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Against all odds Every year, four ex-soldiers who call themselves "Os Imortais" "The Immortals" , get together with four women to celebrate their war deeds and remember the old days, back in the war. Antunes' letters are juxtaposed as near constant voice overs against an impressionistic backdrop of episodes from the war, with only a few scenes of actual dialogue scattered in between. It's a technique which essentially fragments the film into two disjointed layers that rarely connect.

Antunes' letters are for the most part yearning vows of love, while the film depicts the boredom and cruelty of men at war. In a questionable reversal of roles, Antunes' letters are read mostly by a gentle female voice, presumably his wife's, who otherwise has no voice of her own. We see her in a few abstract scenes, yet she remains a ghost, a projection of the author's longing, rather than becoming a character of her own, despite her constant presence as a narrator. This further serves to distance the viewer's perspective, even more so as the loosely connected episodes told on the visual level refuse to develop the characters they depict, or with one exception present the protagonists with meaningful moral choices.

Cartas da Guerra is undoubtedly visually striking, filmed in high-contrast black and white, and if Portuguese is your native language, it might be easier to connect its aural and visual levels as opposed to reading through endless lovelorn monologues in two-language subtitles. In the end though, I doubt that it salvages a movie that's at best an interesting narrative experiment, at worst a structural failure on a topic that deserved better. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

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Catolo David Caracol In Portugal, far away from almost everything, we had the most divisive presidential election ever, and we finally joined the European Community. View on amazon. In he was nominated Canon Explorer, having been appointed Canon Explorer, assuming the role of ambassador for Canon Europe in terms of architectural photography. The exhibition is accompanied by a book, published by German publisher Hatje Cantz and edited by the curators, which contextualizes the phenomena in larger transformative processes. His work is known on a global scale. It was the camera I had chosen.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Our Beloved Month of August Music Romance. Docu-drama about Portuguese social life in the countryside during the busy month of August. Empire Hotel Tabu I Drama Romance. Ler artigo completo "When it comes to architectural photography, only one name stands out: Fernando Guerra. This photographer, hunter of memories, has just been distinguished with two more awards for his work at home and abroad. Of the twenty shortlisted photographs, another three belonged to this internationally acclaimed Portuguese architectural photographer: two of a project on Fogo Island in Cape Verde-The Fogo Nature Park one in the category "Sense of Place", the other in "Buildings in Use" , and another in the category of "Interiors" from a project by architect Peter Gadanho in Torres Vedras.

This project was elected by readers of the website, from over a thousand projects in South America". Read the full article. Fernando was featured on a new book were experienced and successful photographers, like Art Wolf, Ron Haviv, Frans Lanting among many others, talk about their images; how and why they chose to make them, what motivates their photography, and the background behind the image. Image and photographic details are provided for each shot. Discover how successful and award-winning photographers create their images. Gain inspiration from their photographs.

Read their advice.

Guerra Fantástica 1762 (Portuguese Edition)

Muito naturalmente, foi criado um grande volume, contendo duas salas de 20 metros de largura, metros de comprimento e 8. Cosa mentale. Raphael Franca. The photo series touched several topics concerning the relationship of architecture and photography: from curatorial questions about what kind of dialogue can exist between these two creative disciplines, to think about all situations where architecture recognize the problems of culture, economics and environment.

Aircraft Carrier surveys the period between two crises of capitalism, and , to understand the radical change in Israeli architecture. Together, these elements, shaped by territorial struggles and energy crises, dramatically transformed Israeli architecture. The exhibition deals with this transformative period and with the American influences through which its innovations, and tragedies, were enabled. The exhibition is accompanied by a book, published by German publisher Hatje Cantz and edited by the curators, which contextualizes the phenomena in larger transformative processes.

More often than not, it remains the privilege of high-rise living or part of the fun of flying, but it also reveals a rare way of experiencing design and one that shows architecture within its surroundings from a unique angle; be it a single building, a complex or a landscape. To bring you a new, elevated perspective, we've teamed up with portuguese photographer Fernando Guerra. He and his team have been experimenting with cameras attached to a lightweight, flying drone.

For part one of a new series, we show you a selection of new and recent architecture projects in Portugal and beyond - all seen from air. Check back soon for the next instalment. Fernando Guerra has been behind a camera since he was 16 years old. His life has taken him on a considerable journey to document the most pivotal architecture of our generation. You might not know it, but you know his work.

After working with Guerra for the past two years, publishing an array of his photographs on KNSTRCT, we thought it was time to hear the voice of such a monumental figure in the world of architecture. It will be online forever. These works will never cease being available online. It ends up almost being a time capsule. Galaxy Soho by Zaha Hadid architects Shoot by Fernando Guerra in Beijing last December "Galaxy Soho constitutes a new office, retail and entertainment complex for the heart of this great Chinese city — matching its grand scale.

The complex comprises five continuous flowing volumes, set apart yet fused or linked by a sequence of stretched bridges. Each volume adapts outwards, generating a panoramic architecture devoid of corners or abrupt transitions. Galaxy Soho reinvents the great interior courts of Chinese antiquity to create an internal world of continuous open spaces.

