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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition) book. Happy reading Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition) Pocket Guide. Se si guarda nei Quaderni , opere ecc. Nelle case, nelle strade e nei ristoranti la festa di Nostra Signora del Monte Carmelo aveva un suo odore … pranzi abbondanti erano cucinati nelle case […] ma era per la strada che il cibo veniva maggiormente consumato …. Quando il Santo arrivava alla chiesa i fili erano zeppi di dollari, parecchie migliaia.

Poi tutti si precipitavano nei bar e nelle trattorie. A mio parere, gli italiani vivono la religione come le nozze di Cana. Antonio Gramsci nel Quaderno IV. Ogni popolo, ogni cultura presenta residui di epoche passate anche lontane. Antonio Gramsci , le cui note sul folclore cfr. La sua famiglia era di origine valdese , un movimento evangelico vicino al calvinismo di Ginevra. Non so esattamente cosa successe ma dovetti affrontare le conseguenze del mio atto.

Tempo qualche settimana partii e dopo alcuni mesi di addestramento fui inviato in una sorta di caserma di rieducazione dove passai un periodo molto duro della mia vita. Nel Nuovo Testamento Matteo dice :. Per affrontare la questione in modo compiuto bisognerebbe considerare e confrontare, anche a grandi linee, almeno i punti di vista cattolico, luterano e calvinista. Il materiale online abbonda. Ne nacque un discreto dibattito tra inglesi e americani, di origine sia cattolica che protestante, di cui riporteremo alcuni frammenti in un prossimo pezzo.

New York. Click for credits and to enlarge. Thank you for an interesting and insightful words! I think his ideas of cultural domination and hegemony go far to explain everything from the Tea Party to Paris Hilton, and maybe Facebook and Twitter as well, but the whole technology thing needs more thought. Seduction, again, ie cultural hegemony. I think his ideas of cultural domination and hegemony go far to explain everything from the Tea Party to Paris Hilton, and maybe Facebook and Twitter as well.

A folk should be culturally united, as a tendency at least. Among the best examples of it Gramsci indicates the Greek tragedy and the Elizabethan theatre, where the majority of the people were involved in a great experience. The Italian Renaissance to him, though sublime, was too elitist [update: ie no participation of the populace, no high-low interaction] and one cause in the end of the Italian decline. The protestant Reformation saw instead great popular participation Renaissance-Reformation are to Gramsci also dialectic metaphors — in the Hegelian sense of thesis and antithesis — that he uses abstractly.

San Francisco Fire Department Engine 22 The first British immigrants to the New World were in fact an intellectual and especially moral elite — Gramsci argues. Not concluded. Tomorrow, Thomas and you folks. And my dog Lilla is recovering but she is 15 years old. Andreas Kluth , the Hannibal man, asked me to write something about Gramsci in words. I failed. These are words. I studied Gramsci in my twenties and he surely helped me greatly. I think important to say his thought to be:.

All so compelling and mind expanding;. A solitary dialogue though, since jail solitude brought him to solipsism, which creates like a tragic, bewitching and a bit claustrophobic atmosphere. But he tried to favour an education where both the elements of discipline and fascination were present. Any idea had to be seen in its historical context and was hence transient Marxism included. Gramsci is wide-ranging, like the men of the Renaissance. Nature is ruled by blind forces, with no intelligent design. He follows the Italian tradition of Lucretius , Vico , Leonardo , Machiavelli, Leopardi , in contrast with the Platonic and hegemonic tendency expressed during the Renaissance by Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola ;.

Born to a backward Sardinian peasant milieu he had succeeded in becoming a great European intellectual, which made him believe that everyone could be a philosopher at various degrees, and that a solid education of the working class was possible;. His Prison Letters have the depth of Tolstoy , an author close to him in many respects;. Italian, European and world history are considered, from the end of the ancient Roman Republic onwards, and innumerable aspects are analysed.

For a young Italian like me it meant an invaluable know-yourself experience. What I had passively learned at school could finally bear some fruit, also the teachings of my father, that I could fully appreciate only after reading Gramsci. It touches the soul deeply. He does that as for Italy, other European and non European countries. Too long a story.

