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This stuff is real. I have SEEN the chemtrails up close. Metallic taste in my mouth for the following days of the spraying. You are correct. Same thing is happening here in Winnipeg, MB as well. Some days it is insulting how lined the skies, I mean, at lease a bit of discreetness would be appreciated to those of us who are aware.

All the others, they never even look up. Winnipeg is covered with them. I have known about Chemtrails for years, but did not see any real obvious situations so did not think much about it. Moved from Calgary last year, and have been noticing every day that the sky starts out clear, and then slowly it gets covered through the day, with plumes that slowly moved into clouds in the same sections. At the end of the day the sky is covered thin cloud cover in layers from the plumes that made them. I have some pics of some very bizarre cloud formations on the day of the 4. Mr Suzuki purhaps this is a chance to put all this to sleep Why not do a special on tv and really dig deep into the subject.

Apparently there is enough interest in this and would make a good show. Simple… Mr Suzuki and the Canadian gov. Chemtrails are real. You need to check out my video i shot of chemtrails in Lindsay Ont today. There are at least 14 videos on my youtube channel right now my email is kenmcrae3 gmail. Or did the bilderberg gag you? Because even a ten yr old looks up and says those are not real clouds!!! Why are all this guys videos deleted? Why is his email address not recognized? Is that because DSF is telling the truth? I enjoyed listening to Mr. I wonder why? You have spent too much time lying to our faces to be left alone.

People need to confront you at every opportunity. Contrails do not start and stop as jets pass over Vancouver, but chemtrails from jets do. You have become the punching bag on this issue. You need to come out of your condo and face the discontent at Kits. You Must Atone, Mr. The targets are many fold. EG: Keeping people from recognizing the change and intensity of the sunlight, which in the time of the pole shift, will kill you from exposure. This destroys the protective layers of ozone. Destroys the feeder root systems of plant life. There are some 23 negative feedback loops happening in the environment.

NOT just C-3 communications.

The Common Sense Canadian

Look at all the patents. Research geoenergetics, bioenergetics, and psycoenergetics. The later is included herein. Youtube video; Alien Spiders! So governments, Big corporations, the Financial elite all have our best interests in mind do they, would never lie or hide facts or paint the wrong picture to the people would they? You mean test and collect data?!?!

OH wait its because Fossil fuels are still our only option for everything, who controls the fuel and has lots to lose if it is no longer a sellable product? I find it very strange that despite the fact that so many people are wanting information on Chemtrails, from our governments or whoever, asking to provide information as to why exactly some plane trails dissipate and others eventually spread out all over the sky, these enquiries are labelled as coming from conspiracy theorists.

Tthis has been going on for so long that I definitely think something is very fishy. So, if you believe in this particular conspiracy, put your money where your mouth is the next time, before you slander a scientist, or a skeptic as a co-conspirator, or whine about the closed-mindedness of your fellow humans! Just walk away quietly to your next Anti-government Survival store of your choice, purchase some protective gear and wear it proudly! Black Goo, Chemtrails, Morgellons. David Suzuki needs to do actual scientific study, before he and any other who claim credentials, open their mouths to prove they are ignorant of the truth.

Governments attack Carbon, as if it is not the basis of all life on the planet. Al Gore is either a fool, or a liar for profit. I see him as both. Geoenergetics, bioenergetics, and psycoenergetics, are as real as it gets. If an opinion is given without study of the matter, it makes him a fool. Just for a start! As for the rest…. That… would either cost him his job, or perhaps more. Truth, if given as much time and emphasis as error, will invariable prove itself.

In this society however, it must be fought for. Those in error, will in the end be shown for their error. Deny this, and you deny the very nature of what you are. They have groups of scientists and pilots who all confirm that this is happening. Not to mention corroborating laboratory analysis of environmental samples taken all across the US showing massive increases in environmental concentrations of the exact metals they use. See below for videos on webs in trees, collection, analysis and microscopic investigation of the fibres :.

Of course, the sky behind the first plane looked like in your picture. I saw it with my own eyes, not from the stories. People that acknowledge Chemtrails also acknowledge Climate Change! Why are planets like Neptune and Jupiter and Mars heating up to? All one has to do is look at the skies and see the active chem-trailing going on every day and causing Storm cells which cause property damage from hail.

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Visit www. Chemtrails cause illness and Plant and Tree Die-Off. My question to Mr. Suzuki is how many shares do you have in these chem-trail companies? Who is paying your salary? Invested interests will say whatever they will to fulfil their agenda. You told me to leave you alone, so I did, but I yelled after you that you are obsolete. If you and your family have been threatened then I feel sorry for you, and I understand why you are not speaking out and why you write blogs like this. Otherwise, I guess you are a shill for the globalists and their insane Agenda 21 and that is far worse than being obsolete.

Why would you want to treat someone so terribly when you have no proof. I know how it feels to think geoengineering is happening without our consent but that is no reason to treat a great man the way you have. Please just for a minute put your biases aside and think about all the good he has done. He has not sold out he is a scientist he must look at the science. Dane W. He is in a serious battle with the US govt to get this stopped having devoted 10 yeas of life to do so.

Wake up… look around you, see what is going on in the forests, with trees they are dying.. David is not prepared to confront the truth. It will require a great deal of research to reprove to himself what many have already figured out. Unfortunately, this is a deep subject as it is linked to a great deal of other issues, even the likes of energetics weapons. Good luck getting that into the public realm.

