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The head consists of an almond shaped organic cage containing the brain, which is host to dozens of large lidless yellow eyes, and it has a short tail. Very little is known about this being, but it has by far the most prevalent iconography in the world, with statues of the being's likeness common in Yharnam , with the Grand Cathedral sporting a line of statues along its inside stairs.

A very clear statue of it can also be found in the Hypogean Gaol. In addition, two tentacled versions of it appear in Yharnam and will draw the player into their hand with a vortex, which terrifies and inflicts Frenzy before simply dropping the player, and under special circumstances will send the player into a specific part of the Nightmare, with one giving access to the Hunter's Nightmare and the other given access to the Lecture Building.

Patches is a devoted worshipper of Amygdala, and is apparently on relatively good terms with it, jokingly asking it to have mercy when it encounters the player. Though he is shocked when it dies, Patches eventually leaves to find a new god in the labyrinth and states "Think not of poor Amygdala. Upon that piteous bastard, you bestowed salvation" before leaving, though it is not certain as to why he considered that being as such.

When they entered the Nightmare, the School of Mensis retrieved an immobile Great One from the depths of it, appearing as multiple horrid eyes within a rotting brain equipped with a claw. Though they knew the being, whatever it was once, had somehow gained the "eyes on the inside" that all seek, the eyes were of a clearly evil nature and had left the brain rotted, and neglected to pursue whatever methods were used to ascend its mind.

Despite this, they recognized that it was a true Great One and left it in a tower within the Nightmare to serve as a guardian from intruders, and to stand as a living relic. It is first encountered when approaching the castle in the Nightmare of Mensis , emitting a maddening aura that damages and induces Frenzy on whatever is caught in the light, requiring the player to sneak past the light to reach the door.

Eventually one can discover the lever that keeps it suspended, and drop it down into the depths of the Nightmare, where it cannot do harm. Later it can be reached by elevator, where one can use the Make Contact gesture to eventually gain a Moon Rune before slaying the being. Resembling one of the Crawlers , but without tentacles and with a human face and arms with hands, she was the object of worship for the residents of the Fishing Hamlet.

Due to this, they became fishlike in appearance, and when they were discovered they were attacked by a group of Byrgenwerth's scholar hunters. Confirmed members of the party are Gehrman and Maria , but it is likely that Willem , Laurence , Micolash and possibly Ludwig were involved. They slaughtered the villagers, opening their skulls to find eyes, and eventually discovered Kos.

It is unknown whether they killed her or if she died by other means, but they did some horrid thing to her, possibly harvesting the blood and parasites from it. It's more than likely that they retrieved the Orphan's Umbilical Cord as well. When they were finished, Maria is thought to have become so disgusted that she threw her weapon into a well, unwilling to even look at it.

Higher Consciousness

But the Orphan of Kos' consciousness remained, and those that became drunk with blood were pulled into its Hunter's Nightmare , where they are trapped for eternity, living in an endless hunt. Most of the old hunters were trapped by this world, except for Gehrman, who became imprisoned by another being. When the player finds the corpse, they see the Orphan emerge from its womb.

Once they kill it and banish its essence, the Orphan is "returned to the ocean" and the curse is lifted. Resembling a six armed Grim Reaper with no head, this being appears to be the prime Great One associated with the School of Mensis, and is located atop the castle in their Nightmare. As the name implies, it likely attended to the needs of Mergo , the child of Yharnam , the Pthumerian Queen. By using one of the Three Third Cords , the members of the School of Mensis were able to have an audience with Mergo and the child's attendant, but it damaged the school members' brains and left them inert.

When the player arrives, Yharnam is found looking up at the roof of the loft, her bloody dress implying a birth or cesarean that may or may not have caused the death of Mergo. They fight with Mergo's Wet Nurse atop the loft, and its death causes the death of Mergo, ending the Nightmare and halting the spread of the beast plague. Yharnam bows to the player and disappears after the fight, likely because her child was kept in the Nightmare by the Great Ones or the School of Mensis, and has been freed from it.

A tentacled beast-like creature made of exposed flesh and bone, it was the being beckoned by Laurence with one of the Three Third Cords. Using Gehrman as a surrogate child, it used his memories to shape the dimension it rules into the likeness of the workshop and create the Hunter's Dream , and kept him there to both serve as assistance for the hunters and simply to exist as its replacement child. By consuming three of the Third Cords, the player gains the fabled eyes on the inside, sought by Willem to elevate his mind to the sort that the Great Ones have. When the player defeats Gehrman, Moon Presence attempts to use the player to replace Gehrman as its surrogate child.