Gramsci and Croce are well known in the English-speaking countries. The British ex prime minister Gordon Brown said Gramsci was one of his mentors. Gramsci is considered the father of democratic communism [a thing, to say the truth, that remained in his mind and was never realised. His powerful brain was feared by both the Fascists and the Russians, and it pained me so much to learn that his Russian wife Julka or Julia Schucht see her below with their sons, Delio and Giuliano, together with her sister Tatiana Schucht, were probably spies for the Gpu Kgb.

No change at all? Well, it progressively became comprehensive mass education with its pros and cons so that its solidity, like a merum from the ancients, was diluted in the years — the wine being still there, but its inebriating effects having almost dissolved]. Even the mechanical character of the study of grammar [ criticised by Croce and Gentile, MoR ] was enlivened by this cultural perspective. Individual facts were not learned for an immediate practical or professional end.

The end seemed disinterested, because the real interest was the interior development of personality, the formation of character by the absorption and assimilation of the whole cultural past of modern European civilization […] Pupils learned Greek and Latin in order to know at first hand the civilization of Greece and Rome — a civilization that was a necessary precondition to our modern civilization: in other words, they learnt them in order to be themselves and know themselves consciously.

Gramsci criticises in the multiplication of vocational schools that in his view aimed at perpetuating social differences. Moreover, a true democracy needed adequate people:. But democracy, by definition, cannot mean merely that an unskilled worker can become skilled. As for K education we see today a tendency to focus on subjects only in countries such as Great Britain with students aged 15, a big mistake in my view especially now that we have to compete with lands that do most of the basic manufacturing to the extent that we need extra added-value creativity in our products.

Gramsci would certainly have agreed. Born to a backward Sardinian peasant milieu, with big family and health problems, his intellectual success influenced his view that a more comprehensive education of the working class was possible. She was — hideous detail — a spy for the Gpu Kgb. Amazing how Giuliano resembles his father. I should think that in both our sons, as in all children, there are likely to be found all sort of inclinations — the practical side, the theory and the imagination, and that it would consequently be more appropriate to guide them towards a more harmonious blend of all intellectual and practical faculties, since the time will come when specialisation in one or the other of these will occur on the basis of a personality vigorously formed and totally integrated.

Gramsci then continues, expressing to her his humanistic faith in human possibilities and his s ideal of the fully developed man :.

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Post Scriptum. Gramsci reflected on many aspects of the American society his notes on Americanism and Fordism are crucial while he was quite worried about what was happening in the Soviet Union after Differently from his mentor, Neapolitan Benedetto Croce , basically Hegelian, Gramsci was very much connected not only to German Kultur he was into Hegel too and had a perfect knowledge of German — plus French, English, Russian, Latin and possibly other languages but also to French culture: thanks to a scholarship won in he had studied in Piedmont at the University of Turin.

In he co-founded the Italian Communist Party. Back to Italy in he became head of the party. Being no orator but making use of a one-by-one-persuasion strategy he had won the majority of party delegates by totally fascinating them. In the same year he was elected at the Italian Parliament. He will die at 46 after 11 years of prison. Now you will have to be even more than in the past, so that our sons may grow well and be in all worthy of you [italic is mine, MoR. Dev , Lichanos , Andreas Kluth , the Commentator , Paul Costopoulos , sledpress , Rosaria , zeusiswatching — all were so nice to participate.

Only less than a century ago the Marxists, in their utopian folly, desired the totally developed man for everybody, which Antonio Gramsci adapted with his mass Leonardo da Vinci concept , that I always found fascinating. The problem now is that a modern mass or non mass Leonardo is less viable because we know a lot more in so many more fields.

Void is advancing and people, more and more confused, fall into the hands of organizations like Scientology and similar. Dev, thanks for the kind words, and I am very happy that you find my reviews interesting! Such a background used to be unremarkable for engineers, say, 60 or years ago, but today, at least in the USA, it is unusual. I know what you mean. I mean many scientists in the earlier times were originally philosophers.

Should I tell you that I studied Electronics Engineering in my undergrad too. Man of Roma. We are shifting from Kubrick, but you are both evoking the polymath , he who knows a lot about a lot.