The Blogahon Philabuster. Dear Mr. Suzuki, Please go to geoengineeringwatch. I can not believe you think those huge trails in the sky are contrails. Whatever the cause, there is every reason to regret the publication of this text. Suzuki, that is the task of a science reporter. As a scientist you are expected to investigate the world directly, guided by intelligible hypotheses and reliable research methodologies. Scientists who presume the results of a study before the appropriate data are collected may be suspected of rank prejudice. Rather than dismissing the widely-reported phenomenon of chemtrails out of hand, as a scientist rather than a mainstream public figure you would be expected to accumulate information on the subject, investigate stated claims, then frame your own study — which as a millionaire you could no doubt afford, even if the State refused to support the project financially.

As it is, you have shamefully discredited the profession of science by drawing upon your iconic stature to ridicule and intimidate persons like whistleblowers and highly-placed insiders who express views that depart sharply from your own. Apparently, until a phenomenon is thoroughly analyzed it remains an unscientific theory. But what prevents it from being investigated? According to Suzuki it is simply absurd to suppose that governments would collude with corporate interests and specialized personnel to seed the atmosphere with substances that are poisonous to life.

In historical terms, could the famous scientist actually not know about the impenetrable security that surrounded the international Manhattan project to devise an atomic bomb? A phenomenon cannot exist because to the right-thinking mind it cannot possibly exist. This is circularity on the level of reason, obscurantism on the level of belief.

From there it is but a quick hop to the persecutory practice of mixing together outspoken citizens with fringe activists labeled as conspiracy theorists and climate deniers. All of these are side-issues, paling in relation to the One Big Problem, even if those VIPs at Davos can be held responsible for the lack of concerted action in the climate arena. An alternative, non-divisive approach would be for Dr. Suzuki to use his considerable authority to call for university-level research into the conjectured presence of aluminum or barium in the soil where chemtrails have been reported.

It should be simple enough to document whether or not there are increased levels of these metals present in the samples collected.

The Common Sense Canadian

If you havent spent a couple of hours watching this shit drop from 40 thousand feet to 10 thousand then keep quiet. You just have to use your eyes not the lies. Ps love you. It states Alberta insurance companies pay for this for hail suppression in order to save money from hail damages. I guess this woman, then, a decorated officer and single mom who literally risked her life to tell the truth, is wrong as well.

Suzuki, you used to be a national treasure. What was it? Did they threaten your family, pay you millions of dollars, tell you could do lots of good work on other subjects as long as you towed the line on so-called climate change and chemtrails? You claimed that change would be too late by now when I was in my teens, but have since back peddled a marathon.

Climate change and thermal transfer will affect water as a resource more than any other. Why not? Use your eyes, look in your own back yard. Clean your own home before reaching elsewhere. Your foundation will fail. David Suzuki…one word describes this absolute shill…WANKER…I saw the Australians totally annihilate you…more like expose you for the absolute bought off wanker that you truly are…go dig yourself a deep hole and bury yourself and your Canadian passport…Wanker 1. The Australian guy in the video is wrong.

David Suzuki is right. He just believes what climatologists resoundingly say. This article explains it better:. Suzuki was exposed as a know-nothing who supports the biggest scam ever put together by Banksters. Mr Suzuki. A Conspiracty Theory is like talking about winning the lottery, Until you buy a ticket is is a theory, Once you have one ppiece of evidence, It is now a probabilty. Then the evidence is given. First is denail, Then extreme predijuce against the messenger. Some will fall into a categeory, I knew it all along. When evidence is presented in There are no bodies blood a hole 16 ft wide cant fit a boeing Enough evidence that there would be convictions in court.

I have to wonder as a scientist, why you keep mention conspiracy theory, when as a scientist you look for evidence, I agree about science helping is, But it s no good if the facts show a probabilty ove rthe misuesed word conspiracy theory, Conditioning of the human mind. When I say conspiracy what word comes to mind, most will say theroy. When i ask you quickly what is the first playing card that comes to mind.

Most will say ace of spades, stick yto your great scientific work, and dont get into an opinion i things without being educated on it. Your a joke. I had a hair sample analysis done. Showed high levels of Aluminum and Barium. Doctor said this was unusually high and asked if I worked around Barium which I do not. We are all breathing this. To all you Geo-Engineering deniers out there I challenge you to get a hair test done.

But you chicken sh! Easier to just blah blah about normal persistent contrails and how everyone observing this is crazy. Cognitive Dissonance at work. I dare you to test the rain water and soil. Wait until you find out about the nice nano-tech organisms they are infecting us with as well. Check out Carnicom. I have booked my whole family in for hair sample tests, out of my own pocket. I suggest everyone on here do the same for their family and friends. Ok so the people speaking here on this video are delusional????? You are obviously trying to hide this!!!

I have lost all respect for you! You are part of the cover up, you clown! Sounds like David needs to go back to school and learn about jet engines because there is more to this world than he hypothisizes about! And till then your science is junk science. Include everything and there will be a different outlook. Geo engineering is real. Even Bill Vanderzalm has his head out of his ass on this issue. I must add to my previous comment, as thick clouds have moved in and are blocking the early plane trailing, which are now not visible.

So it may not be possible to see the spray today. This happens alot. Clouds hide it so there is alot more of it than just what we see on sunny days, a good point to remember. To Mr Suzuki: Today is Feb. The forecast I read for Vancouver yesterday by all sources was for clear cloudless sky for two days.

