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Any abusive or nonsensical comments will be deleted. Thanks a lot, I'm just starting Arabic, will definitely check these out! I've found some for the news i. If you know of something similar for Arabic I would be extremely grateful!!! The first book that I listed here — Kalimni 'Arabi — actually has all the transcripts for its CD dialogues and all of it is 'day to day' conversation. Hi, thanks, i'm actually in china at the moment, so will have to wait until I get back home before I can buy the books! I'm planning to do MSA first, then choose a dialect later.

Do you think that's the best idea? Or would you recommend starting them both at the same time? Are you learning so that you can travel to the Middle East? If you walk around speaking MSA, people will understand you but you'll sound funny and you won't understand them at all when they speak back at you. If you're learning just out of interest at home, to read Arabic sites or for work, then stick with MSA.

I suggest a new and unique collection of textbooks and resources to learn Tunisian Arabic, the colloquial variety spoken in Tunisia, and explore Tunisian culture. Hey, very good article. I have been learning Arabic for a year. Rowan, there is indeed a chinesepod equivalent for Arabic and it's ArabicPod. My favourite website actually. Thanks for that! Just have to enter the course. It is free and also has voice recording system so you can practice your pronounciation. I like the idea of your website and method. There is a shortage of dialect-specific courses online so it's good to see.

It's also great that you've got some native speakers helping you with the project.

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I'm glad you found my blog! I hope you stick around as you'd have a lot of great insight to offer people I'm sure. I haven't experimented with non-English Arabic resources yet but I think I will soon. I'm a non-Arab Muslim trying to understand the Qur'an better when it's being recited at a normal pace. Will the books you recommended help me learn Classical Arabic pretty well?

I'm hoping I can be decently fluent in the language of the Qur'an specifically. Is it also suitable for MSA or are there better alternatives? It's a brilliant book for MSA learners. If you eventually want to be able to communicate in spoken Arabic then definitely get Kalimni 'Arabi. I am going to visit Saudi Arabia and i am interested in learning arabic. Can you please recommend me a dialect for Saudia since i don't know which dialect they speak there. I am interested in both spoken arabic and the Quranic arabic but i would like to start learning with spoken arabic.

Is that a good idea? And finally please also advise on resource to use for the purpose. Your sites is a gold mine for language learners and i absolutely love it. Thanks for all your hard work. For Saudi specifically there's not a lot. There's also a popular book by FSI. A book that I might recommend for learning any language is the Bible. It gets translated in all the major languages, with multiple translations in some language, and you can open it up in both languages and read it in each and compare.

The only problem is the language is very archaic classical. Good for reading but won't help your speaking much. Do they make standard arabic like saudi arabian lessons? I'm a newbie here and beginning Arabic. I stumbled across this site when I was looking for a better book for self-study. I am having great difficulty reading some of the script which is so small that I have to use a magnifying glass to see all the detail. You recommend the Kallimni series, but when I read the reviews on Amazon I was disappointed to find these books are intended for teachers of Arabic teaching students.

Thank you. Most textbooks are designed to be used in a classroom setting but honestly, it all comes down to how you use them. There are a few exercises in the Kalimni 'Arabi books that are meant to be done with classmates but you can work through those on your own — just practice them, rewrite them and most importantly, jump on Skype and practice them if you can. Thanks for your response. Will maybe look at the Kalimni books later. Hi Donovan, Liked the write up and reviews!

Now could you please enlighten me as to how to get hold of these books. Thanks, in anticipation, Vikram. Just click on the links above and it'll take you to the sales page. There are several sites that stock these books but I find Amazon to be the most convenient. I have no idea from where you get this idea of Arabic being the easiest language to learn? Learning Arabic is challenging as it is difficult lingo, second to Chinese language in terms of it grammar , syntax, sentence structured and language rules.

Arabic is mother tongue, so I know what I am talking about.

