Alien Encounters: The Deception Menace

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Aliens and UFOs: Messengers or Deceivers?

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Feb 27, D. Kirtaime rated it it was amazing.

Alien Encounters in America - Contact HAS BEEN MADE - We have been DECEIVED, WAKE UP AMERICA! Part 1

The author covers all possible aspects of UFO encounters, with plenty of witness experiences. The reader may find contained details which contribute to one's own knowledge on the subject. Shelves: nonfiction , loved-it. I think I must be one of about four people who've read this gem; I'm positive, though, if I could speak to each one of them, "two thumbs up" would be the consensus.

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I mean, really. What's NOT to love about this book? View 1 comment. Matt rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Angela Jimenez rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Matt rated it really liked it Oct 04, Andrew Cox added it Nov 11, Lacy marked it as to-read Jun 28, These fallen angels came to earth for a serious purpose. The "fallen ones" sought to merge with the bloodline of Adam, because of the promise to send a redeemer through Adam's kinsman.

The Hebrew says that the Sons of Elohim saw that the women were a fit "extension", for they sought to extend themselves into this realm from the spirit realm, as well as to extend themselves into the "children of the promise" the lineage of Adam. Ha satan tried to prevent the eventual birth, in the distant future, of the Messiah. The mating of human beings with angels resulted in hybrid creatures, wicked spirits with human bodies.

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Scripture uses other names to describe these degraded fallen angels and their descendents in addition to the word Nephilim, they are. The book of the Jubilees remarks that Jared or Yah-red , an Old Testament patriarch, was so called because in his days the angels descended upon the earth - Yah-red "descend". It is interesting to note that "Jordan" comes from that same root word denoting "descent, coming down or falling" - Yar-dan "the place of the descent".

Jordan, "place of the descent", is located in the ancient boundary of Yisra'El.

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Alien Encounters: The Deception Menace [James L. Thompson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Thompson, James L. Compre Alien Encounters: The Deception Menace (English Edition) de James Thompson na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos.

Yisra'El is currently a major location for sightings , and the fallen angels in disguise as "aliens". The Book of Enoch explains that the Sons of Elohim descended first onto the mountain called Hermon which in Hebrew means "desolation", in the land of Jordan the place of the descent. The rebel angels intended to thwart Elohim's plan for the earth by destroying the descendents of Adam.

The plan is now to prevent any flesh from being saved. By gentically manipulating human genetics, whether through the guise of "alien abduction" or by supplying willing mortal accomplices with the proper technology These gentically altered humans are no longer Sons of Adam, and no longer able to be saved by the Kinsman Redeemer.

The second wave of hybrid "nephilim creation" is satan's last effort to destroy all Sons of Adam, so that none can be redeemed when Yahushua ha mashiyach returns at the End of the Age. And for this cause Elohim shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie Matit'Yah For there shall arise false mashiyachs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

We are told that the end time delusion is so strong that it will deceive the whole earth into accepting the anti-mashiyach. This lie of the end times will even fool many who think they are now Believers.

Alien Encounters: The Deception Menace - James L. Thompson - Google Books

This website is intended to counter the End Time Delusion, so that fewer people will be seduced by The Lie when it is allowed to come on the earth in full force. Ha satan's time is short Prophecy warns that advanced beings, the b'nai Elohim or Sons of Elohim, angels not "gods" , will continue to deceive mankind. Although the Bible itself does indeed say that the Sons of Elohim genetically manipulate humans, they are not THE creators of the human race but merely beings who pervert Elohim's creation.

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We are warned not to believe these angels, for they have an agenda Extraterrestrials may admit they are angelic, but they give themselves away as the rebel angels. Ha satan and his rebel angelic hosts are subverting creation by twisting the truth, in their attempt to " be like the Most High ".

The New Age sets up a scenario of miracles, earth changes, and aid from enlightened beings. The Bible warns us that there will be many signs preceding the arrival of anti-mashiyach, but also tells us few will escape the deception of the end times: And his [anti-mashiyach's] coming is according to the working of ha satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not loved the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore Elohim sends them a misleading influence that they may believe the lie, that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have preferred wickedness.


There are, it is true, good opportunities for young strong men in several countries, provided they have capital. Davis French Translation by Costagliola and F. True, the birth-rate has gone down, but there are more and more people breeding. The German-directed and German-financed " Russian " revolutions of ; the reception by Mr. Fry, said it was a very unsatisfactory story, but he did not think he ought to convict, and dismissed the charge. It is replete with profoundly insightful, often devastating observations. What can be studied, and how?

We do not fully endorse all of their material but do find some of it remarkably accurate. We have built upon and elaborated on some of their material to establish and bring to you absulute truth revealed.

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Follow Us. It might be a struggle for my soul, my essence, or whatever part of me might have reference to the eternal. There are worse things than death, I suspected Alone at night I worried about the legendary cunning of demons At the very least I was going stark, raving mad. It was hell on earth to be there [in the presence of the entities], and yet I couldn't move, couldn't cry out, couldn't get away. I'd lay as still as death, suffering inner agonies. Whatever was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and sinister.

Of course they were demons. They had to be. And they were here and I couldn't get away.