Au contraire mon frere. The sun is blocked by patches of now familiar haze which remain and are drastically diluting the suns rays. It is blocking the sun. We need the sun to grow food. Full and intense sun as a matter of fact. Eating and nutrition is going to be very difficult without it. In your article you did not address the issue of plane trails causing a nonfunctional environment for the inhabitants of the earth.

Are you not one of us? Or your children? Today the sky in Vancouver is perfect proof that man made effects are altering the basic live-ability of our habitat. Check the forecast. And you most likely do not. Please stop condescending to Canadians and make a simple scientific observation of the sky.

Perhaps you are just not one of us and never have been? Think of the children at least and what they are inheriting. Must have a code that you can live by. And so become yourself because the past is just a goodbye. Teach your children well, their fathers hell did slowly go by. David Suzuki is a joke and a really bad one. These maniac scientists are risking an ice age not to mention adverse world wide health as a result of their Frankenscience. Visit the ISS live feed site and see that the entire planet is engulfed in a silver haze, thanks to the ongoing chemtrail spraying program.

Stop looking down at your iPhones and start looking up at our skies! I used to like David Susuki until he came out with this denial of chemtrails, semantics matter here, chemtrail is just a name to point out those extra large sky-to sky clouds that are made by jets and did not exist 12 years ago over the skies, those trails also milk out the sky and change the color of it for a silvery, milky blue, full of dusty looking haze. Stratospheric aerosol injection is, in the other hand, a scientific term, and this is what is happening. What can you say about that Susuki?

Reason number one for Arctic ice melting…….. Read this, google acrctic drilling is inevitable,if we dont find oil in the arctic then russia will. Anything goes when money is involved,even in Obamas office. Russia is planning to open old military bases in their arctic to set up exploratoin posts. America still has theirs in use. Not used much for military purposes now but still operational. Now they are used for more friendly purposes.

Another beautiful sky,Monday morning,Sept15 This is how it should look,this is how I remember it from decades passed. Seems yesterday was the same. Driving south on hwy 99 I noticed several planes exhausting what I thought was vapor about 8 to 9 am. After a while they were still there,more planes or the same ones heading back were trailing again.

Some disappeared most stayed. I was outside for about 2 hrs. Now, this is strange because all other past trails would drift easterly over the lower mainland. These drifted into Washington. Nothing stayed in BC. I thought for a while,because they were different,maybe they were CONTRAILS,but along came 2 more planes out of the south,one had a long trail that eventually disappeared,and the others disapeared instantly behind it.

So then,why did so many planes leaving trails,all at or near the same altitude have trailers that were so different? Go to Boundary Bay BC from june to august. I am there almost every day for 1 to 12 hrs. They always stop at the US border last for hours and are sprayed very high. They then fall to the lower wind,typically a westerly here,then spread from the trail all the way to Abbotsford and more east.

Other days the clouds are like feathers ,straight on one edge then feathering off at the other. What is unusual is they are scattered in all directions and cover a large section of the sky. As of sept 1 I noticed for several days NO trails,I actually saw blue sky for a while. The weather cooled here slightly, no need to spray. Many times there are 3 to 5 trails side by side,all breaking into feathers one after the other almost timed as the decend into the wind.

The sky is my playground,weather and wind are vital to my activity. Look where the polar ice cap is melting the most and fastest. I have watched a lot of airplanes flying in my sky. Some of them leave NO trails at all,some just disappear afew seconds later,but others? If I had more time and money I would attach a telescope to a camera and sit there all day taking picture and video of the trails,the sky afterward and identify the aircraft responsible.

That oil angle is interesting! There are many others, such as killing off Social Security pensioners, global military dominance, increasing arable land farther north to keep the ever-increasing growth financial scams alive, heading off an impending ice age, etc; But the oil angle makes a lot of sense! But keep in mind, most all heat comes from the inner earth think volcanoes , and the chemtrail blanket IS warming whatever it covers.

Anyway, this is very bad news, and if people had any brains, they would drop everything right now, and destroy every center of govt as far and wide as possible until it stops. But fortunately for the elite, the people are too lazy and stupid to lift a finger.

They will rather suffer and die than exert any energy whatsoever to counter the violence perpetrated upon themselves. The oil is to me anyways the reason. Articals I have read date melting the snow and ice to almost a century ago when Russians came up with the idea of spreading coal dust on the snow to melt it faster. Black on white,snow has no chance. But,just think,it was cheap,available technology for the time,as for the enviornmental impact….

The chemtrail spraying ,from what I have seen,is from the US border to the north,and the coverage blows east to north east. The aircraft almost alway fly the same direction coming from the north. Look at a globe for a while,If you were to spray between the central coast down to the 49th along the coastline and the spraying covers BC and parts of ALTA isnt that the areas that are already very hot in summer?

TGIF MAY 10, 2019 - Okanagan Dirty Air "contrails, chemtrails"

You want it cooler. Add to that HAARP to alter the flow of the jetstream so the warm south air rises to the north and causes temps to rise considerably. More on the jetstream. It may only be me,because I have only followed it extensivly for about 4 months. But I noticed back in April to mid June that there almost always was a circular pattern of wind from west circling counter clockwise upward then west right over the area above Vancouver. This pattern moved north to beside the Queen Charlotte islands and then more north and west to below Alaska taking with it the jetsream.

Now the spraying has stopped,the weather is cooler and the circular pattern is coming back. Along with it better wind patterns around here. Trust me,I spend a lot of time waiting for the right wind. I noticed that since mid June the wind changed drasticly. It had no power,was coming from everywhere and at times nowhere. My windsock was straight out and 30 meters beside it there was almost no wind in my face. Strange but now that everthing seems to be back to normal jetsream,natural clouds. Sept 8 was the best day for nearly 3 months,and I am predicting Monday,Tuesday to be good to excellent.

