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Why I'm Never Going Back to the Mormon Church
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Book of Lies - first reading

My spiritual emptiness was replaced by the abundant life only the Savior can give John And now, like millions of Christians worldwide, I have everlasting life through my faith in Him John ; Some were small, others grandiose, but all were false and misleading. Of all my lies, this was the most frequent. I learned it well while in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which was my first assignment.

The Atonement

Clearly, this was the purpose of my mission. My calling was to teach the church-approved missionary lessons and then baptize the people I taught. How convenient for a missionary. And yet, Mormon proof texts had few translation problems. Throughout my mission, I used only those Bible verses that steered prospects away from their church and toward Mormonism.

But what kind of Christian believes that an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving God gave mankind an inadequate version of His word. Actually, the Bible is more than sufficient. For decades, the Mormon Church has tried to blend with mainstream Christianity. Accordingly, during my mission a quarter-century ago, I worked hard to convince prospects that Mormons believe in the biblical Jesus. How interesting that Paul also cautions against false apostles, such as those in the Mormon Church 2 Corinthians So which Jesus and gospel do Mormons preach?

While a missionary, I taught that Christ was the firstborn spirit child of the Father in a premortal life. Consistent with Mormon doctrine, then, Christ and Satan are spirit brothers. I usually told this lie during the first of seven minute missionary lessons, which presented the Joseph Smith story. According to our script, Smith prayed in about which church to join. He claimed the Father and Son appeared and told him that all Christian churches of the day were wrong.

Smith said he was forbidden to join any of them, that their creeds were abominable and their professors all corrupt. In subsequent lessons, I told prospects that Mormonism is the true church God restored through Smith. But the Bible says such a restoration was unnecessary. In fact, shortly before His crucifixion, Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His church Matthew Shortly after renouncing Mormonism, I learned a scriptural death blow to notions of universal apostasy.

Whether in wintry Winnipeg or the balmy Black Hills of Rapid City, I criticized Christians because their church lacked a living prophet. Mormons claim the true church must have one. When prospective converts remained skeptical of living prophets, I quoted Ephesians , which apparently requires living apostles and prophets until believers unify in the faith and understand Christ completely. But for the last 2, years, He has spoken to believers through Christ Hebrews False prophets who led ancient Israel astray received the death penalty Deuteronomy ; , and all who profess to be living prophets should consider the consequences.

Since the Mormon Church was founded in , its prophets have uttered a striking number of false prophecies. When teaching missionary lessons, I boldly maintained that the Book of Mormon is scripture. And in stark contrast to the Old and New Testaments, virtually no archaeological and anthropological evidence supports the Book of Mormon. Why not?

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When Christians want to read scripture, they turn to the Bible. Mormons usually equate salvation with resurrection. What classic Mormon double-talk. Contrary to Mormon dogma, this gift cannot be awarded meritoriously. All who confess Christ and believe in Him from the heart shall be saved Romans Those are good things! The Book of Mormon makes you a better person, I get it. There are no other books that do it as well as this one, which also gives you a free dose of racism, sexism, and historical lies.

You need the promise of a divine reward in order to care enough about your fellow human beings to feed them and clothe them and give them medicine. For the most part. I know that some of you contribute more to the human race than tithing, of your own accord, and to you guys—I sincerely thank and applaud you. I know how it feels to have a verse strike you. I also know how it feels to slog through a war chapter or two because you know that daily scripture study will bless you, and duh—those guys in the book worked really hard to get this record to us!

I know how easy it is to equate old-fashioned language that Mark Twain saw right through with the divine. Ever read The Alchemist? You should. Sure, you can cherry pick the good stuff in The Book of Mormon and tough out the tedious stuff and the part where it condemns polygamy a good part, but one that you apparently misunderstood with your weak human brain because it was obviously fine that JOSEPH did it.

Did you know Joseph constantly denied that he practiced polygamy and had a printing press destroyed for exposing him? Of course, if Thomas S. Or would you? The Book of Mormon plays almost entirely to the common rhetoric of the s. Even its witnesses were completely immersed in folk magic and the occult.

Gadianton robbers. Did you know that the LDS temple ceremony is almost completely identical to the Masonic one Joseph was initiated into just seven weeks before instituting the endowment? I can gladly show you archeological evidence, historical accounts, and scientific findings that back up my knowledge.

