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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Georges Ohnet wurde am in Paris geboren; A Man's Woman (TREDITION CLASSICS) by [Norris, Frank]. A Man's Woman (TREDITION CLASSICS) [Frank Norris] on rapyzure.tk *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS.

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Your order is now being processed and we have sent a confirmation email to you at. Things go even worse for the children when John Kenton, their faither, is killed by looting cavaliers. Jeph, looking for a cause, rushes off to join Parliament, leaving his siblings to fend for themselves, and turns into a canting puritan who is secure in his self justification. It is Steadfast Kenton who, with Patience, keeps the family together, paying the due for the land and holding to it even tho they are unable to live in the now burned house and survive in a hovel in the woods.

But Steadfast holds a secret, the location of the church plate, and just as all is going well, he is attacked by Royalists, alerted by Emlyn now in service and who tries yo persuade him to sell hte plate so they can marry sooner , who assert it is the King's plate and is mortally wounded. He takes several years to die, during which time Emlyn having been engaged to Steadfast leaves for a match with a long lost cousin and heir, and Patience turns down an offer of marriage.

Men, Women, and Gods and Other Lectures (Paperback)

He lives long enough to hand over the plate to the returned minister and for his brother to marry in Ireland and give over the land, which Rusha and her husband inherit, p. Both are described beautifully,. Yonge has no illiusions why many people fought: "many of the country people were too ignorant to understand the difference between the sides, but only took part with their squire, or if they loved their clergyman, clung to him. The children's mother was a Puritan hence their names but there is no instinctive siding with one or the other.

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Jeph, it is made clear, acts in a rush. Earlier he was seen cheering the King's men. Jeph, we see acquire the canting language of the extreme Puritan, castigating Emlyn as "The child of a Midianitish woman! Yonge is not interested in ideology as such but what it covers.

Men, Women, And Ghosts

Of Jeph she writes that he "expoudned his singular mercies, which apparently meant is achievements in kiling Cavaliers One of these mercies was the retention of his home and land, though he kindly explained that his brothers and sisters were welcome to get their livelihood there while he was serving with the army but some day he should come home.. His Puritanism, it is made clear, is only skin deep.

But this, Yonge makes clear, is not always the case. In dealing with Roundheads, Stead is "a good deal confused between the piety and good conduct of these Roundheads, in contrast with their utter contempt of the Church, and rude dealing with all he had been taught to hold sacred. And even a Puritan approved minister, as is brought in by the new Lord when the old one dies, can be a good man even if he be Presbyterian.

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The minister was not like the soldiers whom he had heard raving about the reign of the saints, and abusing the church. He prayed for the King's having a good deliverance from his troubles, and for the peace of the kingdom, and he gave out that there was to be a week of fasting, preaching and preparation for the Lord's Supper.

When selling to the Royalists, "Whatever the country people brought into the town was eagerly bought up, and was paid for, not often in the coin of the realm, but by tokens made of tin or some such metal with odd stamps upon them, and though they could be used as money they would not go nearly as far as the sums they were held to represent--at least in anyone's hands but those of officers. I am not at all sure however if Yonge gets all her own ironies. Frequently, Steadfast is advised, "Is not what is good enough for better men than you fit to please you?