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This essay The Last Days of the Polymath is a good read though Western-centric and describes how the polymath is disappearing. We Europeans had always the impression that this prevalence of specialization is due to America and her big influence. Although it may be simply necessary, with a corpus of knowledge so greatly expanding. Polymath is an English term. Polymathy is still a bit ingrained in the Latin countries curricula. The review was written by Jared Diamond, an American I think. The Indians should be naturally born polymaths, due to their holistic approach, although today, with the speed of their economic development, they seem somewhat obliged to imitate the Westerners and be monomaths as well.

But there are so many polymaths over there! My comment was not a paean to my country. Polymathy as a tendency is also dangerous, it encourages flitting around, dabbling, people who cannot stick at anything I know it too well , Giacomo Casanova mentioned in the essay being a high-level example of it: he was good in mathematics, in philosophy and theology, but not too good. A metaphor in the said essay that I liked: flirting, promiscuity — they are no good.

I digressed. Strangelove, , A Clockwork Orange etc. Dev, MoR: No need to apologize for digressing here! If not here, where can we let our minds and conversation wander?

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I love that word tuttologo!! Better than polymath, which sounds so dry to my ear. The size of his collected works was presented as evidence. Perhaps something there, but he was quite deep enough of the time to redeem himself, perhaps. Regarding the engineering profession, I must say, 1st: I never could understand electrical circuits beyond the most basic. I understand water systems, and everyone says that they are similar, but not for me! He once drove me past an old industrial building in downtown Brooklyn where he said he worked at one of his first jobs after WWII.

They build a computer there and had to knock down an exterior wall to get it out! Louvre Pyramid, Paris, by architect I. Click to enlarge and for credits. Now they only become lawyers or MBAs. It was a status profession. Some say that the dominance of corporate industry after WWII succeeded in capturing the educational institutions and molding them to its own ends, i.

There is something to it. Within my sort of engineering, there is still a sort of envy of doctors and lawyers who used to be seen as gods, and are still, on TV at least, seen as worthy of celebrity and dramatic presentation. They tend to earn a lot more too! This would restrict supply, but this is not popular position. An engineer? I had grown up among engineers,and I could remember the engineers of the twenties very well indeed: their open shining intellects, their free and gentle humor, their agility and breadth of thought, the ease with which they shifted from one engineering field to another, and, for that matter, from technology to social concerns and art.

Then, too, they personified good manners and delicacy of taste; well-bred speech that flowed evenly and was free of uncultured words; one of them might play a musical instrument, another dabble in painting; and their faces always bore a spiritual imprint. MoR and Lichanos, wow, what a discussion and exchange of thoughts going on! MoR: Thanks for sharing your views on polymaths.

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I agree with you that for most people trying to be polymaths is not a good idea. I mean one life is hardly long enough to do one thing properly, so dabbling in various things is never easy. But then, the best of the people have been, in some ways, polymaths. You are very right that Kubrick was in a sense a polymath.

Each of his films were so different from each other in terms of genre, treatment etc. What made him special was that he was a chameleon. Nobody could really guess what to expect from his films. He was an excellent photographer and editor too. Plus, as you mentioned, he took great interest in the marketing of his films, even designing the promos and posters. Lichanos: Nice to read your views.

My father is a civil engineer and was a good one. Well, understanding circuits was never easy for me either. I guess I concluded it years back when I finished my engineering that most people are not ready to become an engineer at the tender age of I somehow finished my degree in time and tried to get away from the engineering side of things as soon I got an opportunity. Sadly, most engineering schools across the world just make assembly line engineers who can get decent jobs and raise a family.

This is not really true anymore. Dev and Lichanos: you both then confirm that engineers are declining socially. My youngest daughter is graduating in civil engineering! Dev: On Engineers — yes, I think you hit it right on the head. Everyone wants things built right! Culture, Kultur, Paideia. A comment by Maryann on the Roman Goddess Fortuna post had kicked off an interesting discussion. I wonder where this came from. It made us a bit more pagan, them a bit more Christian.