Hope no rain comes though. Have you ever noticed the sunrises and sunsets are getting a lot more spectacular lately? Maybe its because our atmoshere is full of crap. For the last few years, they let us see the sun now and then, but from , there was not a single day of sun — every day was overcast and raining and we were formerly a desert climate with sunny days almost every day.

And not a soul notices. Do the flashlight test at night and read some of the other posts. All analysis are being blocked by labs, and the atmosphere is literally an ocean of particles. You will be shocked and stunned to see them. Our lungs are being turned into dirty vaccuum cleaner bags. The apathy over this has made me lose all care for anything in this world. In my view, violence is being perpetrated upon all of us, and anything done to stop chemtrails is self-defense.

At least, stop funding the beast-system. Disconnect as much as possible. The system is way out of line. When man shifts from faith in nature to faith in systems of men for sustenance, the result is always disasterous. There IS one thing we can all be happy about. ALL these assholes will also have died off.

THEN the world can regenerate itself and start over. I made a motor trip to White Horse in the Yukon last summer and then to the tip of the Baja in Mexico last winter and I witnessed jet trails that became much larger clouds, over the entire distance. People I spoke with in Whitehorse advised that they are making chemtrails in Alaska. So the entire continent I would imagine.

The Okanagan of British Columbia gets hammered with jet trails every day, mostly in the morning and then the sky is often completely cloud covered by late afternoon. When looking at Google Images, you can easily see the difference between pre photos and post photos. I hope your 20 pieces of silver are worth it you scum sucking pig. Should make enough tinfoil hats for all you nutbars and all your friends too. Maybe Ricky and Julian will get you a cake. This paper reads like pure propaganda, ignoring nearly two decades of hard scientific evidence of ongoing aerosol spray operations, including rainwater sample test results from all over the world which show off the chart levels of heavy metals and other poisons.

There is mountains of evidence spanning nearly twenty years, that fact is beyond question. Shame on you, David Suzuki. Clearly you are part of the system. No scientist would ignore hard data, yet you have chosen to do just that. There are circumstances for complicity. Warren, about David Suzuki. Many of his articles attest that he is a contributor, not the writer. They like to use his name to boost credibility. I have a friend that is 86 yrs. Do the best you can to enlighten people but in the end most will continue on their path ignoring the facts.

Talbie, you can go buy a flashlight at Costco, and look into the beam at night, and see that we are drowning in an ocean of atmospheric fibers — you retard. You listen here, I am very sensitive to the poisons in these cloud seeding Geo-engineering , chem-trails experiments, call them what ever the hell you want, no one in their right mind would think it would be ok to drop tons of toxic materials on any living organisms and not think it would poison them….

It has totally ruined my life and all of the people around me. You need to be brought to justice with the rest of the criminals that are doing this to people all around the world.. David Suzuki is a paid liar and a piece of sh! I have lost all respect for that waste of life. In fact when someone doesnt understand then its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place. While those certainly will alter weather, they are nothing compared to what the collective motoring population does.

Get a DSLR with a large telephoto lens and snap a photo. Take the registration numbers off the wing and google them, and most likely you will get search results for FlightAware which will show the airline, type of aircraft, and routing which does not conform to the typical grid pattern aerial application aircraft fly, and a bunch of results from Airliners. The criss cross patterns people see simply conform to published air routes… Even repeated ovals are aircraft in published holding patterns. Since the routes are stationary relative to the earth, but the wind is always blowing, successive jets on the same route will appear to be flying beside the previous contrail.

By Daren Jonescu Barack Obama has The Daily Mail Online has analyzed the numbers and discovered that among U. Take the registration numbers off the wing and google them, and most likely you will get search results for FlightAware which will show the airline, type of aircraft, and routing which does not conform to the typical grid pattern aerial application aircraft. Hopefully, people can clearly and easily see that Mr. By contrast, the NSA has continually lied outright about surveillance, only to be exposed as the pathological liars that they are by Edward Snowden and others.

Everyday, in all kinds of businesses, secret, immoral and illegal dealings are going on behind the scenes. And did you test what was in the tank to confirm that what you were spraying was actually what you were told that you were spraying? The conversation of if this is conspiracy or not is long since over. Why in the world are we still having this discussion? The only discussion that we need to be having is how we are going to stop this and send the perpetrators to jail. There is no conspiracy theory here, this is a conspiracy fact, not denied by the UN and now talked about openly by its perpetrators.

Websites like this are nothing more than propaganda, disinformation dumping grounds. People are waking up to the truth…and I cannot wait until each person guilty of perpetrating these horrible crimes against humanity are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have done lots of research on them, and I believe they exist and are practiced all around the world.

I have also talked to people in Australia that have seen them regularly. I live in B. I also believe in global warming and have so for a decade now, so what he says about people who believe in chemtrails are climate warming deniers is HOGWASH! Yes you are so right Karen- to pit people who believe that we are being poisoned with chemtrails against climate change activists is simple absurd…the worst kind of brainwashing…shame on you David Suzuki! Do your science first! Here is a little science for you. You can see then turn their sprays on a off at times then fly lower one behind each other when approaching smaller airports to refuel.

