A Hard Days Night: Music on Film Series

Music in the movies: A Hard Day’s Night
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With this year marking the 60th anniversary of the formation of The Beatles, I thought I would take a look at their cinematic debut, A Hard Day's Night. Of all the features they appeared in, this is undoubtedly the band's high point. This and Yellow Submarine aside, the rest are fairly forgettable affairs that only appeal to obsessive fans of the band of which there are many. Although this is undoubtedly a Beatles film, the name of the band isn't, interestingly enough, mentioned once during its runtime.

Lester and writer Alun Owen took cues from slapstick comedies and films of the French new wave to provide an exaggerated look at a day-and-a-half of life in The Beatles, with the goal being for them to get ready for a big TV appearance. There are numerous comedy vignettes throughout and, as you would expect, lots of musical numbers. The production was somewhat rushed and the budget relatively small especially by modern standards , but that doesn't show in the final product, which still holds up well today.

A Hard Day's Night : From Loophole to Surprise Hit

The film would change pop music, but also had a huge impact on cinema. Many of the scenes that feature in the film have been mimicked since, particularly the opening sequence where the band is being chased by fans.

Slick editing sees the comedic set pieces seamlessly intercut with numerous musical performances. The style Lester adopted for A Hard Day's Night would prove influential on how music videos were made after its release.

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One thing that's particularly impressive is the quality of performances from the members of band, especially given the fact that this is their debut feature. Sure, they had plenty of years performing under their belt and frequently gave entertaining interviews, but acting is a very different type of performance altogether, and many musicians have failed to make convincing transitions to the big screen. It, no doubt, helped that the band were playing themselves in an exaggerated version of their life, but there were signs of quality from all of the cast members.

Of the four, it's Ringo that comes across the best.

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Ringo's performance includes great comedic timing and slapstick elements that are part Chaplin, part Marx Brothers. His delivery is dry and understated, so a lot of what he does throughout the film can go unnoticed on first viewing, but upon re-watching the film, it's his performance that proves to be the most rewarding, with subtle comedic gems being uncovered on each viewing.

He may not have been the best musician in the band, but on the evidence of this, he was certainly the best actor. He provides a lot of the film's moments of bad behaviour.

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The constant use of the phrase "He's very clean" provides a nice counter to the phrase " You dirty old man " directed at him in Steptoe And Son. Ringo is also credited as being the inspiration for the film's title, following him using the phrase in an interview. And so, the charmingly clipped, willfully obtuse back-and-forth of the Beatles was born — a way of speaking and acting that would be adopted by rock stars for decades to come.

THE BEATLES All my loving ( From the Film A hard day s night)

It made the world safe for go-for-broke comedy. All these elements, crossed with the charisma of the Beatles, created a toss-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks style of humor — throwaway gags mixed with surreal exchanges mixed with wisecracks — that wound up influencing comedy for decades, helping fuel everything from Monty Python to The Kentucky Fried Movie to the Airplane! In real life, that girl was a year-old model named Pattie Boyd, and the one who truly fell in love with her that day was George Harrison.

He asked her out.

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Quadrophenia Franc Roddam. Just one month after they exploded onto the U. Ringo Wilfrid Brambell Mar 31, When it became clear in early that the film itself was likely to be a financial success, UA seems to have been a little less worried about the music. Norm John Junkin

She had a boyfriend and said no. When she was called back to set a few days later, however, she thought better of it and said yes. Maybe the boyfriend should have learned how to pogo-dance.

A Hard Day’s Night

Two years later, they were married. It changed folk music forever. Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, each responded in their own way; everyone was on notice that a whole theater of possibilities was being opened here.

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Oh, and it gave the world a whole bunch of new Beatles songs. In fact, the soundtrack album for the film was the first Beatles album that was all original songs and no covers. Once the producers had the title, they asked the Beatles to come up with a song to justify it.


Thus was one of the greatest songs of all time, complete with that amazing opening chord, conceived, written, and performed — all in the space of a few days. Already a subscriber?

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A Hard Day's Night is a British musical comedy film directed by Richard Lester and The boys all return to rehearse another song ("And I Love Her") and after goofing around .. "Restored 'Hard Day's Night,' 'Help!' part of AMC festival". Having recently re-watched A Hard Day's Night I was intrigued to read this slim volume about the making of the film. However, having read it, I half wish I had not .

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