in this mode are significantly higher, and you get to face difficult combat situations more often than in the classic mode.

The quests have been adjusted to give extra bonuses, and the Hall of Mirrors grants powerful Orbs of the Mirror, which let you gain copies of your chosen Orbs -- this is analogous to character specialization in classic roguelikes. One more small addition -- in the peaceful mode , there is no combat.

You can solve various navigation puzzles in HyperRogue without facing enemies, play the memory game and see from what distance you can return to the starting point, or simply explore the world only the more peaceful lands are available here. This mode is intended as a way to show the geometrical aspect of HyperRogue to new players quickly without the necessity of learning the combat strategies, or possibly to people who are interested in hyperbolic geometry, but not necessarily in the difficult challenges typical for roguelikes.

This version also includes many graphical and user interface improvements. Local scoreboards are now more useful, lines look significantly better now, and the mission screen obtained by pressing Esc or by being killed now displays hints about the basic rules of the game, hyperbolic geometry, or suggests trying special modes. The full changelog is available here. It appears that having the full version free on some platforms does not reduce sales significantly, and it has many positive effects -- so I have decided to add the newest features to the free version quickly this time.

Thursday, 25 May Programming language rant. Since Twitter is not a good medium for discussion, I am posting my thoughts on the subject here. I will start with mentioning that I have no experience with C. I have experience with Java. I consider C to be an evolution to Java. Since I was not satisfied with Java, I am not interested in trying C , since I believe it to be based on the same general rules. One reason why I did not like Java was too much focus on object oriented programming.

The widely held belief is that it is good to learn as many programming paradigms as possible, as then you are able to use the good things about these paradigms in whatever programming language you end up working with. I consider OOP to be one such concept: something that generally every programmer should learn ideally on a fully OOP language such as Smalltalk but not something that everything has to be written in.

I consider OOP to be a very useful representation of polymorphism. For example, in Hydra Slayer , there are multiple kinds of objects: hydras, consumables, and weapons. I can list all the objects in sight of the player, and then e.

Book 3 in Sci-Fi Sensation

Unfortunately, the pumpkin she had grown from a seed became so big she simply couldn't get it off the vine. Is it true she makes you memorize a million songs? The order doesn't matter, which is actually very important for basic strategies. In the previous post I mentioned that trying to avoid artificial food dyes is tricky: even pickles have them! Our boys certainly think so!

It is useful to call a name method that will work correctly for all kinds of objects despite their different inner representations. But not everything has to be an object. Oh my fucking god I have to make two fucking separate files for every fucking object. How can anyone like this language. It's so damn wordy. This actually looks very similar to the issue I had with Java. Having to create a file for every single object; not only that, also a tree structure is forced.

Furthermore, because of the lack of conditional compilation, I could not create a single version of the HyperRogue Android source that would compile as one of three packages depending on the compiler options chosen, and I had to create three copies of this source this was done with a script, but still ; maybe an experienced Java programmer would do it in some better way.

I do not know to what extent C fixes this. It does have conditional compilation, at least. I hate having two separate files. But contrary to Java, the language does not force you to actually do this. In my biggest project HyperRogue the main file hyper.

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When I want to call some function which was not yet compiled, I simply copy the declaration to hyper. But this comes up very rarely and it is far from a problem that Brian makes it to be. It takes 10 seconds to recompile HyperRogue. Not ideal, but not bad either. If header files are necessary, generating them automatically does not seem to be a difficult task.

I consider the Google Code Jam statistics to be a good benchmark of conciseness. Contestants have to implement solution to algorithmic problems as fast as possible. It has to run fast, which hurts Python, but not languages such as C or Java. I do not understand what Brian is referring to here. In most cases, you do not even need that! I usually do maps of ints, pairs, strings, vectors, non-polymorphic types, etc. If polymorphism is required, smart pointers will handle deletion.