The effects? Itchy eyes, scalp, runny nose and irritability…all symptoms of chemical poisoning. And I can tell you for sure that my science is founded in first hand experience. Luckily there is somethings we can do to fight back. Participate in non-biased studies by sending water and ground samples into a non-biased trusted lab conducting honest testing. Take zeolites and magnetized magnesium water during peak spraying times…Sleep with a humidifier close you to your bed stocked up with vitamin c powder, wild oregano oil, eucalyptus, colodial silver, iodine and echinacea.

Birds reported killed by poisoned cereal baits include morepork, weka, tomtits and grey warbler, and fauna known to eat cereal bait include kea , kaka, little spotted kiwi, kokako, saddleback, kakariki, pukeko, insects, koura and lizards. The number of possums in New Zealand was estimated at This is important because once the ecosystem is no longer managing itself and is interfered with by humans, it no longer functions so effectively.

Scientists warn that this paves the way to rat plagues. Poisoning from occurs through eating the dosed baits cereal pellets or from the flesh of poisoned animals. There is no antidote and it causes every appearance of extreme distress in dogs, and the signs can last for hours before the dog dies.

Poisoned carcasses can remain poisonous to scavenging dogs for many months if they have been preserved in very dry conditions. From an animal rights perspective, we should not be allowing such an extremely painful death. Other wild and domestic animals become unintended kill, and it persists through the food chain. Clyde is now involved in a new web site www. Can we trust the DOC and health board information we are given when we know that government has financial conflicts of interest?

They included the following information:. Moreover most native species remain entirely unstudied. Thus there is plenty of proven downside for native species. Third, there is not a single ecosystem level study. Clyde points out that New Zealand is classed as being free from TB, and that only 50 possums have ever been found to have been infected with TB.

This has not been happening - especially over the previous years of the National Government administration. At present we are now still on the back foot in dealing with these new diseases. However the main two projects that are resting with Stephen is around glyphosate and the Country of Origin - the Food Labelling Bill. Steffan has made some slight modifications to the bill she originally drafted back then and it is now moving forward. Steffan mentioned that sometimes the universe does provide and that serendipity sometimes shows up ….

So it's a wait and see situation. It is a known that GE soy is coming into NZ - a lot of it for animal feed - some going into our bread as well as tofu. Being food for poultry and pigs. Presently salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds is an increasing ecological problem. Like intensive dairy farms they have far too many fish in the one space. They are wanting to shift the goalposts.

Steffan notes that the industry is expansionist and every few years wants a bit more and a bit more …. Mandated targets and conscious government enthusiasm. Steffan also met with Dutch officials in the Hague and they have some very good initiatives happening in the Netherlands too.

Austria is also pushing organics as a new way forward. The so called Sustainable Wine Growing NZ group - Steffan gives them a slap - as dragging the chain and being more words than action. So sustainable wine growing is not what it says it is. Listen to the interview. Steffan talks about dairy and the huge price differential between ordinary conventional farming and intentional organic dairy farming. Hence Tim only sourcing organic milk products since he learnt about this a few years ago. This is what the Directions State:. After application of Weedmaster TS a withholding period for grazing stock is not required except where ragwort is present.

Also, Steffan mentions - it must not to be used as a desiccant that is sprayed on crops ahead of harvest.

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See above. Yet Steffan stated that he knows scientists here in NZ who counter all the statements that this report uses to get glyphosate off the hook. Steffan talks about the ongoing need for recapture of this gas instead of letting it blow away in the air stream. The Green Party is applauding the decision by the Ports of Auckland to require total recapture of the toxic gas methyl bromide at the port by the end of the , and says other ports must now follow suit.

The revelation states that methyl bromide gas to fumigate logs at the port may pose a health hazard to people in surrounding areas. Mr Browning of the Green Party called for a new facility to be built at the port that would allow safer fumigation. Methyl bromide is used to fumigate logs for export. Steffan finally finishes with some of the highlights of his political career - his love for what he does in the organic world. He is drawn to hands on projects that people are doing … closing the environmental loop and being so close to the land, with passion and love. This is an important interview to be able to understand the courage and measure of this man.

We have been going backwards over this time especially as we have added another three and half billion souls to the planetary population. Biosphere collapse has to be avoided! The first step in this endeavor, naturally, must be to understand how nature sustains life. It turns out that this involves a whole new conception of life. When we go back to Greece the word oikos means household and nomos means management. Note that eco for ecology and economics also have the same root prefix. The separation between the human sphere and the natural sphere.

We were embedded in natural forces. Materialism : the predominance of measuring any reality in the terms of matter as against energy or spirit - or the intangible. This is what we have today. Economism : that we measure everything through the lens of economic cost benefit analysis - time is money - be it Local or Central government. How much did you win, how much did you lose? My net worth is ……….. This European experience is totally out of step of non European cultures thus the need to heal our planetary systems and be more open to listen ….

We need to become citizens of the earth see ourselves as brother and sisters with other parts of our planet. We are all integrated within the web of life - even if we do not realise it - and with all biota. The imperative is to understand we are together - breathing in and out - this invisible barrier that is fundamental to our survival as a species. Talisman Sabre is a biennial joint Australia-United States military exercise. The grannies set up a table and chairs and prepared tea and cake in order to engage in dialogue with military personnel.

Located half-an-hour's drive south-west of Alice Springs, Pine Gap is one of Australia's most secret sites. Partly run by the U. She was born into a Quaker family in Northern England and migrated to Australia in , at age She has 4 adult children and 13 grandchildren. Helen's concern for the rights of children grew into a fascination with early Quakerism. On a lighter side, Helen collects Quaker bonnets, one of which she is wearing in the above photo. Warren and friends have just launched the Great Kiwi Bottle Drive. Where the small town and community of Kaitaia in the Far North recycled 20, bottles and cans in 4 hours.

