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Return to Book Page. MEOW is dark erotica fiction that explores the world of human ownership with intense raw emotions. This is not to be confused with love and romance. It is about forbidden pleasure and passions and taboos. She is a veterinarian still trying to find love in a small town that seems bent on making sure she doesn't get it. Then MEOW is dark erotica fiction that explores the world of human ownership with intense raw emotions. Then her world suddenly is twisted when she is kidnapped. Soon she realizes that the monster who kidnapped her has a plan.

Slowly he trains her to do his bidding. Methodically and patiently, making sure she enjoys every step. She feels she has betrayed herself and her womanhood to him. She wonders what that makes her. What if the man that's molded you into a sex kitten has molded you into everything you ever wanted to be?

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Then what. Can fulfilling your own desires be considered a taboo? Exquisitely detailed so you take the breathtaking journey for yourself.

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That is if you're up to the challenge. This book is about mind control and using sex as a weapon. Using your own desires against yourselves. The description of the book, along with the cover, suggested a light chic-lit book.

IVAN VALEEV - Novella Моя новелла в музыке молодела, В танце ты холодела, тебе не надоело.

However, I found most of it depressing I guess it is funny in a "let's watch the main character dig her own grave" kind of way? Apr 23, Stacey rated it did not like it. Another 'trainwreck' book. I call them this because once I start reading, I fully accept that the book is badly written and not worth my time, but I'm already invested, so I finish it anyway. I understand that the point of the story is to show the rich and sorta-famous side of NYC, but I'd rather watch Sex and the City, thanks. This is so being donated to the Salvation Army or something.

I don't want it in my house, and I'd feel bad about myself if I donated it to my library.

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MEOW book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. MEOW is dark erotica fiction that explores the world of human. MEOW book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. MEOW is dark erotica fiction that explores the world of human ownership with intense.

Yeah, it's th Ugh. Yeah, it's that bad. Jul 25, Deb Readerbuzz Nance rated it liked it. Reading this book, I was getting madder and madder, getting angrier and angrier at this something generation until I finally realizedDuh! This author is not serious! It took me until I got to the part where our main character went to a doctor to try to get her legs amputated as amputee fashion was very hip.

Apr 19, June rated it did not like it Shelves: shitlist. I read the first page and couldn't get through with it. I skipped to the last chapter and the character seems like she didn't learn squat about materialism and superficiality. It's also very heteronormative and plays into one of the many kinds of gender roles woman seeking a man to fulfill void or whatever.

If this is supposed to be some kind of fashion satire, it was executed poorly. I don't recommend this book to anyone capable of independent thought. Oct 13, Kara rated it it was ok Shelves: modern-chick-lit. Basically a novella. If you've read any of Plum Sykes, you've read this book I know, different author, but so similar it hurts. It also came out in , so it's very, VERY dated already.

Pop culture doesn't age well.

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Duane has worked in television since the early s, initially becoming involved in script work at the Hanna-Barbera animation studio now Cartoon Network. Friend Reviews. I would have given it 3 maybe even 4 stars if edited but as it stands 2 at best. I really loved it. Ivy Preston waited a long time to get married. Meow, Baby was previously released in the charity anthology Petting Them.

Feb 11, Crystal rated it liked it Recommends it for: chick lit enthusiasts. This was a light-hearted, crazy and downright zany read. It was a nice distraction from the doldrums of normal, everyday life.

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It did, however, make me realize and be very happy about the fact that I'm nowhere near as shallow as the main character. I normally try and finish all books I read, but I couldn't even get half way with this one. I was bored to death. Aug 19, Emily rated it liked it. Laughed at the absurdity--but that's often the norm for the famous nowadays. It's a ditzy, scattered type of narrative, but that's the point.

Not particularly funny or witty, just a bit of a mess. Apr 08, VeraQ rated it did not like it. Couldn't even finish. Dec 28, Karen rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction. It was cute, just a fast read. Very girlie. De la Cruz has come a long way in character development. Maybe this was a rough sketch that became Mimi?

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Plans are for ground to be broken on Meow Wolf Denver later this year, with the complex opening in Current Mood: excited. The show will be based on my novella of the same name, from Neuhauser of Lloyd Ivan Miller Productions. The series will be produced by Universal Cable Productions. Netflix will co-produce and have first-run rights to the series outside of the U.

Current Mood: pleased. The NFL has wound up its regular season.

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Both of my teams had miserable years and are out of the playoffs. The Giants managed to win their final game, but thankfully the Colts won too, so the G-Men held on to the second overall pick in the draft. The Jets got crushed by the Pats, as usual.