Book of Mormon, Book of Lies

You can offer me your testimony of how you felt. So for those who are wondering, here is the link to it:. Hey, thank you! Are you a Mormon. And what is writing this blog about putting Mormons down about there belief.. Do you write other blogs about other religions. You must be moved by the wrong spirit obviously.

I never read anything of yours but by the caption of your mis leading story it seems you have a small mind. God loves you and hopefully one day you will see the truth in it. Prayer works. I know the book of Mormon to be true and have had prayer for certain things that have blessed me and my family only for the good.

There are certainly habits like family prayer that can bring a family together. All the best. Feeling the spirit is an incredibly subjective standard that can be felt anywhere and any time. Those are both pre-requisite questions that must be answered before you can proclaim the truth of any given belief.

I, and the author, feel the need to point out the flaws in Mormonism because the flaws wreak havoc on people and their mental health. So in conclusion, boo on your comment and poor grammar. She compares that magical feeling of Santa bringing you toys to the feeling of the spirit. Yes I do.

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Book of Mormon Book of Lies Paperback – October 16, From that improbable premise sprang The Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with its millions of followers, known as Mormons. In Book of Lies, Meredith Sheets, a retired petroleum executive. Book of Mormon Book of Lies - Kindle edition by Meredith Sheets, Kendal Sheets . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

I was hoping for a scintillating intellectual exchange. Could you address the points that Spencer was trying to make? What evidence do you have to prove its truthfulness? That is what the author is trying to point out. The church teaches to you to equate belief with knowledge, when they are two very separate things. I dont think that is true at all. Do you believe in love? Do you believe that your family loves you?

Are those things not things that come from initially having faith in such even during times of Trial? Are you a Christian? Do you have faith in Jesus Christ? If so then you should understand what we as members of the LDS Church are trying to say. I believe that my family loves me, because they have shown me through words and actions, so there is evidence of their love. I am no longer a Christian, nor do I believe in the historicity of Jesus Christ.

That means over 30 years as a believer. I finally woke up and am happier now that all of my beliefs are based on actual knowledge and have facts and evidence to back them up. Can you back yours with evidence?

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That is why beliefs are separate from knowledge. Of course you do, dear. I would like to point out here that you can find something wrong with Everything. A question to your comment, do you do this same thing to people who have the Scientology faith?

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Why or why not? If you dont, then i would like to point out all the people who have been hurt mentally, physically, and Economically because of that Church. So why not protest against something that actually has some sort of reason to be protested against? We claim to be the Spiritual Supremacy because we believe that we have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With that being said if someone such as I believes that wouldnt i share it?

Mind you also that when the Apostles were killed we lost a lot of the Gospel with them. Why couldnt this be that renewed Gospel? I dont think it makes sense to try and destroy the faith because you dont believe in it. Or I am gonna ruin everyones faith in Humanity because I am an ass. Pardon the terrible language there but its true. Scientology is horrible, I agree. However, Scientology has not impacted my life on a personal level like Mormonism has.

I think you misinterpret my comment. Religious belief is entirely metaphysical. There are many wonderful things about Mormonism. The author is pointing out some very damaging things about the faith—dogmatic truth claims, fundamentalism, and literalism. These are encouraged by the LDS faith at every turn.

The author does an excellent job of showing how these claims are completely unfounded. Hi Joshua, I would love to point out that there is gonna be persecution in the Church and about the Book of Mormon and what not. But here is what I know. With that being said I Love everyone on this page whether you dis my religion or not. All i have to say is this.

2. The Bible is Insufficient

We get that you dont believe it. We understand that you may not be in the same Wagon that we are about the Book of Mormon. And we understand that you are entitled to your opinions and choices. However, with all that being said, we do not need you guys to tell us what you can point out is wrong in the Book of Mormon.

We know youre gonna find something, but we are trying to be good people. We love helping, and we love being able to share what we love with others. If you were a Christian with true values like Christ you would understand that the Spirit comes and teaches and shows that Christ is the Savior. If it testifies of that it is of God. SO what is so bad! We will all find out on Judgment day who was right and who was wrong. But as for now. Ill serve God the way i want to, and you can do it the way you want to.

Mormonism is EVIL.

Criticism of the Book of Mormon

I can tell you I know for myself the Book of Mormon is true. I prayed about it, asked for an answer that I could not mistake, and I was visited by 2 angels who shook my hand each. After each left, another angel showed up, but it was not one from God, and he did not have a body.