Due to the power of the player's mind being of the sort that a Great One's is, the Moon Presence cannot shackle the player to the Hunter's Dream, and realizes that the player is a danger to them and any children it may find and replace Gehrman with. Upon slaying it the player transcends the bonds of humanity and becomes an infant Great One, adopted by the Doll and fated to lead humanity into its next stage of evolution. Due to some of Gehrman's cut dialogue, it's name may be Flora.

This Great One is thought to be incapable of taking a physical form, and so exists only in voice, though is symbolized with a rune. Referred to specifically as a male though this is likely formality and not actual biological fact , this being is the reason that the blood is able to heal people, as the blood serves as a medium and essence for Oedon to interact with the world.

Due to this, it can be said that all of Yharnam inadvertently worships and serves the will of the formless Great One, but what exactly it wills is uncertain. Heard of throughout the story, Oedon only has two key roles, in which the being attempts to have children with mortals. One of those moments is with Imposter Iosefka , whose experiments on people appeared to be in the effort of using one of the Three Third Cords to acquire the fabled eyes on the inside, and ascend to a higher plane.

If she is killed before this can happen, she will drop a rune signifying her attempt to utilize the power of Oedon she is clearly writhing when she is found and the rune is called Oedon Writhe , possibly meaning that she was pregnant with a child. On the part of Oedon, the child birthed by Arianna is said to be born of "eldritch liaison" from her corrupted blood.

By the sexual definition of liaison, her corrupted blood and sultry work likely made her a vulnerable candidate for Oedon to impregnate, using the transfer of blood as a medium to reach her. She goes mad from her child, and the death of the child's Three Third Cord is accessed by killing it, through Arianna will be killed as well. Child of the being called Kos, it resembles a huge wrinkled pale man, with eldritch wings and using its placenta as a weapon. Killed by the defilement of Kos' body by the old hunters, it became trapped in another reality which the old hunters would also be pulled into as punishment, called the Hunter's Nightmare.

It sobs clearly, showing the sentience of the being, trapped by the sins of Byrgenwerth. When it is encountered, it violently lashes out at the player, and remaining in a cosmic form after its physical body is destroyed. Banishing the remaining essence frees the Orphan, which pleases Kos to the point of lifting the curse of blood, and preventing those that have not yet died from ever becoming trapped inside that world. Little is known about the Byrgenwerth Spider, but she is said to actively prevent things from being discovered, as there are those who seek a sort of master likely Willem and are unable to because of the being's interference with their search.

Micolash also said that Kos granted the Rom with the eyes on the inside, but he likely meant that Kos's Umbilical Cord was used by Willem to ascend her into a Great One.

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POETRY GOD THOUGHTS OF A LESSER MIND ON A HIGHER PLANE Ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and concepts used as guidance to help me remember my true. In esoteric cosmology, a plane is conceived as a subtle state, level, or region of reality, each . Higher planes have bright, colourful patterns, whereas lower planes appear far is that which belongs to consciousness working as thought; not of the mind Joshua David Stone describes the plane as complete unity with God.

Rom being is said to have the knowledge of all secret rituals, and reveals nothing to others for no reason other then it being unnecessary, allowing her to hide knowledge from the naked eye. In an interview with Miyazaki, he states that Rom is female. This being is one of the more human of the Great Ones, with a bulbous head containing feelers that channel the energy existing in the cosmos, and a body more or less in resemblance of a giant blue martian.

Its humanoid form is likely because it is the result of the Healing Church experimenting on patients located in the Orphanage, in an effort to create a sort of cosmic think tank, by having patients gain eyes on the inside by imbibing parasite infested water. The patients would hear the sound of water deep in the ocean, described as a "sticky" sound, which was the inhuman voice of a celestial being. Eventually a patient gained the ability to see the voice itself, and transcribed the Milkweed Rune from it, allowing others to become Kin.

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The ancient Norse mythology gave the name " Ginnungagap " to the primordial "Chaos", which was bounded upon the northern side by the cold and foggy " Niflheim "—the land of mist and fog—and upon the south side by the fire " Muspelheim ". When heat and cold entered into space which was occupied by Chaos or Ginnungagap, they caused the crystallization of the visible universe.

In the medieval West and Middle East, one finds reference to four worlds olam in Kabbalah , or five in Sufism where they are also called tanazzulat ; "descents" , and also in Lurianic Kabbalah. In Kabbalah, each of the four or five worlds are themselves divided into ten sefirot , or else divided in other ways. The alchemists of the Middle Ages proposed ideas about the constitution of the universe through a hermetic language full of esoteric words, phrases, and signs designed to cloak their meaning from those not initiated into the ways of alchemy. In the late 19th century, the metaphysical term "planes" was popularised by the theosophy of H.