Here, architecture no longer incorporates rigid blocks, but instead comprises volumes which coalesce to achieve continuous mutual adaptation and fluid movement between buildings. Shifting plateaus impact upon each other to generate a deep sense of immersion and envelopment, allowing visitors to discover intimate spaces as they move deeper in the building.

Zaha Hadid Architects more info. The missing dimension We redesigned our drone and manufactured new parts. The photographs are by Fernando Guerra, who, together with the help of our "pilot", our newest team member, guarantees the desired framing and quality. Information about this new service can be found at ultimasreportagens. Now with another dimension. Being invited to be part of an event such as this in Venice on the recent history of a country such as Israel - a country I had never visited before nor had any connection to- was a very special opportunity.

Not only because it was a unique trip that took me across the whole country, but also because it took me away from the routine of my daily reports, allowing me to participate on a different level as a artist invited to the 13th edition of the Venice Biennial in the Israeli pavilion called "Aircraft Carrier".

The collected works on display confront the dramatic changes in Israeli architecture since , and the American influences that made them possible. Venice, a city as beautiful as it is impractical, expensive and full of tourists, still preserves its natural charm, and this edition of the biennial has many reasons to make it worth a visit. It's a choice that hints at architecture's need to refocus on issues like engagement and communication, and to establish shared values.

Not a must-visit

Not just as a mere illustrator of structures, but as its centerpiece. Several exhibits confirm the photographic image as the communicator par excellence of architecture. Only a visit to the actual site can beat it. Never before has so much been photographed, nor architecture so much discussed, and photography is increasingly fulfilling its relevant role in this communication process.

This is important for all those whose make their living from it, such as Iwan Ban, Leonardo Finotti, and Cristobal Palma whom I had the opportunity to meet once again in Venice. Fellow architectural photographers whom I very much respect. We all photograph in different, often competing registers, but above all, we are friends, who reconnect through the structures photographed on the same day, or at events like this.

Having been appointed Canon Explorer, assuming the role of ambassador for Canon Europe in terms of architectural photography, as well as all the collaborations launched in recent months with architectural offices in Brazil, Italy, Spain, France and China, have served to give us strength and contributed to counteracting the prevailing crisis in Portugal, and especially the dismay that it causes.

I feel we are just starting our engines and that everything still remains to be done. Never have we had so much work or high levels of responsibility. Nor have I had as much pleasure in making photography my way of life as today. Here's to the next events, but above all here's to reconnecting with friends, may there be time for that. Here's to an autumn full of beautiful images.

The first 17 Explorers joining the Ambassadors Programme have been specially selected by Canon representatives from around Europe and come from a wide range of photographic and film making genres including wildlife, sports, fashion, photojournalism, travel, portrait and weddings. Photographers are inspired by other photographers; whose work invokes future creativity. The Ambassadors Programme is a really exciting platform to bring the photographic industry together to share their knowledge.

The Ambassadors Programme is scheduled to expand further with many more top photographers from around the world, who use and enjoy shooting with Canon equipment every day, joining to share their photographic passions and technical expertise. Verde Prato Urban experiments between ecology and reuse. Fernando Guerra is an architectural photographer. His training, however, is as an architect. His gaze is divided between two distinct modes of constructing the world.

Given this fact, he is in a prime position to personify the metamorphosis of the field of photography that will lead the practice of creating images to eventually identify itself, in part, with the field of architecture. In he was nominated Canon Explorer, having been appointed Canon Explorer, assuming the role of ambassador for Canon Europe in terms of architectural photography.

Almost Drone: Entrevista a Fernando Guerra. In Portugal, far away from almost everything, we had the most divisive presidential election ever, and we finally joined the European Community. To be honest, for me at the age of 16, the challenge was to avoid pimples on my face and to begin the next-to-last year of school before entering university to study architecture. It was during that endless summer vacation, in early July, that something came to change my life forever: I got my first camera and that's where it all started. The journey began with a recently released Canon T It was the camera I had chosen.

Maybe I was attracted to its design, since I understood very little about photography and there are simpler cameras to start with than that one, never stoped me. From that moment on, it was rare to leave the house without a camera, together with two or three rolls of film. It was without understanding very well what I wanted to do that I would do it. The internet did not exist and my only resources were the indispensable magazines that were available. And of course, a great deal of perseverance. I will exhaustively test the camera on my various assignments that start in just a few days on the other side of the Atlantic.

The journey from the adolescent who persuades his parents to buy the most sophisticated camera on the market to becoming a brand ambassador has been special. Perhaps because it was my own journey and perhaps also because it was not outlined in advance. It just happened.

The enthusiasm of having a new camera is still as great as it was 30 years ago and the fact that I am one of the first people to use it is a unique opportunity shared only by my fellow ambassadors around the world. And, of course, by my friend Joel Santos. It has been special to be part of the Canon team for some years now. My public association with brands is restricted to only those that I actually use, and for those who trust my work, my mission is to convey the message of why they are the best, if they really are- and what their advantages are. Just 1. Simple and effective for someone who spend his life on the go.