At this point the Commentator Exposrip had popped up:. Of course, the Romans were pagans! Did it begin after the fall of Rome? Did Machiavelli instil it? Was it years of foreign conquering? If you ask about this within a discussion on Italian pagan survivals you probably suspect there is a connection. A long history of glories and defeats, foreign conquering, the influence of intellectuals like Machiavelli — all this must have contributed. Although Machiavelli, to me, is more like the product of a culture.

He reinforced elements that were already existing. Both, in my view. To the former, values seem more like a given , while the latter appears more relativist: values are historical, not eternal]. In any case. Which is no easy task, the Greco-Roman philosophers were divided into different schools, plus the Ancients behaved differently according to the different ages.

Thus said, I basically agree with what the British historian C. Rodocanachi wrote about the Athenians of the V century BC which on the whole and to a certain extent applies to the Greco-Romans. Their morals were civic and not religious. Their sense of duty was directed exclusively to the city …. They knew nothing of the Christian idea of good faith, of intentions conditioning acts in such a manner that the most law-abiding citizen may feel himself a great criminal at heart…. They could enjoy beauty, taste the delights of life without a pang of conscience.

So long as they were faithful to the laws and interests of the city they had no damnation to fear, either in this world or the next. By intention Rodocanachi meant that just the thought of a sin is almost like committing the sin itself [these two articles — 1 and 2 — may help further. Esquiline Venus, in all her voluptuousness, found in on the Esquiline Hill in Rome from the Horti Lamiani possibly.

Capitoline Museums, Rome. Click for credits Flickr. The conclusion equals the beginning, ie we get back to where we started. Rodocanachi compares the Greek and the Christian or Protestant attitudes. Almost any Italian would confirm that we are not that torn between virtue and vice, pleasure and sin, that we do not much fear damnation and almost never speak of hell. Even if Italians captained for centuries the switch from the Pagan religion s to Christianity, their Christian feelings are superficial, no matter how false or outrageous this may sound see note 3.

Even among Catholics, when taking the Italians and the Irish for example, we are not that strict compared to a lot of things. Their feelings were halfway between admiration and condemnation. Truth is, our mind is like a museum , which makes us appear cynical, indifferent. We are inclined to live the joys of life and sometimes do bad deeds without those self-punishment mechanisms that stem from breaking fundamentalist moral codes. Our flexibility and confusion springs from ancient mores that contribute to make us the way we are.

In some regions of our mind, it may be liked or disliked, we are still pagan at heart. PS The ideas in this and other posts cannot be considered as demonstrated, and need further research. Gramsci wrote this note in a period between and He was a Marxist. We are not. His stimulating ideas went though well beyond Marxism and G. Click to enlarge a bit. We believe that, inversely, the same could be said of Italian Renaissance men. To better understand them one should think of the Ancients, namely the Greeks and the Romans to a certain extent.

We do. Nonetheless there are amazing continuities, and these only interest us. Which are these continuities? The film referred to an Italian military expedition sent by Mussolini somewhere in the Mediterranean. Now, I find this funny, and I am asking myself: is this the way many people from the English-speaking countries consider us? A bunch of Don Juans lol? I know it was perhaps a boutade but if this is even just partly true, what is the reason for that? Why Latin folks are considered sensual or sensualists by many people in the United States and in the UK?

Was it only because he was just handsome and his voice great? No self-indulgence here, pls, all we care about being the possible survivals of a far away past. Venus of Urbino Venere di Urbino by Titian, painted in Hi, a few days ago I included a link to the website at: http:www. If you look good, on the website there is no publicity, why have you removed if it is simply a page of information?

I would like to reinstate that. Moved message I cannot provide any help in Spanish. You'd better write your question in English so everybody will be able to help you asap. Original message We cannot help you if you don't provide the permalink to the revision you are talking about. Apologies, I have no Italian unless you count the ability to extol the virtues of a military life to miscreant servants.

Two sites are particularly problematic: lenr-canr. JzG , 18 dic CET.