I do not care. I never use this and I have no problems with this feature existing. I consider the diamond problem to be an inherent to class-based OOP, especially in roguelike programming, when the hierarchical subclass distinctions are often very blurry attack monsters with a cockatrice corpse? It compiles and works faster, because move semantics work behind the scenes. One only needs to understand it and care about it when writing extremely efficient programs. There were several tweets like this.

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Rather than accusing people of "Stockholm Syndrome", I suppose that some people think in this way, and other people think in that way, and everyone chooses the language which is better aligned with their way of thinking. Labels: article , development , rant. Friday, 24 March HyperRogue 9. HyperRogue version 9. You can download the Windows executable with source that compiles on Linux, the OSX package, the source, the Android version, or play the online version. Compared to the previous free release of HyperRogue 8. Ten new lands, including Reptiles where the floor is made of reptiles, Burial Grounds where you have to use the curvature to gather treasures, and the Halloween mini-game where you have to use the limited resources in spherical geometry!

See all lands in the HyperRogue gallery. Geometry nerds can now experiment with spherical, elliptic, or quotient hyperbolic geometry, access new 3D models of the hyperbolic world, try cellular automata, or use HyperRogue as a visualization engine. And tons of other minor improvements, such as turn-based multiplayer or changes to Orb frequency -- see the full changelog here. As you can see, this is the latest version available at the moment; thus, the paid extras are only the social features achievements, leaderboards and automatic updates. We are tending towards changing the "previous major version is available for free" system a bit, as it has some disadvantages.

Bugfixes and interface improvements should be immediately available in the free version, as bugs or bad interface could drive the players away. Having up-to-date source in the public repo would make it much more convenient to fork HyperRogue, as the improvements could be easily incorporated into the offical version.

This would increase the probability of people contributing so far there were only technical contributions, or ideas without code. HyperRogue is a fun and challenging game, but it is also more than that. We believe it is one of the best ways to learn about hyperbolic geometry, and as possibly the richest hyperbolic geometry system currently in existence, it has other applications such as data visualization.

For such applications, it is beneficial if the free version is up-to-date. Possibly the free version will be updated more frequently, possibly some more features will be added as paid extras. Please comment if you have any thoughts about this!

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We would also like to note that although HyperRogue is currently one of the highest rated turn-based tactics games on Steam , it has almost no reviews on sites such as Metacritic. Please add reviews there! Most importantly, have fun!

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Sunday, 5 March HyperRogue 9. HyperRogue 9. Android, iOS, and the online version will come later. You can find safety in some places in the Prairie , but if you want treasures, they can be found only on the other side of a giant herd of bulls. Butterflies of Bull Dash don't pursue you -- unless you get next to them, they just spin around the obstacles. They cannot be killed conventionally, but you get treasure when a Raging Bull crashes into a Butterfly. Crossroads V is yet another layout of Crossroads.

Some other changes: Additional 3D options have been added to HyperRogue. The ball model and hyperboloid model can explain the 3D hyperbolic space used by HyperRogue. A slight change in the generation of orbs, so that it is no longer optimal to avoid collecting more treasures after the 10 or 25 threshold. The Zebra pattern is a periodic pattern of 40 cells, in the Zebra quotient geometry, the space is warped so that repetitions which become exactly the same cell -- thus, you play on a torus with two holes.

The field quotient geometry is similar, but it is based on the pattern which is used by the Prairie; this pattern has cells heptagons. In the mobile versions, a compass has been added in the bottom left corner. It can be used for movement, so that your hand no longer obscures the view. Prairie is based on wonderfullizardofoz's Amazon River idea, but rethemed to make it stand our more from Whirlpool.

Crossroads V is an old idea of Fulgur The field pattern is inspired by the method used by David Madore in his hyperbolic maze.

Oklahoma Halloween and Fall Festivities Guide – Uncovering Oklahoma

More improvements and are reported in the changelog , and on the Steam forums. Thursday, 5 January HyperRogue 9. Android and iOS versions will come later. This update introduces three new lands, and several other minor features and bugfixes. Additionally, an online demo of HyperRogue has been created! This allows new players to try out HyperRogue's gameplay without downloading it.

