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However, because she is a Project Leda clone it can be deduced that she was not raised self-aware. Also, before her relationship with her monitor Hector, her previous boyfriend Craig left her for Alaska two years and a day into their relationship and she tells Felix that she notices this trend on all her relationships so far.

Delphine explains that after greeting the Castor clones Rudy and Seth , they attempted to kidnap her. They were soon intercepted and Krystal was freed afterwards. However, her monitor Hector and another member of the Dyad security team was killed in the process. Krystal plays a larger role in " Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method ". She is visited by Delphine, posing as a customer, at her job as a manicurist, at which point she recounts her attempted kidnapping; she reveals that her boyfriend and monitor , Hector, was killed by Rudy and Seth.

Afterwards, Delphine and Dr. There were also three potential candidates for her new monitor. However, unbeknownst to the Clone Club, Rachel and Nealon had made other plans. Nealon kidnaps Krystal as she is getting off work, then places her into a medically-induced coma so that he can use her to take Rachel's place, allowing Rachel to be secretly removed from Dyad. Delphine revisits Krystal at her medical room in " History Yet to Be Written " thinking she is Rachel along with Nealon, discussing on transferring her to a private facility before Ferdinand starts investigating deeper into her supposed death.

Delphine examines "Rachel"'s left hand and finds her nails well-manicured, only for "Rachel" to suddenly awake from her coma and accidentally slaps Delphine with said hand. Krystal quickly recognizes her as one of her previous customers. She instantly panics at her hospitalized state and the eyepatch, much to Delphine's shock and confusion as she tries to calm Krystal down. In " Human Raw Material ", Krystal has begun taking self-defense lessons, in response to her attempted abduction by Rudy and Seth.

In her first appearance in the Season 3 premiere " The Weight of this Combination ", Krystal wears her hair in a thin blonde braided ponytail that falls down her left shoulder, a large black quilted jacket, a Venetian-red bodycon dress and a large beaded necklace that covers her upper chest.

When Krystal makes an appearance for the second time in " Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method ", her hair is worn in soft, blond waves, framing her face, while she wears a peach-colored, body-fitting dress with a black undergarment peeping above the scooping neckline.

Although still very much unaware of her being a clone and whatnot, she actually is able to unearth some critical info for Clone Club while inadvertently providing them with the whereabouts of Delphine Cormier.

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William H. Macy and Rosario Dawson at an event for Krystal () Grant Gustin and Nick Robinson in Krystal () William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman at an. Krystal is a American coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by William H. Macy and written by Will Aldis. The film stars Rosario Dawson, Nick.

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