Exceeding expectations. Where at the Kaitaia market - many people supported this ideal - with a very community spirited input. Children were involved - many very young and it was heartwarming to receive their bottles and give the kiddies some money in return. They filled a large curtain-side truck with empties. Now this initiative is heading South to more towns and communities throughout the whole of NZ.

Parliament being one of the stops. With the idea of creating up to 2, plus jobs, savings for Councils, money for families and community groups. Cash for container schemes - are going well around the world however NZ is lagging behind world opinion. Warren's team are about to change this!

Leave a Comment The Missing Shoe (Chemtrails Book 4) eBook: Christopher Toft: Kindle Store. The Missing Shoe (Chemtrails Book 4) eBook: Christopher Toft: Kindle Store.

Warren says that the police have mentioned that recycling depots helps keep kids off the street and involved in an active cause. Five Golden Rules to help solve your recycling dilemnas. At present South Australia leads the way in Australasia with a very enlightened approach that has been in practice for over 40 years. Here in our country , cubic meters of space is taken up by bottles and cans etc thrown out in NZ each year. Nearly metres high by metres long and metres in width.

All this is potential money, being thrown away! This is why we have bottles, cans and containers scattered all over our clean green country image! NZ used to be ahead in so many sectors of the Environment and ecology - etc , but now we are well behind. Bottle banks — what happened to them? Listen to this! This website aims to help us recognise and address the problems before it is too late. See who the major culprit is … No wonder I have not gone out and purchased their unhealthy sugar products for over 40 years. Microbeads what are they? Microbeads are manufactured solid plastic particles of less than five millimeters in their largest dimension.

Microbeads have become so ubiquitous that an estimated trillion pieces swirl down American drains every day. Today many small groups in NZ are coming together and are putting in for waste and recycling contracts — most are holistic thinkers and co-operatives. Watch this disturbing footage of a snake regurgitating a plastic bottle.

Noticeable for him on most occasions here were the clearly defined razor sharp horizon lines when looking out to sea. So we are basically safe, and that the atmosphere of our planet essentially can act as a shield without causing us to much harm. Pump water uphill … for night time gravity driven generation use. Having a central storage dam that can be used on demand. Plus the large battery packs now becoming available.

Even when it is cloudy — light energy always hits the earth. So when there is light it can be turned into electricity. Also, that he has never had a power outage with his solar energy system. The unrecognised beauty of solar energy from batteries is that all appliances will last an exceptionally long time. In NZ where we have volts they can spike up to ten times higher - up to near 2. Solar power has virtually zero maintenance in their operation. Now and then wipe the solar panels. Today solar panels are being made with over a 50 year life time and inverters that change DC current to AC with a 25 year guarantee.

Cells that can come in rolls like wall paper and that you roll them down your roof. At present they only last about 5 years. More people will opt for more public transportation in the cities and hire cars from drop centres if one is urgently needed. Air transportation is being designed as well with specific air corridors to keep some sort of order - Germany -Lilium. That human beings can exhibit the highest elements of our nature and have faith that the forces of lightness gain predominance and make things better.

That corruption of our inner being is expressed in the outer world — because we have not listened and taken into account our conscience. And it kept turning his head. Then somehow with the help of friends and teachers and the fortune of the luck of the draw - he decided to resist! And with help of some cohorts created a theology in which Mickey Mouse was the antiChrist. And he got what preachers got … your whoop — yes your whoop!

So he turned off the content and just learned how to preach. Yet Billy did not really want to be a preacher, because he was brought up by abusive right wing Christian parents. Surmising that it was partly persistence, stubbornness and the willingness to let go and be foolish. It is not the indigenous people way to just make money and conquer nature.

Listen to here his tell his story. He said all other tribes were singing water related songs that were so very moving — that he and his Choir started crying. He then mentions the Whanganui River awa as having recently been given living status and classified as an entity. He sees that the reengaging with this knowingness, that the Whanganui river is an entity — shows that the global neo-liberal economy has a limit.

Billy sees this as an Earthalujah! Billy states that he is very grateful for the leadership that has come his way. It takes huge courage, especially in the USA. That the word natural needs to been seen as far more sustainable than cultural and allow the earth to re-enter our consciousness. And recently they have been going inside banks to show their resistance as consumer activists. In super of the First Nation peoples. Their strength is their creativity and communal energy which focuses on political activism, being radical earth activists with heart and soul.

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Being earth oriented they look at natural systems for clues - such as a healthy bio-system is diverse. Yet a lot of their work involves standing on police lines protesting … and doing it with song and hilarious preaching plus ferocious preaching too. Is what they are here to protect.

Savitri says she and her troupe are wild people who live in the city — being the human wilderness of New York city. As an artist it is very exciting but for an ordinary person too, just wishing to become financial stable. Cultural creatives hare challenged to come together.

Community holds us up and supports us — community is powerful and capable of profound things — someone gets tired. Tend to your garden and nourish all your relationships. Yet Billy states that in the USA things have never been darker yet things have never been brighter … yet we need Noble courage to stand up! The present president is showing to the public face that the macho fundamentalism is bulldozing and extracting every last drop of what the earth can supply. What was interesting was that Bernie Sanders presidential bid was largely an Occupy Wall St platform. That when one town creates an innovative model — it gives other towns a blueprint and an ompetus as to how they too, can reinvent themselves.

