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Book 1: A Wizard of Dreams
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A tale that not only entertains, but encourages thought and timely reflection. Original and highly engrossing, A Wizard Of Dreams is a wonderful read throughout and sets the tone for a series that undoubtedly deserves your attention. It is highly recommended. How seriously weird do things get around his eleventh birthday? Myrddin s Heir, Book 1 A Wizard of Dreamsby Robin ChambersTo really enjoy the book, it s important to understand that it is the beginning of a long series That puts the style and action in perspective I forget how long the series is going to be but it s long enough to reach double figures of books and for the author to express concerns about living to finish it I hope he does because once you get into the way the story is told it s fun Gordon and Zac, his invisible friend or at least, in Myrddin s Heir, Book 1 A Wizard of Dreamsby Robin ChambersTo really enjoy the book, it s important to understand that it is the beginning of a l A Wizard of Dreams follows the fates of precocious child Gordon, who has many very special magical talents and a not so imaginary friend, Zack My Wee Girls are big fantasy and adventure fans, so I read this to them at bedtime over a couple of weeks the bitesized chapters seem made for this Though they re just 8 and 3 thus younger than the suggested age range for the book , my girls enjoyed the book a great deal, with the 8yo even talking about what might happen next several times whe A Wizard of Dreams follows the Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post navigation. We'll see. They were interesting, even at the reading level they're set and I can still enjoy them. If you have problems with YA books, this might not be for you. I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review. I am also a big fan of fantasy, Tolkien and Lewis being among my favorite authors, and echoes of both of them as well as Rowling and many other less famous authors are incorporated in this work. Further, it is obvious that Mr.

Chambers is very well read and a fan of epic fantasy, especially that written for a younger audience or to be read aloud. This is also the first book of a multi-book series and as such we are introduced to, and nearly present at the birth of Mr. Our story opens and we meet Gordon as an infant of only five months. We are immediately made aware that there is something very special about him, not only does his mother Edith wonder aloud at how advanced he is in his development but we learn that there is both a magical and perhaps otherworldly aspect to his abilities.

Zack features prominently throughout this tale, and he is mentor, friend and protector to our young hero. Gordon, we learn, continues to astound with exceptional telekinetic and telepathic powers, as well as being a gifted speaker and ur-teacher to his young mates at primary school. If all this seems like a lot…it is, and the reader finds himself somewhat lost in the burgeoning abilities and development of Gordon, his complicated relationship with Zack and the rather chaotic story arc which progresses from chapter to chapter without any discernable conflict or overarching story developing.

As readers, we are lacking a conflict and though Mr. Chambers has certainly provided a hero there is no villain in sight.

Gordon ends this tale as he began, very special, gifted, chosen and brilliant. We are intrigued but I for one would find it a leap of faith to pursue his journey further. I gave this story a rating of four stars, though it should rate closer to 3. It was powerfully written and the author has obvious natural talent. The story loses points for the persistent disconnect between the reader and the protagonist, as well as for somewhat chaotic plotting and coincidental plot connections. The mini-story dream sequences are well executed, but in many cases highly derivative and containing pop-culture referents.

There are also very distracting sets of plot points or endnotes at the conclusion of nearly every chapter.

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The plot of this story wanders and the characters are somewhat undeveloped and static. The combination builds distance between the reader and the hero which persists throughout, leaving us unable to feel deeply or care about the fate of the protagonist. This author has great potential and tremendous talent and I wish him success.

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Not since reading C. Lewis's Narnia books have I so much enjoyed a novel written for children of all ages, especially those who have managed to preserve the infinitely curious magical child in their heart. We join Gordon at the beginning of his life, and know from the first enticing paragraph that this is an extraordinary boy. At the same time we are introduced to the mysterious Zack. Is he imaginary friend, alter ego, guardian angel, spirit guide? You will keep wondering and guessing. Zack is as integral to the plot as Gordon himself, and equally real. We come to love them both.

They - and all the characters in the book - are so skilfully drawn that they take on a life of their own. We follow Gordon and Zack through his time in nursery and primary school right up to the day when he starts secondary school, just after his momentous 11th birthday when he discovers in an incredible encounter with the legendary past the extraordinary destiny lined up for a boy blessed with his extraordinary powers. Prior to this, as we join Gordon on his everyday adventures through a boy's young life as well as his more mystical journeying, we learn on the hoof a vast wealth of information about dinosaurs, the planet, language, literature, and magic.

Robin Chambers writes in a way that inspires a delight in learning and whets the curiosity, with a trail of reminders after each chapter, which lead to extensive notes at the end of the book offering elucidation for those who want to learn more.

Myrddin's Heir: When the Cat's Away...

I quickly grew fond of Gordon, and some of the descriptions of his experiences brought tears to my eyes. For me, one of the essential marks of a good writer is that they arouse empathy for their characters. Why else would I go on reading unless I cared what happened to them, and were in some way touched by them? The issue of bullying was particularly poignant in the way that it was handled by the author. We are shown the reasons behind it as well as Gordon's response to it, and towards the end of the book there is a resolution for the bully himself that again moved me to tears.

