Oblivion II

Oblivion II
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Monarchs of Oblivion Part 2 7. Monarchs of Oblivion Part 1 6. The oldest, largest and most accurate video game database covering over platforms from to date! Kansas City doom rockers Merlin expanded to a six-piece early in , and Dank Souls and Dark Weed: A Live Experience , as the title hints, captures this form of the band on stage. Yeah, he's one of the "good" daedra. The Montreal-supported group, whose haunting, hooky sound has been warn "Swedish-diction stomp", give forth dark psych-metal, exuberance with stark humor and tempo changes, and haunting, plait-path vocals that volplane over the sinister songs.

Praised for the high-quality production and Tom's polished and professional presentation, the Lorecast series of shows have been called the "Morning Edition" of video game podcasts. Listen on. More places to listen. Beastfolk - The Beast Races of Tamriel. Have Tom read your message on the show! Twitter: twitter.

Nocturnal, the Night Mistress and the revered patron of thieves.

The Daedra & Oblivion - Gods & Demons II

This week, Fallout 76, Battlefield V, games that bring bring us into the zone, and our special game this week - Who would be more likely to lock their keys in their car while it's still running? Bethesda VS EA. Special Announcement! Don't miss this! Something new is coming to the Elder Scrolls Lorecast!

We explore the origins and lore of Dragons - just in time for Elsweyr. The oldest story of creation and the beginning of Myth.

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Namira, the Daedric Prince of Decay and Disease. R0b0ts shares his first impressions of the new Elsweyr expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. Elsweyr is here! Our first episode about the races of Tamriel.

Let's dig into the details of our kitty cat friends, the Khajiit. Molag Bal, the harvester of souls and prince of rage. The lord of lies Robots Thoughts - What playable race would you add to Elder Scrolls. Robots explores the idea of other playable races in Elder Scrolls games. Quick Update! This back and forth is exceptionally smooth throughout II , as the instrumental outfit blend heavy psychedelia and progressive metal with an unflinching cohesion of their songwriting.

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II by IAH. IAH on Thee Facebooks. IAH on Bandcamp. The band who a short time later would evolve into Unorthodox , Asylum have long stood as a testament to the enduring power of Maryland doom.

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Straightforward working-class doom grit stripped to its essentials. Hard to ask for anything more when you actually hear it.

Unorthodox on Thee Facebooks. Shadow Kingdom Records website. Kansas City doom rockers Merlin expanded to a six-piece early in , and Dank Souls and Dark Weed: A Live Experience , as the title hints, captures this form of the band on stage. The crowd are right to holler. Merlin on Thee Facebooks. Merlin on Bandcamp. The title-track is a two-parter, and touches on theatrics-sans-pretense in the first piece while dedicating the second to following a central riff well worthy of the attention they give it toward a galloping solo finish.

Oblivion II (New Earth)

The Hazytones on Thee Facebooks. Ripple Music on Bandcamp. Daily Thompson on Thee Facebooks. MIG Music website.

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From there it unfolds a bit more uptempo than one might initially think, but it shows how fluidly Old Man Lizard shift from one impulse to the other. True Misery takes a couple listens to sink in, but well earns those and more besides.

True Misery by Old Man Lizard. Old Man Lizard on Thee Facebooks. Wasted State Records website. They do that successfully here and sound well up to the inevitable task before them of a debut full-length. Tuskar on Thee Facebooks.

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Riff Rock Records website. Eyes peeled on the PR wire for the announcement. L'appel du Vide by Space Coke. Space Coke on Thee Facebooks.

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Space Coke on Bandcamp. Aptly-named Montreal heavy psych rocking trio The Hazytones returned at the end of last month from a summer tour that took them on basically a loop through the Midwest to play the Stoned Meadow of Doom fest in Omaha, Nebraska, before swinging east and running up north to finish back in their hometown. One has to wonder if that will play into the sound of their upcoming second album, II: Monarchs of Oblivion , which is set to release through Ripple Music on Oct.

Either way, a record to look forward to as begins to make its way toward its finish, getting dark early, being autumn and all that.