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Complete Lithuanian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks) eBook: Meilute Ramoniene, Virginija Stumbriene: Kindle . Language Hacking (full courses). Language Hacking French . Get Talking Brazilian Portuguese in Ten Days Beginner Audio Course .. TeachYourself.

Najwan El-Magboul. He makes that very point about Modern Standard Arabic. Everyone has a different learning style but I know for me, the most effective thing is to get a basic handle on grammar and structure maybe very basic and some vocabulary and throw myself into the pool, put myself into situations where I have to use what I know and build on that. If you learn in the context of real life, events and situations, you have a much richer web of associations around new words and grammatical points, and are much more likely to assimilate them, than if you are trying to just learn vocabulary from a list or memorize grammar rules.

Think about how you learned your own language: You first learned to speak, to hear the language. You never studied grammar, you just assimilated it. Later you went to school and learned the written form of your language, which is always different from spoken. Chris, I'm also one of those who are against trasliteration, I leanrt it because of my experience. Transliteration at the beginning looks simple and really helpfull, but it can have a really negative effect..

Normally when we use translitetarion specially in languagues with a different writing system than latin. I was lucky that all my teachers prohibited us to write pronounciation, it help us to get the real pronounciation of words and be focused in the pronounciation of each word since the beginning. Talking about arabic, transliteration was prohibided. Such a good point. Where is it articulated? On the teeth?

On the palate? It is difficult in the beginning when there are no vowel diacritics but after a while you get used to what sounds right and what doesn't so it's not a problem. I hate transliterations because they're frankly lazy and usually cause people to pronounce things incorrectly. As a trainer for Arabic Language as a second language I recommend to the learners" Kalimni Arabic series", one of the best colloquial courses in Arabic for non native speakers, Samia Louis focused on how to help the learners to build their language infrastructure through a systematic easy grammar, till the moment no other Arabic course material as AFL can compete only if it is in Classical Arabic.

Samia Louis have post the best reliable course for Arabic according to her experience as a teacher, she knows how to deal with subject matter. Do you "must" have a teacher for those Kallimni books or can you have them for self study? I taught myself to read Cyrillic as easy and quick as you taught yourself to read Arabic. Also using resources from the internet. Most of my friends are Palestinian, Syrian or Jordanian and I have no desire to learn MSA because I just want to talk and learn how to ask for things, where the bathroom is, etc. Am finding nothing. You'll learn more from a one hour session with one of those guys then you will from any textbook.

I just ordered the kallimni arabi bishwees and the grammar , but I am a bit lost. Can you please tell me how did you learn? I mean the methods and which lessons you did. I took a look at the first series that you recommended and noticed they were Egyptian Arabic. Are there any books that you could recommend that is classic standard Arabic? Thank you! I'm very interested in these books you recommended. I must try to find them.

Where can I buy them if I live in Tunisia or Sweden? Would you say it is navigable with zero previous instruction, external resources or assistance? I am concerned because of the negative reviews. I have looked through your recommended books, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations for Levantine Arabic? Hello Mr Kareem, I am very interested in learning from the kallimni Arabi series and would like to know if you offer home tuitions?

Hey Donovan, I was wondering if you know any source where I can get a PowerPoint presentations explaining special situations of the daily life like taking a taxi or renting an apartment and videos too. I'd be appreciated if you can help me with that. Thanks a lot!

I just want to share with you the course I did for learning Arabic. The best book that I bought was a book called Master Quranic Arabic in 24 hours. It was easy, beginner — intermediate level. It comes with cd and it was good value for money. You also get access to the course materials. Available on Amazon website. Who stay in Rehab or Madinaty city and want to learn arabic am ready to start it with him or her for free XD.

Do you have anything for someone who can fluently speak Egyptian Arabic but cannot read or write in the language? I also wish to learn MSA, as I would like to be able to watch media and have a better understanding of the dialogue. Hi Donovan, Thank you for this useful post. I am an upper-intermediate learner of Arabic and am looking to continue my studies without a teacher. I'm looking for a good textbook that focuses on grammar in a well-structured way at upper intermediate level.