Yet there is nothing mushy or sentimental about the story. It's an adventure that spans space, time and other dimensions, which for a whole generation of children including me - old enough to be Gordon's grandmother! Brought up on Dr Who, Star Wars and Harry Potter, we are hungry for more magic and are ready to soar with Gordon to wherever the flights of the author's imagination dares to take us. I have been careful here to give nothing of the actual story away, because I want you to have the wonderful experience of reading it, to follow the sparkling threads of narrative along the magical paths that lead to the brilliantly inspiring and suspenseful conclusion Except, it isn't the conclusion, and as the final chapter ends we are left breathless on the brink of Gordon's next adventure - nothing for it but to do as I did and immediately download the second book!

I know already I will be entranced by the beautifully composed language as well as the twists and turns of narrative created by this most accomplished author. Gordon Darling was an extremely early developed wonder child. Speaking words at just mere months old and building complex models before he was five years old. He has an imaginary friend called Zack who helps and guides him.

They can communicate telepathically which helps in the presence of others. Together they travel in Gordon's dreams. In the real world, Gordon is so advanced that when he goes to Nursery he becomes the teacher's assistant and with Zack's help they teach bullies lessons and help Gordon Darling was an extremely early developed wonder child. In the real world, Gordon is so advanced that when he goes to Nursery he becomes the teacher's assistant and with Zack's help they teach bullies lessons and help out the victims.

Gordon becomes a silent hero and this continues as he transfers to Primary school.

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During Gordon's dreams they travel to a castle filled with fairies, and take part in a story not far from the tale of St George and the Dragon, the author talks of Mr Ben and Gordon fights a giant Action Man. In another dream they travel as explorers across the universe in Star Trek fashion meeting Gorilla's on a planet echoing Planet of The Apes. There are special mentions for Jurassic Park and Scooby Doo too.

Gordon loves learning and with Zack's help he is quite the walking, talking book of knowledge. He happily teaches children and adults with his vast knowledge. I particularly enjoyed the family holiday to Cornwall. Discovering the family history from a gruesome tale of witches and ghosts. However to have the boys then riding broomsticks, purchased from "Coincident Alley" in Chester, then adding a headless Noblemen and a headless hunt plan to haunt the family Hall, took my attention from this book and made me start to think of a very famous series.

After meeting his sixteen times Grandmother, Gordon is led to his next adventure and one where Gordon will move out of his body further to travel without Zack, a tale where he meets King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and one known as Myrddin who is described as resembling Gandalf or Dumbledore. Gordon must retrieve a magic torque or necklace which he will be trained to use to grant him wishes to those with virtuous desires.

We leave Gordon on the brink of starting Secondary school where his adventures will continue. They covered scientific words used, sayings, quotes, adjectives and much, much more. I have really struggled with this review. The book's audience is said to be from ten to one hundred, a vast age range to capture.

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Blog at WordPress. It's like peering through the lens of a familiar yet different camera. Taxes may be applicable at checkout. And how next will she seek to destroy the children who were born to heal the world? Rossis Award-winning, dream-protecting author. This book is sure to make your day great!

At times it felt like "fan fiction" with so many mentions of films, books or TV series. Or was he going to stay forever a child with the surname Darling in a land of dreams? I understand that by giving similarities to children of books and characters they already know may help them understand a story. Then as an adult reader I felt that Gordon was preaching at us or teaching us as if we were all still in school.

I wanted a newly created world and I did like the cottage in Cornwall, the trip to the Eden Project became educational rather than interesting until Gordon took off and left Zack in his body. I wasn't grabbed by this book, I kept putting it down. View all 4 comments. May 23, Harmony Kent rated it really liked it. I finally got around to giving it another go. Gordon Bennett is a wonder child with a rather special invisible friend, Zack.

As well as his abilities and knowledge being enhanced by Zack, it turns out that Gordon has his own abilities. The beginning of the book felt like it ope 3. The beginning of the book felt like it opened strongly and grabbed my attention, and the jumping around was understandable as it gave the reader snapshots of Gordon's development over the years.

What I found harder to relate to was the dream sequences, especially the ones that felt a little like fan fiction with similarities to other well known books and films: Planet of the Apes being one, and elements of the Harry Potter series another. I have struggled with this review as some parts of the book felt flat and I found myself speed reading through, and then other parts were entertaining and amusing. Some of the shifts between chapters had the feel of mini stories contained within the whole, and this format would probably work well for younger children reading this book, especially those taking story time with an adult reader.

But for a reader not quite mid-way between the proclaimed readership age of one to one-hundred, it felt disjointed, and provided little to sink one's teeth into.

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The writing is passive, on the whole, with lots of wases and weres, but is otherwise a cleanly written book with no errors worth mentioning. I love that this book is educational in a fun way for kids, although as an adult reader I did feel preached at sometimes. The author tackles some tough issues that kids can face, such as the death of a parent. Some of the scenes may be a little on the gruesome side for the very young readers such as the witch burning, for example.

