Doctrine de Tertullien (French Edition)

3.2.3 The development of the doctrine of the Trinity
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Get Permissions. Timothy David Barnes , Tertullian.

Tertullian , De pudicitia Antti Marjanen, Petri Luomanen Leiden, , A New Translation and Commentary , vol. Linguistic research of the Latin text of this codex demonstrates that the text of Hebrews shows another translator than the Pauline letters and was added no later than the early fourth century to a corpus of thirteen letters, that is perhaps when the authorship of Paul became established in the West cf.


Die Reste der altlateinischen Buibel 24] Freiburg, Epiphanius , Panarion 4. Hilarius , De Trin. Charles Kannengiesser , Handbook of Patristic Exegesis. For the subscriptions see Metzger, A Textual Commentary , Souter , Earliest Latin Commentaries, Augustinus , De Genesi ad litteram 10, See Rothschild , Hebrews as Pseudepigraphon, Content Metrics. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement.

‘I believe because it is absurd’: Christianity’s first meme

Powered by: PubFactory. The recognition of God's triune nature and its doctrinal presentation already began shortly after the New Testament Scriptures had been written.

Autres bases documentaires Doctrine de Tertullien (French Edition) eBook: Dom Ceillier, Antoine-Eugène Genoud: Kindle Store. Tertullien naît à Carthage vers Son père, centurion dans une légion de l' armée romaine, meurt très tôt. Excellent élève, il étudie la rhétorique.

To express these interrelations linguistically, ancient philosophical terms like "person" or "hypostasis", as well as "substance", were used. Formulating the doctrine of the Trinity served, on one hand, to put into words the understanding gained through faith, and on the other, to protect the faith against heretics who sought to convey an image of God which did not correspond to the testimony of the New Testament.

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The doctrine of the Trinity was formulated during the first councils of the fourth and fifth centuries. The term "Trinity" was coined by Theophile of Antioch, who lived in the second half of the second century, but it was the church leader Tertullian ca. AD who made it popular. Tertullian emphasised the oneness of God: "one [divine] substance in three persons" Latin: una substantia tres personae.

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The Second Church Popular Christianity a. Author: Ramsay MacMullen. He uses excavation reports about hundreds of churches of the fourth century to show what worshipers did in them and in the cemeteries where most of them were built.

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What emerges, in this richly illustrated work, is a religion that ordinary Christians, by far the majority, practiced in a different and largely forgotten second church. The picture fits with textual evidence that has been often misunderstood or little noticed.

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Even together, however, the two constituted by the end of the period studied AD a total of the population far smaller than has ever been suggested. Better estimates are now made for the first time from quantifiable data, that is, from the physical space available for attendance in places of worship. Reassessment raises very large questions about the place of religion in the life of the times and in the social composition of both churches.

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How is it that the Lord c f. Baroque period to French Revolution. The worldwide received confession of faith teaches the same thing. Luke again on " the clouds " " of heaven in such wise as xxi. What should this corporeality, which is placed by Tertullian right after the divine origin and immortality, mean? Here "the Spirit of God " will be the same "Word. Volumes belonging to the original series are marked with an asterisk.

Orality, Literacy, and Colonialism in Antiquity. Editor: Jonathan Draper.

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Essays in this collection explore the complex relationship between text and orality in colonial situations of antiquity from Homer, Plato, and Mithras to the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and rabbinic tradition. Orality could be a deliberate decision by highly literate people who chose not to put certain things in writing, either to exercise control over the tradition or to preserve the secrecy of ritual performance.

Exploring both theoretical issues and historical questions, the book demonstrates the role of text as a form of imperial control over against oral tradition as a means of resistance by the marginalized peasantry or marginalized elite of Israel and the early Church.