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Citizen Miles: A Lesson in Citizenship
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System Of A Down

A terrifying encounter with the spooky thing that lurks in the junkyard leaves EJ shaken up. But when a fast-talking ghost hunter shows up in town and promises to catch it for him — for a small fee, of course — EJ would do anything to avoid his fear. Back in the spooky junkyard, they all discover things are not as they seem and EJ finds the source of true courage. Izzi accepts the responsibility of caring for her new pet robot, OB Jr.

When she forgets to let him in, the robot goes on a hilarious ruckus across the city. After being confronted by Professor, Izzi learns the importance of taking responsibility for her actions.

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When it falls upon the gang to take over volunteer duties for their friend Miles, they don't understand why they should volunteer in the first place. As they work in the community they see how much fun it can be and want to continue volunteering after Miles returns.

They realize Miles is a great example of what it means to be a good citizen. EJ knows that running for class president won't be easy, especially when Warren the class bully is doing everything he can to make EJ quit. When a dirty trick leaves EJ humiliated, an old friend helps him see that no matter what happens, EJ is still worthy of respect. Cali and Izzi agree to help Professor in his new fairness experiment. Cali wants to be queen, and Izzi is made her servant.

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When the roles are reversed, Cali realizes that she should have treated Izzi with more fairness — now she is the one in the position to be treated unfairly. With "Solo" now in theaters, here's a look back at the good, the bad, and "The Dilemma.

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Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are taken well beyond their comfort zones, but Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly acquit themselves about as well as possible. Howard's style isn't as instantly identifiable as someone like Tarantino, but "The Dilemma" barely even feels like it was made by him. Seuss has rarely translated well on screen, and Howard's take on one of the author's best-known works is no exception.

It's also no "Cat in the Hat," and for that we can be grateful. Jim Carrey is expectedly hammy in the title role, but watching this movie isn't likely to grow anyone's heart by three sizes.

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Warner Bros. The sea is a cruel mistress indeed, and for now a truly epic silver-screen version of Herman Melville's novel remains a white whale. Howard's most frequent leading man is reduced to an exposition-delivery device here, and there's never any chance to get caught up in a story that explains every bit of would-be intrigue just as soon as it's introduced.

The Tragedy of the American Military

An East-meets-West comedy about an auto manufacturing plant that gets bought by a Japanese company — whose strange, rigid ways are just too much for Michael Keaton and his co-workers to handle — this one doesn't deserve a bailout. This feature-length car chase between L. Though a modest improvement over its predecessor, this is essentially two hours of Tom Hanks playing tour guide as the Vatican descends into chaos.

Not that Howard's portrayal of a fictional New York City rag using the powers of journalistic integrity to make the world a slightly better place is bad, mind you. In Doc Hollywood , Harrelson is knowingly dense as Hank, the rival for the affections of small-town beauty Lou Julie Warner , who has an interest in the big-city doctor Michael J. Semi Pro Harrelson quietly steals this mostly standard Will Ferrell comedy that always feels like it should be a little bit more transcendentally silly than it is.

Ferrell can be a dominating presence who can sometimes, even unintentionally, elbow out more compelling story lines and actors. Harrelson plays Jimmy Flynn, a U. Slightly thankless and on-the-nose work?

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To commemorate his retirement, a ceremony and parade were held in Torrance, California. It follows two best friends on a cross-country road trip filled with inventive pranks, as they pull a real-life audience into the mayhem. By the time he gets to the Williamsburg Bridge , Connors has become a violent hybrid of lizard and man, tossing cars, including Ratha's, over the side. When the roles are reversed, Cali realizes that she should have treated Izzi with more fairness — now she is the one in the position to be treated unfairly. Please review your cart.

Director Niki Caro delivered a message movie with a minimum of award-season grandstanding, and Harrelson fits right into that tone, making Bill just a regular guy who happens to be good at his job in a commendably understated way. Battle in Seattle This Medium Cool— esque look at the WTO protest in Seattle has way too many characters, but Harrelson shines as a cop whose pregnant wife Charlize Theron ends up accidentally entangled in a protest and beaten by police.

Harrelson is forced back to work and is destroyed by the experience, and becomes destructive in response. The movie needs fewer characters and story lines; it might have been better off just focusing on him. Solo: A Star Wars Story This is a Harrelson we have seen before, and quite recently: the smart, wily, charming rogue who knows all the sides and is always looking out for himself … but still ultimately means well, even if it costs him.

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Inevitably, they get more than they bargained for after meeting up with a more adventurous pair Eduardo Noriega and Kate Mara that befriends them. Wearing just the right pair of nerdy glasses and delivering a muted performance, Harrelson is a believable everyman thrust into a harrowing situation — the anxious yin to the gregarious yang of his usual roles.

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But for Harrelson, this Out of the Furnace nemesis is just another of his superb psychopaths — a white-trash drug dealer and all-around bad hombre who energizes this otherwise subpar blue-collar thriller. What makes Harlan so frightening is the moral vacuum at the center of the character.

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The Hi-Lo Country Harrelson has played a lot of cowboys — Hollywood requires anyone from Texas to do it all the time — but this is one of his subtler, more fully realized performances. In this Stephen Frears drama, Harrelson is laconic but dangerous, a lone-wolf cowboy whose venality and his quiet charisma go hand in hand.

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The Auto-B-Good storybook series is based on our five-time Emmy® award- winning animated series. Each 48 page storybook is brightly illustrated with stunning. The Vanishing Villain - A Tale of Integrity (Auto-B-Good) - Kindle edition by Phillip Walton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

The movie is a little too self-serious, but Harrelson cuts through all that. This was back when everyone was trying to make co-star Billy Crudup a movie star, but Harrelson is the one who truly registers. The Glass Castle This adaptation of the Jeannette Walls memoir suffers from dysfunctional-family-drama familiarity. Cinema is full of Complicated Bad Dads, but this is one of the better versions of recent years, and Harrelson strips away the bluster of his younger years for a character who, deep down, probably knows how pathetic he is.

And seriously: Bill Fucking Murray! This is one crushing death scene, in part because the cause of his death was so grimly foolish, and the actor milks it for every drop of pathos. Rampart Punishing and uncompromising, Rampart looks at a dirty Los Angeles cop, Dave Brown, in the midst of a department-wide scandal. The Edge of Seventeen A lot of disillusioned teenagers would kill to have a teacher like Mr.

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War for the Planet of the Apes Harrelson goes full Kurtz in this third installment of the Planet of the Apes prequels, which pays lengthy homage to Apocalypse Now.