Blavatsky , who in The Secret Doctrine and other writings propounded a complex cosmology consisting of seven planes and subplanes, based on a synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas. From theosophy the term made its way to later esoteric systems such as that of Alice Bailey , who was very influential in shaping the worldview of the New Age movement.

The term is also found in some Eastern teachings that have some Western influence, such as the cosmology of Sri Aurobindo and some of the later Sant Mat , and also in some descriptions of Buddhist cosmology. The teachings of Surat Shabd Yoga also include several planes of the creation within both the macrocosm and microcosm , including the Bramanda egg contained within the Sach Khand egg. Max Theon used the word "States" French Etat rather than "Planes", in his cosmic philosophy , but the meaning is the same.

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The planes in Theosophy were further systematized in the writings of C. Leadbeater and Annie Besant. In the early 20th century, Max Heindel presented in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception a cosmology related to the scheme of evolution in general and the evolution of the solar system and the Earth in particular, according to the Rosicrucians. He establishes, through the conceptions presented, a bridge between modern science currently starting research into the subtler etheric plane of existence behind the physical and religion , in order that this last one may be able to address man's inner questions raised by scientific advancement.

The spiritual teacher Meher Baba proposed that there are six planes of consciousness that must be experienced before one can attain God-realization on the seventh plane: "Each definite stage of advancement represents a state of consciousness, and advancement from one state of consciousness to another proceeds side by side with crossing the inner planes.

Thus six intermediate planes and states of consciousness have to be experienced before reaching the seventh plane which is the end of the journey and where there is final realisation of the God-state. Most cosmologists today believe that the universe expanded from a singularity approximately However, in esoteric cosmology expansion refers to the emanation or unfolding of steadily denser planes or spheres from the spiritual summit, what Greek philosophy called The One , until the lowest and most material world is reached.

According to Rosicrucians , another difference is that there is no such thing as empty or void space. Spirit in manifestation is dual, that which we see as Form is the negative manifestation of Spirit--crystallized and inert. On the other hand, Chaos is not a state which has existed in the past and has now entirely disappeared.

It is all around us at the present moment. Were it not that old forms--having outlived their usefulness--are constantly being resolved back into that Chaos, which is also as constantly giving birth to new forms, there could be no progress; the work of evolution would cease and stagnation would prevent the possibility of advancement. In occult teachings and as held by psychics and other esoteric authors there are seven planes of existence.

Most occult and esoteric teachings are in agreement that seven planes of existence exist; however, many different occult and metaphysical schools label the planes of existence with different terminology. The physical plane, physical Word, or physical universe, in emanationist metaphysics taught in Neoplatonism , Hermeticism , Hinduism and Theosophy , refers to the visible reality of space and time , energy and matter : the physical universe in Occultism and esoteric cosmology is the lowest or densest of a series of planes of existence.

According to Theosophists, after the physical plane is the etheric plane and both of these planes are connected to make up the first plane. The psychical researcher F. He wrote that apparitions have a real existence in the metetherial world which he described as a dream-like world.

Plane (esotericism) - Wikipedia

The astral plane, also called the astral world, is where consciousness goes after physical death. According to occult philosophy, all people possess an astral body. The astral plane also known as the astral world was postulated by classical particularly neoplatonic , medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. Throughout the Renaissance , philosophers, Paracelsians , Rosicrucians and alchemists continued to discuss the nature of the astral world intermediate between Earth and the divine.

The Barzakh , olam mithal or intermediate world in Islam and the "World of Yetzirah " in Lurianic Kabbalah are related concepts. According to occult teachings the astral plane can be visited consciously through astral projection , meditation , and mantra , near-death experience , lucid dreaming , or other means.

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Mantrams A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, so that when sounded, certain vibrations are generated. At all times these people can govern the Brahma multitudes as great Brahma lords, and they are among those in the Great Brahma Heaven. Accepted disciples are learning this and in the meantime have to react to the vision in what might be called a second hand manner; they are occupied with the Plan and with the distribution of the forces which will materialize it. I lose nothing but I retain my benefit from my belief. Namespaces Page Discussion. Continued progress in neuroscience has helped to clarify many of these issues, and its findings have been taken by many to support physicalists ' assertions. In Theosophy, the term "Summerland" is used without the definite article "the".

Individuals that are trained in the use of the astral vehicle can separate their consciousness in the astral vehicle from the physical body at will. The Theosophist author Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa wrote: "When a person dies, they become fully conscious in the astral body. After a certain time, the astral body disintegrates, and the person then becomes conscious on the mental plane. In the astral world exist temporarily all those physical entities, men and animals, for whom sleep involves a separation of the physical body for a time from the higher bodies.