The more that time passes and the more that I take pictures, the less I need loads of equipment with me. A new camera is always an element that can cause as much of a disturbance as it can inspiration. Shooting is not a job. Thanks for being there with me. Fernando Guerra. A selection of projects, linked to the themes of Living, Rehabilitating etc. The Association, non-profitable, according to the law of , has set itself the goal of disclosing the work of men and women with a masterful relationship between a Matter, Time and Men, foremost among which, the Architecture. Guerra narrates more than a piece of architecture.

He explores the relations between the building and the urban contexts, portrait daily life scenes dense of dichotomic beauty. It even smells good. X-ray of a photographic studio With the new millennium, architectural photography has gained an exponential preponderance. The progressive affirmation of Fernando Guerra has accompanied the output from national and international architects, revealing a set of compelling recent architectural works.

Boosting Lisbon's Art Scene One Exhibition at a Time

His photographic pieces present a privileged view of contemporary Portuguese architecture as well. He is an interesting man, who sees success as the result of unconditional dedication and regards courage as the willingness to pursue new directions. This attitude and his real passion for Porsche left us with no option but to get him to do a photoshoot of the new Panamera. And he did that in his favourite city, Lisbon. We accompanied him and got to see his fascinating work and his home city. In the country of explorers, where the people see themselves as descendants of such explorers and reflect this in their mentality.

But maybe we'll discover new ways of doing things. To keep it rolling: get out and do something. Experience things. And work hard. Photography was ever-present in his life - even during his studies, he had a camera in his hand every day. But he knew that he wasn't going to spend the rest of his life in Macau. It wasn't just his yearning for home that he had to cope with, but also a certain Porsche Targa, which was waiting patiently for him at home in his father's garage and which he drove along the rugged coastline of Portugal at night in his dreams.

He moved back to Lisbon with his wife and children and accepted a professorship at a university there. His comfort zone, as he calls it, with a secure income and a structured lifestyle. But he doesn't feel really happy. And so he comes to a decision The architectural photographer who captures futuristic buildings and breathtaking enfilades is standing in an ordinary garage.

The austere, white room in central Lisbon is one of the most important places in his life. The garage is located on a little side street; an inconspicuous entrance with an electric door leads inside. He finds the garage calming, a place where he can leave his work behind and clear his head, says Guerra. Ler entrevista completa On the Collection and other stories Because without prior notice, our guest began to open up and the conversation flowed, and not only about the two watches we challenged him to try on.

Quite the opposite. Far from the inescapable and award-winning architectural photographer that is Fernando Guerra, we became acquainted with a true wristwatch enthusiast. A passionate one, too. Read full interview. Helena Botelho Prof. Artigo completo. The jury of ADA first members revealed Winners will be selected by some of the most interesting international architecture studios, along with journalists, entrepreneurs, designers and architectural photographers.

Fernando Guerra change this sterile and empty notion of architecture photography, introducing into it the living experience of the building, its movements prolonged throughout the whole day, giving a full vision of it, in a language of light of many gestures, spaces and moments. Diary of a daily routine - Take 1.

De repente foi tudo embora. Full interview. Habitar Portugal 20 projectos fotografados por Fernando Guerra. Partilhar o que fazemos - o trabalho dos nossos clientes, faz parte do nosso DNA. Sharing what we do - our clients work, is part of our DNA. We started doing that when the only outlet for images were books and magazines.

'Portuguese Vietnam' Guerra Ultramar Africa 1961/74

But the world has changed, and if we are happy with this year winners, we are also very proud of the ones from last year And the year before The exhibition is divided into four categories that explore different architectural qualities and a diverse technical approach and methodology. The categories Building in use, Exteriors, Interiors and Sense of place demonstrate a broad range of photographic styles and approaches to the medium as well as featuring a diverse set of outstanding architectural forms.

This is the third year, Sto Werkstatt in partnership with Arcaid Images has presented Building Images and we are proud to continually create this platform to explore and celebrate the skills of architectural photographers, and to encourage debate around the discipline among photographers, architects and enthusiasts alike.

Arcaid awards exhibition and ceremony photographs:. One month after winning the most important architectural photography award, the Arcaid award, Fernando Guerra has won the grand prize for photography on the Plataforma Arquitectura website with his photos of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile.

This project was chosen from among more than 1, others in South America with voting carried out by readers of the website.

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The award was presented at a ceremony held on November 26, in the winning building itself. Book launch: How to take great photographs Successful photographers explain how and why they took a photograph. Soft cover - pages ISBN Announced at the ongoing World Architecture Festival WAF in Singapore, the image was selected by a panel of judges for its ability to " translate the sophistication of architecture into a readable and understandable two dimensions ". The images were presented in four categories - Exteriors, Interiors, Sense of Place, and Building in Use - and judged by an esteemed panel on their atmospheric quality, composition, use of scale and more.

Each shortlisted image was judged on the merits of the photography for composition, sense of place, atmosphere and use of scale; Guerra had the highest scoring image overall. The most important thing for us has been the concept and atmosphere of the images. Continue reading. Se podes ver, repara. His work is known on a global scale. If you can look, observe. Between airports, Guerra confesses to GQ that photography came to him much earlier than the architecture.