Yet in our hearts there is another thing happening, people are moving back to really basic ways of being, that she finds very exciting. Especially as the resources on the ground cannot keep up. Dr Edgar Cahn — Time bank guru. So these activities are the foundation of our healthy human existence - yet under our current economic measuring - they are completely ignored.

Even the garage sale and car boot sale are parts to this whole. Modelling what the adults are doing in the community. Finding that little quiet place in nature or meditation — this is so essential to us in bringing us back to our basic humanity. An extremely vivid overview of someone who has thought deeply of how community comes together - 5 Stars.

The other being acidic oceans. Plus the strange weather patterns that are skewing the seasons of spring, summer and autumn. Methane in the upper northern hemisphere is outgassing from the melting tundra. Permafrost is decaying rapidly not only in the arctic but right across the top of these northern countries.

There are 2, international scientists that are doing projections and they always work to the lowest common denominator. They play it conservatively. It is the largest coral event in the history of record keeping. That if the water warms up on a reef and stays warm the coral dies but if it cools down again within- around 6 weeks — the reef will recover. So that is how fast it is happening. How do we empower people? Because if humanity does not step up to the plate then near term extermination will come upon us.

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However he has been able come through this now, though it still has an affect on him. But where do we go today to get concise truthful information? Dahr says this is huge, we are losing the biosphere in chunks and he only covered coral in this interview. With massive fluctuations. Previously there has been a lot of grain sent from the US to Africa to provide relief - And he is not sure if this will happen under the Trump administration. Dahr maintains that even the Arab spring is all related directly or indirectly to climate disruptions …. Because of drought caused by climate disruption.

And look what it has devolved into now …. To be thankful and grateful that we have an ecology that nourishes us. To reflect that, for example in the US at present — people will not be able to petition those in power to bring about the appropriate change. We have to get in touch with our own grief to recognise what is happening. We have to realise that we have already lost large areas of ecosystems. Such as by , Mt Everest may have hardly any glaciers on it.

Finding a place of solace — and cherishing that place and caring for it, and making sure it remains because what happens when that place is gone? She breaks the workshop into half. But, what are you doing? That NZ can be the trim-tab factor for our planet — per Buckminster Fuller. Intent comes up and following through on doing what is best for the greater consciousness — in bettering the whole … being fully alive. See Tom Campbell.

What are these billionaires that seem to be a dime a dozen - what are they doing with their money? Dahr Jamail is the chief environmental reporter for Truth-out. The war was a clash of values and cultures, but three important lessons came about from this conflict. And this is where he could understand why we were behaving in this way. The idea that we human beings are the centre of everything.

Things can have instrumental value if they are a resource for us. Every indigenous culture has ceremonies and rituals that allow the human family to celebrate our connectedness and to nourish that connectedness. And these ceremonies involve the entire community and the children are there and are watching and are learning this.

When were you last bare footed walking on the grass of the earth? For 30 years John has been developing methods and skills to move us from a social identity to an ecological identity. This interview covers Wetko — the mind virus that has infected materialist man and what we need to recognise - to break free. Everything is connected. We are all in a grand cycle called life and it is this wonder of the web of life that is threatened by our foolish behaviour today.

Our planet. See below A spiralling story of the creation and the evolution of life. Which everyone participates in. John then tells of his work in India, which as a country he says has given him so much inspiration to awaken his spirituality - that:. Now the mountain reforestation has advanced a long way since then. The next steps are tree plantings to improve the fertility and productivity of their land. For us to commute, keep warm and lighten our night and our life - make no mistake there is not another challenge that will affect mankind as much as this.

Electric Cars, Trucks and Airplanes, wherever there is independent transportation - are all part of this chain. Yet the 0.

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  • The Reclaiming of Wisdom.
  • The lost Journals of nikola Tesla by Gary B - Issuu?

This is where conventional car service departments make their money. Compatibility of charging stations. How long to charge? Fast charge on the road 30 minutes. The Tesla range is from ks to ks - with their batteries continuing to improve. Petrol mileage versus electric mileage? To get where you wish to go, the cost is equivalent to around 33 cents a litre of petrol.

Education is going to be the big thing and Joe mentions how schools are getting interested in showing their students. What sort of Governmental support so far - what more could they do? Please listen to the interview. Air NZ has a growing fleet of electric cars with 76 as of March Saving about 65, litres of fuel per year. The old fossil fuel lobby are very worried that electricity is going to encroach on their customer base. Vector here in NZ has been a keen Tesla follower and are interested in large battery packs.

Note that lithium can be recycled. We end with Joe, stating that we have to really get out and support this clean, silent energy and both talk and use this technology. Once we embed electric cars into the public consciousness - this will be pivotal in bringing a paradigm shift into being on our planet. This is democracy in action - and how it needs to be implemented globally.

People setting the agenda for the government to enact it into law. Today in , she notices the Peace Movement is very quiescent here in NZ, hardly existing at all. Not only this, but we in New Zealand are participators in an American military build up that she has never seen before. Now Trump is a totally unknown force - no one yet knows what he will do.

So it is in our interests to work towards finding ways to befriend Russia and not pose them as an enemy. Malcolm Fraser ex Australian conservative Prime Minister, before he died in stated. When is it is not. She says can you imagine - the Russians lost 27 million people in the Second World War - boy did they suffer. NZ has to stand up again as it did 30 years ago when it received the respect and admiration of the whole world.

