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Kan Savasci: a legend, a warrior, a mage… hero and villain. Tears of a Heart marks the tale of a young man, Aeden, who unwittingly shapes the world. The writing is beautiful, layered, and timely. Chase Blackwood weaves an intricate tale that hints at so much more. And that may be its greatest challenge. Tears of a Heart, the first book in the series, was beautifully written, and interesting.

It shows us an amazing world filled with detail and depth, but for a portion of it, just a touch slow. The writing, such beautiful writing, overshadows this, as does the ending. Tower of the Arkein , the next book in the series, is where the story truly begins to unfold, and where Chase Blackwood shines as an author. It is fast paced, full of action, adventure, and love. A very strong entry in the fantasy genre, and if the next book is equally as good, expect it to make quite a splash. You can buy on Amazon now. The Shadow Campaigns. More great flintlock fantasy and a cool magic system.

This book takes epic fantasy and turns itcolonial which is a new modern twist on the established way of things. It doesnt also slightly tweak the genre, but it does so with a bang so loud you can hear the force of it blocks away. No element is completely unique weve seen a lot of this in the genre before , but it combines them so well and with so much panache, the sum is greater than the parts. This is a debut that makes title waves. Fans who liked Glen Cook's Black Companys detailing the going-ons of a company forced to survive in foreign lands among hostile locals will find themselves right at home in this novel.

Add into the mix a strange magic system thats cool, well-developed characters, a barren desert setting, and you have a real winner here.

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The whole colonial theme is usually used as a commentary on the evils of imperialism, but Django Waxler blithely avoids all that which I didnt mind at all. One of the more action packed, exciting fantasy reads of the past couple years. It doesn't try to be too complex with an epic cast of grey characters like many other books, but focuses more on a couple characters and their struggles. Theres a delineated line between good and bad characters, so you won't be needing to root for heroes who act like villains. For one of the most exciting military epic fantasy reads of the past few years, pick this book up.

As of , there are two books out with both books delivering the second book trades in foreign colonial invaders vs desert tribes theme in for a more standard city and kingdom politics theme. While reading about Assassins in fantasy has never really gone out of style in the genre some of the best books, such as The Farseer, have been about Assassins , this subgenre has experienced a bit of a renaissance the past couple of years. Like many of the books on this list, Among Thieves does something slightly different than its peers in the genre: a tale about a lucky, mostly unexceptional protagonist who usually happens to be in the wrong place at the right time.

But it's in the protagonist's pure charm and the cast of interesting characters that surround him that drive this tale forward. This is a fantasy that's more about the story and the characters than the world. If you want a unique fantasy tale about the criminal underside, packed with quirky, interesting characters, give this book a read. The Inheritance. Jemisin takes a simple premise and delivers a magnificently written fantasy trilogy out of it: What if the gods who created humanity were real and who at one time ruled the world now walked among mankindas slaves. Theres a lot going on here with politics, kingdoms, and angry gods and at the center of this maelstrom is Yeine, exiled granddaughter the ruling Arameri family, who has lived her life in seclusion in the barbarian lands, is summoned back to the kingdom by her grandfather and thrown into the very politics shes avoided as shes forced into a win-or-die contest against her cousins for the throne and its a game that will likely end with her sacrificed.

Its a complex tale of love, war, politics, assassination, and racism that delivers on all fronts. Theres a lot of romance in this one, so fans of Kushiels Legacy or The Seven Waters trilogy will particularly enjoy it. The Crescent Moon Kingdoms. An absolutely engaging fast paced epic fantasy tale that sucks you in and won't spit you back out till you've turned the last page. The martial version of The Name of the Wind, this indie novel took the publishing world by storm and was picked up by a major publisher.

It's the coming of age story of Vaelin Al Sorna, son of a famous war leader, who morphs from scared little boy to natural born leader and famous warrior. It's a great book, overall, and channels many of the elements that people love about The Name of the Wind: a frame story with the older protagonist reflecting back on his coming of age tale; a young man taken from his father and forced into martial school as a warrior monk-in-training; a secret order with mysterious goals the protagonist must work against; concepts of brotherhood and friendship; an interesting magic system; plenty of action, angst, and violence; and the pursuit of love.

While the writing is uneven at times and not as well written as The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss is a superior writer and wordsmith by every measure , The Blood Song is a pretty damn exciting read and one of the best NEW fantasy debuts of the decade. The sequel, The Tower Lord, fails on almost all the marks The Blood Song hit, so it remains to be seen whether Anthony Ryan can pick things up again in Book 3, but the first book is an astoundingly good new debut.