The characters have been well drawn and developed, and I could identify with them all, whatever their age, and this takes some amount of skill to achieve, so bravo to the author for that. The scene setting and world building were all done well, and the places I am familiar with that appear in the book The Eden Project for one show that the author has either been there, or has done some good research. At any rate, it all felt authentic.

Author Robin Chambers

So, as I say, I found this a difficult book to review and rate, as I am left with mixed feelings on it. On the whole, I feel that kids would probably enjoy this more than the grown ups, but it was mostly an enjoyable enough read.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Gordon Bennett was born on 7th August with extraordinary powers. Where have those powers come from? Who - or what - is. A Wizard of Dreams book. Read 59 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Gordon Bennett was born on 7th August with extraordinary po.

I give it 3. The first in a series, it is the story of the early years of a young boy apprentice named Gordon. Apprentice to whom, I won't say—that's half the fun. Gordon is quite different from the other children. Among his differences is the fact that he has an imaginary friend, Zack, with whom he converses. The two of them are inseparable, and Gordon holds sway with the bullies at preschool and later primary school with Zac What an amazing book is "Myrddin's Heir, A Wizard of Dreams," by Robin Chambers!

The two of them are inseparable, and Gordon holds sway with the bullies at preschool and later primary school with Zack's help. Zack isn't what he appears to be either, as we find out much later. I'm not going to tell you about him either. This book has it all—fantasy, time travel, fascinating history and lore, everything—all interspersed with present day problems many children encounter at home and during their years from preschool through their primary years in school.

Bullying, the loss of a beloved parent, the indifferent care of a slipshod baby sitter. There is humor and pathos, too. Woven into one chapter is an educational and at the same time heart-breaking description of the famous ape, Washoe, studied for her linguistic capabilities. Upon hearing that one of her pregnant human caregivers has suffered a miscarriage Washoe "stared at her face, and then at her flat tummy. Then she looked up again into the lady's eyes, and very carefully signed 'cry', while drawing her finger gently down the lady's cheek, following the path a human tear makes.

Tag words at the end of most chapters guide the reader to the notes section at the end of the book. This is another treasure trove of information and a great read in-and-of itself. I loved this one: Wattle-and-daub walls. Chapter 21 "Wattle-and-daub is a building material used for making walls, in which a woven lattice of wooden strips called wattle is daubed with a sticky material usually made of some combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw.

Zipping his characters effortlessly through time and space, he leads us on a wondrous and mysterious path that envelops us in a story about our foibles, our history, and other worlds, while giving us hope that our future will be a better one. I can't wait to pick up the second book in this fascinating series. Interesting book! I enjoyed A Wizard of Dreams, but it took a while for me to get into the story. I would have gotten into the story much earlier if I had watched the book video first. There were notes at the end of the book to explain numerous items throughout the story. Gordon had an affinity with dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist when he got older, which shows up in the story regularly.

The mystical journeys Gordon and Zack took with his family, then just Gordon and Zack and finally Gordon alone were quite interesting and engaging as I had realized what was going on and was able to get into the story. Some stories having been based on fact, led to a learning adventure as did the helpful hints at the end of the book which I finally found. The visit to the deck of the Star Trek ship Velociraptor was unexpected and brought back memories. I am not a big fan of this type of book, which is the reason for not giving A Wizard of Dreams the final star. If you like paranormal fantasies, you will not have any problem liking this book.

I hear there may be as many as 18 books in this series. If you like this book, you will likely like the rest. Robin Chambers writes a good story. It takes months more for her to misidentify Zack as an imaginary friend and years to learn that Gordon and Zack are far more than your average, or even precocious, pair of boys imaginary and real. The adventures are stitched together with enough realistic modern detail that at times you cannot help but find yourself interested in Gordon and other characters as real people growing up or grown up in a world of extinct species and ongoing war and the hope that the next generation might do better whether through the powers of magic or education.

If not that, then at least enjoy the fantasy of what school might have been like with an invisible friend and telekinetic powers. For the educated adult who can recognize allusions to Shakespeare, Milton and Star Trek there is the pleasure of disparate subjects resonating with memory. For the child or the adult who may have forgotten a wee bit there are explanatory notes that also, one can only hope, whet the appetite to explore even farther.

Original, engaging, and educational, A Wizard Of Dreams is highly recommended. I have already bought the sequel. Nov 20, Benedict Martin rated it it was amazing. A Wizard of Dreams is a delightful book. It tells the story of young Gordon Bennett and his invisible friend, Zack, as they travel to different worlds, learning important lessons along the way. Gordon, it turns out, is a special boy, with special powers who is destined for great things.

I love the dynamic between Gordon and Zack. In many ways they remind me of Calvin and Hobbes, with Zack playing the role of the wise yet young at heart tiger. The mystery surrounding Zack's true identity is maste A Wizard of Dreams is a delightful book. The mystery surrounding Zack's true identity is masterfully done.