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Strange Tales (1951 - 1968)
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Mar 12, - Mar 27, 15 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Issue 1 is a page comic. Robert Soul. Share this project. Tulsa, OK Comic Books. We're Fully Funded! Billy Fortune has some kind of superpower? Get the original script PDF. Can't anyone else see he's a high school sophomore? Doctor Burton only became a shrink when he put the costume on.

Coach Tender isn't even a real coach! Stretch Goals are awesome, like tabouleh. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Apr Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. The First Man, art by Bill Savage. The Strange Ones, art by Art Peddy. Man Or Beast, art by Paul Reinman. The Ticket text story. The Dreadful Disguise, art by Al Eadeh. Harley's Friend, art by Bob McCarty. The Horrible Years, art by Joe Maneely. Cover pencils by Carl Burgos, inks by Sol Brodsky. Danger Signal, art by Joe Sinnott; A boy playing with toy trains saves his train engineer father.

My Friend Koogelle text story. The Man In the Bottle! The Target, art by John Romita; A young boy has his interest in space travel discouraged by his parents. The Character, art by Dick Ayers. Freddie's Face, art by Art Peddy; A man's ugly face begins to look handsome as he does good deeds. Newman, art by Art Peddy; When a business tycoon gains the power to read the minds of others, he realizes that he is thought of poorly and changes his stingy ways.

Cover pencils by Carl Burgos. From Outer Space text story. The Shaggy Creature! No Escape! Time Crime, pencils by Art Peddy; A man invents a time machine in order to commit crimes. Karnoff's Plan, art by Bill Everett; A Puppet Master type story, but the character's material works on buildings as well as people. Music Master text story. Blind Spot, art by Sid Greene; A homely alien plans to recommend humans be destroyed to preserve the galactic peace.

The Secret of the Ship, art by Kurt Schaffenberger; A young boy who plays with toy ships loses his paper route job when he is late once too often. The Man Mountain, art by Norman Maurer. Five Who Volunteered, art by Joe Sinnott.

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Cover art by Joe Maneely. This Dark Cave, art by Bill Benulis; A man returns to his shelter after he mistakes a small town that has been evacuated in service of atomic bomb tests for the worldwide war that he has feared would come. The Search text story.

Strange Tales

The End of Time! No Place to Hide, pencils by Paul Reinman.

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Newman, art by Bernie Krigstein; An escaped mental patient from the moon visits Earth in his flying saucer before being taken back to his moon city. The Swami text story. I Saved Mankind, pencils by John Forte; A man drives off aliens that were attempting to pour canisters into water reservoirs. Behind the Mask, art by Bob Brown; A clown who can't have children finds an abandoned baby and takes him in. The Man Who Ran Away! One World at a Time!

The Stone text story. The Mysterious Border, art by Robert Sale. Look Out Below, art by Bob Powell. Safari In the Sky! Land of Vanishing Men, art by Joe Sinnott; Three men who dream of the adventure of knights join a mirage in the desert set during the Crusades. The Night People, pencils by Bob Forgione, inks by Jack Abel; A cowardly boy is ashamed when space aliens interrogate him for when would be the best time to invade.

The Eyes of Mr. The Strange Exchange! The Impersonation text story. The Man Who Went Back! Sorry, Wrong Planet, pencils by Bernard Baily. The Man From Nowhere, art by Joe Orlando; A Martian scientist who appears among humans by harnessing the power of lightning bolts finds that his method of travel disturbs people. Planet X text story. The Greatest Experiment, art by Steve Ditko.

When Mankind Vanished, art by Frank Bolle; A businessman who dislikes humanity finds one day that he loses the ability to see them. Overflow, art by Tony DiPreta; Aliens from Neptune give up their invasion plans when they interact with actors from a Hollywood film set. When Sorcerers Meet, art by Bob McCarty; A failed magician has his confidence restored when he stumbles across an enclave of sorcerers.

The Trial of Dr. Volton, art by Ed Winiarski. Magic Melody text story. The New Member, art by Vic Carrabotta. The Hands, art by Jim McLaughlin. Muscle Man text story. Medicine Man, art by Ed Winiarski. The Last of Mr. Grimm, art by Dick Ayers. Sale; "Sleep, You Fool! Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Previous Next Issue: 1 51 Issue 1. Strange Tales 1st Series 1.

Published Jun by Marvel.

Kaifeng Strange Tales This Lord Bao is Not That Great Episode 1

Issue 2. Strange Tales 1st Series 2. Published Aug by Marvel. Issue 3. Strange Tales 1st Series 3. Published Oct by Marvel. Issue 4. Strange Tales 1st Series 4. Published Dec by Marvel. Issue 5. Strange Tales 1st Series 5.

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Published Feb by Marvel. Issue 6. Strange Tales 1st Series 6. Published Apr by Marvel. Add to cart Coverless 0. Issue 7. Strange Tales 1st Series 7. Issue 8. Strange Tales 1st Series 8. Published Jul by Marvel.

Strange Tales (1951-1976 1st Series) comic books

Issue 9. Strange Tales 1st Series 9. Issue Strange Tales 1st Series Published Sep by Marvel. Add to cart CGC 4. Published Nov by Marvel.

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Published Jan by Marvel. Published Mar by Marvel.

Published May by Marvel. Add to cart CGC 7. Add to cart GD 2. Available Stock Add to want list Contents This item is not in stock. Add to cart PR 0. Read a little about our history. It has been graded by MyComicShop's experienced graders. Cover detached. Add to cart GD- 1. Amateur piece fill with color touch.

Interior complete. Full length spine split taped with most interior wraps split. Add to cart VG- 3. Add to cart CGC 5. Label Add to cart CGC 3.