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What does it mean in Italian "centergross"? May I translate it as "wholesale trade center"? Thanks -- Umnik msg , 22 feb CET. Centergross has no meaning in italian: it's a trademark, and probably you're right saying it's a big trade center, but non in general, just a single one. I am unable to speak Italian sufficiently to say this in Italian, but I would be grateful if any of your colleagues can read this in English and change the heading of the article Sturmabteilungen in the Italian Wikipedia to the correct term "Sturmabteilung".

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I am transcribing what have already said in the English discussion group:. Can someone who speaks Italian clarify with Italian Wikipedians that their article header Sturmabteilungen is incorrect. It was the mass noun for this organization, there were not more than one. In fact, this heading would be the only one in all the languages who have articles about the subject, as far as I can tell. So, thank you again if you could look into this anomaly. Dieter Simon, English Wikipedia. Have now created new heading for this article. Dieter Simon :Uhm, Sturmabteilungen is just plural of Sturmabteilung , I don't see a great mistake in the title.

Still, since singular titles are preferable, I think I'm going to begin a discussion in the talk page. Si noti che il iunior dei titoli professonali si rporta con la i. Markhurd msg , 13 apr CEST. FYI I have updated this to use the latest features and fixes in the en version. Specifically it now works properly in Internet Explorer, handles New Pages properly, and caters for Single-Revision Deletion, if that available to Italian Administrators.

NB I still don't speak Italian. Mark Hurd msg , 7 feb CET. Ho tre nuovi articoli tradotti, da "Google translate". Molto strano risultati. Si prega di verificare. May-be that the other place was wrong, but the disturbing fact is not. Le pagine "Wikipedia-L" e "Wikitech-L" sono state cancellate. Non so a cosa servivano, ma penso dovremmo togliere i link da Wikipedia:Ambasciata. You do a good job. I constantly read articles on the English Wikipedia and you probably do better than the Germans or French in terms of covering the articles I read about.

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The prototype wiki is available for five languages but you can select any of them, change the preferences to your language and test out MediaWiki for your language. The issues you raise will all be assessed. It is important to keep each issue separate, because this will make it easier to understand the issues and find solutions. We got a question on the Hungarian "Aiuto" page about the word quarena. The visitor would like to know what this word means, or meant sometime.

I see that this word is a family name now, but this must have an origin in the past. Please help me, enter the translation or explanation on my discussion page if you have that. Thank you very much, in advance. I've got this message on my editor's page , the sender required answer here. Thank you for your answer. Your team mate Aushulz has sent the result of his research, the result was that the word is probably having its origin in the name the town Quaregna in Piemonte.

The questioner did not give any context, but he found possible a religious and historical affinity of this word. An other editor exposed her version that this word can be found in a fantastic world of science fiction, this might be the proper answer. I thought that's worth more attention, this happens sometimes. The question has already been archived, that had only a temporal life. I do not want to make here an action like that but maybe you would better erase my question from your archive, because it has expired.

Thank you again for your kind help, I am sorry if you feel wasting time for giving help to another editor. Sono uno straniero. Io sono il figlio di un famoso scultore ucraino Shmatko. Sono l'autore Shmatko Nicola, con sede in russo, ucraino e inglese. Purtroppo non capisco italiano. Chiedo il vostro aiuto. Se avete bisogno di un aiuto da parte mia, io sono pronto a fornirle.

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Ad esempio: l'accordo sul diritto d'autore. Sono pronto a dare il permesso. Wikipedia in lingua francese mi ha aiutato a tradurre dall'inglese al francese. I hope this is the right site to ask. Hi, I did some changes on Wuppertal see here ]. It would be nice, if someone could have a look on it. Yo la traduje al italiano. Best regards. Przykuta msg , 31 mag CEST. I am coordinating translations of articles about several Austrian writers and their recent books. I would like to ask you to translate the article about the short novel Hominide by Klaus Ebner to Italian.

From the link you can also choose a German, French or Spanish version if this is easier for you.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition) at. Perché essere felice quando puoi essere normale? (Paperback). Published March 1st by A. Mondadori. Scrittori italiani e stranieri, Paperback, pages.