While we "sleep", we live in our astral bodies, either fully conscious and active, or partly conscious and semi-dormant, as the case may be, according to our evolutionary growth; when we "wake", the physical and the higher bodies are interlocked again, and we cease to be inhabitants of the astral world. Some writers have asserted the astral plane can be reached by dreaming.

While dreaming, you really are in the astral plane, and usually your astral body is in the zone of quietude. Astral projection author Robert Bruce describes the astral as seven planes that take the form of planar surfaces when approached from a distance, separated by immense coloured "buffer zones". These planes are endlessly repeating ruled Cartesian coordinate system grids, tiled with a single signature pattern that is different for each plane. Higher planes have bright, colourful patterns, whereas lower planes appear far duller. Every detail of these patterns acts as a consistent portal to a different kingdom inside the plane, which itself comprises many separate realms.

Bruce notes that the astral may also be entered by means of long tubes that bear visual similarity to these planes, and conjectures that the grids and tubes are in fact the same structures approached from a different perceptual angle.

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In his book Autobiography of a Yogi , Paramhansa Yogananda provides details about the astral planes learned from his resurrected guru Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. There they work out the seeds of past karma through astral incarnations, or if their karma requires they return to earthly incarnations for further refinement. Once an individual has attained the meditative state of nirvikalpa samadhi in an earthy or astral incarnation, the soul may progress upward to the "illumined astral planet" of Hiranyaloka. The mental plane is the third lowest plane according to Theosophy.

The mental plane is divided into seven sub-planes.

Charles Webster Leadbeater wrote:. In the mental world one formulates a thought and it is instantly transmitted to the mind of another without any expression in the form of words. Therefore on that plane language does not matter in the least; but helpers working in the astral world, who have not yet the power to use the mental vehicle. Annie Besant wrote that "The mental plane, as its name implies, is that which belongs to consciousness working as thought; not of the mind as it works through the brain, but as it works through its own world, unencumbered with physical spirit-matter.

A detailed description of the mental plane, along with the mental body, is provided by Arthur E. Powell , who has compiled information in the works of Besant and Leadbeater in a series of books on each of the subtle bodies. According to Hindu occultism the mental plane consists of two divisions, the lower division is known as heaven swarglok and the upper division is known as the causal plane maharlok. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami wrote:. The causal plane is the world of light and blessedness, the highest of heavenly regions, extolled in the scriptures of all faiths.

It is the foundation of existence, the source of visions, the point of conception, the apex of creation. The causal plane is the abode of Lord Siva and his entourage of Mahadevas and other highly evolved souls who exist in their own self-effulgent form—radiant bodies of centillions of quantum light particles. In this cosmology, there are seven cosmic planes, three lower, corresponding to relative existence the Physical , Vital , and Mental , and four higher, representing infinite divine reality Life Divine bk. The buddhic plane is described as a realm of pure consciousness.

Persistent, conscious, spiritual awareness. This is the full consciousness of the buddhic or intuitional level. This is the perceptive consciousness which is the outstanding characteristic of the Hierarchy. The life focus of the man shifts to the buddhic plane. This is the fourth or middle state of consciousness. Sri Aurobindo calls the level above the mental plane the supermind. George Winslow Plummer wrote that the spiritual plane is split into many sub-planes and that on these planes live spiritual beings who are more advanced in development and status than ordinary man.

According to some occult teachings, all souls are born on the divine plane and then descend down through the lower planes; however souls will work their way back to the divine plane. Rosicrucianism teaches that the divine plane is where Jesus dwelt in Christ consciousness. The logoic plane is the highest plane, it has been described as a plane of total oneness, the "I AM Presence". Joshua David Stone describes the plane as complete unity with God. In Buddhism, the world is made up of 31 planes of existence that one can be reborn into, separated into 3 realms.

Plane (esotericism)

The Summerland is the name given by Theosophists , Spiritualists , Wiccans , and some earth-based contemporary pagan religions to their conceptualization of existence on a plane in an afterlife. Emanuel Swedenborg — inspired Andrew Jackson Davis — , in his major work The Great Harmonia to say that Summerland is the pinnacle of spiritual achievement in the afterlife; that is, it is the highest level, or sphere , of the afterlife we can hope to enter.

The common portrayal of the Summerland is as a place of rest for souls after or between their earthly incarnations.

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Some believe spirits will stay in the Summerland for an eternal afterlife, though others believe after an amount of time some spirits will reincarnate. The Summerland is also envisioned as a place for recollection and reunion with deceased loved ones. As the name suggests, it is often imagined as a place of beauty and peace, where everything people hold close to their hearts is preserved in its fullest beauty for eternity.