A Free Fall Into Life

Injuries in infants and small children resulting from witnessed and corroborated free falls.
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Up until this point in life, I was able to avoid using the infamous three words and had no intention of dusting them off until marriage. Of course, that was before I met the five-foot-nothing firecracker I now call my wife. To make our newfound connection even hotter, she had just mentioned that she was halfway through a book written by one of my favorite spiritual thinkers. I asked her to read a chapter or two as we spent our afternoon together.

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The only voice I was hearing was the one in my head telling me that I had found the one I was looking for. Before she could even finish the sentence—and about as awkwardly as you could imagine—I cut her off.

She had stopped reading, though her eyes never left the book. Or worse, maybe both. Still, she sat silently. And in a matter of seconds, my mind rocketed from confidence to fear to intimidation to regret to rational reasoning—but all emotions in the end pointed to one thing….

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It sounded even more stupid coming out than it did in my head. But, I doubled down and waited for her response. However, my pathetic delivery is only half the humor in the story. At some point, we gather the courage to see if the sentiment is reciprocated, then, of course, we start talking long-term. After all, love is the foundation for marriage, right? This was certainly my story. After some stomach butterflies, a couple special moments together, and a few DTRs define the relationship —I thought Analee and I had arrived at the much-sought-after phenomenon of being in love.

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Today, we are inclined to microwave everything in life. We love the instant gratification of our hamburger drive-thrus and our personalized Netflix queues. And perhaps because of this modern orientation—many of us put a ring on it, walk an aisle, and tend to expect the benefits of love instantly, as well. We want the benefits of love in marriage and we want them quickly. They get married. The challenges of merging two realities into one inevitably come knocking. Fortunately, this instant brand of love that we simply fall into is not what God had in mind.

Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage , spoke brilliantly about this when we recently sat together. Unfortunately, this idea ignores the fact that we become different people.

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It ignores the fact that we usually want different things out of life. It ignores the fact that really, about 80 percent of us are going to marry almost our exact opposite. Life changes. People get sick. Their parents die—that changes us. They get cancer—that changes us.

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One important application of free fall in every day life (also for all the animal kingdom). Our walking. One leg at a time we use for walking (other. tags: chance, faith, faith-in-god, free-fall, freedom, god, lyrics, poetry, rhyme, song -lyrics, Drexel Deal, The Fight of My Life is Wrapped Up in My Father.

They get fired— that changes us. They might succeed in their business far more than they imagined—that changes us.

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Love is a reality between two people that is cultivated over years of everyday choices to give to one another. And that kind of love is worth every ounce of the investment that it demands. Forever—a day at a time. This is a resounding truth! My husband and I spoke of this before we got married. Their fate, soulmate.

Yes, the Lord knows everything that will happen to us, he has ordained our lives beautifully but given us the gift of free will. When people, especially women, fall into our cultural view of the fairytale, movie type love is where we get into trouble. We constantly question if we have met The One, and once we decide we have then we jump in.

Because I could never know that. An accountability. We are choosing that love. Insightful reflections amber. Thanks for them. Sounds like youve got yourself a husband with a good head on his shoulders. I hear you Milo. Falls are a major threat to the health and independence of older adults. The good news is falls can be prevented! As one in three people aged 60 and over fall each year, Slough Borough Council have commissioned this innovative free service.

FallsFree4Life is aimed at preventing falls entirely in those aged 60 and over in the Slough area. This is achieved by reaching out into the community to identify those that may be at a medium risk of falling often without knowing it.

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If you or someone you know would like to receive a free falls risk assessment please use the adjacent booking form or contact us via; email at info fallsfree4life. Our team of Wellness Coaches will carry out a detailed assessment of your falls risk while collaborating with you and your family to develop a package of community-based support.

Our comprehensive assessment includes:. Once our Wellness Coaches and Physiotherapists have completed the comprehensive assessment we will explain to you your results and refer you to the most appropriate community support services available if necessary. Use this form to book an appointment with one of our Wellness Coaches and Physiotherapists to come to your home and conduct an in-depth comprehensive falls risk assessment.

First name:. Date of Birth:.

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Gender: -- Please Select -- Male Female. GP Practice:. Solutions4health would encourage you to provide your consent in order that we can process data and information about you.

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