Do you have any ideas? The one you mentioned seems to be more for beginners, is that the case? It offers a collection of curated content from some our top titles and leading experts. Hannah publishes books across all areas of audio, from the most technical to the most creative, including but not limited to: audio engineering, software and hardware, sound design, immersive sound, music business, mixing and mastering and music technology. Hannah welcomes new book proposals from both professionals and instructors alike, and encourages any prospective authors to get in contact.

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Cubing Fractions 8. Synched Ratios For 3 Digits 9. My Website: About the Author. Mathematics is applied in the proportions of gears within a simple clock.

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Many of the devices from a bicycle to a missile launch apply principles like those behind this book. The book Use Fractions to Multiply! It will, however, take you deeper into the mathematical wonderland than the topical presentations you normally see in books written by those who solve complex problems without even needing to understand the process.

This little book will make you better at fractions, math, and algebra. Mental math is largely about pattern recognition. This book will help you recognize patterns you never noticed before.

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When you learn them, you will be well on the way toward huge strides in improved performance. The properties of specific numbers are significant, even beyond the ratios and proportions involved in this book. This book is about two digit and three digit multiplication.

Anything that results in up to six digits as a product is included. So this book will also include methods for multiplying mixed digit numbers. In Use Fractions to Multiply! Full of tips, tricks, shortcuts for faster mental math, superior algebra mastery, and easy rapid math tricks. Beginning with problems as simple as 9 times 11, this book uses the basic concepts of pattern recognition and proportional relationships to teach you to solve simple math problems.

Then, it progresses smoothly forward to more complex problems, including multiplying three digit numbers like times By breaking large numbers into fractions, the problems are solved progressively from left to right. Can you multiply times 82 quickly, and in your head? You'll be able to do it after you work your way through this book. Book 2. Vertically and Cross-wise 2. By One More 3. Bi-directionality 4. More on ratios 7. Visit my Website 8.

Compliments Algebra 1, and all Applied Mathematics! Simple concepts based on mental mathematics and vedic mathematics can help you become a mental math champion. Anything considered to be a two digit number has three components you can put together for a speed mathematics answer. Effortlessly do two and three digit calculations in your head Using Mental Math Help your children and grand children get better grades!

The vedic math and mental mathematics concepts you will learn you may not find anywhere else. Did you know you can look at two and three digit numbers as fractions and get quick answers? A great way for kids to learn basic vedic mathematics and learn that vedic math is fun Contains enough review so that you can read the book individually. The series does not have to be done in sequence!

On a cost benefit basis this book is a total win for the vedic math enthusiast. The book is full of tricks, tips,and amazing secrets to make you a better calculator and will make mathematics easy. Great for adults, students, nurses, tradesmen, technicians, mechanics, and machinists that do simple math everyday. Popular and Elementary Vedic Math help in minutes Great algebra refresher and reference.

John Carlin has tutored students in vedic math for years. Vedic Math. The author graduated from the U. Mukltiplication of numbers near a base 41 Proportionately 47 Multiplication by 11 50 The Numbers of 9's- 99,,, This Book presents techniques taken from ancient Vedic system that help to do calculations much faster than most of the well known techniques that we learn in high-school. In addition, a variety of problems are solved in the book using the Vedic math techniques just to demonstrate the usefulness of this ancient art.

Get Vedic Math by the Tail! Book 3. Squaring Two Digits in Two Steps 2. Squaring Three Digits in Two Steps 3. Use Aliquot Parts 4. Three Digits any Numbers 5. Solve for something Else. Vedic Math and Mental Mathematics can help you do it! This book can help the math scores dramatically. The book contains five in depth sections with step by step instructions for mastering vedic mathematics. Share it with your children! Learn about squaring two digits numbers in two steps.

Mental math is so simple and easy to learn. Square three digit numbers in two steps Use the power of fractions to destroy mental math calculations that at first appear daunting. John Carlin, Mr. Vedic Math has tutored students in mental math for years. He graduated from the U. He has his own mental math website that you can view at www. This book act as short guide for those who are going to appear in various competitive exams as book contains basic ideas and technique how to solve all type of quantitative and numerical question in less time.