While Sanderson excels at writing epic fantasy, Steelheartwas a pleasant surprise. Sanderson takes on the superhero fantasy genre andwrites a uniquely compelling tale about a band of ordinary humans whospecialize in taking down once-humans who have been granted special powers think super-villains here and use these powers to dominate, rule, andterrorize the world. Weeks really hit his stride with this series and the books are one non-stop thrill ride of action, violence, and excitement and feature one of the most unique magic systems in the genre.

But it wasn't always this way. This is a series that's really grown on me the past couple years. The first book, The Black Prism, was a bit uneven, suffered from too much exposition, and to be honest, I kind of wrote Weeks off as a one series wonder, a failed attempt by Weeks to capture the magic of his original Night Angel trilogy. For the new series to have any real merit after the first book, book two would have to literally blow your socks off. And what were the chances of that right? The second book in the series are usually worse than the first.

Well, in fact book two did blow my socks completely off, and delivered on all fronts; it was a spectacularly exciting read and made me a serious fan of the series right away. It's one of the best sequel books I've read and a fine example of how to write a modern action-packed fantasy tale. There's action galore the action is pumped up by even a few more notches , a cast of compelling and interesting characters, very much fleshed out, and quite a few plot twists as well.

By the end of it, you are chomping for the next book which is out already. Weeks writes some of the best heroic action fantasy in the genre and The Lightbringer is his finest work. There are three books out now. The Dagger and the Coin. Abraham wowed everyone with his Long Price Quartet books, a fundamentally different sort of fantasy tale that was beautifully written and character driven, very much a different fantasy than you've ever read before.

He's also done a good job in the science fiction genre, with a modern take on old school Soap Opera with his The Expanse written under a pen name. Abraham decided to get his hands wet with a more traditional epic fantasy yarn with his Dagger and the Coin series. Epic fantasy yes, but it's a Abraham novel, meaning it's first and foremost a character driven tale first with everything else secondary.

There's action, magic, mystery, and politicking, but many of these are very much in the background while the story spends a long time building up the characters, their relationships with each other and their place to the world around them. But once things get going warning, it can take a couple books in , things get going! There's a lot of plot twists and it's hard to see where the story is going. He's almost wrapped it all up though. So for a traditional fantasy epic with awesome writing, awesome characters with a darker bent, read this series. It's one of the best new fantasy epics and certainly one of the better character driven fantasies in the 's.

Bobby Dollar. The start of a new series by Tad Williams that brings his top notch writing to the Urban fantasy genre. Williams was still finding his stride with the first book, by book two is even better and book three better than the second. This is a real alternative to The Dresden Files, but darker, grittier, and a lot more sarcastic. Angels, you see, walk among us in human bodies. And so do Demons. Bother are engaged in a titanic struggle for the fate of human souls. Bobby Dollar, is an Angel mascaraing as a human who's responsible for defending human souls from Hell's prosecution.

But you see, Bobby's not really that good of an angle and when a soul goes missing, he gets caught up in events and things go to hell, literally. Unlike The Dresden Files, not every hero becomes a overpowered hero who you know will never die. Williams wisecracking hero, Bobby Dollar, is an interesting character he's not the most powerful guy in the room, but he's got a knack for going up against much stronger guys and walking away. Part of the fun is watching him get thrown to the wolves and somehow survive, albeit very much busted up afterwards.

This gets my vote as the best new Urban Fantasy series since Dresden. And since the premise is a new take on heaven, hell, angels and demons, it's not another wizard's vs wizard's urban fantasy. Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. Another hyped up fantasy that actually delivered on the premise.

I was skeptical about this book at first but found this to be one of the best fantasy debuts of and one of the best epic fantasy books the past few years. Nothing is particularly new in this book, but all the elements fit together and the story delivers the goods. The book follows the trials and tribulations of three royal children, separated for 8 years, each of whom live completely different lives.

There's Valyn, the youngest son sent to train with an elite spy regiment. There's Adare, the headstrong girl raised in the royal palace and cutting her teeth on kingdom politics. And there's Kaden, eldest and heir to the throne, sent to live on the outskirts of the kingdom to toil away as a monk in a monastic order.

Then the Emperor dies and chaos erupts. And the ancient inimical immortal gods who founded the original empire just might not be as dead as everyone thought. Ancient dead gods stirring and royal siblings being cast out into the world has been done before think Acacia or A Song of Ice and Fire , but The Emperor's Blades does a superb job of weaving each story line together; you get three very different stories in one book with each connecting to the overarching plot.

There's plenty of moral ambiguities the characters face, developed characters, dilemmas aplenty, and fresh new world with an in interesting history.

See a Problem?

Expect interesting characters, a complicated and well-drawn world, and lots of action. One of the more exciting fantasy novels to come out the past five years. If you have read this yet, pick it up. There's a number of Dresden-like clones out there, but none are as well done as Benedict Jacka's Alex Verus series. Very much Dresden-ish. But this is no clone. Verus si not some super powered wizard like Dresden who keeps leveling up. He uses this talent to great effect as he's set against much stronger opponents. There are five books out now and each book keeps on getting better.