These reptiles are quite strange creatures. They spend most of their lives sleeping, as floors that other creatures can walk on. You will need all 60 minutes, and help from everyone in your group if you hope to escape in time. For the Halloween season, there will be a special Halloween themed room.

Reservations are required and can be made here. WHERE: South Carson Avenue, Tulsa You and up to five of your friends have an hour to work together and solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and assorted challenges to put together the clues to escape one of their unique rooms at The Escape Tulsa. It is designed to be played by groups of people. You have exactly 1 hour to test your wits and problem solve a series of puzzles in a single room.

The goal is to escape within the time limit; but beware, do not try to go at it alone. Their escape rooms feature Hollywood level scenes crafted for each game puts you in the middle of the action. Their games are designed to be fully immersive, featuring period-appropriate props to curated aromas in the room. Before or after your play session, you can stop in their restaurant for a meal. It is here, under the guise of a rehabilitation facility, that Dr. Now, these monsters of Dr. Make no mistake; The 13th Ward is not for the faint of heart.

Oklahoma Halloween and Fall Festivities Guide

Enter Dr. Keep your loved ones and friends, and possibly complete strangers, close by and pay no mind to the screams ahead. Especially with the likes of strangers. It is these affairs that envelope the minds of the individuals, warily holding on to their very sanity. Will you survive until dawn? Shoot as many of the approaching zombies as you can with glow-in-the-dark paintballs from the safety of their Battle Wagon.

For a more intense experience, take the walk-through trail and it will have you fighting off zombies from all directions as you make your way to the end. Family friendly event and fun for all ages. No prior paintball experience or equipment is required and participants do not need to wear masks or other protective gear.

Concessions and bathrooms are available inside their climate controlled clubhouse. This is meant to be scary so keep that in mind when bringing children. They will allow one flashlight per group of on the walk. The acre woods are transformed into the scariest Haunted Trail in the area. If you are looking for a new and out of the ordinary way to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing this October, Dead Woods Haunted Forest is the place for you. The trail will not open until there is total darkness.

Profits from the Exscream Haunted House will benefit the school as well as different organizations in the school district. They also offer a concession stand, a movie playing while people wait, and a and-under area. For the brave at heart, stop by the House of Screams. This inferno themed haunted house is guaranteed to scare you from one end to another!

Plus, you get to check out the various rides Frontier City has to offer. Visitors will be immersed in a dream that will never seem to end. It is strongly advised not to wear nice clothes as you may get bloodly. Start in the Halloween Village for hot and cold drinks, food, bobbing for apples, fortune tellers, ghost stories, and more before heading off into one of the attractions.

Will you end up as another victim buried in Eternal Slumbers Cemetery or will you make it through the Widows Web, survive Camp Carnage, and travel through twists and turns at Newcastle Nightmare. All proceeds go back to the museum. Hand built sets around every corner including live actors as well as some of the newest animatronics in the Haunt industry today.

All proceeds benefit two local non-profit youth councils in Prague. The Dark Ride begins with a journey through the haunted forest on a dark and mysterious path where you will board your Scareage that will take you on a thrilling haunted adventure that will leave you with a skull chilling experience as you encounter the ghostly creatures that roam the woods. The extreme contagion of this unnatural phenomenon calls for the immediate mobilization of a high-security operation, code name: OKC Zombie Task Force. Courageous citizens are needed immediately to contain the Zombies before they escape and terrorize the city.

We must reverse the gamma-ray effects by activating explosive transformers located throughout the six-story Sky Trail, now being called the Sky Scream. The Sky Scream is still smoldering; visibility will be limited and you will find the gamma radiation has caused normal insects to grow to abnormal and frightening sizes on the structure. Once the transformers have been activated, your team will have only seconds to escape before the blast erupts. Be advised: your only escape route is down a black-hole high-speed slide. Anyone who survives will be asked to continue the hunt for escaping Zombies and will be issued laser guns to hunt Zombies in the whitewater channels.