Interviewed by Tim Lynch. Tim Lynch Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. Alvin Crosby: Why water, which is composed of two invisible gases, has a memory and can actually make fire by Tim Lynch Because Alvin has previously split water and obtained a gas, that ignited safely - he in this interview - climbs Are they really happening? Archive June Allan Thomas: How taking in Tim Lynch: Will crew of Mot Roy Harlow: Agenda 21 and A Phillip J Watt: How can we Alvin Crosby: Why water, wh Sarah Smuts-Kennedy: For th Richard Main: Can other NZ Stephen Jenkinson: Will you John Aldworth: Evidence of Lisa Er: Survival Movement Darren J Doherty: Regrarian Trish Allen: Her Empowering Val Wright: Natural Frequen Janice Priest: Renown Natur David Holden: Health tips f December Nicky Hager: New Zealand's Kathy Fray: Pregnancy, Birt John Tamihere: Auckland Cou Tara Jackson: Vivisection Nigel Gray: Biosphere Weath Peter Bacchus: After 95 yea Richard Margesson: An Army Lisa Prager: Auckland Trans Ian McLean: With pressure o Jon Eisen, Katherine Smith Dr Robin Kelly: What is the Roy Harlow: Has the human r Dr Paul Connett, Dr Vyvyan Chantelle Campbell: A solo Roy Harlow: Owner Manager o Gary Cook: The Sound of Mus Katherine Smith: 5th Genera Chris Leitch: Is Social Cre Ron Colman: Genuine Economi Wi Peepi: Should our leader Anneleise Hall: A broader p Robert Reid: Can we change Juliet Adams: Project Lytte Zelka Grammer: Nuclear Free Mark Skelding: Thames-Corom Simone Vitale: The "Ph Roger Fowler: Inspiring us Rob van der Touw: All dis-e Dr Bruce Lipton: His views Bruce Craig: New Warrior Tr Will Wilkinson: Are you rea Tim Lynch: Has China stolen Dr Phil Gregory: Regenerati Gangaji: Helping Kiwis find Greg Rzesniowiecki: How wou Mels Barton: Kauri dieback Tara Okan: Reclaiming and r Tom Brown: Is the Universe Penny Bright: Is New Zealan Martin Large: Community Lan Tom Brown: Revealing the hi Professor Don Huber: The fa Graeme Sait: Biological Agr Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn Peter Wilson: You are being Liz Gunn and Lisa Er ask wh Caroline Robinson: Regenera Dr Mark Orams: Creating an Greg Hart: New Zealand Pion Margaret Jefferies: Lyttelt Dr Meriel Watts: Our food i Scott Macindoe: LegaSea sta Clyde Graf: New Zealand's l Steffan Browning: NZ Green Klaus Bosselmann: The urgen Helen Bayes: Three Courageo Dr Robert Gilman: Entering Jonathan Cole: A Solar Engi Anneleise Hall: Can a grass Phillip J Watt: How do we a Dahr Jamail: What will be t John Seed: Addressing the h Charles Eisenstein: Can we Bruce Lipton: Has humanity Tom Campbell PhD: We humans Marla Frees: From trauma an Tom Campbell: A new 'theory Greg Rzesniowiecki: Counter December Vivienne Berry: Science fin Joe Camuso: Will a new para Guy McPherson: Pursuing Lov Kathleen Gallagher NZ Filmm Glenn Edney: New Scientific Scott Macindoe: Are we abou Christine Rose on Walking O Who the hell cares but me, right?

This year-old just reached an incredible milestone in his world-first mission. The audio isn't that good because Mike is using his iPhone to connect to Google Hangouts. This audio has been compressed to even out the levels between Joe and Mike. The soundFX are low and distant because of the …. This is a quick sound fx that is played every 10min. My bad, it's looped into the video background on YouTube and I didn't hear it until playback. Vanishings by Michael Harrison: ….

How our drinking water could help prevent suicide …. Why has Twitter banned accounts and what are NPCs? When will Robert Mueller investigate? Vatican announces historic deal with China on bishops …. NM solar observatory NM solar observatory hacked, Chinese may have gained control of sun weapon …. Judge reserves decision in B. Haunted house letter mistaken as real threat …. Everything or Nothing? Is there a friendship crisis?

Conspiracy theories are more rampant than ever. Can they be stopped? Missing auther : David Paulides : website: …. Why is eclipse sign of end times? Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. Group affected by CIA brainwashing experiments wants public apology, compensation from government …. Lando Calrissian is pansexual, says Solo co-writer …. Deep Black Report …. Why parents of Sandy Hook victims are suing Alex Jones …. Dewhurst …. Normally I just post the audio only to Patreon.

This is a Mike only show. Mike talks about the memo and ghosts. Some people call in. All and all, it's a subpar show. Mike is going to a hypnotherapist: Man Arrested Times: Can people get thrown out of state? Mike messed up the audio a bit about half way through but should be fine. Mike and Joe take calls and shoot the shit, closing out the new year.

Joe and Mike read through some conspiracies that miss the mark on what is really going on in the media and the conspiracy world. Mike misreads it, it is in fact the Top Conspiracies of , not Calls are take and …. Joe and Mike on the show and taking calls. Bathroom habits, Russian, and Vegas Shooting. WHat is the truth? What is all this stuff? JFK assassination: Trump to allow release of classified documents ….

Some people call in too. Mike, Joe and Clownaby take your calls on a range of topics. There are technical issues. The show is all over the place. Mike, Joe and Clowbaby are back and taking your calls. Clownbay is a little bit drunk Where do aliens come from? What's going on with the weather? It get's ….