If you need help, you can always contact me on my English or German user page. Mille grazie for your endeavors. It is impossible to upload a free version as France has no freedom of panorama. Does the Italian Wikipedia allow this kind of fair use? But, Periodo degli stati del Nord e del Sud is two kingdom. Therefore, Unificazione Silla is to merger by Regno di Silla. The Italian Wikipedia needs an article on Ufficio d'inchiesta sugli infortuni aeronautici en:Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau , a Swiss agency investigating aviation accidents.

I am working in spanish wikipedia about italian automakers and theirs facilities. I want to use the image "Grattacielo Lancia. JPG" but i cant understand how move it to commons. Is it posible to move it to commons? Other collaborations are welcome! RPU — Fiumicino. Deekshaboomi is a historical place and tourist destination in India. This place is significant for the largest ever mass religious conversion in the world converting about , people from Hinduism to Buddhism on October 14, We are working on a project to translate or create a stub on this article in various major languages of the world.

Can someone of you please translate it in Italino or at least create a stub. If someone is interested, please let me know on my English Wikipedia talk page. Shivashree msg , 7 ott CEST. This Italian-language article has been added to the English Wikipedia, and there is no equivalent existing on this Italian Wikipedia. I have copied and pasted the entire article to my sandbox on this wiki, but while the text is all in Italian some of the templates and the categories are in English: these need to be converted into the Italian-language equivalents before the article can go onto the main namespace here.

Thanks so much! I'm doing my project into language processing and I'm using Wikipedia. I want to use several languages in the tests, included the one of this version. And since I need some articles to analyze I wanted to ask for your help. Precisely, some keywords I will explain now. Actually what I am looking for is a list in your language with the names of those territories which represents an entity of speakers therefore possible wikipedia contributors of your language, the name its people or gentilic, and the name of the language if it is the same language and it has a different name.

These territories must be in practice independent from each others or at least be considered so by the speakers. This is the case of colonies, excolonies, other countries which historically speak the same language or minorities attached into the country next to yours. For example, a list in english something like. Probably there are some others which are not very big but I don't know cuz I'm not familiar.

I think someone should start an article in Italian about en:Gay Street Rome. Where are article requests placed? La informacion sobre la pagina de Hernando Calvo Ospina es correcta. Pensavo di trovare un qualche riferimento al noto periodico anogastrofallico di Livorno, Italia, invece sono finita nella botanica. Qualcuno ha voglia di tradurlo giusto per essere sicuri che non sia qualcosa di utile? Nel farttempo ho annullato la modifica. Ares msg , 24 gen CET. Hi everyone, I am Yosri from Malay Wikipedia. After I have done some studies, I realised that Wikipedia Foundations is moving towards allowing commercialises all images, as such they are acting on behalf of commercial company to require all images loaded with tagging Non-Commercial in all Wiki Project to be removed, including those loaded in local Wiki.

You are only allowed to licenses your images under "free content", which specifically allows commercial reuse, example GDLF 1. Certain images is exempted under a very narrow EDP "exemption doctrine policy" definition. If you all already aware about this, please ignore this comment. Would someone mind starting Ente federale per la gestione delle emergenze? Cara Ambasciata, sto consultando la pagina italiana sulla Common Law e leggo con stupore ed enorme disappunto la frase:. Hello , I want to creat a page for Ali Divandari, Iranian cartoonist who has awarded in festivals of your country.

There were Several articles about him in journals and magazines and other languages of wikipedia, but I am not familiar with your language. Ha studiato grafica all Universita di Tehran. This is the first multilingual Wikipedia collaboration. All Wikipedians can take part, in any Wikipedia language.

The challenge runs from 1 May until 3 September Sign up now! Sono registrata su wikipedia francese. Chiedo pronto aiuto. Muchas gracias. Please create some compatible templates: wikibooks, wiktionary, wikiversity. There ought to be an article on Abingdon, England. It is twinned with Lucca. I have a photo my own work which I could add, but I am not sure I can give a good translation of the text of the English artcle on Abingdon from English to Italian I wrote suggesting an article on Abingdon in Italian, but I have now found that a stub article on Abingdon Oxfordshire exists.

It needs to be expanded. Chrisemms msg , 29 ago CEST. Please provide a literal English translation of the message displayed on the top of every page here.