Ascend into chaos and confusion with each step bringing you closer to insanity in an experience like walking through a living, breathing horror movie. Be sure to also check out their resturant and escape room, which are open year round. You will be taken on a guided tour of the home where you will be invited to participate in the theatrical performance while learning the ghostly history behind the house of horrors.

If you are not running in fear, you might be frozen in fright. The Haunted Barn is guaranteed to be the most exciting, adrenaline pumping, crazy entertainment possible in a barn. Their actors will be dressed up, made up, and desperate to scare the yell out of you. They come out crawling, moaning, groaning, screaming or exploding with chainsaws running.

Whatever it takes to creep you out or freak you out they will be doing it. Make your way through a haunted barn and five acres of haunted forest. Many of your favorite movie characters are here and a horde of zombies too! Visitors take a tractor-drawn hayride tour through the Enid Cemetery, encountering a number of unusual characters who once lived in Oklahoma. Appearing from behind tombstones, the characters tell their personal stories and the tales of their historical journeys. Tombstone Tales is one of the most popular events in Enid and has sold out each year since its inception, said Marcy Jarrett, director of Visit Enid.

Tours start every 20 minutes beginning at p.

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Tickets must be paid by check or cash only. Additionally, the Enid Cemetery Board will be serving hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and drinks for a small donation before and after each tour. All stories have been researched from interviews and public archives. From the bullet holes in the ceiling of the Bluebell Saloon to the shuttered windows of the Territorial Jail, the downtown area is the backdrop for stories of heartbreak, mysterious happenings, and murderous intent — not to mention a few instances of just plain bad luck.

Tours take approximately 90 minutes and include gentle inclines on brick-paved sidewalks. They are rich in history and dipped with stories that will leave you curious and entertained. For more advnetures throughout the year, follow Uncovering Oklahoma on social media via Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram. If you love what Uncovering Oklahoma is doing, became a patron to help support us and get bonus content.

Legends of the Lost Causes. Monday Music Discovery for June 24, Enter your email address here to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Email Address. Oklahoma Halloween and Fall Festivities Guide. First Name. Last Name. Performances, Parades, and Shows. Halloween Pops Concert.

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Festivals, Parties, and Concerts. Haunt the River. Dead Guy Daze in Guthrie. Paranormal Fest. Viking Festival at Heavener Runestone. Robbers Cave Fall Festival. Downtown Norman Fall Festival. Haunt the Dome. Annual Route 66 Pecan and Fun Festival. Haunt Old Town. Howl-O-Ween Campus Corner. Brick or Treat. Haunt The Zoo. Spider Ball Halloween Party.

Haunt the Hill. Factory Obscura presents The Procession. Day Of The Dead Festivities. Day of the Dead Festival. Family Fun: Mazes and Pumpkin Patches. Daze in a Maze. Livesay Orchards. Orr Family Farm. Pumpkinville at Myriad Gardens. Reding Farm. P Bar Farms. Rustic Acres. TG Farms. Baker Street Escapes. Cracked Norman. Sixth Sense Escape Games.

Key Quest Escape Room Tulsa. The Escape OKC. The Escape Tulsa. The SafeHouse Tulsa. The Sanctuary Escape. Haunted Attractions. The 13th Ward. The Asylum. Cimarron Walk of Terror. Dead Woods Haunted Forest. Exscream Haunted House. Guthrie Haunts: Scare Grounds. Guthrie Haunts: Insomnia. Haunted Castle Halloween Festival. House of Carnage. Hex House. Killing Frost Productions: House of Thorn. Lost Lakes Haunted Forest. Newcastle Nightmare.

Nightmare in the Country. A Nightmare on Main Street. Nightmare Warehouse. The Playground Haunted Forest. Psycho Path. The Sanctuary. Scareport on Airport. Terror on 10th Street Haunted House. Tormented Hollow.