This book also contains tips for easy calculation which is very important to solve Data interpretation question easily with time management. This book contain total 8 chapters which covers all techniques with detailed step by step example to solve questions based on time and work, boats, trains, speed, permutation, probability, combinations, syllogism, simple and compound interest, mixture, profit and loss, etc.

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This book also covers base method of multiplication, addition. Finding of square root and cube root easy formula. This book also contains Vedic Maths technique to solve question. This book does not include practice set because practice set is easily available in market. But most book lack of the basic technique and idea about how to approach the question to solve. Hope this eBook will be the stair to success for all aspirant of competitive exam.

Why Vedic mathematics? Vedic mathematical Formulae Sutras 1. Ekadhikina Purvena 2. Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah 3. Urdhva - Tiryagbyham 4. Paraavartya Yojayet 5. Shunyam Saamya Samuccaye 6. Anurupye - Shunyamanyat 7. Sankalana - Vyavakalanabhyam 8. Puranapuranabyham 9.

Calana - Kalanabyham Ekanyunena Purvena Upa - Sutras 1. Anurupyena 2. Adyamadyenantya - mantyena 3. Yavadunam Tavadunikrtya Varganca Yojayet 4. Antyayor Dasakepi 5. Antyayoreva 6. Lopana Sthapanabhyam 7. Vilokanam 8. Gunitsamuccayah : Samuccayagunitah III. Terms and Operations 2. Addition and Subtraction 3. Multiplication 4.

Miscellaneous Items IV. Vedic Mathematics is a system of reasoning and mathematical working based on ancient Indian teachings called Veda. It is fast, efficient and easy to learn and use. Vedic Mathematics is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, complex numbers, squaring, cubing, square and cube roots. Even recurring decimals and auxiliary fractions can be handled by Vedic mathematics.

Vedic Mathematics forms part of Jyotish Shastra which is one of the six parts of Vedas. The Jyotish Shastra or Astronomy is made up of three parts called Skandas. A Skanda means the big branch of a tree shooting out of the trunk. Having researched the subject for 40 years, even his efforts would have gone in vain but for the enterprise of some disciples who took down notes during his last days. The basis of Vedic mathematics, are the 16 sutras, which attribute a set of qualities to a number or a group of numbers. The ancient Hindu scientists Rishis of Bharat in 16 Sutras Phrases and words laid down simple steps for solving all mathematical problems.

How important is Speed? How fast you can solve a problem is very important. There is a race against time in all the competitions. Only those people having fast calculation ability will be able to win the race. Time saved can be used to solve more problems or used for difficult problems. Is it useful today?

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Given the initial training in modern maths in today's schools, students will be able to comprehend the logic of Vedic Mathematics after they have reached the 8th standard. It will be of interest to everyone but more so to younger students keen to make their mark in competitive entrance exams. India's past could well help them make it in today's world. It is amazing how with the help of 16 Sutras and 16 sub-sutras, the Vedic seers were able to mentally calculate complex mathematical problems.

This E-book "Vedic Mathematics" will explain in brief all the 16 Sutras with practical examples so that you can get rid of your maths phobia and become an expert in this subject.

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Complement 1 2. Subtraction 7 3. Multiplication by Specific Numbers 35 4. Base Multiplication 59 5. Working base Multiplication 87 6. Multiplication 97 7. Algebra 8. Digital Roots 9. Divibility Division I Division II Squares Straight Squaring Cubes Square roots of exact squares Cube roots of exact cubes 18 Square Roots II This book teaches you to calculate fast and in straight steps. The graphics and colours used in the book make it user friendly and easy to understand.

The fun filled activities in each chapter make the process of learning Vedic Mathematics enjoyable for all ages. Miscellaneous Simple Method 11 2. Criss - Cross System of Multiplication 33 3.