If there is any series that can give Dresden a run for the money, Alex Verus can. When Jim Butcher himself says this about Alex Verus 'Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus tremendouslyand be a little nervous around him" you know you have a winner -- especially if you are a big fan of Dresden. In the tradition of Steven King, the spiritual father to Joe Hill's style of horror, NOS4A2 is a novel about the tricky space of growing up and the uncanny shit that happened to you as a child It's a novel about the unresolved past coming back to haunt you and your family.

Released to critical acclaim, NOS4A2 is the story of Victoria McQueen who as a child in a fit of rebellion, casually hitches a ride on a Rolls-Royce Wraitha with Charles Manx, an avuncular fellow who turns out to be anything but. Vic is taken for the ride of her life into a nightmarish landscape, into an alternative reality built on the screams of children, a place where no child has ever escaped. But escape she does.

But theres a price to pay years later. And that price is her son. This book is pure horror, but one of those complicated literary spaces where pure horror and pure fantasy can both occupy the same shelf in the bookstore. Certainly, this is one of the best horror reads to come along in a long time. If you want your scare on, pick this book up. One of the best horror reads this decade and one hell of a ride you wont forget. Just dont read it at night and keep your little ones close! A highly underrated author and book that's never gotten the attention it deserves.

Granted, with so many heavy hitter fantasy authors and awesomely good fantasy book releases since , it's hard to make a name for yourself as a debut author. Perhaps because of this, Three Parts Dead never got the recognition it deserved. Like many of the books you'll find on this list, the author does something unique with the genre and story. Gladstone has certainly done this, and did it superbly well especially since this was a debut novel.

But for whatever the reason, most people don't know about it. The novel combines steampunk fantasy with that of a legal thriller. Sounds like strange mix of genres and it is but it absolutely works in this case. Anyone who's read any fantasy has seen the well-trodden paths of the pirate, of the investigator, of the swordsman, of the hero; this time around, however, the lawyers are getting their movement to shine in the fantasy genre. Gladstone took a risk too with making the protagonist not only a female lawyer but a black one at that.

As much as we like to pretend age-old prejudices don't exist, they still do. And Gladstone bucked that trend by making the heroine a lawyer and a black one to boot. For a novel now part of a series with 3 books released with strong, realistic characters, fiercely imaginative world building, a well-crafted plot that slowly builds before reaching a stampeding crescendo, Max Gladstone's Three Part's Dead hits the mark. It's a unique blending of well-worn sub genres steam punk and the legal thriller using worn tropes, but blending them together into something wholly new.

One of the best, mostnovel fantasy release of the decade. If you are tired of epic fantasy andcankering for something that marches to its own beat, you can't do better thanThree Parts Dead. And you can be secure in the knowledge the other books in theseries are also fantastic. This was one of those books that blew me away when I first read it; Peter V.

Brett hit the nail on the head perfectly with this dark fantasy about a world infested by demons; a story where humanity pushed to the brink of extinction, eking out an existence during the day, but trapped behind shelters, protected only by wards that sometimes kept the demons at bay.

The story told by Brett was something new, exciting, and completely enthralling. In some ways, we all could related to the feelings of terror and utter helplessness suffered by the inhabitants of Brett's world. It wasn't Brett's prose that won you over, but the world and the dark story you just had to keep reading to see how the struggling heroes made their way through the dark, demon infested landscape that took over when the sun went down, a time when all humans are little more than prey, trapped behind their protective wards, hoping to live one more day.

Sound exciting? It was. Now, unfortunately Peter V. Brett's work was a one hit wonder. The two sequel books were huge disappointments huge on action, but low on characterization. The way the characters started behaving didn't really mesh and the plot often became ridiculous, with stuff just happening out of the blue unexpectedly.

We'll see where the series goes with book 4 around the corner, but so far, books 2 and 3 were massive disappointments. Still, you can't take away from the original brilliance of the first book, which was one of the most exciting fantasy readers to come out the past couple years. Yes, there have been more complex fantasy released into the genre since then.

Yes, there have been better written books published by other authors. But few books in the genre have offered as pure an exciting, as addicting, and as thrilling a read as Brett's The Warded Man. Now if only he never wrote the sequels. We generate a very small commision if you buy an amazon product linked to from this site. These comissions help us keep the BestFantasyBooks running and funds site improvements. Top 25 Best Fantasy Books Since Feb Comments A remarkable trilogy that's one of the best fantasy tales to come out the past decade. You may not like it, you may not enjoy it, but you better damn well read it.

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Knights of the Blood Series

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